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Rodeo Knights Series

Rodeo Knights~Knight Brothers 
Book 1: Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello
Jesse Knight is at a crossroads. He gave up the rodeo when he went into the military and now he's not sure where to go with his life. In the Marines, he had been a police officer so when there seems to be trouble brewing at a ranch...he follows that road.

Carly Duggan, owner of the Duggan Stock Company, has troubles. Someone has targeted her stock. And her. She can't let it get out that she has bulls getting sick or she'll lose her contract with the rodeo. Can she trust this handsome man who says he'll help her get to the bottom of it? Can she trust her heart with him around?

This is the first book in this series. The three Knight brothers have, or in Jesse's case, had some part in the rodeo circuit. Book two is The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley and book three is One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth. Great series!
*Mild language
Book 2: The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley
Bella Rosenthal never thought that having old Betsy, her truck, break down could be a good thing. But when a Knight comes to her rescue, he keeps watch over her longer than needed.

Michael Knight has come to help his brother find out who's sabotaging the rodeo stock. When he meets Bella, a damsel in distress, he figures staying close to her can help him find the bad guys. At least that's what he's telling himself is the reason he wants to stay close to her.

I just loved this story. Romance blooming amongst suspense. This is a series of three books by three authors. Book one is Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello and the story is about Michael's brother Jesse. The third book is called One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth and the story is about their youngest brother Sean.
Book 3: One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth
Sean Knight has been staying busy since becoming a veterinarian. Especially now that he traveled with Western Rodeo Circuit to care for the rodeo animals. He hasn't thought much about dating until seeing an old family friend all grown up. Only whoever is sabotaging the WRC isn't going to give him time to get to know the gal. At the least...he can protect her.

Cella Cassidy couldn't believe someone would try to kill her champion bronc, but someone did. At least she has the best vet there to help try and save her horse. And he sure wasn't hard to look at either. With running a ranch, a sick father, and an unknown enemy...she best keep her eyes to herself. For now.

For the whole story be sure to read the series starting with book one; Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello and book two; The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley. Someone is attacking the folks who supply the rodeo with broncs and bulls. Love is blooming in between the search for the culprit.
Coming June 20th, 2017
Sweet Montana Sky
 Deadly Fires
Knight Moves
Ride the River
Book 5: Renegade
Her Cowboy Hero
Wilde and Reckless
Cowboy Charade
Her Rebel Cowboy
The Bull Rider's Pledge

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