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Rodeo Knights Series

Rodeo Knights~Knight Brothers 
Book 1: Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello
Jesse Knight is at a crossroads. He gave up the rodeo when he went into the military and now he's not sure where to go with his life. In the Marines, he had been a police officer so when there seems to be trouble brewing at a ranch...he follows that road.

Carly Duggan, owner of the Duggan Stock Company, has troubles. Someone has targeted her stock. And her. She can't let it get out that she has bulls getting sick or she'll lose her contract with the rodeo. Can she trust this handsome man who says he'll help her get to the bottom of it? Can she trust her heart with him around?

This is the first book in this series. The three Knight brothers have, or in Jesse's case, had some part in the rodeo circuit. Book two is The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley and book three is One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth. Great series!
*Mild language
Book 2: The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley
Bella Rosenthal never thought that having old Betsy, her truck, break down could be a good thing. But when a Knight comes to her rescue, he keeps watch over her longer than needed.

Michael Knight has come to help his brother find out who's sabotaging the rodeo stock. When he meets Bella, a damsel in distress, he figures staying close to her can help him find the bad guys. At least that's what he's telling himself is the reason he wants to stay close to her.

I just loved this story. Romance blooming amongst suspense. This is a series of three books by three authors. Book one is Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello and the story is about Michael's brother Jesse. The third book is called One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth and the story is about their youngest brother Sean.
Book 3: One Knight in Vegas by Lenora Worth
Sean Knight has been staying busy since becoming a veterinarian. Especially now that he traveled with Western Rodeo Circuit to care for the rodeo animals. He hasn't thought much about dating until seeing an old family friend all grown up. Only whoever is sabotaging the WRC isn't going to give him time to get to know the gal. At the least...he can protect her.

Cella Cassidy couldn't believe someone would try to kill her champion bronc, but someone did. At least she has the best vet there to help try and save her horse. And he sure wasn't hard to look at either. With running a ranch, a sick father, and an unknown enemy...she best keep her eyes to herself. For now.

For the whole story be sure to read the series starting with book one; Her Knight, Her Protector by Lisa Mondello and book two; The Knight and the Damsel by Margaret Daley. Someone is attacking the folks who supply the rodeo with broncs and bulls. Love is blooming in between the search for the culprit.
Sweet Montana Sky
Tabby Swanson lost her parents eight years ago. The horse her dad gave her has helped her cope with their deaths. When odd things start happening around the ranch and accidents that are of the freakish sort...she wonders if it's superstitious. After all, a horseshoe upside down is bad luck.

Kasper Dobbs is back in Sweet, Montana to check out some of his investments. He can longer ride bulls after an accident ended that, but he can still own stock in them. What he doesn't expect on his visit home is Tabby.

Romance, suspense, and rodeo cowboys and cowgirls. Another great addition to the Rodeo Knights collection.
 Deadly Fires
Alexia Richards has always tried to please her father. Be the son he always wanted. She failed him in the past and she's failing him now as bad things are happening to their rodeo company while she's in charge.

Cole Knight is working for his cousins' investigation agency. Trying to get used to civilian life after his years in the army and all he'd seen there. And there was the past he messed up. Only six months back and he's being thrown into the past when he's sent to help Alexia.

Margaret Daley weaves great mysteries. I thought I had this one all figured out...I didn't. This is a book is also part of a ten book Rodeo Knights series. Individual books by ten authors that all connect in some way to the Knight brothers. Their stories are told in the first three original Rodeo Knight books by Margaret, Lisa Mondello, and Lenora Worth.
Knight Moves
Rico Knight enjoys his Texas ranch but is glad to get away to train horses. He was asked to come to Vegas to train a horse that had changed drastically and no one seemed to be able to figure him out. Something about the owner's voice had Rico anxious for the face to face. She didn't disappoint.

Dyna Malloy doesn't trust her mom's boyfriend. And now Edwin, once again trying to usurp her, has invited an outsider to come help. Her father left her the ranch and she would be the one running it. And running the outsider off—or she thought until he stepped out of his truck. And then things went so crazy on the ranch that she found the outsider one of the few people she could trust.

The Knight brothers have started an investigation agency to help solve crimes connected to the rodeo—and other issues. Rico is their younger cousin. This story is action packed and keeps you guessing who the villains are—and of course there's a romance wanting to start...if only life would slow down enough. Great story. Lenora Worth has a book in the original Rodeo Knights series as well; One Knight in Vegas.
Ride the River
Bill Chapin Johnson was a bronc rider and he's trying to come back after a serious injury. The last person he expects to run someone from his past. They'd parted ways ten years ago. And yet, there may be some sparks left over.

Regina Maria Moran is a teacher who has an eye for detective work. When she puts two and two together about some bank robberies, she goes to Michael Knight to share what she's discovered and how it may tie into the WRC...which means that the Knight Investigation Agency needs to be involved. And she's more than glad to help out.

Loved the characters and story line. Reggie has to put aside her personal connections to be able to process the crimes without prejudice. No matter how much she wants to believe who may or may not be involved.
Book 5: Renegade
Sawyer Crow had left behind his past a decade ago when he joined the Navy. He may longer be working for the government as a SEAL, but Trident, Inc. uses all their SEAL training and talents. When an old friend, Jesse Knight, asks for Sawyer's help...he reluctantly says yes. Even though it's protecting someone from that very past he left behind.

Delilah Bowing's life is falling apart. There are barrel racers being murdered...her friends. The rodeo her father owns, and she's always loved, is now a feared place. And then he shows up—Sawyer Crow—the man who left her when she needed him most.

Wow, this was such an exciting story and it has some great twists and turns that I never saw coming. Loved this book and then entire series!
**Sensual content and language
Her Cowboy Hero
Lori Calhoun has come home to the Calhoun Ranch after her dad passed away. She had guilt for not being here, and yet, after her dad had hired Trip, it was too hard to come back. There were too many...complications, between her and Trip.

Trip Jensen had left the ranch after he graduated. After all, he was only a ranch hand and Lori was the boss's daughter. When her dad asked him to come back as foreman and to buy into the rough stock part of the ranch, he returned. And now, so has Lori. But things aren't going smoothly. Cattle are missing and now their top five broncs.

This story is part of the Rodeo Knights Series, it is also the first book in a new series called Cowboys of Ransom Creek. Starting with the one of the Presley brothers. You can first meet the Presleys in the authors Windswept Bay Series. Book Seven is Lana Presley's story.
Wilde and Reckless
J.R. Wilde needs a new start. He went from the top of his game in the rock bottom. And everyone knows it. He's happy to get hired as a livestock manager and he needs to prove himself, restore his reputation. He was an addict, clean for six months. When things start going wrong once he's been hired—everyone looks at him as the most likely culprit.

Naomi Whitehorse is a single mother. One who can't let a handsome cowboy turn her head. As a nurse who spent time on the reservation working in a rehab, she knows how tough it is on the addict...and those who love them. So she just can't take a chance on J.R. Her daughter has to come first.

Great story. I enjoy the Rodeo Knight stories. This book takes place in Arizona, where I live, and I always enjoy being able to “see” a place or town in my mind, even if they are fictional.
Cowboy Charade
Her Rebel Cowboy
The Bull Rider's Pledge

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