Sunday, May 14, 2017

Emma Carrie

The Tacket Secret Series
Book 1: Out of the Shadows
Detective Victoria Tacket is not mother material. Shoot, she's not any kind of relationship material. So when her friend passes away and tries to leave her a child she never told Vick about—her answer is a resounding no. And then she reads the letter from her friend Jen and everything changes.

Emily Brelin, as she is currently known, has lost a dear friend. A woman who took her in and that she could trust. Emily doesn't trust easily—really, not at all. When the woman Dr. Brelin feels would be the best person to watch over Emily once she dies, the transition doesn't go too smoothly.

This is a novella and just the first part of this ongoing series. Emily—whose name will soon be Jessie—is a very special fourteen-year-old. There is much more to her than meets the eye. I enjoyed this fast moving story and I'm looking forward to the rest of the series.
Book 2: Tangled
Jessie Tacket may have a new guardian and a new name, but her old life is still out there. Haunting her, chasing her, maybe even catching up to her. She cannot let her guard down for one second. She also has to protect Vick. Even as the woman feels she is the one who has the protector's role.

Detective Victoria Tacket is finding out more about her new ward. And yet, not near enough. She has skills no fourteen-year-old should even know about. Vick is determined to be the one to set the ground rules. To be a parent, even if that's the hardest job she might ever face.

Jessie is an unusual young girl with a scary past. In the previous book her name was Emily, but for her protection she has to change her name. Looking forward to the next novellas that are part of this ongoing story.
Book 3: Beginnings
The story continues as Jessie and Vick get used to each other—build trust. Vick doesn't understand how dangerous the man from Jessie's past is.

Vick also wants Jessie to have a more normal teenage experience—go to high school and learn to integrate with people her own age. Right. Vick has no idea of Jessie's skills, or how much danger people will be in if Jessie's past catches up to her.

They have many differences between them, especially God. Jessie is a new Christian and Vick has no use for God or any type of religion.

These are novellas that contain a continued story. The POV's are of both Jessie and Vick.
Book 4: Secrets
Detective Victoria “Vick” Tacket and Jessie continue their adventure. Vick thinks she needs to protect Jessie when it's Jessie who needs to protect Vick. Jessie's handler from her past is a dangerous man.

Where Vick also wants to treat Jessie like a normal fourteen-year-old girl...she can't. It's true that socially Jessie may be that young—but mentally, she's much older and skilled in a ways that Vick can't comprehend.

These are novellas that continue the story. I'm looking forward to the next installment to see what happens next.
Book 5: The Edge
The story continues with Vick and Jessie Tacket. Jessie feels she is losing her edge while living with Vick. Relationships is something Jessie isn't used to and having to live and interact with people leaves little time for her training.

Vick is a detective and a protector. It's hard for her to see Jessie as self-reliant being she's only fourteen. I'm really enjoying these books and looking forward to each story that brings Jessie closer to facing the general.
Book 6: Set Up
The relationship between Jessie and Vick continues to change. Vick begins to feel more “motherly” towards Jessie. While Jessie is trying to keep her perspective on her training and skills so she'll be prepared to defeat the general.

More people are added into the scenario and I found it difficult who could be friend and who was foe. I'm loving the way this author writes and how the stories pull me in and hang on from beginning to end. And at the end...I want more. This one ends a bit more on a cliffhanger.
Book 7: The General
Jessie Tacket had been doing her best to stay off the general's radar. The man who murdered her parents and took her as a child. He had made her his weapon. Now at fourteen, she has been free of him for several years.

Unfortunately her new guardian—and adoptive mother—Vick Tacket, has tried to find the general. Vick just didn't understand that only a weapon like Jessie can stop him. Now Vick and another officer have gone missing, along with that officer's daughter. And only one person can save them. Jessie. As a new Christian though, can she truly kill the general?

The saga continues. I really enjoy this series. They are short stories that have pulled me and kept a steady pace. Each book continues from the previous one.

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