Friday, April 21, 2017

Debra Salonen

**Book List is Incomplete**
Black Hills Rendezvous Series
Book 1: Black Hills Baby
Book 2: Black Hills Billionaire
Book 3: Black Hills Bad Boy
Book 4: Black Hills Bachelor
Book 5: Black Hills Native Son
Book 6: Black Hills Outcast
Book 7: Black Hills White Knight
Book 8: Black Hills Rancher
Book 9: Black Hills Stranger
Book 10: Black Hills Legacy
The Inheritance Series
Robyn Craine is living her dream. She's worked at The Mystery Spot since sixteen and now she owns it, along with the adjacent sixty acres. She was able to buy it with the inheritance her mom received from a Harold Hopewell—and then left to Robyn.

Liam Temple is becoming a popular actor. His sister would be so proud of him, if only she were here to enjoy the success along with him. And meeting Robyn reminds him of Chelsey in so many ways. Too bad their lives are going in separate directions, she's a great gal and they both enjoy seeing life from the seat of their motorcycles.

I loved the way the author presented so many points of views in the story. Along with the romance is a mystery from years earlier and it connects to several of the characters lives. The Inheritance series are all individual stories, usually connected to a series by that author, that have someone receiving an inheritance because their lives somehow connected to Harold Hopewell's along the way.
**Sensual content

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