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Darlene Franklin

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Texas Trails 
Book 1: Lone Star Trail by Darlene Franklin
Lone Star Trail is the beginning of an adventure. If the next five books follow in the same steps this is a series worthwhile reading. It has adventure, romance, danger, heartache and more.

The Morgan family horse ranch is on the outskirts of Victoria, Texas. They raise a special breed of horses called Morgan horses. Bill Morgan died in a war nine years before and the previous year Billie, the youngest sister, went missing and they assume the Comanche's killed her. Judson is the eldest and in charge. He hates all the German immigrants taking over his Texas lands and is quite prejudice against them.

The Fleischer's have just arrived in America after months on the ship. They had land waiting for them in Neu-Braunfels, a German community in Texas started by Prince Carl of Braunfels. The family arrived in Carlshafen, Texas. Wande Fleischer is planning on marrying her love, Konrad. Things do not go as planned though.

Wande starts thinking America is taking too much from her family. Her sister dies shortly after they land, their wagon breaks and her mother gets hurt. They end up staying with the Morgan's who live near where they broke down. She finds out Konrad has married someone else so they decide to stay in Victoria.

There are many stories told. Jud is attracted to Wande but struggles with his dislike for immigrants. Tom Cotton works on the ranch and is courting Marion Morgan, Jud's sister. Georg Fleisher and Ertha.
A cholera epidemic hits Victoria and another war against Mexico breaks out. It has a lot of real life in this book where not everything is happy ever after. It is well written though and a good story. 
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Book 2: A Ranger's Trail by Darlene Franklin
I have enjoyed all the books in this series so far. They all do have romance but that is more of a background to the historical part of the book. This book has The Mason County range war or “Hoo Doo” war. When some Anglos were acquitted of cattle rustling the German's took it into their own hands to meter out justice. When they kill Anglo Tim Williamson though, Scott Cooley resigns from the Texas Ranger begins taking revenge on the men who killed his friend.

In the midst of this battle we meet up with Buck Morgan, son of Jud and Wande. Buck is the oldest son and his father would like him to take over the ranch but Buck has wanderlust and it's led him to become a Texas Ranger. His latest assignment is to find the group of men responsible for the hanging of Derrick Denning. Buck goes to the widow, Leta Denning, to find more information and soon feels God's call to help her out. She was left with her six-year-old son and teenage brother. Buck finds himself caught between a woman he is starting to care for and that his own relatives may have been involved in the war.

Leta Denning doesn't want to trust anyone but she finds herself depending on Buck more and more. He has helped around the ranch and trained a horse for her son. Leta is full of hatred and unforgiveness towards the Germans who took her husband's life. She does not realize how her hate has been planted into Ricky and Andy until it's too late.

There are so many side stories as in all the books and lots of adventure. There are storms and cattle rustling but most of all is the strength of how much hate and prejudice can drive into people hearts until they just don't see the truth.

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**Received from NetGalley for review

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