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Pat Simmons Book List

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Perfect Chance at Love Series
Book 1: Love by Delivery
Dominique Hayes is praying for a Godly husband, as is her best friend, Paige. She had actually strayed into dating men outside of her faith but quickly found they were not what God wanted for her. So, she'd wait.

Ashton Taylor is praying for a Godly wife. There are plenty of women at his church who were more than willing to fill that role—but he wanted love. And then...he delivered a package on his delivery route.

A wonderful story of waiting on God and trusting Him to bring your soul mate in His time—not yours. And even when He does...the road to love is not always a smooth one. Loved this story and looking forward to reading Paige's story, Dominique's best friend.
Book 2: Late Summer Love
Paige Blake had been waiting patiently...okay, maybe a little bit impatiently at times...for God to send a godly man to be her husband. At least she'd had her friend Dominique to go to singles meetings and such, but now her friend is happily married and Paige is on her own. She's met a handsome man, but handsome doesn't cut it if he isn't godly.

Blake Cross is at a family reunion and not intentionally looking for romance. But the minute the beautiful Paige shares the elevator with him, he wants to get to know her more. Usually his looks, muscles, and all around self is enough to snag a woman. Not her.

The author's characters are humans and therefore sinners, but she writes them in a way to show their struggles to do God's will rather than their own. To truly know God, we do have to read His Word and talk to Him in prayer. Not just say we are Christians and sit back and follow the ways of our culture.
Gifts From God Series
Book 1: A Couple by Christmas
Derek and Robyn Washington had once been a family. A church-going, Christian family. They had a son, Tyler. Two years ago they had let petty bickering escalate as they went through a divorce.

Christmas is coming. Their son will turn six. Both Derek and Robyn are different people. After spending last Christmas alone, Derek doesn't want that this year for Robyn. Can two people who were once in love—and then acted so hateful that they didn't see or speak to each other—spend a few days together for the sake of their son?

If you get emotional when reading, this is definitely a book to have a box of tissues handy. I loved the story and look forward to reading more about this couple.
**Previously published in: Sweet Christmas Kisses 3: A Couple by Christmas Amazon
Book 2: Prayers Answered by Christmas
Marlon Washington is a divorced father of two little girls. His first marriage was not good at all and ended even worse. And yet, he still wanted a second chance at love. And for his oldest daughter's prayer to be answered. The prayer he overheard. Asking God to give her a new mommy for Christmas.

Portia Hunter moved back to St. Louis. After her ex-husband left her empty both physically and materially...she decided to leave Kansas and the bad memories behind. Besides, her niece was a real balm on her open wounds. She didn't expect to find a second chance at love...but, she knew she wanted to.

These two lost souls are led back to where they need to God's will. They'd both forgotten to look to God for guidance in all areas of their lives. Now's time to let the Master Healer take care of them. If you cry easily, then you might want tissues handy. Happy tears, of course. I really enjoyed the characters. The reader can first meet Marlon and his family in A Couple by Christmas. It's his brother, Derek's story.
Restore My Soul Series 
Book 1: Crowning Glory
Karyn Wallace has committed a crime, served her time, and is now out on parole. Besides her roommate and some folks at church—her past is her business. God has forgiven her so she doesn't have to broadcast it. Not even the guy she's falling in love with. Or does she?

Levi Tolliver has been going through life not fully alive for four years now. Ever since the night his wife was murdered. He does have his wonderful daughter and she is the joy of his life. And he has his sister-in-law—although often times he could do without Jet and her bitter attitude. Can he truly find love and happiness a second time? It almost seems possible when he meets Karyn.

Pastor Rossi Tolliver, Levi's cousin and business partner, has been praying for many people, Levi included. He wants to be happy that his cousin is finally coming out of mourning but God keeps urging him to pray for this situation. Not to mention constant prayer for Jet, who seems to be getting more angry and bitter with each year since Diane's death.

Just because someone has spent time in prison does not mean they are beyond hope. Especially where God intervenes. And for those who come out, life is not easy. It seems they have EX-CON stamped on their foreheads and everyone writes them off as hopeless. This book gives a unique view from Karyn's perspective.
Book 1.5: Jet: Back Story
Jesetta “Jet” Hutchens, as the older sister, has watched over her younger sister, Diane, since their parents died. They are best friends. She watches as her sister falls in love, marries, and gives birth. And then she loses her sister and that hole is filled up with unforgiveness and anger.

The quiet voice of Pastor Rossi Tolliver is always there, urging her to hand things over to God. Jet just can't get through the anger—or the past—to move on, or to allow God control of her life.

This novella is told from Jet's point of view only. It spans about eight years of her life. The reader can first meet Jet in book one; Crowning Glory and her story continues in book three; Love Led by the Spirit.
Book 3: Love Led by the Spirit
Minister Rossi Tolliver waited patiently for the Lord to bring him a wife. There were plenty of women who would love to be his wife—but he wanted the one who had his heart. Good thing Rossi was a patient—and godly—man.

Jesetta “Jet” Hutchens' life had been a bit rocky the past seven years. Her only sister, Diane, had been murdered and Jet's life had gone into a tailspin. You can read her backstory in JET. After returning to St. Louis, Jet is hoping to be a better person. And as before, Rossi is there to help her. Only God can help remove the hate and bitterness, though.

From book one; Crowning Glory, I've looked forward to Rossi and Jet's story. Her backstory really lets the reader see inside Jet and how she thinks. How she feels. Not everyone is ready to trust and forgive her for some of her past reactions. Good story all around. Especially how often we accept God's forgiveness without the willingness to forgive others.
Andersen Brothers
Love For the Holidays: Three in One (The following three books below)
Book 1: A Christian Christmas
Novella: A Christian Easter
Novella: A Christian Father's Day
Book 2: A Woman After David's Heart
Book 3: A Noelle for Nathan
Noelle Foster has a passion so great, that she's yet to find a man who can understand. Until Nathan steps into her life. Watching the handsome man buying a homeless man a meal just grabs her heart.

Nathan Andersen and his brothers have been brought up to help others. He thought he was doing pretty good until God brought Noelle into his life. She has such a passion for helping the children she teaches and others in need. If she can gain a passion for God, she'll be the perfect woman for him.

Noelle sees so many single mothers who struggle to keep their children fed and a roof of any kind over their heads. Women who had trusted men to be good and believed they'd take care of them. Can she trust a man with her future?
Other Holiday Titles
Christmas Greetings

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