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Kathryn Jane Book List

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Intrepid Women Series
Book 1: Do Not Tell Me No
Gage Meyers, Meyers Security had a job to do. Keeping Cassandra safe. The problem was, once emotions entered into the picture, this tough former special ops guy found himself deep in trouble. There was no controlling this wild gal, especially when he was losing control.

Cassandra went from a crazy night in Vegas to life on the run. Being told things that she thought to be true...weren't. Telling her she needed to change her life. Disappear. Only, she wasn't very good at being told what to do or not to do.

Action-packed story. There is romance, but both of them are fighting it as everything around them needs full attention. Definitely a roller coaster, page-turner of a story.
**Sexual content and language
Book 2: Touch Me
Detective Logan is in the middle of a situation when a woman appears in the line of danger. He goes to remove her and that's the start of things. This woman doesn't make anything easy for Logan. Drop-dead gorgeous...yet, drives him crazy.

Grace Taylor has a past to forget...but she also never dealt with it. Ever since she met Logan, her life has been tougher. Having to face the things she's avoided facing. And having to fight her attraction.

The past has taken away her ability to trust anyone but herself. Logan feels the need to protect her. Two magnets pushing against each other. Great story!
**Sexual content and language
Book 3: Daring to Love
Liz MacKenzie had failed at her previous mission with ETCETERA. She hadn't gotten to the child in time to save her. With failure hanging heavy on her, she took time off to recover in a beach house. Considered never going back. And then...a voice of a child calling to her for help. How could she not?

Galen would be working with Liz again. Two years ago they'd worked together and then more. Until she suddenly left. This time he was determined to win her over for good. Seducing women for his job was different than his feelings for Liz. He just had to convince her of that.

This story will definitely take you for a ride with many twists and turns. Another page-turner that kept me intrigued and guessing what was happening until the end.
**Sexual content and language
Book 4: Voices
Quinn Meyer has taken a different path than the others in his family. Instead of the military...he went to school. Became a psychologist. And with all the people he helped...he feels as if he failed two important people. His father. And his wife.

Rachel Meyer decided it was time to go home. She'd left her husband and his family two years ago. Now, she needed their help. Meyers Security would be able to help her, if they would. And, she could hope that maybe Quinn would give her a second chance.

Another story that sucked me in from beginning to end. Well written stories that let me “see” my surroundings as I read. Feel what is going on around the characters. Wonderful characters and animals.
**Sexual content and language
Book 5: Lies
Tara has been hiding secrets for a long time. When she meets Jake, she decides to trust him. Of course, after she tells all, he can never see her again. For both of their safety. And she can't tell him everything.

Jake Meyers is enjoying working for Meyers Security alongside his cousins. When a case comes up about a missing racehorse, he goes out to find answers...and comes back with more questions instead. And a woman he can't get out of his head. Unfortunately, he also can't trust her.

I enjoy this series. Each book brings back many of the characters from previous stories. Letting the reader continue to see what's going on in their lives.
**Sexual content and language
Book 6: All She Wanted
Angie Meyers is no longer content with her secret affair. She wants Matt to come to her family's ranch for Christmas. To let them know that he's the father of her fourteen-year-old son. To let his sister know he's alive. But the stubborn man refuses. It may be time to rethink this relationship.

Dr. Matthias Alejandro Martinez, his most recent name, just wants to keep everyone safe and not bring the killers to Meyer's doorstep. Being a research scientist at the lab that is deep underground hasn't done much for his social skills either. Would Angie truly leave him?

When the criminals threaten the Meyers and it becomes unclear who is a friend and who is a foe—it no longer matters what Angie or Matt wants. It's all about keeping the family safe and finally putting an end to the threat. You'll want to read the series for the whole story.
**Sexual content and language
Books 1-6
Book 7: Dance With Me
James & Julia Meyers own Meyers Security. James is mostly gone on special op missions while Julia runs their business. As the time nears that James is going to be home more, Julia is wondering what life will be like. She's gotten use to the leadership position and it's been a long time since James has been around for extended times. Life is going to change and she's hoping she'll be okay with it.

Alexandra Davidson is kidnapped by Rollins with no idea why. She doesn't know she's a pawn in his game because she doesn't know her history. That her mother was one of many children her grandfather left in his wake.

This book continues the chase from the previous book, All She Wanted. It seems Rollins is always one step ahead of them. Romance is blooming and continuing to grow between the Meyers children who have found their soulmates and James and Julia as they flashback on their lives—and their love. A real page turner that's hard to put down until the end.
**Sensual content and language
Book 8: Missing
Caleb Broughton had been the one to save Alex almost a year ago. He felt that was why she thought she cared for him...he was her rescuer. Yet, he couldn't get her out of his mind. But, she only did relationships—and he didn't do them at all. So, they'd have to work together on a case and that would be all.

Alexandra Davidson's life had changed drastically. Going from being a veterinarian with no family to finding out she had a large family. And that her “skills” could be used to work for her newly found family. And then there's the man who saved her and after she was healed...ran away as fast as he could.

Great series. There are different POVs throughout these books, not just the main hero and heroine. I love the characters...main and secondary...and the critters that are a big part of the stories too.
Book 9: Diamonds are to Die For
Kate Oliver has lost enough people in her life that she's ready not to take a chance of losing anyone else. She's also used to running and that's just what she does when life gets tough and she doesn't want anyone close to her getting hurt. When staying still would've been the best thing she could have done.

Jason Grant considered the call he got from Kate Oliver as his second chance. As soon as he was done protecting her and getting rid of the threat...second chance time. Problem with his stubborn Katie was...she was stubborn. And she made it awfully hard to protect her.

I loved the story. Unlike many of the Intrepid Women books, there is no psychics or reading minds. Jason has to keep up with Kate with normal investigative skills. Wonderful horses and unique secondary characters added to a page-turning storyline made this a great read.
**Sensual content and language
Heartwarming Furry Tales
Volume One: CATS
In a special place in a certain forest, the cats gather. Each day one of the ladies come with her bags full of food and water for all the feral cats. The pecking order and rules are laid down and the youngsters and new cats are taught them by those who've been around while. Also cats like Quark, who have crossed the rainbow bridge but are allowed to go back and forth to help those in the forest who need it.

Some of those gathered for the free food and water are kittens from the feral litters—others have been tossed from their warm homes by the humans they had thought would love them forever. And the ladies; they not only feed them but they help them in other ways. The special food in the boxes that go snap! Helping the poor mama's to not have more litters and giving each cat the choice for the easy life—or to come back to the forest.

Seven short furry-tales about different cats and kittens told from their point of views. Short stories that are fun and quick to read.
Volume Two: CATS
In this second volume or short stories about feral cats, or misplaced house cats, the reader can once more venture into the world through the eyes of cats and kittens.

And of course the guardian cats...those that have passed away but instead of going over the rainbow bridge forever, they stick around to help those in need.
Volume Three: CATS
Another enjoyable book with six stories of feral cats that either live in a big barn or find their way there.

Meet Peeps, Stanley, Gypsy, Albert, Brazil, Thomas, and Daisy. Along with their angelic guardians Tony and Elliott the llama. Not to mention the live protectors; Dickens the donkey and Zak.

There are always friends to make and always plenty of kibble to keep tummys full.
Volume Four: CATS
Another volume of adorable feral cats. Seeing life through the eyes of cats and kittens who have either been dumped, born wild, or accidentally lost their way from their humans.

In this volume the reader will meet: Tyman, Esmerelda (Essy to her friends), Sunny, Ember, Lenny, and Pepper. Their guardians are always nearby trying to encourage them on their way and getting some of the older cats to help them too. Short stories that bring these four-legged friends to life.

If you cry easily, you may want to keep tissues nearby while reading.
Volume Five: CATS
Blue moved into the river colony because of his lady friend. After having to fight off a large tom that wanted his friend, Blue got sicker and sicker. The colony guardian cat, Patches, warned him to go with the ladies...or else... Blue had a choice, go or die.

Minerva had been taken away from her home in the colony. She was in the big box and had food and water. But, Minerva wanted something different...

Candle has been given quite an assignment by the guardian cat, Metro, during a storm. To help a younger cat get to safety. And what a job it was!

Eddie and his brother Torrent were thrown over the bridge as kittens. Felicia, as he found out later was a guardian cat, called Eddie and his brother until they made it out of the water. Felicia disappeared, but Justice came and helped them to the feeding station. Now, Eddie is facing water again...a storm...and he's alone.

Billy was heading for safety from the storm...swimming. He hated water and swimming but with Metro's help, a guardian cat, he kept going. The safety of a house didn't last long though. Billy's swim was far from over.

Kira was going to have kittens...again. She'd always avoided the ladies and made it on her own. Now, the storm had swept her away and food was scarce. And her babies would be born soon. Life was lonely and tough this round. But she was a survivor...
A Copper Mills Novella
Book 1: Callista Goes Country
Callista Fontaine is used to living in the city. Working from an office. But when her sister is injured and needs help...Callista jumps in to save the day. Going from her office in Vancouver to a farm in Arizona. From working deals to milking goats. And she finds she loves the farm life.

She's torn between finding happiness working with the animals to the guilt of letting her parents down if she doesn't return to her office job. Not to mention the tall, dark, and handsome man that could possibly steal her heart. This story is told only from Callista's point-of-view.
**Sexual content and language
Into the Sunrise
This story pulled me into Dusty's life, a young woman raised by her father after her mother left them. Looking for love—with her only example being an unloving father—leads her to the wrong type of men. It will take the reader through all the twists and turns of Dusty’s choices…and choices others make for her.

An incredible story full of surprises. If you cry easily when reading a book—keep a box of tissues handy because the author takes you through so many emotions. Joy to sorrow, love to hate, devastating to hopeful, and more. It’s one of those stories that is hard to get out of my head.
**Sensual content and language

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing my work with your readers! Dusty, le sigh, she has such an incredible journey, and I so loved seeing her happy at the end of the book. :)