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Jillian Hart Sweet Classics

Jillian Hart
Sweet Classics Series
 Sara - Sara's Gift
Sara Mercer is on her way to a new life. She just has one piece of her old life to close. She planned on stopping in Moose Creek for a few hours before continuing on to work for her aunt in Missoula. She didn't plan on a blizzard changing her plans.

Sheriff Gabe Chapman didn't realize how lonely he was until the beautiful woman came down from those train steps. And when the only place open was his sister's home, he didn't regret the time to get to know her better. Or how to get her to stay in this town.

Sara's secret is crushing her. She knows she can't stay with Gabe and his daughter, Mary. The longer she stays, the harder it is to keep her promise and leave. And the weather is not helping her to get out of town any faster.
 Charlotte - High Mountain Bride
Charlotte Clark was finally going to have family again. And love. After losing her father and selling everything to pay his debts, she couldn't wait to have somewhere to call home once again. And from the letters she received, she already loved her future husband and his family. Arriving in her new town...her dreams washed away with the rain that fell.

Gilbert McBride had loved and lost once. He was a wise enough man never to walk that path again. Ever. When another hifalutin woman, just like the one who hurt him, was standing on the train platform, he wanted to ignore her. Soon enough, he knew he should have.

Whenever I read a mail-order bride story, I think how those real-life women truly took a chance when answering an ad. They never truly knew what would be waiting at the end of their trip. Great story.
Sally - The Bounty Hunter's Bride
Fitz Callahan was a rough man with a heart of steel. He needed to be to survive. The life of a bounty hunter was a solitary life for a man. It fit him well. Until the day a young boy looked up at him with his big eyes and asked if he could hire him. A young boy that reminded him of himself as a child. How could he say no?

Sally Tucker had sadness and loss in her life but she didn't let it change how she lived her life. She loved people and her town and faced each day and each person with a smile. She had love once in her life and never expected to find it again. Until he rode into town...

Another wonderful story. Otis, the young boy, really adds a lot to the story. A young boy with hope and trusting the big bad bounty hunter will help him. Be sure to read the first story in this series, High Mountain Bride.
Lola: His Forever Bride
Lola Whitfield planned on living the life of a spinster. She had promised her late uncle that she would care for her aunt and as she found might want her, but not with an aunt attached. So she was as content as possible...considering she was working for the Allen's. Was...until the day he came home.

Harrison Allen couldn't believe his first love was working as a maid for his parents. Or that she got fired because of his foolishness. He had been sent away from home over a decade ago because of Lola...he was not going let his mother ruin his life further.

A Cinderella type story. Lola had once been in the society group until her parents died. She couldn't see how she would ever be accepted back into those ranks after she had been a maid and waitress. Because she may have caught Prince Charming's eye, but his mother was more like the wicked witch.
Polly: McLain's Wife
Sheriff Ben MacLain needed at least one woman to make to his town. So far, every woman he sent off for seemed to find love along the way. He didn't need a wife, but his daughter, Emily, needed a mother. This last woman seemed perfect. In her letters at least.

Polly Brown had no plans of letting any man having control of her life—not even the good-looking sheriff with the adorable daughter. On the other hand, dressing up as some fancy female might keep her safe from the danger that followed her to this town.

This is a rewrite of a previously published story—a clean version without the sexual content or language. Polly and Ben both have pasts they'd rather keep far behind them, but as always...the past seems to catch up.
Kit : The Wrangler
Kit Chapman felt that life finally smiled on her. After her father won prime ranch land, her dream of raising horses was in sight. Being a gambler, Pa chose to leave again, leaving Kit to care for her younger siblings, Mindy and Fred. She would find a way to support them all until she got the ranch going—without the help of a man—any man. She never saw the man in black that would invade her life.

Dakota Black was a lonely drifter. At nineteen his world fell apart. Found guilty of a heinous crime he was sent to the front lines. He survived and was supposed to be a “free man” but it always seemed like the past found him and he had to move on. Hope was something he never let enter his life until he met Kit. The battle for his heart to open up or stay locked tight was never stronger. Could he believe in a dream come true or would the past rear it’s ugly head once more?

In the open prairies it seemed like the two-legged critters might just be more dangerous than the slithering or four-legged ones. This story had the beauty of the open plains, watching the mustangs running with heads up,tails high, and mane flying. The good guys and very bad guys and the power of having someone believe in your dreams. Jillian’s characters had me smiling at times and wiping tears at others. 
Garnet: Garnet's Treasure
Garnet Jones and her sister, Golda, head West to locate their ill father and return home with him. Garnet has quite the shock as they arrive in the old mining town to sights—and smells—of a life much different than what she was used to. And ashamed to know it was a place her father was comfortable living in.

Deputy Marshal Wyatt Tanner was undercover in Smelly Creek. A mining town that fit its name well. He just wanted to find the murderer he came there to catch and get back to his life. If only it were that easy.

A wonderful story. East Coast ladies meeting the Wild West. Talk about culture shock as poor Garnet sees a different side of life. A town—if Smelly Creek could even be called that—full of saloons and the like of what Garnet had never laid her eyes on before. And as kind as Wyatt Tanner was to her—he was still a prospector. Like her father. The man who had left his wife and family to live in places like this.

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