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Mary Jane Morgan Book List

Crystal Springs Homecoming Series
Book 1: Long Road Home
Megan Swearingen had to give up her life at college to come home to Crystal Springs, Tennessee. Her dad's sudden death has put the weight of saving the ranch on her shoulders. Her mother is lost in her own world and her little sister has stopped talking. As if that isn't enough—add a mountain lion, a pile of debt, and a few other things.

Brett Dawson's family and their neighbors are at odds but when a mountain lion is on the loose, he feels the need to help protect them. Even if he's unwelcome there. The more he gets to know Megan, the less he cares if he's welcome or not.

These two families have some mighty big issues separating them but when the trouble heightens, the wall between Megan and Brett starts to crumble. Can there be any hope for friendship or more between the two of them? Or will the hatred and issues from their parents keep them apart? Such a good story. Full of twists and turns and more than a few surprises.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Coming Home
Francie Bennett finds herself in a bit of a situation and she's determined to not lean on anyone but herself. She thought she found herself in love—instead, she finds out he used her. She got something out of the relationship though... Pregnant. Back home she has her horses to keep her anchored while life around her collapses.

Matt Richardson had been married to a woman who took risks. Risks that finally killed her. So yes, he was a bit overprotective of his daughter. A daughter who loved horses as much as he feared them. He finally gives in to having riding lessons, as long as he's there to watch over her. And keep an eye on the feisty redhead who runs things.

Great series. There's romance with a big dose of real life. Francie is a 'I can do it by myself' type of woman and Matt is a 'I'll do it for you' type of man. When you put them together—stand back from the fireworks. The reader can first meet Francie in book one; Long Road Home. The third book is; A Home for Haley.
**Sexual content
Book 3: A Home for Haley
Ethan Richardson needed to find a live-in nanny for his five-year-old daughter, Kayla. Someone who would be able to stay so she could have stability. Unlike his selfish ex who left them high and dry—not caring about a hurt little girl.

Haley Donahue loved children and the nanny jobs were perfect for her and her toddler, Ryan. She needed something while she waited for her husband, a pilot in the air force, to come home. Or maybe to keep her mind off the fact that he may never come home.

The Richardsons are a wonderful family and each book in the series you get to know them a bit better. Coming Home was the eldest brother's book, Ethan is the middle brother, and the fourth book is Home at Last, their sister, Ashley's, story. They are romances that have a bit of angst, troubles, and a rough road getting down the aisle to that happily-ever-after. The first book is Long Road Home.
**Sexual content 
Book 4: Home at Last
Ashley Richardson has returned to be with her family after thirteen long years. As the new public relations person for her brother and his friend's dude ranch. It feels good to be back by family. It's the co-owner of the ranch that is the problem.

Hank Bradley loves everything about the dude ranch he is half-owner of and the people he's always considered family. His own parents weren't even close to being what his friend's mom was to him. And that was why he always ignored how he felt about the youngest Richardson. She'd always be Ethan's little sister. Hands off.

When two adults are put in close proximity of each other and both have feelings for the other—there is bound to be sparks. And there were. The problem was that Ashley had a secret. A big secret. And until she told Hank, they couldn't move forward. If she did tell him...he'd probably move backward.
**Sexual content
Crystal Springs Romances: Wedding Chapel Series
Book 1: Going to the Chapel
Claire Coleman was going to be married soon at the brand new Crystal Springs Dude Ranch Chapel. The chapel that she had inspired the idea of building. And then it all crumbled when her fiancé broke up.

Sam McGinnis wasn't into long-term relationships. He was more the man who rescued the damsels in distress but always sent them on their way again. When he finds a woman crying in the chapel he's building, he does his best not to go into rescue mode once again.

Sam and Claire's chance meeting surprises them both. Claire realizes there is more in life than what she had with her ex. She also realizes she's not the one-night-stand type of gal. This is a novella but packed full of good reading. If you enjoy series, Crystal Springs Homecoming Series will introduce you to the ranch and its residents.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Since I Found You
A Crystal Springs Romance: The Wedding Chapel Series Book Two
Paige Dillingham is content in her life. All she needs is her work as a midwife. Or so she thought until she met a patient's brother. She hadn't realized how long it had been since she really enjoyed life. As long as they kept it casual—friendship only—she could enjoy some time with him.

Justin Coleman is enjoying his life. His bar, Shenanigan's, is doing well, he has a great family, and enjoys his bachelorhood. One day he may be ready to settle down—just not now. When he meets Paige, he sees a challenge and wants to see her enjoying herself. Nothing serious.

Paige keeps her past to herself. Hurts that she buried. Things she doesn't want to share with anyone. Only, the past never stays buried. A great series with many of the characters from previous books returning. Book One of this series, Going to the Chapel, is the story of Justin's sister, Claire.
**Sexual content
Book 3: Dare to Love
Logan Coleman hadn't realized how he'd stayed buried in work until he met the equine therapist for the new program at the dude ranch. A calm woman who stopped to watch a sunset and soon, Logan found himself watching sunsets. And remembering how important family was.

Natasha Mulvane loved life. She was a free spirit who never planted roots. She wanted to see new places. Have new adventures. Not end up like her mother. Logan Coleman was not someone she had planned on.

Another wonderful story in this series. I loved the therapy with the horses. The author brings the horses unique personalities to life. I really enjoy series where previous characters are part of the story.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Choices of the Heart
Jillian Blake found herself a young widow with a small child. Jaxon was her everything. After a chance meeting with Cade, she wondered if it were time to move forward. Only, she hadn't realized how much she'd changed since Stan's death. Overprotective of Jaxon...and her heart.

Cade Hendrix felt responsible for his divorce; even though logically he knew it wasn't his fault. He just wasn't the right—person—for his ex. One thing he knew was right, letting their daughter, Lexi, know she was loved by both parents. For Cade, he wasn't sure he'd ever know if he had good sense when it came to women.

I love that the stories revisit previous characters from the dude ranch and others connected to it. And the author adds great animals to the stories as well. Between awesome animals and adorable children, the story is enhanced by their presence. Romance tries to bloom and it's not always easy. I've enjoyed them all through the page-turning and tears.
**Sensual content
Stand Alone Books
Shelby's Gift
Dangerous Moves

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