Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Mariana Gabrielle Book List

Yet to come....
Royal Regard Prequels:

'Tis Her Season (Mistetoe Marriage & Mayhem Boxed Set)
Charlotte Amberly wants to go through her first Season. She wants to curtsey to the queen and enjoy the parties. Her mother has other plans. Plans that Charlotte is not going to stand by and obey. She has her own plan. Thankfully someone helped save her from her not so brilliant plan.
Miss Isabella Smithson hasn't had a very easy life. The daughter of a cruel man and sister to brother's no better than their sire, she lived with her relations. Her aunt may have never struck her with her hand...but instead, with her tongue lashings. And was decided she would marry and sail off with her new husband.

Myron Clewes, Baron of Holsworthy loved traveling as a sailor. Now that Prince Regent had made him a baron and given him land, he needed a wife and the desired heir. It was time, he was older, after all.

Bella is shy until she is aboard the Amelia. A stronger woman emerges as she travels away from England. Away from her family. In the next book, Royal Regard, the reader can get to know Bella more as she and Myron return to England after fifteen years of travel. I really enjoyed this story and look forward to more from this series. 'Tis Her Season, Bella's cousin Charlotte's story, and where we first meet Bella. This is in the boxed set of Mistletoe, Marriage and Mayhem.
A Rose Renamed
John's story (Bella's brother)
Royal Regard
Bella Clewes, Baroness of Holsworthy was never considered a pretty woman and people enjoyed telling her so. She hated Society and the one good thing about being sold as a bride to a much older man was that she got to sail away from all of it. Now after fifteen years away, Bella and Myron return to London due to his failing health. The strong woman she had become while away...was once again quiet and unsure.

Adolphe Fouret, Duc de Malbourne and Nicholas Northope, Duke of Wellbridge...both started to try and charm Bella. Only one of them cares more for the true woman she is. The other knows she is soon to be a very rich widow. Bella just wants to remain a good wife and caretaker to Myron.

This was a very unique story and I found it to be a definite page turner. Grabbing you and holding you from beginning to end. Bella is still a married woman and yet many around here seem to forget...or just ignore...that. Myron knows he is not long on this earth and wants to find Bella a protector.

The prequels are to follow: Shipmate is Bella and Myron's story. 'Tis Her Season is Charlotte's story, Bella's cousin. A Rose Renamed is John's story, Bella's brother.
**Sexual content and language
La Deese Noire: The Black Goddess

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