Monday, January 4, 2016

Jude Knight Book List

Candle's Christmas Chair
Lord Randall “Candle” Avery finds quite a surprise when he goes to Bath to see about an invalid chair for his mother. A young woman he met and had been courting three years before. Until the night he found out she was not who he believed her to be.

Minerva Bradshaw cannot inherit Bradshaw Carriages, her father's business, because she was born female. That does not stop Min from starting her own business of making invalid chairs. She's happy and content in her life and business and her working class. She had a taste of Society while she was in school and that was more than enough for her.

This is a short novella of how Candle and Min met. When they reappear in the author's next book, Farewell to Kindness, she realized they needed their own story.This is a complete story that includes a couple aggravating gentry who enjoy nothing more than causing trouble wherever they go.
A Baron for Becky
Becky Winstanley has gone down a path in life that was not the one she would have chosen. The actions of others is what sent her down those roads and she has done the best she could with what she had.

Will she ever get to the future she dreams of for her daughter and herself?

I really enjoyed this story even though it took a longer path to romance and the things Becky has to go through to find her happiness. It has the point of view from three different characters.
Hand-Turned Tales
The following stories are like a sampler pack for the author's writing. The stories were written for winners of a contest. They gave some names and ideas and the author wrote these stories from them.

The Raven's Lady
Felix Maddox returns home after he was thought dead. Under a false name he has one last job...find a smuggler, the Black Fox. Could the villain actually be the girl he left behind eight years ago?

All That Glisters
Thomas O'Bryan is in New Zealand on business. When he stops in to pay his respects to his aunt, he finds a bitter couple and a beautiful young woman. He would love to remove Rose from her unhappy situation but they are too different. Or are they?

Kidnapped to Freedom
Phoebe has missed several chances of being rescued from the plantation she is a slave on. She has one more chance to be reunited with her siblings and perhaps the young man she once loved. If she can remember that love instead of the handsome pirate that has come to her rescue.

The Prisoners of Wyvern Castle
I really enjoyed this novella. It has the villains that you'd more than happily lop their heads off of. The hero that nabs your heart the moment you know his story. Not to mention the romance between Rupert and Madeline and the chasm they have to cross for their happily-ever-after.
**Sensual content
The Golden Redepennings Series
Book 1: Farewell to Kindness
Book 2: A Raging Madness
Virtue Sisters 
Book 1: Encouraging Prudence
Boxed Sets with Multi-authors
Mistletoe Marriage & Mayhem

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