Thursday, October 6, 2016

Bluestocking Belles Book List

Mistletoe Marriage & Mayhem
Seven authors and seven different stories make this boxed set a real page turner.
The stories are all wonderful and flow well. Each story is so unique. I really enjoyed them.

All She Wants for Christmas by Amy Rose Bennett
Tessa had known she would always be a spinster. She had a secret that kept her apart from Society. Maybe a slight bit of envy entered knowing her sister would have a different life, but Tessa's had her own interests to keep her busy. Life, or perhaps fate, has a way of making a different path. Especially when you are caught in a compromising situation with a known rake.  **Sensual content

The Ultimate Escape by Susana Ellis
Lady Julia Pendleton needed time to think. She was to marry Oliver Stanton, the only man she ever loved. But did he love her or did he just need a mother for his young daughter?What can a gal do if she thinks she needs to escape her wedding and think? What her mother once did, of course. Travel to the future. I found this story unique.

Under the Mistletoe by Sherry Ewing
Bluestocking, Margaret Templeton, would be just fine living a spinster's life, but her father wants her married and safe as he is growing older. The man her father has chosen, if she agrees, seems handsome and nice...but...something isn't quite right. Maybe it's because the man her heart truly yearns...but cannot around.

'Tis Her Season by Mariana Gabrielle
Charlotte Amberly wants to go through her first Season. Curtsey to the queen and enjoy the parties. Her mother has other plans. Plans that Charlotte is not going to stand by and obey. She has a plan. Thankfully someone helped saved her from her not so brilliant plan. 
Great characters. Some bring out good emotions. Some you want to beat to a pulp and then beat some more. Prequel to Royal Regard. Bella's story. **Sensual content

Gingerbread Bride by Jude Knight
Mary Pritchard had an unusual upbringing, traveling with her father, an admiral, to all the unique places. Best of all was Rick Redepenning, the sailor who was always there to rescue her from danger. From herself. And here he is in her life again...could she want more than his rescue now?

A Dangerous Nativity by Caroline Warfield
The Earl of Chadbourn had his hands full. A listless sister in mourning, a fearful nephew who was the new duke, and something secretive between the dead duke and his neighbors at Songbird Cottage. William decided he would get to the bottom of things...while getting to know the beautiful woman next door.

Joy to the World by Nicole Zoltack
Would the real Duke of Norfolk please come down the aisle? This is a problem the second daughter of a baron never thought she'd face. Eliza had agreed to marry one duke, just to have a different man show up claiming he was the duke. Does either one want her? Does she still want either of them?
**Received an early copy for an honest review
Meet the Bluestocking Belles:
An Improper Proposition
Long Gone Girl
Lady Beauchamp's Proposal
Love is Worth the Risk Series
Book 1: Dangerous Works
Book 2: Dangerous Weakness
Book 3: Dangerous Secrets
Book 1: Farewell to Kindness
Royal Regard
La Deese Noire: The Black Goddess
**Not all of Nicole's books are posted** 
Woman of Honor
Masked Love
Black Hellebore
The Test of Time
Love Before Honor
If My Heart Could See You
For All of Ever
Only for You
A Knight to Call My Own
A Twelfth Night Tale
Treasuring Theresa
**I have not read any of Vanessa's books at this time**
Swept Away
The Bargain
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