Friday, September 11, 2015

Beth Barany Book List

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Touchstone Series
A Magical Tale of Romance and Adventure
Touchstone Series Boxed Set 1-4
Plus a Bonus Story: Falling in Love Again
Book 1: Touchstone of Love
 Book 2: A Christmas Fling
Dahlia only has a little over twenty days to get her special project done before she returns the North Pole. She is one of Santa’s Elves and the big guy himself is her uncle. The last thing she expects is to find a human she enjoys being around in her last month in their world. She can’t give up the life she loves, not even for love itself.

Liam has been working hard for eight years and he is not going to just let his nemesis walk away with the promotion. The man has already walked away with his ex-girlfriend. What he needs is the perfect arm candy for the Christmas party, and he knows just who that can be.

Two people set on achieving their goals. Their careers are number one. This is one of those stories that you know what the author means when the characters get an ache in their chests because as a reader, I felt that ache, along with a few tears. This may be a novella but it’s packed full. I really enjoyed it. The next book is Liam’s roommate’s story, Parisian Amour.
Book 3: Parisian Amour
Sarah Redman is in Paris and hopes her life is about to change. She is interviewing for a new job and since she just turned thirty, hopefully a new life. She does not believe in happy-ever-afters and that might just be a problem.

Josh Kleine doesn’t want or need another woman in his life. The last one robbed him of his heart and his client. He’s in Paris to rebuild his business that his suffered from his last romance. Only when he sees Sarah, all his plans of not falling in love disappear.

We know of Josh from the previous book A Christmas Fling. His roommate Liam is caring for Josh’s love of his life, Sally. His dog. It seems Paris has plans for these two Americans and suddenly much depends on their love life. This is a short novella and enjoyable read.
***A short novel. This is a novella of approximately 20,000 words.***
Book 4: A Labyrinth of Love and Roses
The Five Kingdoms Series
A Very Short Prequel: Henrietta The Dragon Slayer
Book 1: Henrietta The Dragon Slayer
Book 2: Henrietta and the Dragon Stone
Book 3: Henrietta and the Horse Mesa
Book 4: TBA
Book 5: TBA
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Overcome Writer's Block
Boxed Sets Multi-Author
Autumn's Kiss: Falling in Love Again
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Gargoyle: Touchstone of Love

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