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Melissa Tagg Book List

Where Love Begins Series
Book 1: Made to Last
Miranda Woodruff has a few problems in what looks to be the perfect life. On the outside the world sees the do it herself guru with her own TV show who was taught everything she knows by her husband. In the real world...Randi has never been married but suddenly she has a real fake husband on her couch, a very inquisitive and too handsome reporter in her cabin and wouldn't you know it...after three years her ex-finance shows up as well. What's a girl to do?

Matthew Knox is carrying a load full of issues and the last thing he wants is this assignment to save his career. But what other choice does he have? His niece adores Randi and her show and he adores his niece. Besides he's sure he can dig up some dirt on this all too clean looking woman and make his comeback.

This story is full of interesting characters. Especially Blake. A man with a mysterious past and a constant smile. And who's nickname fits him a bit too well, Blaze. The characters struggle with their relationship with God and their families and past choices. I'm definitely looking forward to more in this series.
Book 2: Here to Stay
Blake Hunzilker left Whisper Shore, Michigan six years ago. He’s been all over the world living out his crazy tendencies. Or was he just running from himself? His last fiasco landed him in the public’s eye big time. He was the pretend husband for Randi Woodruff who had her own show From the Ground Up. After she fell in love for real and he was outed as a fake, it was time to come home. Face his past. He didn’t expect to be welcomed. Not after what he did that caused the people of his small town to hate him in the first place.

Autumn Kingsley had a dream of living a life of adventure. Instead her father died and her mother gifted her with the deed to their inn. Their small town was not bringing in the tourists it used to and her inn was dying. And now she had an option. She was offered a job that would help her start her adventure. Travel out of this town and see the world. That’s what her dream is, right?

Can two people whose families have been long time enemies find a middle ground and work together? Welcome to small town USA, where gossip is so swift that the rumors happen before the event. Where Blake needs forgiveness in a place where it’s just easier to lay all the blame on him, than accept the truth. In the first book, Made to Last, the reader gets too know Blake and his quirky personality and hints of something he has hidden deep inside. I loved the first book and couldn’t wait for Blake/Blaze’s story and I was not disappointed.
One December Night
Companion story to Here to Stay
Walker Family Series
Prequel Novella: Three Little Words
Ava Jane Kingsley had dreams. Had being the key word. She had loved Ryan Hunziker and that had not worked out. She had attended her alumni party in hopes of seeing her favorite professor, that had not happened. She had hoped to avoid Seth Walker, nope she had not done that. And finally, she had hoped to be named head coach for her college football team and that had not happened either. Would anything go right?

Seth Walker was not going to mess things up like his parents did. If he made a commitment—he would follow through. He committed to buying the old bank building and opening a restaurant and then proposing to his girlfriend. What he didn't expect to happen was to run into his old nemesis from college and become friends. Good friends.

I wanted to read this prequel before reading the next book, From the Start, and I'm glad I did. It gives the reader an idea of what Maple Valley, Iowa and the Walker family is like. This was a novella but packed full of story. The romance, choices, and how sometimes we can make a commitment and even when we reach that point of knowing it might not be best...feel to tied to it to give it up. Looking forward to more of the Walker's stories. (Ava is sister to Autumn from the book, Here to Stay.)
Book 1: From the Start
Two different people. Strangers. Each is dealing with a failed relationship and failed careers. Could a natural disaster be God's answer for their lives?

Kate Walker wrote romance books and scripts. Only it seems once she lost the romance in her own life—her romance writing muse left too. A new opportunity has just presented itself to her. A worthy cause and a new type of writing. The only problem she has before accepting the mission is a big one. Money.

Colton Greene was a football player. After an injury and facing the fact he had to retire, he wasn't sure who he was. As if he wasn't low enough, the hammer fell again in his personal life. When his friend Logan Walker asks for help back in his hometown of Maple Valley, Iowa, Colton agrees to go with him. And his life changes even more.

A great story of how quickly life can change. What's really important in life. And how God truly is the One who brings people into our lives and knows what is best for us. Be sure to read the free prequel: Three Little Words.
**Received from Bethany House for an honest review
Book 2: Like Never Before
Logan Walker thought his life was all lined up. He had his sweet daughter and the business he was in with his friend Theo was about to make it to the big times. Maybe he had left God behind a few years ago when his wife died, but he was doing just fine. He thought he was anyways.

Amelia Bentley's dreams had fallen apart three years ago. She found the small town of Maple Valley, Iowa and even though the reason for coming was gone, it was now home. The only problem was that her boss had passed away and the small newspaper she was editor of was up in the air. And the man she was in love with from his writing alone has now materialized in person.

He left the small-town life to have a career in the big city. She left a broken life to find herself welcomed in the small-town. Both had lost their faith along the way and tried to make it on their own. Sometimes it's in losing control of everything—that you see the need to give it all to God. Such a good series. Looking forward to more Walker stories.
**Received from Bethany House for an honest review
Book 3: Keep Holding On

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