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Patricia McLinn Book List

**This is not her complete book list**
Proof of Innocence
Prosecutor Maggie Frye is determined to do her job and protect as many women as she can from being hurt... She follows the evidence...not her gut feelings. Almost five years after losing a case—letting a murderer roam free—she gets a second chance. Another murder. Same town. Same place. Same man lives there again.

Talk about tunnel vision...she has it. This time around, Maggie is starting from the ground up. The new sheriff wants her help in finding out if the murders could be the same person. In her mind...they are and she already has her verdict on who it is. But...could she be wrong?

Wow! What a page-turner. I had so many people I suspected of the crimes. This was a great suspense with a touch of romance. The author added several different point-of-views from the characters, which added to the mystery of who-done-it, I thought.
**Sensual content and language
Caught Dead in Wyoming Series
Book 1: Sign Off
After being shipped out to the boonies of Sherman, Wyoming...Elizabeth Margaret “E.M.” Danniher tries to make the best of things. When a little girl asks Elizabeth to help her daddy, she goes at it half-heartedly. Until a second murder wakes up her inner reporter to dig into the facts and find the truth.

This is told from Elizabeth's point of view only. It's a murder-suspense with a good dose of humor added to it. I loved the unique characters. From a tough rancher mom to a whiny anchorman who wants all the glory for himself. Unfortunately, said anchorman never gets the story quite right and always gets his way.
Book 2: Left Hanging
Book 3: Shoot First
Book 4: Last Ditch
Elizabeth Margaret Danniher is a journalist who has ended up in the small, quiet town of Sherman, Wyoming after her divorce. Well...maybe not such a quiet town after all. She's had a few adventures since coming here and another one is about to start.

When a man who is wheelchair bound goes missing and a call is put out for people to come search...Elizabeth joins in. With an ear always open for news, she learns plenty while staying at the house keeping the wife plied with coffee as the searchers come and go.

When they find more than they were looking for, Elizabeth and her friends from the news station are on the job to find the truth. Who knew a ditch and water rights could turn neighbors against each other and cause so much trouble? This book is from Elizabeth's point of view only.
**Mild language
Book 5: Look Live
Elizabeth Margaret Danniher...big time journalist...hijacked to small town by ex-husband. In less than a year of being in Sherman, Wyoming, Elizabeth has managed to get herself tangled up in murder investigations. Helping solve them too, along with her friends.

As her friend comes from DC to report on one of the cases she helped with, they take a few days to go to Yellowstone Park. Innocent enough until people they met at the park, end up in Sherman. And one of those folks ends up dead in her friend's bed.

There's a new sheriff in town and he wants Elizabeth to stay out of his investigations. Not going to happen. Great series. Plenty of suspects to keep you guessing through the story. And amidst the mystery...there is humor too. These books are from Elizabeth's point of view only.
**Mild language
Book 6: Back Story
Elizabeth Margaret “E.M.” Danniher has been sent to the middle of nowhere. Sherman, Wyoming. Her ex-husband made sure she not only lost her job...but closed other doors for her.

The small town and the people are growing on. Or...maybe it's all the murders she's been helping to solve over the eight or so months she's been at the small TV station. This Christmas season is no different. A new murder that has them looking back twenty-six years ago to an old murder.

Plenty of suspicious characters that could be guilty of new crimes. And in the midst of this suspense story...there's humor. These books are told from Elizabeth's point of view.
Book 7: Cold Open
Rodeo Knights Multi-Author Series
Ride the River
Bill Chapin Johnson was a bronc rider and he's trying to come back after a serious injury. The last person he expects to run someone from his past. They'd parted ways ten years ago. And yet, there may be some sparks left over.

Regina Maria Moran is a teacher who has an eye for detective work. When she puts two and two together about some bank robberies, she goes to Michael Knight to share what she's discovered and how it may tie into the WRC...which means that the Knight Investigation Agency needs to be involved. And she's more than glad to help out.

Loved the characters and story line. Reggie has to put aside her personal connections to be able to process the crimes without prejudice. No matter how much she wants to believe who may or may not be involved.
Seasons in a Small Town
Book 1: What Are Friends For? 
Anton Zeekowsky “Zeke” left Drago, Illinois as fast as he could after graduation. And he never looked back. Until now. They want him to come and be a part of their Lilac Festival. He may have a successful business, but he really doesn't do well around people.

Darcie Barrett thought she'd leave Drago too. But she didn't. She came home from college and joined the police force. She loves her town and it needs all the help she can give it right now. And hopefully her old high school friend will want to help too.

Loved this story and looking forward to the series. There are several secondary characters that add to the story. The story has a great flow that kept the pages turning without slowing down. The second book in this series is The Right Brother. Jennifer Truesdale's story.
**Sexual content

Book 2: The Right Brother  
Jennifer Truesdale is a single mother who was pretty much left destitute by her ex-husband. She is doing the best she can for her daughter and herself. Things are changing in Drago, Illinois. She just has to wait for the changes...or does she?

Trent Stenner had left Drago and didn't miss the small town. But here he is. He never was interested in the car dealership when his dad owned it, and he's not interested in it now that his brother had almost bankrupted it. And yet, he's considering buying it back.

Something about Drago. People, especially the men, can't wait to leave...and yet something seems to pull them back to the small town. Usually the women who stayed. Great series so far. Jennifer is introduced in book one, What are Friends For?
**Sexual content
Book 3: Falling For Her  
Josh Kincannon: Principal of the local high school, outgoing, divorced, raising his three kids on his own. Happy in his small town of Drago, Illinois.

Vanessa Irish: CFO of Zeke-Tech, prefers being alone, single with no plans of changing that state. Blunt, very blunt. Works in her office in Virginia and that's pretty much her life. Until Zeke has her coming to Drago to help set up the computer lab.

I'm loving this series and it continues with this book. Josh and Vanessa are great characters. Vanessa has a very unique way about her that sets her apart from other characters. And Josh's three kids are awesome too. They all come alive and add to the story.
**Sexual Content
Book 4: Warm Front
Peter Quincy “Quince” is good at keeping questions away from himself. He can promote Zeke-Tech and redirect people and questions. He can hide behind his smile. Now that he's in Drago, Illinois, he finds there are people who can see behind his smile. And he's not ready for that.

Anne Hooper is a widow who lives with her great-uncle-in-law. Ha, she not only lives with Everett, she runs Hooper Farm. And takes care of Everett. But times are tough now and getting tougher. Having Quince as a boarder helps, but they need to find a way to get back out of debt and get the farm profitable again.
*Sensual content
Marry Me Series
Book 1: Wedding of the Century
Annette Trevetti was like Cinderella marrying Prince Charming. But unlike a fairytale, hers fell apart when the evil wedding crasher announces her claim upon the prince and nobody lived happily-ever-after. Now, her brother, Max, is hurt and she has to return to Tobias, Wisconsin to help him. In a town this small—there is no escaping the past.

Steve Corbitt sees Annette for the first time in over seven years. She hasn't changed—and yet she has. They are now two very different people then they were back when he last saw her at their almost-wedding. And yet, so many secrets stand between them.

When an elderly woman, who is a friend to both Steve and Annette, needs their help...can they put the past behind them to work together to help her? This is the first book in this series and I really enjoyed it. It's definitely a page-turner with several stories going on. Steve and Annette's past, Miss Trudi's future, a missing brother, and more. I'm really looking forward to more in this series.
**Sexual content
Book 2: The Unexpected Wedding Guest
Suzanna Grant, Suz to her friends, has to decide what to do with her life. Her friend and roommate from college and then business partner, have just sold their business and townhouse. After Annette's wedding—she finds herself staying in Tobias—and near Max.

Max Trevetti had to grow up at a young age. Once their father left them in a shabby cabin, he had to become the man of the family and help support his mom and sister. After their mom's death, he had to give up his dreams of college to make sure his sister could have her dreams.

Another dream Max gave up long ago was to treat Suz as another kid sister. Protect her. Even from himself. This story continues in some ways from book one; The Wedding of the Century, Max's sister's story. Characters from book one return; Miss Trudi, Nell, Fran, and more. I'm already looking forward to the next book. These stories have been so good from page one to the end.
**Sexual content
Book 3: A Most Unlikely Wedding
Rob Dalton had a lot on his mind. As a planner, he had his life planned out. After his ex-wife changed his plans with a divorce and his career was going to be changing—the last thing he needed was a new complication to mess with his plans.

Kay Aaronson was hoping the video shoot in her grandmother's hometown would help build a new career for her. She hadn't been able to find her place in life yet—especially after failed relationships and jobs.

Welcome back to Tobias, Wisconsin. Where every one knows everyone—and everyone's business. Miss Trudi seems to consider herself matchmaker extraordinaire these days. When Kay comes to do a photo shoot at Bliss House, the older woman sees an opportunity to snatch up and make a match. Only, Rob and Kay have a bit of baggage separating them. Characters from the first two books join in to add to this enjoyable story in this series.
**Sexual content
Book 4: Baby Blues and Wedding Bells
Zach Corbett had left Tobias, Wisconsin on his motorcycle eight and a half years ago, as an angry young man. And now he was back—for only a few days if he had his way. Only much had changed in the time he was gone. His neighbor had blossomed into a beautiful young woman—and he found out he's a father.

Fran Dalton had not been like other girls. For instance, she had resisted the pull of the town's bad boy. Now that he was back, he wasn't such a bad boy and that was very appealing.

Join the residents of Tobias and the unique Miss Trudi Bliss. Miss Trudi considers herself a matchmaker as the town—and some out-of-towners—work together at rebuilding Bliss House and relationships. The reader can first learn about Zach in book one; Wedding of the Century, his brother Steve's story. And book three; A Most Unlikely Wedding, is Fran's brother Rob's story.
*Sexual content
The Wedding Series
Boxed Set of Books 1-3
Book 1: Prelude to a Wedding
**FREE at time of posting
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Book 2: Wedding Party
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Book 3: Grady's Wedding
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Book 4: The Runaway Bride
Judi Monroe just wanted to have a marriage like her family and friends had. To love and be loved. She thought she was headed down that road to marital bliss until everything changed...right before she walked down the aisle to her waiting groom. She became a bride on the run. And then she became a different woman.

Thomas Vance didn't trust the new so-called health aide that came to help Gran. She was hiding something and he was going to find out what it was. No way would he follow his father's footsteps and fall for a beautiful stranger who showed up on his ranch.

Loved this story and the series. Each book brings some of the previous characters back. I couldn't set this book down as it pulled me in from beginning to end. And, for me anyway, I would advise having tissues nearby.
**Sexual content
Book 5: The Christmas Princess
Amazon    Smashwords
April Gareaux is fairly content in her life. If you can call being content being engaged to an older man who still lives with his domineering mother. A job that has her trying to convince the public what a great vegetable the Brussels sprout is, when she doesn't even like them. When offered an odd proposal by a man who says he can't tell her much about the offer, she is intrigued. When suddenly life around her starts to crumble, the offer may be the only solid ground to stand on.

Special Agent Hunter Pierce is on a mission. He has to convince a woman to spend the next month living as someone she isn't. A princess. What should have been an easy mission becomes increasingly difficult with this woman.

I loved this story and can't wait for the next book, The Surprise Princess, that continues the tale. This can be read as a stand-alone book, but reading the first three books will lay the ground for many of the characters mentioned in this story, April's extended family. I loved the characters and the humor.
**Sensual content
Book 5.5: Hoops
Professor Carolyn Trent worked hard to get where she was. At twenty-eight she was a success in her field. Her downfall was seeing things black and white and striving so hard to do her best...she left fun and enjoying life behind. She loved Ashton University and didn't like changes, especially if they involved athletics.

Coach C.J. Draper's goal was to become a success so that he could choose his path in life as far as coaching went. An injury had put his pro basketball career to rest, but he still had a lot he could give. If he could guide Ashton's team to success, then doors would finally open to him once again...and then he'd be somebody.

Two very different people with very different goals. They both had goals for the boys on the team, Carolyn to see them academically successful and for C.J. to see them play their best as a team. Maybe there was one more thing these two opposites had in common...they were attracted to each other.
**Sensual content
Book 6: The Surprise Princess
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Katie Davis never quite felt like she fit in. She loved her job in the athletics department at Ashton University but mostly she kept to herself. After all she was raised to never be noticed. And then one day she finds her world in an upheaval.

Brad Spencer is content being the assistant coach and working alongside the man who coached him when he was and college, C.J. Draper. Everyone thinks he should take a head coaching job, but they don't know the truth of what is holding him here.

The story of the missing princess from Bariavak begins in book four of this series; The Christmas Princess. The reader can get to know Brad, C.J. Draper and Carolyn in Hoops. The characters from the first three books are active in the story as well. I really enjoy this series and the characters.
**Mild sensual content
Book 7: The Forgotten Prince
Harmon Reed is a successful business. Her personal life...not so much. After her mother passed away, she pulled away from her dad as well. Blaming it on him, of course. She may have left the young private in her wake—but, she never forgot him. And now they meet again...

Karl Wethers was happy on his Wyoming ranch. Fate had other plans for him. Seems he has royal blood in his family and King Jozef of Bariavak needs an heir. Meeting Harmon in the Italian airport while on his way to Bariavak should have been simple. Help her out and then send her on her way. Only King Jozef has other plans for her as well.

Harmon may have hurt Karl twelve years ago, but now she wants to help him. She can clearly see he belongs on his ranch as a cowboy...not in a castle as a king. The question is; why is his happiness so important to her?
The story of looking for an heir starts in The Christmas Princess and then The Surprise Princess (where the reader can first meet Karl). Great series!
**Sexual content 
Wyoming Wildflowers Series

Prequel: Wyoming Wildflowers - The Beginning
**FREE at time of posting
Boxed Set of Books 1-3
 Almost a Bride
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 Match Made in Wyoming
Amazon    Smashwords
 My Heart Remembers
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Prequel to Jack's Heart
 Jack's Heart
Amazon    Smashwords
Jack Ralston works at the Slash C Ranch for the Curricks. He minds his own business and stays to himself. His walls are high and have been for some time now, and then she came into his life. Twice.

Valerie Trimarco was always unsettled. New jobs, wanting to see new places, always going. Things changed the day she found herself heading home to her family to have her baby. Only she never made it home. Addison Rose Trimarco chose to enter the world in Wyoming rather than Massachusetts.

I loved this story and all the main and secondary characters. I haven't read the previous books in this series but would highly suggest doing so. Those characters are active in this story and most are quite amusing. Tissue warning alert: if you tear up during stories, you may want tissues nearby for this one.

Connected to this story is A New World. This is Eleanor's story, Valerie's cousin. If you enjoy the series where you already know the previous characters, you'll want to read the previous four books in this series (first one is a prequel) and Eleanor's story.
**Sensual content and mild language
Prequel to Where Love Lives: Rodeo Nights
 Where Love Lives
Dr. Zoe Parisi loves living in Knighton, Wyoming. Even if everyone knows everyone else's business. And then the one person she never thought she'd see again—returns to town. And it looks like he plans in staying.

Matt Halderman had been in the rodeo circuit. When he found himself slowing down, he wondered what he would do. A night that began with a beautiful woman and ended in a diner talking to a stranger, changed his life. It was time to go home.

Matt was left an inheritance by that stranger and he knew just what to do with it. Buy back his family's ranch and take in old rodeo horses. Zoe needed money to start a program for their small town to help more people and she could only see how Matt's money could fund it.

**Sexual content
A Cowboy Wedding
Jack Ralston and Valerie Trimarco from Jack's Heart, are finally getting married. They've invited all their friends and family to attend. Including fellow ranchers.

Dax and Hannah Randall have invited Hannah's siblings, Ethan and Mandy, along with Ethan's longtime girlfriend, Paige.

I loved this story and the way it was written from various points of view. The reader sees both Val and Jack's thoughts along with Ethan and Paige's. And some of the other characters. Many of the characters have had their stories told in previous books. Other characters are yet to have their story told.
**Sensual content
A New World
**This book is Valarie Trimarco's cousin's story,
Eleanor Thatcher. It happens BEFORE Jack's Heart.

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