Friday, February 23, 2018

Candace Carrabus Book List

The Horsecaller
Book One: Raver 
Laura Gallagher is a recently divorced woman living with her brother’s family. Content to be with the horses. It was as good as life would be, she assumed. And then everything changed and she found herself in a new dimension with the handsome Leinos and people who expected her to be a Horsecaller. Cirq, their country, would not continue on without the return of the horses.

Could she have the courage? And would she ever get home again? Or want to go if she could? An excellent story. It closes one chapter, but there is more to come when book two comes out.
**This book is also included in the Paranormally Yours Boxed Set
The Roar of Smoke, A Book of the Meldborn
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Dream Horse Mystery
Book One: On The Buckle
Viola Parker hasn’t held a job for more than a few months, that is about to change if she wants to come into some money, which she don’t. She could care less about this so-called trust fund in her name if she can hold a job for a year straight and get a good recommendation, her cousin feels otherwise. She’s about to turn twenty-nine and it stipulates she has to do this before thirty, cousin Penny finds her the perfect place. Or what what her cousin considered perfect. It was in a way. Her new boss Robert Malcolm was quite handsome and looked wonderful in the kilt he favored to wear.

I just had to read this book after the blurb talking about her favorite pair of undies going downstream, and it was well worth it. This book is written from Viola’s point of view and very humorous. It is a laugh out loud type of story even though some serious stuff is happening. I’m glad I found this author and this book.
**WARNING: If you like to take shots of whip cream from a can...have some cans on hand while reading. You might get a craving or two or three...
**Language and sensual content
Book 2: Run Out
Writing Woman Series 
Book One: The Man, The Dog, His Owner & her Lover
 Stephanie O’Hanlon has focused so hard on her career for so long that she has missed everything along the way. Things like love and happiness. Losing her job and a trip to the pound with her friend changes life as she knows it. Taking home the huge dog she calls William the Conqueror has her noticing life in a very different way.

Gabe Fagen has been waiting a long time for Stephanie to slow down. After all these years will she finally see what is right in front of her eyes? Or is a dog going to come between them?

This is an enjoyable shorter story that was an easy read. There is more to this dog than meets the eye, much more. Could Stephanie really had known this dog as a man in some past life?
**This book is also included in the Must Love Pets bundle
Book 1.5: The Good Horse The Bad Man & The Ugly Woman

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