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Sue London Book List

The Haberdashers Series
In 1805 three little girls decided to create a “boys club” because boys have more fun. Their childhood was filled with sword fighting, horse racing, and archery. 
Now in 1815 they are all grown up and expected to join Society. 
Who will marry such independent and deadly misses?
Book One: Trials of Artemis
Jacqueline Walters has resigned herself to being a spinster and she’s okay with that. She does not need a man. Jack is considered a bluestocking and lives up to her name when she sneaks off to the library at a ball. Who knew desiring to read some Greek could get her in so much of a tangle?

Gideon Wolfe, Earl of Harrington, had no plans of marrying. Unfortunately a rendezvous gone wrong ends up getting him leg-shackled to a woman who has no desire to be with him. He feels the same way as she would drive him to drink if it wasn’t already his favorite hobby.

Jack and her friends, George and Sabre, formed a ‘boys club’ when they were young, the Haberdashers. They are quite handy with all weapons. What Jack isn’t handy with is having a man and worse yet...the one man she would never have married.
**Sexual Content
Book Two: Athena's Ordeal
Lady Sabrina Bittlesworth or better known as Sabre to her Haberdasher sisters, always gets what she wants. And she wants a certain duke. After defending her honor after he questions it, she is so impressed with his fighting skills, she decides she will have way or another.

Quincy Telford, Duke of Beloin, is nothing like his friend Gideon. Rather than womanizing he’d prefer to have peace and quiet. To be alone. Until he sees her, Sabrina. One big problem...he will never allow the daughter of a man he hates to hold the title of being his duchess. Mistress yes, duchess no. Never. Wait, don’t they say ‘Never say never’?

I just love the characters in these books. Their personalities are well defined. Gideon and Jack (from book one, Trials of Artemis) have their point of view in this story too. One of the things I enjoy about series is seeing what is going on with the characters from the previous books. The third story is George’s in Fates of Apate.

**Sexual content and language
Book Three: Fates for Apate
Georgiana Lockhart, better known as George to her Haberdasher sisters, is on a mission. As an agent of the Crown she has been well-trained. Her mission is to gather information and it wasn’t supposed to be how well Casimir could kiss her and sweep her off her feet. At least she has her pretend marriage to help her resist him. Right.

Casimir Rokiczana is determined to help his country regain its freedom. He doesn’t expect to meet and fall for the beautiful Gina Appleton...especially since she’s already married. Tell his heart that though.

These two spies struggle to each help their own country while fighting their attraction. And the biggest step of all is to learn to trust each other. And speaking of trust...George’s Haberdasher sisters are not at all happy to find out she’s been keeping secrets from them. Once again the personalities were so strong and easy to fall in love with.
**Sexual content and language
Book Four: Saving Persephone
Robert Bittlesworth was in control of himself and everything around him. He worked for the Home Office and was the best agent. Then one small run-in with a woman put a hitch in his controlled life.

American Imogen Grant had traveled with her mother's shipping company since a child. She had been everywhere and lived her life as she wanted. She loved her freedom and wasn't about to let anyone slow her down. She chose who would be her lover and for how long. Only things went a bit awry when she crossed paths with Robert Bittlesworth.

Imogen is a heroine unlike any I've ever met. She is quite unconventional in her life and unique how she can read people. Of course, she does lack those incredible fighting skills like those Haberdashers. Another great edition to this series and as always, I loved seeing characters from the previous books.
**Sexual content and language
**Received copy from author for honest review
Haberdashers Tales
The Haberdashers Tales are sweet short romances about the friends and family in the Haberdashers’ sphere. Most Tales will be centered on a holiday.
Book One: A Common Christmas
Joshua Dibbs, is one serious butler. He is by-the-rules and no exceptions. Then one cold rainy night a knock on the servant’s door has him wavering from his stern ways. He wouldn’t normally allow a beggar to enter his master’s home, but she’s carrying something small. How could he turn away a woman if she has a child?

Grace Ashman had lost so much when her family passed. Now she has nothing and must depend on the kindness of others. And not many have kindness. When the door is opened for her this time her hopes rise up. Will she finally have a home and shelter for a day or two? Or even just a night?

This is so unique. A look at the Regency from below-stairs. Dibbs is the butler to Gideon Wolfe, who is at his country home for Christmas. He was also Gideon’s friend at one time before he became an earl. The next story in the Tales series is about Whit who is Dibb’s cousin, Fortune Said. The Haberdasher Tales are sweet books.
Book 2: Fortune Said
We meet Whit Whitman in the first Tales book, A Common Christmas. Whit is Joshua Dibbs cousin and Gideon’s valet. He is a handsome flirt with no intentions of settling down. He has eyed the pretty maid, but knows that she deserves a much better man than he is. Not to mention that Cousin Joshua had warned him to leave the girl alone.

Sissy Devenport had been poor gentry. After the fever took her family and her relatives couldn’t take her in, she ends up in service for the Earl of Harrington. It’s not such a bad life, she has room and board and enjoys the monotonous of her duties.

When Whit falls ill to the fever, Sissy offers to stay with him. She has survived it and cared for her family...and watched each of them succumb to it. She would do her best to see that the exuberant Mr. Whitman would stay in this world. The first book is Dibb’s story, A Common Christmas. These are stories with a unique look of what goes on below-stairs in Gideon’s home. Gideon’s story is in The Trials of Artemis. The Haberdasher Tales are sweet books.

Book 3: Sweet Tannenbaum

Krystyna Rokiczana needs an escort to London so she can talk some sense into her younger brother. He must fulfill his destiny, just as she must. She goes to an acquaintance of her brother for help.

Hans Von Rosen is bored and angry. Mostly angry because he's so bored now that the war is over and his work in the military is done. When a beautiful distraction comes looking for his brother's help...he's more than happy to step in for his absent brother.

Krystyna finds she likes the Prussian she is traveling with. Too bad her life has already been laid out for her, just as her brother's has been. Hans is also taken with his traveling companion and is ill prepared for the truth when it comes out. The reader first gets to know Casimir and his mission in book three of the Haberdasher series, Fates for Apate.
Haberdashers Nights
 Book One: Lord Lucifer's Disciple
John Howard was first mentioned in Fates for Apate, a friend of Casimir. John is considered odd because of his quietness. He has been out of England for some time and anxiously enters his favorite bookstore. For some reason the proprietor feels that John needs a book that came in recently...Lord Lucifer’s Guide to Pleasuring the Fair Sex. It definitely changes his life. Or I should say his identity.

Elisha Jarvis is tired of all the men trying to court her. Well, not her exactly more like her fortune. They only see pound signs and not her. She is in no hurry to marry but finds out she may not have a choice. And then she meets the one man she would marry. A masked man who is different then anyone she has ever met.

When John decides to attend a masque ball, he takes on a new identity. Casimir’s. Too bad he didn’t know he’d end up in such a tangled web from his little masquerade. As in all of these books, the characters are so well defined. This story brings back the characters from the first three Haberdasher books as well. The reader first meets the man known as Lord Lucifer in book one of the Haberdasher Series, Trials of Artemis.
**Sexual content
American Werechaun in Dublin
Kyle Monaghan leaves Boston and heads to Dublin to find his grandfather. He needs to find some answers and soon, before he ends up in jail. It seems whenever there is a full moon he blacks out and when he wakes up...he has gold coins. Kyle only intended to find and talk to his grandfather but once he’s in Ireland he finds more than he ever expected.

This is a paranormal with some unique twists in it. 
Multi-Author Anthology
Scandalous Summer Nights: Lord Lucifer's Disciple
**May be out of print
First Kiss: Athena's Ordeal Excerpt
**Note these are excerpts, not complete novels.

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