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Katie Knight & Jill Summers Book Lists

Jill Summers
Sweet Creek Brides Series
Book One: The Sweetest Mail-Order Bride
Clementine Parks had lost everything, including hope. Until the letters she received from her mail-order bride ad. She found a man with twin daughters who wanted her, a new life and a new family seemed within reach. Until she arrived and Montana and found it all a mirage.

Dr. Caleb Blake had no desire to marry again, no matter how much Gracie and Hope begged for a new mother. And now they had gone too far, choosing a mother...who he would just happen to marry. Not happening.

Keep your tissues handy on this one. Two adorable but mischievous young girls and their just as equally naughty pony will grab the reader's heart along with their lonely father. I loved the other secondary characters as well, such as Caleb's younger brother, Jeremiah. Looking forward to the next books in this series.
Book Two: Jeremiah's Bride
Jeremiah Blake had trouble around ladies. He just turned into a man who bumbled his words, dropped things, tripped, and other things that just made him unpopular with the gals. He liked the idea of a mail-order bride after his brother was blessed with Clementine. And when a woman arrived on the train, he assumed she was his bride. Only she wasn't.

Rosamund Gifford had a tough life. Her parents died and she left England to spend seven years as a servant in America. She has finally gained her freedom and took on a job as a maid. The Blake family was a perfect fit for her. She just had to hold her heart closely around Jeremiah. There was a better woman for him in his future, not her.

Jeb Blake is not doing well health-wise and he's not sure if he'll recover. His one wish is to see his three sons married before he is taken from this earth. Whether they want a bride or not, Jeb and his long time housekeeper, Katherine, are going to find them each one.

I knew I would love Jeremiah after I met him in book one, The Sweetest Mail-Order Bride. This story grabbed me from the beginning and pulled me in. I love the mail-order bride books. These women took chances in hopes of a better life and traveled to new places with their hopes. Never knowing what awaited them at the end of the tracks. Watch for the third book in this series, Secondhand Bride.
Book Three: Secondhand Bride
Daniel Blake is many things. He is the oldest son, brother, and a bounty hunter. What Daniel is not is husband material and he wishes his father would stop searching for a mail-order bride for him, as he already did for his two younger brothers.

Agatha Chesterfield had high hopes of joining the Blake family. She fell in love with Jeb and Katherine from the letters she exchanged with them. She arrived in Sweet Creek to find the man she planned to marry had already fallen in love. That only left the eldest son and he definitely sent out vibes that clearly said, “Stay away.”

Great series and characters. Daniel is such a Mr. Grumpy on the outside because he'd been hurt so bad inside. Agatha saw the dark side of life when greed got its claws into a past suitor. Both had been hurt by thinking they knew the people in their lives. Ends up they didn't know the darkness hiding inside those people. Tissue alert if you tear up easily.
Book Four: Sweet Creek Bride
Arabella Blake is a spinster firmly on the shelf at twenty-three and that's okay with her. She's been hurt enough in her life to be happy without a man. While visiting her uncle in Montana Territory, she has second thoughts when the new foreman arrives to work there.

Jonathon Cody is looking forward to his new home. Jeb Blake made it sound like he'd be alone and that was fine with him. Solitude is what he wanted...needed. What he didn't want or need was Jeb's unexpected niece hanging around.

Once again the reader is taken back to Sweet Creek. Where the snow is deep, the winds are cold, and love abounds in the Blake household. And where Jeb and Katherine continue to test their matchmaking skills.
Katie Knight

Homespun Treasures Series
Book 1: Treasures of the Heart
Avery McKaslin Allen needs a new start and she hopes that Whistle Stop, Washington and staying with her grandmother will be just that. What she did not plan on was meeting Deputy Logan her first night in town. The last person she wanted around her daughter or herself was a cop.

Blake Logan had shut his heart down a long time ago. When his neighbor’s granddaughter and her adorable daughter come to town, it tries to start beating again. But some memories are hard to forget and both of them are carrying some baggage full of pain

Can these two people who have been burned by love give it a second chance? An enjoyable story that had me grabbing tissues a few times. Looking forward to more in this series.
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