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Colleen Collins Book List

eBooks - Fiction
A Humorous Colorado Mystery Series
Book 1: The Ungrateful Dead
When a dead body shows up at a coroner's conference, Rick Levine -- a former, fallen-from-grace defense attorney and current private eye -- investigates the murder with help from his new girlfriend Laura, making this a date she'll never forget! 
Book 2: The Zen Man
Just as washed-up criminal defense attorney, life-long Deadhead (nickname “The Zen Man”), and current PI Rick Levine decides to get relicensed as a lawyer, he’s charged with killing one and ends up in the slammer with a half-mil bail. 

Released on bond, Rick and his girlfriend Laura have 30 days to find the real killer. In the course of their investigations, they dig for dirt among Denver’s shady legal backrooms to its tony corporate centers. Dodging bullets, a kidnapping, trumped-up charges and the FBI's unwanted intervention, Rick and Laura continue tracking key suspects who have motive...eventually learning that true redemption begins at home.
Love is a Mystery Boxed Set: The Zen Man
Affairs to Remember
Book 1: Mistletoe & Murder in Las Vegas
Joanne Galvin's life has been turned upside down. In one day more bad things happen to her than any girl should have to deal with. Thanks to her best friend, Gloria, she finally picks herself up and starts to move forward.

Mike Day is an ATF agent that is determined to solve a case. Even though he has been told to leave it alone. Even though he could lose his job. Even though he's going to spend his vacation tracking down a lead.

Just when life gets smoother for Joanne, Mike enters into it. Trust isn't too high on her list just about now. Can these two learn to work together for the same cause? Or will they end up blocking the other's road to success?
eBooks - Non-Fiction
How to Write a Dick: A Guide for Writing Fictional Sleuths
from a Couple of Real-life Sleuths
The private eye genre has come a long way, baby, with new subgenres — from teenage PIs to vampire gumshoes to geriatric sleuths — attracting new readers every year. Unfortunately, most writers are not aware of the state-of-the-art developments that shape today’s professional private investigator, which sometimes leave writers floundering with impossible and antiquated devices, characters and methods in stories. Which is why we wrote How to Write a Dick: A Guide for Writing Fictional Sleuths from a Couple of Real-Life Sleuths, whose material we culled from our combined 14 years as private investigators, and also from our teaching online classes and conducting workshops at writers’ conferences about writing private investigators. How to Write a Dick isn’t about how to write a novel, but what you need to know to write an authentic, compelling 21st-century sleuth character or story. 
New, improved, and larger version
How Do Private Eyes Do That?
This is a non-fiction book written for authors who want write their sleuths in a more true life manner. And who better to teach them the ways than a real-life PI. If you want to write about a PI or maybe think you have the desire to be one, there's plenty of great information in this book. Information like teaching you what is needed to dumpster dive, and make sure you do it legally, to get the dirt on someone...and yourself.

I found the book invaluable. There are many links to helpful sites. Sites that help in everyday situations. Cyberstalkers and protecting your computer from them. Finding disposable emails for those sites you don't want your main account flooded with. And much more. Definitely worth a read. 
Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye
Secrets of a Real-Life Female Private Eye is a part-memoir, part-reference nonfiction book based on the experiences of a professional private investigator and writer. Audiences: researchers, writers, detective-fiction fans, armchair detectives and anyone curious about the real world of private investigators!
A Lawyer's Primer for Writers
A Lawyer's Primer for Writers: From Crimes to Courtrooms is a front row seat inside the big top of justice, where a lawyer presents the world of litigation and lawbreakers. Audiences: Writers crafting legal thrillers, fans of legal movies and TV shows, researchers and armchair legal eagles. 
Harlequin Stand-Alones
 Tongue Tied
Robin Lee is a woman of few words so she lets her actions stand for themselves. And when Johnny Dayton -- her bad-boy crush from childhood -- appears in her life, she shows him how happy she is to see him. But Johnny's hiding something from her. Suddenly she wishes she knew how to ask him what that is before this steamy encounter involves her heart.

The last thing Johnny was looking for when he walked into the diner was the hottest kiss he's ever had. And after those earth-shattering moments, he's not letting Robin out of his life again. Problem is, Johnny's no longer the man Robin thinks he is. So he has to do some fast talking to convince her he's worthy of more of her sexy embraces.
Too Close For Comfort
Jeffrey Bradshaw's well-ordered life has just taken a detour. Instead of being in L.A. making the pitch of his career, he's stuck in Alaska with a feisty bush pilot. Seductive, independent Cyd Thompson has him so captivated, he's not even thinking about his career. All Jeffrey can focus on is the snow-melting heat he and Cyd create. He'll let his newly discovered twin handle L.A. until he's gotten Cyd out of his system.

Cyd wants Jeffrey...she just doesn't want him here. His big-city plans are bound to destroy the Alaska she loves. So she'll do anything she can to distract him from finalizing his business. And if that means seducing the guy...well, she'll do that. But she doesn't count on falling for Jeffrey's intoxicating kisses.

So what else can Cyd do but convince him that in the Arctic, there's no such thing as getting too close for comfort?
Author Harlequin Series:
SuperRomance Books
Vegas PI Series
Book 1: The Next Right Thing
Cammie Copello loves her private investigation work. And so what if she goes into the gray areas now and then? She gets the job done. Unfortunately her black and white ex-boss didn’t care for her tactics. Or maybe it was because she found dirt on his fiance in that gray area.

Marc Hamilton needs Cammie to find his ex-fiance. She is the best private investigator he knows and she holds the key to the future of his career. And his dad’s freedom. With his daughter in tow, he heads from Denver to Vegas to hire Cammie. She may look easy in those fishnet stockings and corset, but she puts up quite a fight.

Sometimes the best thing is right under your nose and you miss it. Marc hadn’t noticed Cammie before. And even now that he has, his black and white ways just won’t allow him to mesh with her gray. Loved this story and the realistic aspects the author’s real-life PI work adds to it. The next two books are just as good: Sleepless in Las Vegas and Hearts in Vegas.
**Sexual content 
Book 2: Sleepless in Las Vegas
Valerie LeRoy wants to be a P.I. and is being mentored by the best. When her boss falls ill, her new mentor just happens to be a man she had set a honey trap for...even though she legally had no business playing P.I. yet.

Drake Morgan has an array of emotions when it comes to the lovely P.I. wanna-be. They run from hot to cold. From lust to thoughts of murder by strangling. He has to keep his mind on his job and not the crazy Cajun woman who keeps taking up space in his thoughts and if he’s not careful...his heart.

This story has some drama, humor and of course it has romance. Written from the perspective of a real-life private investigator adds to the story. The story pulled me in from the beginning to end and I can’t wait to read the next book about Drake’s brother Braxton...Hearts in Vegas.
Book 3: Hearts in Vegas
Frances Jefferies is on the right side of the law these days even if it looks like she is on the wrong side. Her newest job is a big one...recovering a very old and priceless necklace. She needs to be careful and keep her mind on her work, not her handsome bodyguard. One slip-up can mean five years of hell to pay.

Braxton Morgan has turned his life around, he’s no longer the playboy with the expensive pad and car. When he’s hired to spy on an old enemy...he gets the perk of being around the woman he just met and wants to get to know much better. Only they both have secrets that may keep them apart.

In Sleepless in Las Vegas the reader meets Braxton. The books can be read as stand-alone, but I would encourage you to read Sleepless first to understand where Braxton has been, and it’s worth reading about his brother Drake. I loved how the author brought out Braxton’s personality, he’s quite easy to fall in love with. Frances was easy to connect with too as she struggles with an imperfection that rules her life.
Love & Laughter 
Book 1: Right Chest, Wrong Name
Russell Harrington is getting married in a week, he hopes so anyways. After his bachelor party...Charlotte may cancel everything. Waking up with the mother of all hangovers and not enough memory to know how he got home is bad enough...then he looks in the mirror.

Elizabeth Rose, on the other hand, remembers every moment from Russell's bachelor party. The memory of what she thinks of as the best night of her life is darkened by the regret Russell has when he returns the next day. Especially when he asks her to remove the special memory of their time together.

Fast moving action with plenty of humor makes this story a real page turner. The two books in this series are older and may be hard to get a hold of...but are worth reading if you can get your hands on them. To see what happens to Russell's buddy Drake, be sure to read the second book; Right Chapel, Wrong Couple.
Book 2: Right Chapel, Wrong Couple
Drake Hogan is in Vegas to see his friend married. When Russell told him one day some woman would bowl him over, he laughed. He was a professional bachelor and quite happy about it. And then he literally got bowled over. A damsel in distress. What could he do but hang around and help her?

Lulu Lewis did not need any man in her life. She had Gramps and the two of them were getting on just fine. She just needed this stranger’s help for a bit to get away from some goons. Every time she noticed what a nice looking stranger he was, she reminded herself that he was like her last guy, a man who would always need more than just her.

A fun story action packed story of Drake, Lulu, Gramps hiding out from some goons. A Corvette named Sylvia and a headstone named Susie came along for the adventure. Not to mention a big goon with no sense, showgirls, diamonds and more. Fun read.
Corinne McCourt is starting over...the right way! After discovering her fiance with another woman, she's determined to be more daring, And what better way to begin than by swiping her fiance's precious Ferrari and hitting the open road....

Corinne's first stop -- Las Vegas. There, she'll get lessons from the best -- her wild child cousin, Sandee. Only, Corinne never dreams she'll end up masquerading as her bombshell cousin -- a cousin who is wanted by the law! Still, after checking out seriously sexy Detective Leo Wolfman, Corinne has a feeling that having a cop on her tail -- and in her bed -- will be the best ride of all....
Building a Bad Boy
Kimberly Logan has become a successful businesswoman. She’s great at coaching people how to find the love of their lives in her business Life Dates. Yet, her own heart is behind plenty of armor and hiding the hurt and mistakes from her past. And then he comes to see her about finding the love of his life.

Nigel Durand is six foot five inches of pure male outside, but inside he’s a kind and sensitive guy. Too kind. Seems his desire to bake brownies for his dates isn’t helping him get to the that home with the white picket fence, wife and two point five kids. He needs help. So this ex-wrestler goes to the expert to find it.

Neither of them expected that they may be the happily-ever-after he’s looking for. After all...two people could not be more opposite and Kimberly was perfectly happy being married to her career. Wasn’t she? I loved this story. Fell in love with Nigel from the first time I met him. He is is so sensitive and kind and just wants to be loved for who he is inside.
**Sexual content 
Harlequin Duets
Married Before Breakfast
Dirk Harriman is used to being in an office. On the inside looking out. The first time in years that he decides to take a chance and go out into the world himself, he has the experience of a lifetime packed into a couple of days. Days he needs to get to New Mexico to close a deal.

Belle O'Leary has to get to Cheyenne, Wyoming and fast. Her aunt has passed away and left Belle her diner, if she can get there within a certain time. Should have been an easy trip. Should have been. Seems everything is against her on this trip. Although she wouldn't mind her traveling companion to be against her, as in body to body.

Take a showgirl and a millionaire, add an overweight cat and chatty parakeet and you have a hilarious road trip. Not to mention a real page turner. Buckle up and get ready for a great ride with Dirk, Belle and the pets.
Rough and Rugged
Liney Reed's recipe for a rugged man: 1 tsp bad-boy, 1 c dreamy, 1 sprinkle of dark and sexy. Bring to a rapid boil. Let simmer for three or four days over heated glances. Serves one sexually-primed female executive. When L.A. executive Liney 'Dragon Lady' Reed hires Harley-riding, macho Raven Doyle to be her 'rugged man' model for the cover of Cooking Fantasies magazine, she has no idea just how rugged - or how hot - her fantasies will get. Talk about cooking!
In Bed with the Pirate
Bed-and-breakfast owner Kate Corrigan had always been fascinated (all right, make that a little obsessed) with pirates. But lately, one man had blazed his way into her secret pirate fantasies -- her neighbor Toby Mancini. But that didn't make sense -- Toby was uptight, conservative, and very, very proper. 

Still, a girl could dream, couldn't she? Only, Kate would never have dreamed her fantasy man would show up on her doorstep -- sexy, swashbuckling... and in his underwear!
She's Got Mail
She’s Got Mail! by Colleen Collins
Rosie Myers moved to Chicago from her home in Kansas seven months ago. Working at Real Men Magazine. When the chance comes up to be Mr. Real temporarily she jumps at it, she has to find some way to climb the ladder out of the bottom. First she needs to find that no good lawyer who stole her parking space.

Lawyer Ben Taylor has problems. An ex-wife who starts redecorating his office after every ended affair and an ex-fiance who is his receptionist. Sadly the two get along. If that isn’t bad enough, he has some imp accusing him of stealing her parking space when he has the receipt to prove he paid for it. Women!

This poor man is too caring to set these women in their place. The humor continues as Rosie’s brothers misinterpret one of her phone calls and assume they need to travel to Chicago to show the jerk not to mess with their little sister. Not to mention the lecherous Jerome. Great story.
**Sensual content

Forget Me? Not by Darlene Gardner
Zach Castelli was unpredictable, uncommitted and just enjoyed life. When he heard the guy in the restaurant break his engagement and then leave, what could he do but comfort the sniffling ex-fiance? The beautiful ex-fiance.

Amanda Baldwin had given ten years of her life to a guy just to have him dump her. And some happy-go-lucky eavesdropper just joins her in her booth during her humiliating after break-up time. A really hunky eavesdropper. One who believes in having a good time and no commitments. They were complete opposites and she needed to keep her distance. But she just couldn’t seem to stop falling for his charms.

Zach is a man who just won’t give up when he wants something, even if for a short time. If only Amanda could fight that but the guy also has a charming family and has pulled her mother into their fray. What chance does she have?

**Sexual content
Let it Bree/ Can't Buy Me Louie
Can't Buy Me Louie 
Former bad guy Louie Ragazzi is dark, sexy and a little dangerous -- and Alicia Hansen is just a little in love. She's determined to help him get over his "I'm a one-man show" thing. Shouldn't take much because, well, look at her! She's got it all, including the cash. Louie doesn't seem to care too much for the money, but after spending a few steamy days with her while they outrun his past, he does seem to be considering a partnership....

Let It Bree 
Kirk Dunmore has suddenly found himself in times of trouble! When he stops to help a stranded Bree Brown, he winds up being chased by bad guys who are after Bree's pet bull?! And while they've been making their evasive maneuvers, he's managed to fall in love with Bree. So now he has to find the words of wisdom to convince her there's plenty of room for her -- and her pet -- in his life.
Mills & Boon Modern Romance Extra
The Perfect Girlfriend
Lights, camera...and lots of action! 
Enter: Cecily Cassell, brunette, slender, and star of her own show, The Perfect Boyfriend. She's mad at men - one in particular... 

Enter: Adam MacGruder, tall, blue-eyed, and the star of his own show, The Perfect Girlfriend. He loves women - with one exception... 

With five prime-time television slots to put their steamiest dating theories to the test, it's a chance to try every trick in the book - without falling for any of them. But there's thousands of dollars at stake, and there can only be one winner, no matter how hot it gets under the lights.... 

Or between the sheets....
Multi-Author Series...
The Spirits are Willing Series
The Legend of Maiden Falls...
There are lots of rumors, but no one is exactly sure why even the crankiest twosomes get so very coosome when they spend time at the historic Inn at Maiden Falls, nestled in the Colorado Rockies. Maybe it's the beautiful vista of all that rushing water (the falls) outside the windows. Maybe it's the clean, invigorating mountain air stirring up their blood. Or maybe (as the whispers say) there really are lusty ghosts of shady ladies past floating around the rafters. Old-timers say the inn was a famous brothel more than a hundred years ago; all the "soiled doves" may have mysteriously passed away, but their spirits remain to help young lovers discover the joy of sensual pleasure.
Or so the story goes...
Book 1: Sweet Talkin' Guy
Daphne “Renegade” Remington has been tamed. Or has she? She is trying to be the person her family wants her to be...boring. But wild can’t be tamed that easy and Daphne decides to let loose on her wild side once more before she gets married. What better place to go then Maiden Falls and to the place her ancestor was happiest before hitting it rich at his mine, the Last Chance.

Reporter Andy Branigan is stuck doing a piece on honeymoon hotels in Colorado. It seemed to be a boring piece of fluff until the rich princess shows up and he decides to offer to share his room with her.

What Daphne and Andy didn’t know was that there is more to this hotel than anyone really knows. That the rumors of it being haunted may not be so far-fetched. Could love be in the air for this sweet talkin’ man and renegade rich girl?

The next two books in this series are Can’t Buy Me Love by Heather MacAllister and It’s In His Kiss by Julie Kistler.
**Sexual Content 
Book 2: Can't Buy Me Love by Heather MacAllister
Alexis O’Hara is a lawyer on the fast track and she doesn’t want to get off and fall onto the mommy track...having a family and losing her work position. Yet, she would like a family and her mentor Vincent Cathardy has given her the perfect opportunity to do both. Marry, become a mother and return to her same position when she returns. Sounds to good to be maybe it is.

Enter Dylan Greene into the scenario. Vincent’s pre-nup lawyer. And the bride-to-be’s ex-boyfriend from seven years ago. Who knew the sparks were still there? Dylan is finding he doesn’t want Alexis to marry Vincent, and yet, what is he willing to offer her?

All is not lost or to be left up to the long lost lovers. No siree Bob. Enter Sunshine into this situation. One of the ghosts from the old brothel that was here over a hundred years ago. And Sunshine is only one gold star away from the Picnic in the Sky. Maiden Falls Inn is not just your run-of-the-mill inn. Nope. It has lovely lady ghosts who must now create happy marriages instead of tearing them happened when they were alive.
**Sexual content
Book 3: It's In His Kiss by Julie Kistler
Rose Elizabeth Tate “Rosebud” had become a fallen woman in 1895 after trusting the wrong man. What else could she do then to make her way to Miss Alotta’s bordello and become a harlot? Sadly her first night there, before starting work even, a gas leak took all of their lives. And left them as ghosts.

Ned Mulgrew was getting married. He was getting older and all his friends had settled down and he hadn’t found anyone that excited him. Vanessa didn’t exactly excite him but she’d do. And then his first night at the Maiden Falls Inn, he met her. The mysterious chambermaid who seemed to pop in and out at random. Rose.

The third and final story in this series has the bookworm Rosebud getting into mischief. She’d been fairly quiet and managed to stay away from helping couples until now. The moment she sees Ned, something in her wants him. Instead of helping him fall into love with his future bride, the little ghost does all she can to tear them apart. 

Book one is Sweet Talkin’ Guy by Colleen Collins and book two is Can’t Buy Me Love by Heather MacAllister. Definitely a series worth reading. Romance and plenty of humor.
**Sexual content 
Building a Bad Boy
Kimberly Logan has become a successful businesswoman. She’s great at coaching people how to find the love of their lives in her business Life Dates. Yet, her own heart is behind plenty of armor and hiding the hurt and mistakes from her past. And then he comes to see her about finding the love of his life.

Nigel Durand is six foot five inches of pure male outside, but inside he’s a kind and sensitive guy. Too kind. Seems his desire to bake brownies for his dates isn’t helping him get to the that home with the white picket fence, wife and two point five kids. He needs help. So this ex-wrestler goes to the expert to find it.

Neither of them expected that they may be the happily-ever-after he’s looking for. After all...two people could not be more opposite and Kimberly was perfectly happy being married to her career. Wasn’t she? I loved this story. Fell in love with Nigel from the first time I met him. He is is so sensitive and kind and just wants to be loved for who he is inside.
**Sexual content 
Lust Potion #9

Book 1: A Whisper of Wanting by Jamie Sobrato
Book 2: A Scent of Seduction
Once the covers are off...there's no going back!

Kathryn Walters may once have been a career-obsessed book editor with a libido that fell asleep in the time-out corner, but no more. Ever since she and Coyote Sullivan--sports editor and Native American hottie--shared a sniff of a supposed lust potion, things have really heated up. So much so that she's abandoned her nightly fantasies in favor of a much steamier reality.

But are the fireworks the real deal? Or is this fling the result of the potion? And if the stuff isn't fake, what do they do when the bottle runs dry?
Book 3: A Taste of Temptation by Carrie Alexander
Sex on the Beach
Book 1: Swept Away by Dawn Atkins
Book 2: Shock Waves
It's time to indulge a few fantasies.

Running into her teenage crush reignites all of Ellie Rockwell's youthful dreams. One look at the gorgeous, grown-up version of Bill Romero makes those images strictly adult entertainment. And his enthusiastic greeting turns her week of R & R into smokin'-hot fun. As sizzling as their nights are, she knows it can't last.

She's temporarily disguised her real goth self and suspects Bill's not up for that revelation. But is she underestimating him? When confronted with the true Ellie, his seductive response suggests her steamy fantasies could last forever.
Book 3: Wild Child by Cindi Meyers
The Wrong Bed
Lightning Strikes
The first time Blaine Saunders spies the antique brass bed, she has to have it. Practical in every other way, she's suddenly discovered a weakness for sensuous beds where dreams come true.

But the chances of her beautiful bed being delivered to the wrong address twice are about the same as lightning striking twice. Who knew that could happen? Tracking down the elusive bed is exhausting. So when she finally finds it in a stranger's apartment, she's sure no one will notice if she has a quick nap....

Where is his bed? When Donovan Roy arrives home late one night, the last thing he expects to find is a different bed...complete with a sleeping beauty! And in a white-hot flash of shared passion, he knows he'll do anything to keep her...and the bed.
Harlequin Anthology's
Men at Work: Watching It Go Up
Tough P.I. Gina Keys is assigned to follow a suspected thief-- a breathtakingly hot 'skywalker' who fearlessly works on tall buildings. His presence makes her pulse rate soar--especially when they get busy several stories up.
It's a Wonderful Christmas: Miracle on Bannock Street
In Charles Dickens Brentwood's profit-driven life, there is no time for sentimentality. There's no room for family, friends or even the only woman he's ever loved. But when Christmas Eve visitations of holidays past and future show him the life he could have, will Charles change his ways and make this An American Carol his ancestor would be proud of?

Down-on-her-luck Stella Gray is about to lose her apartment and her business. The last thing she needs is temporary custody of a troubled boy and the distraction of his well-meaning--and attractive--lawyer, Victor Lancaster. But with Kris Kringle's help and a little Miracle on Bannock Street, this unlikely trio might actually form a family.

Meredith Downey wishes she'd left town and never looked back when she'd had the chance. But It's a Wonderful Night when her wish is magically granted and she discovers how different life would have been without all the people whose lives she's touched--and the man she's come to love.
The Night We Met: Three Wishes
New friendships, breathtaking sights and wonderful memories are shared aboard a romantic cruise ship to Thailand. Three couples celebrate their Thanksgiving anniversaries and recount the stories of how they met--and fell in love.

Dot and Hank collide at a sorority panty raid during the days of Elvis and shirtwaists, but love leads to a conflict of dreams, and a difficult choice. On a photography shoot in Bangkok, passions ignite between hip, young coworkers, Pete and Natalie. All that stands between them are memories...of another woman. An activist and army captain clash in Vietnam-era San Francisco, but their heated words lead to an intense kiss--and proof that love always finds a way.

When it comes to life, love and friendship, beginnings can be the start of something special....

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