Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Kate Darby Book List

Aspen Creek Series
Book 1: Rocky Mountain Vows
A firestorm passes through Aspen Creek, Wyoming in the late 1800s leaving Widow Josie Winston and her son homeless. Josie moves in with her uncle’s family and becomes no more than a slave to them. Working from early morning to late at night. How she dreamed of a home of their own once again.

Deputy Noah Harrison was ready to settle down in one place with his son, but no matter how much Owen wanted a mother to be a part of that deal, not happening. Noah had been burned by love once and never again. Not even for the pretty widow. The benefits of sharing the marriage bed might do have him rethinking his decision. Just so love isn’t part of the deal.

This is one of those stories that you want to jump inside the book and give the aunt and uncle a quick smack in the head (or more, definitely more) because the author wrote the characters real enough to get mad at. Josie has several friends who became widows from the fire that passed through, I can't wait to read their stories in future books.
**Sexual content
Book 2: Rocky Mountain Wife - Claire's Story
Claire Callahan was about to lose her land and home. Her beloved Clay had died seven months ago in the firestorm. Every lecherous man in Aspen Creek seemed to be leering at her and offering shelter. For a price of course. One she refused to pay. So when her neighbor offered to buy the land, she could only assume there was a hidden attachment there as well.

Joshua Reed lived a lonely life. He was happy with it until the day he chose to help his neighbor. He owed a debt to her late husband and was determined to help and watch over her, in whatever way he could. He just didn’t expect to desire her so much.

There is a villain about as well. A man who does not like not getting his way or people giving him what he wants. And he wants Claire and her land. This is the second book in this series about five friends who have suffered from the fire that had invaded their land and families months ago. In the 1800s these women aren’t left with many choices on how to support themselves, and in some cases their children as well. The first book is Rocky Mountain Vows.
**Sexual content within marriage 
Book 3: Rocky Mountain Match
Lucy Bellasario lost so much in the past year. Her husband, father, a brother and her home. The wildfire that had been intentionally started had caused so much grief in Aspen Creek. So much loss. And she knew who to blame for it, or did she?

Mason McKenna did not have an easy life. Being labeled a half-breed also labeled him as guilty whenever anything happened. The last thing he wanted was a beautiful woman, white woman, around him. Alone. And yet this particular woman was not easy to get rid of.

I love this series. Such great characters to both love and hate. The reader gets to know the Drake brothers in this book, Lucy's five over-protective brothers, each with a unique personality of their own. How is a girl to show she's a woman when those brothers can pick her up and carry her off, literally?
**Sexual content within marriage
Book 4: Rocky Mountain Dreams
Georgia's Story
Book 5: Rocky Mountain Bride
Susannah's Story


  1. Sounds really great! I can't wait to get this and read it some day! Along with the others! :D

  2. Anyone have information as to when the other books will be released?
    I've read the first 3 books twice.

  3. When is rocky mountain dream by kate darby going to be released