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Deb Kastner Book List

**Book List is Incomplete**
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Interview with Deb Kastner
Five Things About Deb:

1) My high school creative writing teacher thought I ought to write for a soap opera.

2) As a teenager, I played cymbals in the Blue Knights Drum and Bugle Corps.

3) I wasn’t happy to find out I received a 99% in my freshman English Comp class in college. I was docked 1% because I missed a class to travel to Washington DC to march in the presidential inaugural parade.

4) If I was not a romance author, I would love to have a career as a casting director.

5) I have always loved horses and firmly believed that the first thing I would do when I grew up was buy a horse. Apparently I have not yet reached that exalted stage. I plan to own a horse as part of my mid-life crisis.
Serendipity Sweethearts Series
Three small-town matchmakers finding Texas-size love.
Book 1: The Soldier's Sweetheart
The Single Dad's Fresh Start  

Army vet Will Davenport knows all about missions but nothing about raising his young daughter. Settling in Serendipity, Texas, he hopes they'll both find the peace that has always eluded him. But when the widower goes to work for a local beauty, he gets much, much more. Samantha Howell is ready with a helping hand for everyone else but insists on taking care of her problems on her own. Will wants to be her hero, but too much stands in their way. For a future with Samantha, he has to bury the past. But forgiving himself may be his most difficult mission ever…. 
Book 2: Her Valentine Sheriff
Cupid To The Rescue 

Rugged and tough deputy sheriff Eli Bishop isn't scared of anything. Except dogs. When he's assigned a K-9 partner, he thinks things can't get any worse. Then he learns who'll be training him. Local vet Mary Travis is sweet as sugar...but she's also Eli's ex-fiancee's sister. Revealing his humiliating phobia to her is not an option. Neither is developing feelings for Mary--who's built her career around the dogs Eli fears. When a terrible storm hits their town, Mary and Eli must find the courage to work together and save lives--and fall in love.
Book 3: Redeeming the Rancher
Her Perfect Match  

Successful businessman Griffin Haddon just wants a quiet place to start over again…alone. Griff doesn't realize that in a small town like Serendipity, Texas, solitude's hard to come by. Especially at Redemption Ranch, where the stunning Alexis Grainger struggles to keep her ministry for troubled teens afloat. The last thing Alexis needs is a distraction like slick city-boy Griff with his designer jeans and boots. But her meddling, matchmaking twin has other plans. As Alexis and Griff work to save the ranch, can they also heal his broken heart?
E-Mail Order Brides Series
Book 1: Phoebe's Groom
The smell of cinnamon buns and apple pie remind widowed dad Chance Hawkins of the wife he lost five years ago. As does his sad-eyed little girl. So when his aunt hires a new pastry chef— whom she finds online —for their family-owned Texas cafĂ©, the cowboy cook grumbles. What's more, fancy baker Phoebe Yates is boarding in their home. But soon enough, kind Phoebe is reminding Chance how nice it is to share a sweet roll with his daughter before school. And maybe opening his heart to becoming a groom again!
Book 2: The Doctor's Secret Son
Delia Rae Ivers said goodbye to small town Serendipity ten years ago for medical school. To start a new life, she'd ended her romance with the town rebel, Zach Bowden—and kept their little boy a secret. But when her mother falls ill, Delia answers the town's online ad for a new doctor. It's time to come home to family, friends …and the man she loved a decade ago. Will forgiveness give them a second chance to become the family they were meant to be?
Book 3: The Nanny's Twin Blessings
Unemployed and with no place to live, Stephanie Cartwright answers an online classified ad. The nanny job in small-town Serendipity, Texas, will give her a chance to start over. And she'll be helping out teacher Drew Spencer, who desperately needs someone to watch his three-year-old twin boys.

He knows better than anyone that his boys can be a handful—so he makes the offer on a short-term basis. Soon this big-city girl is charming both troublesome twins—and their handsome country dad. But can this temporary bond turn into a permanent promise?
Book 4: Meeting Mr. Right
When Mr. Wrong Is Mr. Right

A woman in a man's world, firefighter Vee Bishop has to be tough as nails. She's developed a hard shell that no one can penetrate. But Vee's online friend BJ sees her softer side. BJ seems so kind and caring—just the opposite of Ben Atwood. Her annoying coworker has trampled expectations all over town, or so rumor has it. Turns out, once she agrees to give Ben a fair shot, he's surprisingly vulnerable. As Vee prepares to make a difficult choice, an unexpected twist shows that love is always one step ahead.
Connected books...
Book 1: The Marine's Baby
 The US Marine Corps made a man out of Nathan Morningway. But the orphaned baby girl left to him by his military buddy made him a father. A "single" father. With no training in diaper duty, let alone parenthood, Nathan heads home to Morningway Lodge--where he's not exactly warmly welcomed by his family. But day-care worker Jessica Sabin helps care for little Gracie and teaches him how to be a daddy. That "seems" to make Jessica happy. So why does she look so sad sometimes? Nathan's new mission: to find out--and make Jessica smile forever.
Book 2: A Colorado Match

 Vince Morningway has always run the family ministry alone—and his way. Until his big-deal brother hires a business consultant to bring him—and the ministry—into this century. Suddenly Melanie Frazer, in her pastel suits and clicking heels, is organizing papers and talking computers. And she's too interested in sorting the dreams Vince has for his life. But those old dreams—to leave town and see the world instead of taking care of everyone and everything—passed him by long ago. Unless Melanie can show him how much he's always been needed, right here in Colorado…where an unexpected match is in the making.
A Daddy at Heart
Glory Weston was sure of that. What she didn't understand was why those plans included her. From the moment the handsome lawyer showed up at her women's shelter, checkbook in hand, she sensed that he wasn't just another stone-hearted businessman seeking a tax write-off. But that didn't mean she had to fall for him.... 

Between his cutthroat career and raising a motherless daughter, Ethan's hands were full -- and his heart was jaded. Romance was the last thing he needed. Yet Glory made him question things he believed in -- like money -- and things he didn't. Like God.
The Forgiving Heart
The most beautiful lady cop he'd ever seen had picked up his 16-year-old son for shoplifting! But Brandon was a good kid, not a juvenile delinquent. So why did this angel in blue think she could tell him how to raise his son?

Officer Callie Brockman could be tough as nails and hard as ice, but Rhett Wheeler made her melt like snow on the Fourth of July! Callie was drawn to the single dad and yearned to help him come to terms with his troubled teen. Maybe even bring some joy into their lives.... 
Black Hills Bride
Though Dixie Sullivan knew it was God's plan that she come to the beautiful South Dakota woodlands to open a retreat lodge, she'd never felt more alone or underqualified. Until God provided help in the form of a stray Border collie and a handsome cowboy. Erik Wheeler was anything but an angel as he stormed into Dixie's orderly life with the force of a tornado. Dixie could see skepticism in her new foreman's eyes, yet she soon proved that with faith and determination, miracles could happen. And as Erik turned her dreams into a reality, she wished an even bigger that would make her Erik's Black Hills Bride!
His Texas Bride
 It's been years since single father Buck Redmond set foot in his Texas hometown. For good reasons--or so he thinks. He plans to quickly sell his family's ranch and hightail it out with his son. But the Redmond homestead now belongs to his former flame, Ellie McBride. The violet-eyed beauty stirs up all kinds of bittersweet memories--including why Buck left her behind. And she somehow manages to turn his scowling son into a happy, talkative junior cowboy. Soon enough, Buck is reminded of why he loved Ellie. But making her his Texas bride will mean "completely "opening his heart.
A Wedding in Wyoming
 Jenn Washington has spent years avoiding questions about her love life. This year she's finally found a way to take the focus off herself at the annual family reunion. Sending herself some flowers from "John" should appease her relatives, until her pretend boyfriend arrives at the front door in the flesh Johnny Barnes has his own reasons for playing along with Jenn's ruse, and his growing attraction for her is only one of them. But secrets from her past and his present could make it harder for this rugged cowboy to make Jenn the bride he's always wanted.
The Heart of a Man
Money wasn't the answer, as far as Dustin Fairfax was concerned -- not unless you could use it to help others. Of course, there was the little matter of his trust fund to contend with -- who would have thought his late father would demand he be "made over" before he could receive it? It was the biggest challenge of personal-image consultant Isobel Buckley's career -- turn a flower shop owner into a polished, urbane man. Image was everything, after all, particularly to "this" high-strung beauty. Her new client's carefree life was certainly not the "in" thing, but the kind heart beneath his pinstripes might just convince her that love was back in style.

Undercover Blessings
An FBI agent falls in love with the mother of the child he is working under cover to protect from the kidnappers whose crime she witnessed.
The Christmas Groom
 Studying to be a navy chaplain, Colin Brockman is finally enjoying the freedom to live by his rules and nobody else's. But his fancy-free lifestyle is soon turned upside down when he meets Holly McCade, a by-the-rules grad student. The growing attraction between them is hard to resist, but can two total opposites really find true happiness?
A Perfect Match
 She was goin' to the chapel...and she was going to get married -- to the dashing new minister. At least, that was Julia Evans's plan. Convinced holy matrimony should be based on more than romance, Julia was caught off guard when old-fashioned fireworks erupted where she least expected them -- and ignited a spark she couldn't seem to ignore....

Carpenter Zeke Taylor knew Julia fully intended to become the pastor's wife. But the more time he spent with the angelic blue-eyed blonde, the more Zeke suspected the Lord had other plans for her -- for both of them. If only Julia would listen to what her heart -- and God -- were trying to tell her.... 
Daddy's Home
Dr. Jasmine Enderlin had once loved Christopher Jordan with her whole heart. And he'd betrayed that love by marrying her sister and then abandoning his pregnant bride. Christopher's actions had made her question her faith. But now her sister was dead, Jasmine was the mother of their child and the prodigal daddy had returned to claim his son... 

Christopher wanted to explain what he had done, but Jasmine's hurt and anger prevented her from listening. Until she found her sister's well-worn Bible and learned that appearances could be deceiving. Was God trying to tell her that Christopher deserved a second chance?
A Holiday Prayer

From the first, Maddie Carlton felt that she'd met mysterious Rory March before. Now, he'd appeared on her doorstep when she least expected--and vanished just as swiftly.

Yet, at each visit, Rory brought Maddie and her boy the warmth and joy their lives had been missing for so long--ever since the tragedy that had taken her husband.

But who was "Rory" really? And could the man who'd restored her faith--and saved Christmas for her son--teach Maddie to love again?
When Father Todd Jensen responds to Kate Logan's newspaper ad for a pastor to perform the weddings she coordinates, Kate knows he's perfect for the job. What she doesn't know is that he's perfect for her heart. Though Kate excels in creating matchless weddings for others, she's certain she'll never walk down the aisle herself; she still sees herself as the chubby, ungainly teenager who'd been so humiliated by her schoolmates years before. And only when she learns to see herself through the eyes of love-both Todd's and her heavenly Father's-can she finally give her heart.
Multi-Author Series
Safe Harbor Series Book 3: Hart's Harbor
Small-Town Miracles . . .
Dr. Kyle Hart seemed able to heal everyone -- but himself. The handsome widower had come to Safe Harbor to find peace. But the town matchmakers had other plans for him. And Kyle soon hatched a scheme with the spontaneous Gracie Adams to outwit the matchmakers at their own game!

Kyle thought masquerading as an engaged couple was a brilliant solution. But that was before he found solace and a purpose in the small town. And before he fell in love with Gracie. Kyle knew Gracie was exactly what he needed in his life, but she yearned to spread her wings. Could Kyle convince her that the only place she truly belonged was by his side?

Safe Harbor—The town where everyone finds shelter from the storm!
Lone Star Cowboy League - Book 5: A Daddy for her Triplets
31 Devotions for Writers
Feeling discouraged and need some encouragement? 

Read 31 Devotions for Writers, written by published authors who want to help encourage you in your writing through God's written Word.

Writing can often be discouraging. Some writers have spouses or children who don't understand why they spend so much time on the computer. You may face a multitude of rejection from agents or publishers. Or you may not get encouragement in the form of reviews or be nominated for an award. So why do we write? Because we can't give it up! God has called us to write and we feel compelled to pour out our soul in written words. The Bible says, Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Which is the purpose of this devotional, to encourage you that you are not alone. Other writers have dealt with similar feelings or frustrations, or question themselves, their writing or their motives. I pray that each of you is encouraged as you read the devotions by all of the authors. May God bless you and give you the encouragement and peace you need.


  1. Loved this interview! I would have been upset with the 99% in English Comp. I totally understand!! I would love to win a copy of this book Her Valentine Sheriff. Love Deb's books!

    1. Hi Sally! I guess you have to be an English geek to get that, but I couldn't believe I didn't get out of freshman English with anything less than a perfect score. I was tutoring classmates. Foul!!

    2. Yes, I am lol! I went back to school after being out of high school for 15 years. It took me 10 years, but last May I graduated Summa Cum Laude with my Bachelor's Degree in English. That professor needs to go back and recalculate that grade! Marching in the presidential inaugural parade would take precedence over being in class. Huge foul!

  2. Interesting interview. Write for a soap opera that would be pretty interesting. You have a lot of great books listed. I would love to win a copy of Her Valentine Sheriff. I love the Love Inspired books.

    1. Gail, I think maybe it was my flair for the (over) dramatic. I'm really good at "calling the plot" on television shows, too (which drives my family crazy!).