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Ruth Cardello Book List

**Book List Incomplete**
The Andrades Series
Book 1: Come Away With Me
Gio Andrade:
Rich, powerful, sexy. A man who thinks he has everything . . . until he meets Julia.

Julia Bennett:
Sweet, spontaneous, and desperate to sell her jewelry line in New York City. She takes a night job as a security guard to pay the rent.

Sparks fly when she mistakes her boss for an intruder.

He can’t get her out of his head. She can’t find the strength to deny him.

Will lies bring them together, or tear them apart forever?

Interview with Ruth Cardello...
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
I’m a romance author who doesn’t like receiving flowers or jewelry. My husband knows that a truckload of gravel puts me in a better mood than any diamond ever could.  We have a small farm and the stone dust makes a great  racetrack for my horses.  So when my husband is in the doghouse, he knows that $100 is much better spent on enhancing the farm than filling a vase with vegetation I get to watch rot until it's dead enough to throw away.

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I enjoy being outside on my farm with the kids. We have two horses and a pool. When I’m not writing, I’m outside chasing the kids around.

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
Tree sex. For details, see chapter seven in Gentling the Cowboy. :)

When did you start writing?
I’ve been a writer my whole life, but the subject has changed with age. 

What is your favorite genre?
I write and read contemporary romance.  I have a real weakness for hot, alpha men and bigger than life situations.

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
I don’t travel for research normally, but I do pull from where I’ve been for settings in my stories. 

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
I do enjoy reading my stories because I write about the men I’d like to meet. I fall in love with each of them as I write them.  The women in the stories are based on characteristics I admire in my friends, so I love them just as much—I just don’t picture them naked.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Recently, I tried to write at a local library and didn’t realize I was crying until a librarian asked me if I’d like a private conference room. In surprise, I told her that no one was bothering me.  It was only after she walked away that I realized she’d probably heard me crying.

Favorite book or character you have written?
This is a tough question because I am in love with each hero as I write him.  There is something I love about each of them.  Dominic is dangerous, but melts for Abby. Stephan is a family man. Jake is intellectual and hot. Rachid’s sophistication and sense of duty moved me. Jeremy made me laugh and fall more in love with him every time he spoke. Marc is a strong man, with strong passions, but his loyalty is what I loved him for.  That, and his ability to truly appreciate strength in a woman.
Any advice for those who are just starting out?
I would tell them that the first book that people write is rarely a good book – and that it’s ok. Love that book. Embrace the process. Don’t get discouraged. No, It won’t be perfect, but if you don’t write it, you will never write the incredible books that will follow.
Keep writing and stay informed of how the market is changing. The opportunities are there for people who are willing to learn, grow, and put time into promoting their work.
Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
What do you mean they are not real? Lol
Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
I haven’t fully left my billionaire series yet.  I’m writing a spin off series so I won’t have to leave the characters I’ve fallen in love with.
Do you write about places you have lived?
Yes, my books are set on the East Coast of the United States because I’ve lived in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island. I also lived in Paris for a year. 
Do you read the same types of books you write?

Yes, I’m an avid reader of contemporary romance.
The Legacy Collection
Book 1: Maid for the Billionaire 
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Money sure can't buy happiness. Dominic Corisi was proof of that. He spent most of his life gaining fortune after being disinherited and now that he was about to pounce on his father...the old guy up and died. He wasn't mourning his father, only the loss of his revenge. Running off to his home in Boston that he never went to, with all his mansions all over the world why bother. Seems going to the old Brownstone was about to change his life...for good and bad.

Abby Dartley was trying to save her sister Lil's butt, again. Only her sister had finally got her life on the right track now that she was a single mother. Today couldn't be helped. The brownstone needed to be cleaned, and Lil was sick. Only Mr. Armani walks in and tells her to leave, and she should have, but Abby being a fixer upper type of gal sees a project. A decision that leads her out of Boston and into China. A decision that takes her heart even further.

Maid for the Billionaire is a free eBook but once you have read it I'm sure you will be jumping in your seat to go and snag book 2 and then you'll be chewing your nails until this summer when book 3 is released. It was well written and Ruth brought the emotions of the characters out well and pulled a few tears from me when things took a down turn.

Ruth already has book 2 in this series out, For Love or Legacy. Book 3 is too be released this summer, Bedding the Billionaire and a 4th book sometime in the future will be called Saving the Sheik.
**Sexual situations.
Book 2: For Love or Legacy
In book 1 of this series, Maid for the Billionaire, we meet the characters in this book. Stephan Andrade is out to ruin Dominic Corisi and after failing to win the China contract he decides to use Nicole Corisi in his revenge scheme. He considers her guilty for ruining his family's business years ago. And yet he's never gotten over his attraction to her. He decides he can agree to her offer and use her for revenge against her brother while he uses her body to get her out of his system for good.

Nicole is desperate after her father leaves Dominic in control of the family business in his will. After all, it was Dominic who tried to ruin it in the first place after he left home fifteen years ago and abandoned her. The one loop hole in the will lies in the hands of Stephan. A series of circumstances change everything. Busy body relatives are determined to bring the old Stephan back with Nicole's help.

Revenge has changed both Dominic and Stephan. Abby has brought joy back into Dominic's life but having his nemesis use his sister stirs up his anger. Stephan is not the same man he was seven years ago either, and yet when Nicole is near...something deep inside him stirs to life.

These first two books were really good, and I can't wait until the third one is released this summer. There is definitely romance, but you also see what revenge does and how far it will bring a good man to do the unthinkable.
**Sexual situations
Book 3: Bedding the Billionaire
Lil Dartley’s life is upside down. Her previously steadfast and predictable sister is marrying an influential billionaire and needs help planning the wedding of the century in less than a month. Years of middle class rebellion have not prepared Lil for handling billionaires or paparazzi.

Jake Walton knows a train wreck when he sees one. Lil was trouble from the first day he met her, but since her sister is marrying his best friend, he has no choice but to help her or this wedding will be in the news for all the wrong reasons. Keeping Lil safe would be a whole lot easier if she didn’t drive him crazy both in and out of the bedroom. 
Book 4: Saving The Sheikh
 Rachid bin Amir al Hantan is fighting for the sovereignty of his small country. He needs to find some powerful allies – and fast. Attending the wedding of Dominic Corisi is as much about reconnecting with old friends as it is about celebrating nuptials. The last thing he needs right now is the distraction of a woman….
For Love Or Legacy

Nicole Corisi will lose her inheritance if she doesn\’t find a way around the terms of her father\’s will, but she will have to partner up with her estranged brother\’s rival to do it. Nicole will have to choose between Stephan or the family he is driven to destroy….
Book 5: Rise Of The Billionaire
Dreaming of Alethea gave Jeremy Kater the strength to survive a difficult childhood. Now that he has influential friends who owe him some big favors, he’s determined to become the kind of man Alethea would be interested in: rich and dangerous. Jeisa Borreto was hired to help Jeremy morph into that man. It’s a job she would enjoy, if it weren’t tearing her heart to pieces….
Book 6: Breaching the Billionaire: Althea's Redemption
Alethea is at a crossroad. For as long as she could remember, it was her and her best friend, Lil, against the world. Now that Lil has met Prince "I have my own helicopter" Charming and reconnected with her family, Alethea is on the outside looking in, justifying who she's always been to people who have never understood her. When she uncovers a looming threat to Lil's family, she's determined to save them, even after they tell her not to get involved and assign their best man to stop her. 

Marc Stone has been watching Alethea ever since she waltzed through his security system and right into his late night fantasies. As a decorated Marine, he's seen war, but nothing could prepare him for this wild redhead. Strong. Beautiful. Flawed, and fiercely protective. Hard to love, and impossible to deny. 

If she'll stop fighting him long enough, he'll show her just how perfect they are for each other. That is, if she doesn't get them both killed first.
Texan Nights
Book 1: Gentling The Cowboy
Tony Carlton knows trouble when he sees it—especially when it comes in the form of a gorgeous, innocent and very naked blond stranger dancing in his shower. When circumstances force his uninvited guest to spend the night, Tony decides that there are some home invasions he could get used to.

Sarah Dery is a frustrated writer who takes her twenty-fifth birthday as a wake-up call. She sets off for Texas thinking that a summer on a working ranch will finally inspire her. When a wrong turn leads her into Tony’s arms, she’ll discover her spicy inner voice.
He’s one steamy muse, but will that be enough to keep them together when his past is revealed?


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