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Pamela Britton Book List

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Interview with Pamela Britton
How did you get started writing about NASCAR? 
I have friends that work in the industry.  They knew I wrote historical fiction and encouraged me to write about their sport.  I didn’t think I could sell the idea to New York, however, but I’m glad that I was wrong!

Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew. 
Probably that I’ve posed half-naked on top of hot rods.  I was a poster girl and in several muscle car magazines.  Very strange to have men come up to you at car shows and say, “Hey, you’re hanging in my shop.”

Do you enjoy reading your own stories? 
It’s funny, but it’s just not the same re-reading something you’ve written.  There are definitely times when I re-read page proofs and I think that it’s a good story, but it’s not the same as if I were reading it fresh, you know?  As I had just bought it in a bookstore.  I have often thought I should go back and re-read some of my older books, but I’m almost afraid to do that.  What if I don’t like my own books?  LOL.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books? 
I absolutely do!  If I’m not laughing and crying, the reader won’t be, either.  Or that’s what I always tell myself.  What’s funny is the reaction from my family.  I’ll be sniffling away and I’ll look up and spy my daughter staring at me with a quizzical expression on her face.  “Your book?” she’ll ask.  And like the heroine in Romancing the Stone, I’ll sniff and nod yes.

Any advice for those who are just starting out? 
Don’t give up.  Keep on trucking even when the rejections pile up.  This business is all about perseverance.  It was terribly hard for me to walk away from the NASCAR series.  I loved them and was crushed when they decided not to publish them anymore.  My parents died right around the same time, and so I went through two or three years where I really didn’t want to write much of anything.  We needed to eat, however, so I focused on something I loved – horses and horse people.  Writing for Harlequin American has been a balm for my soul.  I love my adult horse stories and have been pleased to see them gain success.

Do you read the same types of books you write? 
I don’t!  I have this really bizarre fear that I’ll steal a favorite line or a metaphor from a fellow author without realizing what I’ve done.  I do like to read outside my own genre.  I would have to say that Dean Koontz is my favorite author.  That man knows how to write.

What is your go-to snack? 
I love this question. Anything chocolate.  I know, how cliché?  But I have Godiva vanilla-filled truffles sitting next to me right now.  Yum!!
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Book 1: Dangerous Curves
 A decade ago, Cecilia Blackwell, known as Cece, was a girl with hero worship and ended up embarrassing herself often because of that particular guy. Now as a grown woman, an FBI agent who is good at her job, she has learned she can turn heads and knows how to use that power. Everything changes the day she’s pulled from her undercover job to investigate a murder. A murder that includes working side by side with the past she wants to forget.

Blain Sanders has just lost his best friend and believes it was more than just an accident on the track, he believes Randy was murdered. He’s been told his old high school nemesis has become a well respected FBI. He expects to see the same tomboy he knew, not a beautiful woman, a woman who is determined to put her work before everything else, including him.

This first book in the series has suspense riding along side the fast pace behind the scenes of NASCAR and Blain’s racing team. It seems like everything is going against the Sanders Team and Cece is doing her best to keep him at a distance as well. Ride along with them as they try to find the killer before they strike again. There are seven books in this series.
**Sexual content and language 
Book 2: In the Groove
Sarah Tingle is most comfortable with kids, she loved being a kindergarten teacher until her ex went out for revenge, causing her to lose everything. Off to North Carolina she heads hoping to teach, instead she finds herself getting a job to drive a race car drivers bus. Sarah don’t have a clue about the racing industry and wouldn’t even know her famous new boss if he hit her with his car.

Lance Cooper was intrigued with his new employee. She could car less about his fame and fortune, she didn’t even know who he was and somehow that didn’t bother him. When she bakes him cookies and gives him a pep talk like he’s one of her students, it changes his losing streak. You don’t let go of things that bring you good luck, but how can he hang on to her?

The readers met Lance Cooper in the first book, Dangerous Curves. Blain Sanders young new driver who was flirtatious and full of wise cracks. I really enjoyed the way the author brought the previous characters back into the book, showing how their lives have moved ahead as well. Looking forward to the next five books in this series.
**Sensual content and language 
Book 3: On the Edge
Rebecca Newman’s past four years haven’t been her best. Her husband Randy had died and now her racing business is in dire straights. What she needs is to find the best driver around and start winning. She didn’t expect the answer to her problems to come knocking on her door in the form of a ten year old girl.

Adam Drake had one priority, his daughter Lindsey. His daughter had one priority as well, getting her dad back into racing. Adam raced the local dirt tracks on the week-ends, but Lindsey knew he was better than that. So she took matters into her own hands. And why not match make while she’s at it?

The third book in the series continues with a racing romance. The reader met Becca in the previous two books, a business woman who seems to have it all together….from the outside. The road to romance is never easy for the couples in these books, this one included. There are seven books total in this series.
**Mild language
Book 4: To the Limit
Kristen McKenna lost the things she loved most in her childhood after a tragic accident. Since then she left her old dreams behind and enjoys her engineering job at Knight Enterprises. Then one day her boss dropped from the sky and offered a job that was a dream come true, working in the field that didn’t always welcome women, racing.

Mathew Knight needed to slow his life down. He had built his fortune from scratch and had become a bit of a workaholic, until his doctor ordered him to relax. What better way of relaxing than buying a racing team? He didn’t know diddly squat about NASCAR, but he found that he had an employee that could help him. Who knew she’d help him in so many ways beyond racing?

The fourth book in this series is as exciting as the first three. Kristen never thought of herself as very attractive and yet it seems around the racetrack she’s a man magnet. And the race is on to see who will win her heart. I personally loved the epilogue, it brought in all the folks we met in the first three books. There are seven books in this series.
**Mild language
Book 5: Total Control
Indi Wilcox is ticked off with a capital T. Another egotistical sports figure has blown off meeting with a young fan who may have very little time left. Young Benjamin is dying and his wish was to meet the man he considers a hero, a NASCAR driver. She’s not going to put up with it and takes it onto herself to do something about it.

Todd Peters has made life about himself and winning, he’s not always a team player either. He has been pegged with the reputation of being the ‘bad boy.’ When the pretty woman comes and tells him what he’s done to the young boy, he sets out to fix it. Todd also loves a good challenge, but could Indi be even too big a challenge for him?

The reader is introduced to Todd in passing in the first books, in book four we get to know him somewhat better after Mathew Knight buys the team he races on. This fifth book is different, it has some very real life issues in it as Indi works with very ill children. Another excellent story in this seven book series.
**Mild language
 A NASCAR Holiday 2
Book 5.5: Miracle Season
Maggie Taylor has long had a crush on Mike Morgan and now she gets to work with him on a charity project. Maggie knows she’s not the type of woman Mike would date and yet being around him makes her wish she was.

Mike Morgan is hoping to drive again after an accident has him off the racing circuit. He’s surprised to find himself attracted to Maggie as she’s not his type, mostly because she’s a single mother. Only chemistry plays a part in pulling them together, but he fears when he starts racing again that it will pull them apart.

This is a short story about Indi’s co-worker and friend, Maggie. We first meet Maggie in the fifth book of the series, Total Control. Can this woman who’s career consists of making wishes come true get her own happily ever after?
Book 6: On The Move
Vicky VanCleef wants to live an independent and exciting life instead of joining her dad’s law firm. What could be more exciting than working with sports figures as an agent? When she is asked to approach the rough and handsome bad boy of NASCAR she has excitement rolling through her in spades….is it because of her job or being near him?

Brandon Burke is much more than what people see. What they see is a jerk who drives his car with a selfish and reckless attitude, not caring what his actions cause the other drivers. The last thing he needs is the petite and plain looking woman his agent sends to keep him in line. On second thought maybe she’s exactly what he needs.

Once again the author writes an exciting story on and off the race track. Brandon struggles with a disability that he’s been able to hide over the years rather than get help for. His attitude stems from things much deeper than what the fans eye sees. Vicky sees the man rather than the race car driver and likes what she sees. Once again many of the previous characters are brought back for a cameo which I personally enjoy. There are seven books within this series.
Book 7: Slow Burn
Dana Johnson just broke it off with her fiance, right before the wedding. When her co-worker asks her to go with her to Vegas for a NASCAR race it seemed a good thing to do. Get out of town, away from all the questions and away from her psycho ex. Dana knows nothing about NASCAR and only entered a contest to win a date with some driver because Alysa pushed her to try it. She figured she might get lucky and win one of the other prizes. No such luck….she goes and wins the big one.

Braden James notices the exotic beauty in the audience right away and her sadness. He’s actually glad she ends up winning a date with him, until he finds out she is probably the only woman around who wishes she hadn’t won. Braden knows a damsel in distress when he sees one though and Dana is definitely that. Now if only he can convince her she needs him.

This is the last book in this series and the author did so well bringing all the characters to life that it’s sad to see it end. Dana is fighting her fear and lack of trust in men and Braden has lived his life in foster homes and recognizes her fears. Add a rather jealous friend, a nutso ex and life in the pits and you have another exciting story.
**Mild language
NASCAR: Family Secrets
This series continues as a new mystery is involved 
through Hilton Branch's journal
Book 7: This Time, Forever
 Over The Top by Pamela Britton
After a plane crash that took his friends life and rehabilitation for him, many thought that Linc Shepherd was a washed up driver. Lucky for him Double S Racing had more faith in him than that. The only problem with working with Gil Sizemore was his younger sister, Marley. That crazy girl had a crush on him when she was only seventeen and was somewhat of a stalker back then. Now….well know she’s a gorgeous adult that Linc wouldn’t mind so much if she stalked him. If only she hadn’t promised Gil to stay away from him.
Extreme Racing
Playboy Prankster
From zero to sixty in a heartbeat -- if she doesn't throttle him first.

When CJ Randall arrives in Nevada to cover the Celebrity Pro/Am Off Road Rally for DRIVE Magazine, she's already stuck between a cactus and a hard place. Her boss has made it clear if this article doesn't measure up, her job is wrecked. Then she gets a look at the "pro" half of her "am": Tan. Rich. Overconfident. Unsuitable. Bachelor. Lacking. Ethics.


She's sworn off tall, dark and handsome men. Too bad the desert heat is making her hyperventilate like a hormone-crazed teenager.

Despite her makeup-free face and ready-to-go attitude -- a far cry from the high-maintenance women he's used to -- Bryce Danvers doesn't expect CJ to last an hour. To his surprise, she toughs out the entire day. The least he can do is show his appreciation with some fast food and a friendly kiss.

The instant their lips connect, warning klaxons go off in CJ's head. He's a taste of heaven she can't afford to sample again. Bryce finds himself wanting to give her generous curves a bumper-to-bumper inspection. And his focus on the checkered flag shot all to hell.
Burning Rubber
In racing, you’re in or you’re out. Sometimes both at the same time…

Go ahead, call Callie Monroe the queen of fools. She already does. After NASCAR slammed its doors in her face, she came up with the idea for the X-TREME Racing League. Now she’s all but relegated to pit row while her business partner -- aka XRL’s bankroll -- takes the credit.

One look at NASCAR champion Derrick Derringer red-lines Callie’s fantasy gauge. And when he actually notices her next to her Playboy-hot boss, he makes her sweat.

Derrick has always been attracted to the studious type, but Callie’s got the cherry on top of her beauty and brains: she’s a gear head. She’s also scared to death of him. He’s never had to work hard to get a woman in his bed, but with Callie, he finds himself changing tactics for a prize he never expected. Her heart.

Callie has no intention of being Derrick’s next “checkered flag”, but if she’s to lure him over to XRL, she’ll play the game. A dangerous one. Not only because his kiss sends her focus sliding out of control. There’s a saboteur who seems intent on putting XRL into the wall -- no matter how many people have to die.

Warning: The author doesn’t guarantee this book will help you “get lucky”, but does have documented proof that the love, laughter, naughtiness and hot, hot, hot sex in this book will leave you gasping for air. Dangerous curves ahead!
Harlequin American Romance
Cowboy Lessons
Love On The Lazy Y?
She'd sooner sleep with a snake! Yet Amanda Johnson had no choice but to do business with barracuda Scott Beringer. This millionaire wanted to go from computer wizard to prime cowboy material, and he had Amanda hanging by the ankles - well, he had the deed to her beloved ranch. All he wanted were cowboy lessons, and he'd sell her back the family homestead.

It seemed like a simple exchange, but teaching Scott "the ropes" had Amanda in a tizzy. For a while he might not know how to lasso a steer, Scott was running circles around Amanda's carefully guarded emotions, stirring up her true passionate nature and making the cowgirl wish she could teach Scott some "groom" lessons...ASAP!
Cowboy Trouble
She doesn't believe in love at first sight, so why does she feel like this? Breathless. Excited. It's just infatuation--right?

At least that's what big-city PR wizard Lani Willilams tells herself when she meets client Chase Cavenaugh: cowboy, hunk and unwilling celebrity. Unwilling? The man's downright obstinate. Dealing with a pack of frenzied tabloid reporters turns out to be the easy part of managing the ex-rodeo star's unexpected fame. A heck of a lot easier than falling in love with him.

All Chase wants is to put the past behind him and tend to his cattle. He didn't ask to become a Western music idol and he certainly didn't intend to open his heart to any more women. If only the media--and Lani--would leave him alone.

But as he beings to suspect, the media will eventually go away. Lani won't. And that might leave this cowboy into some serious trouble...of the heart.
The Cowgirl's CEO 
When Ty Harrison signed up to sponsor Carolyn Sheppard's barrel-racing career, he knew he was in for a bumpy ride. The diminutive rodeo star had a reputation for being a firecracker and was as independent as they came. So he wasn't too surprised that she practically had to be roped and tied before she shot a commercial for his company's boots.

But not even the photos and the PR people had prepared him for the real thing. And when he finally did corral Caro, he was totally smitten. A herd of wild horses couldn't drag him away, because the competition for her heart was one he planned to win….
Cowboy M.D. 
This Doctor Wears Spurs
Alison Forester has come to this idyllic California dude ranch to recruit Dr. Nicholas Sheppard for the burn unit at her hospital. Thanks to doctors like him, she survived the fiery crash that killed her parents. He’s not going to waste his time and talent patching up rodeo cowboys—not if she can help it.

Except the doc she finds is more spurs and saddles than scrubs and stethoscopes. Even more troubling, he’s lost his faith in medicine…and in his own abilities. But as Nick quickly discovers, it’s not going to be easy saying no to this brave, beautiful woman with the sweet-as-honey Texas accent. And sometimes a physician needs a little help before he can heal himself.
Cowboy Vet 
WANTED: One Vet Tech,
To Start Immediately
(Jessie Monroe Need Not Apply)

The last person on earth Rand Sheppard wants to rely on is Jessie Monroe, but he needs a vet tech—yesterday—and she’s the only one for hire. And unfortunately, it turns out she’s pretty good at her job. That’s too bad, because as soon as Rand can find a replacement, he’s going to fire Jessie. He owes his cousin that much.

Yes, Jessie’s made plenty of mistakes. Dating Tommy was one of them. One it looks as if she’s never going to live down. If she can only make Rand realize she wasn’t the reason his cousin went to jail, and she isn’t the person Rand—and everyone else in town—thinks she is.

And that it’s okay to fall in love…
A Cowboy's Pride 
Broken Cowboy…
Trent Anderson's rodeo days are over. Thanks to the car accident that killed his best friend, he will never get on a horse again. But physical therapist Alana McClintock isn't listening to his protestations. She just won't let up—getting under his skin, waking parts of him he thought would sleep forever. He can sense she feels something for him, too.

Alana knows Trent's injuries aren't as extensive as he thinks, and with some hard work she's convinced he will ride again. But the problem is convincing Trent. As Alana works with the wounded cowboy, she is drawn to him in a way that is anything but professional. She's determined to help him, though—even if it means he'll walk away from her
A Cowboy's Christmas Wedding 
Cabe Jensen hates Christmas. After losing his beloved wife, the holidays are nothing but a painful reminder of all that was good in his world. When his best friend asks to get married at his ranch, Cabe has no idea that it's to be a Christmas wedding! The worst part is he has to work with Saedra Robbins—a friend of the groom—on the plans. And Saedra can't seem to stop herself from poking her nose everywhere, making him feel things he'd rather forget. 

Trouble is, he's not sure what Saedra's after. She makes herself at home around the place, and his daughter likes her. All Cabe knows is he can't stop thinking about kissing her….
A Cowboy's Angel 
Uneasy Allies 
Mariah Stewart has a passion—to save racehorses from slaughter once they're done racing. Zach Johnson has a passion, too—raising winners. Mariah and her protests are one more annoyance on a list that may cost him his family stables. And when his best horse goes down, she pesters him about his plans for it. The thing is, Mariah is also a vet. Her crazy proposal to save Dasher might work, and what does Zach have to lose? 

Only his sanity! Maybe his determined bachelorhood, too. Because Mariah just…gets under his skin. Zach knows she feels it—she heats up every time he's near. But is the attraction between them enough to set aside everything they believe in?
 Men Made in America Book 12: The Wrangler
Time's running out for Samantha Davies.
If it's the last thing she does before losing her sight completely, she has got to find out whether Montana's wild, Baer Mountain mustangs are real or simply the stuff of bedtime stories. And nothing—not even a bullheaded, devilishly handsome wrangler named Clint McAlister—is going to stop her.

How could Clint stop a firecracker like Samantha? So what if her eyes are as green as spring grass? Or that she sits a horse like a cowboy's sweetest dream. Clint almost got his heart broken by one high-toned city girl. All he has to do is keep his hands and his heart to himself until this one goes back where she came from and leaves him—and the mustangs—alone.
The Codys: First Family of Rodeo Book 4: Mark: Secret Cowboy 
Mark Hansen has hated the wealthy Cody clan his entire life. And he's secretly loved Nicki Sable just as long. But Nicki is totally beyond this cowboy's reach. She's not only tight with the Codys—she's his boss's daughter.
Nicki has never been shy about going after what she wants. And she wants Mark something fierce. Except now the bad-boy rodeo rider is kicking up dust about a whopper of a secret that could tear two families apart. And Nicki isn't ready to take sides. Even if Mark is the sexiest, most trustworthy cowboy she knows.

Claim his heritage or blaze his own path? Mark has never chosen the easy road. And now the wrong decision could cost him everything, including the woman he loves.
Men of the West Book 10: Rancher and Protector 
Amber Brooks took the job at Camp Cowboy to find a way to reach her special-needs nephew—not to go gaga over the best-looking guy she's ever laid eyes on. True, Colt Sheridan can teach her a thing or two about horses, but Amber knows better than to trust anyone with her secret. And yet…just what is it about cowboys?
Going undercover at the camp is Colt's way of finding out where "Aunt Amber" has hidden his buddy's little boy. In exchange, his friend's promised him a prize-winning horse. And what this rodeo rider really wants is a shot at the national championship. Unfortunately, what he's got is a crush on the softhearted equine intern. But if Amber is such a good person, how can she keep a man from his own son?
A Cowboy for Every Mood Book 12: The Rancher's Bride
Rude with a bad attitude—that's Ryan Clayborne, all right. From the moment she meets her new boss's son, Jorie Peters vows to spend as little time as possible with the surly rancher. That she has to plan his wedding? Well, that's just bad luck. The sparks shooting between them? Those are a Texas-size disaster.
The last thing Ryan needs is some big-city wedding coordinator stomping her high heels all over his ranch. He has bigger things on his mind—mainly a temporary marriage to a friend he doesn't love. But one look at Jorie turns the cowboy's life, and heart, upside down. Heated thoughts lead to cold feet, but Ryan's still determined to do the honorable thing. Even if doing right has never felt so wrong…
My Fallen Angel
Handsome and fearless, Garrick Asquith-Wolf relished battling pirates on the high seas until one reckless fight cost him his life. But the daring sailor's place in heavan isn't guaranteed. To earn it, he has to return to earth to protect lovely Miss Lucy Hartford--without succumbing to physical temptation.

No previous adventure could have prepared Garrick for his role as guardian angel to titian-haired Lucy, the most stubborn, impetuous, and beautiful female he's ever met. Exceptionally curious, Lucy is trying to find the truth about a young orphan boy's past--a dark secret that someone will kill to protect.

However, discovering answers can be more dangerous that either Lucy or Garrick expected. Desire flares between this heavenly angel and his charge--a passion that Garrick must resist to save his beloved Lucy and his own soul....
Enchanted by Your Kisses
Proud and beautiful Lady Ariel D'Archer bravely bears the cruel disdain of society -- all the while wondering if her sullied reputation will prevent love from ever entering her heart again. But then she meets Nathan Trevain, whose breathtaking gaze enflames her passion and whose softest touch sets her heated blood racing. This is a man unwilling to take "no" for an answer -- nor is Ariel certain she could deny him anything. But he is also a man who harbors a dangerous secret -- one that places Ariel in grave danger once she uncovers it.

The secretive future Duke of Davenport has his own hidden reasons for wanting to help the exquisite fallen rose restore her good name -- and for taking her prisoner once she discovers his true identity. For his lovely captive holds the key to the fate of his lost brother. And it will take every ounce of Trevain's fabled seductive powers to win her help. But the closer he holds her -- the deeper he kisses her -- the more completely the lady Ariel takes possession of his soul. Will she be the one to seduce him with true love -- the sweetest, most succulent magic of all?
One touch changed her life forever

Ruined by the dashing Duke of Ravenwood, Elizabeth Montclair would sooner put a pistol between the man's legs than be forced into marriage with him. But wed him she must, Elizabeth vowing that if she must do the thing, theirs will be a marriage of her convenience.

He ruined her with a kiss

They would each be free to take a lover? Lucien St. Aubyn cannot believe his prim and proper wife would suggest such a thing. He'd expected her to be a shrew, instead he finds himself wed to a Jezebel, one who wants to lose her innocence to a man, any long as it's not him.

They both ended up SEDUCED

But Lucien wasn't the rake of Ravenwood for nothing, and his new wife knows it. She proposes a plan. Lucien will teach her the fine art of seduction, after which they will each go their separate ways.

But neither Lucien nor Elizabeth expects the way their first 'lesson' turns out. Soon both are fighting an attraction to each other, one that they both refuse to acknowledge. But as the stakes rise, so does the desire. In the end, it may well be the both of them SEDUCED.
He is Alexander Drummond
Marquis of Warrick, one of the most feared Revenue Commanders to sail the high seas.

She is Mary Callahan
Smuggler's daughter, sent as a spy to his lordship's household under the guise of a nurse, only...she doesn't like children.

He thinks she's the most outspoken, sharp-tongued shrew he's ever met.

She thinks he's the most uptight, pompous bag of wind she's ever encountered.

However, then, did they ever fall in love?

Incredibly humorous, totally unpredictably, TEMPTED is a story that my editor called, "Stupendous." It's the tale of a circus performer--yes, that's right, a circus performer--heroine who falls in love with an aloof marquis. No, it's nothing like MY FAIR LADY. Indeed, you could say that by the end of the book, Mary rescues the hero. I hope you enjoy the story.
Rein Montgomery, the duke of Wroxly, live as a commoner? His late uncle's will is painfully clear: Rein must survive without his wealth or title in the meanest of London's streets for one month, or else lose his entire fortune. Luckily, his ability to charm the ladies have never failed him anywhere, anytime. And he has his newest conquest in sight: a beguiling market girl named Anna Rose Brooks.

Anna's heart is kind and her intelligence keen, but she's not sure what to make of this dashing stranger lost in the rough district of St. Giles. Is he gentleman or rake? She offers him shelter for one night, but he wants thirty. She tries to keep her distance, but he tempted her to share his bed. She gives in to scandal by becoming his mistress, but he wants her soul. Anna is no fool, she knows the men who come to St. Giles do not often stay. And now she is faced with her biggest fear: that when he leaves, he will take her heart.


She doesn't believe in love at first sight, so why does she feel like this? Breathless. Excited. It's just infatuation--right?

At least that's what big-city PR wizard Lani Willilams tells herself when she meets client Chase Cavenaugh: cowboy, hunk and unwilling celebrity. Unwilling? The man's downright obstinate. Dealing with a pack of frenzied tabloid reporters turns out to be the easy part of managing the ex-rodeo star's unexpected fame. A heck of a lot easier than falling in love with him.

All Chase wants is to put the past behind him and tend to his cattle. He didn't ask to become a Western music idol and he certainly didn't intend to open his heart to any more women. If only the media--and Lani--would leave him alone.

But as he beings to suspect, the media will eventually go away. Lani won't. And that might leave this cowboy into some serious trouble...of the heart.
Honk if you Love Real Men - Wanted: One Hot-Blooded Man
WANTED: ONE HOT BLOODED MAN in the HONK IF YOU LOVE REAL MEN anthology featuring super talented fellow authors: Carrie Alexander, Susan Donovan and Lora Leigh.

WANTED is the darkly erotic (and hot, hot, hot!) tale of Breanna Miller who decides to cure her fear of physical intimacy by bedding a former high school flame. But she gets more than she bargained for. This hot-blooded hunk intends not only to cure her, but to explore every erotic fantasy known to a woman's soul.
Red Hot Santa Anthology : Runaway Santa
This holiday season, four bestselling authors give the gift that keeps on giving: gripping tales of special agents in a covert agency, out to protect the any means necessary.

SNOWBALL'S CHANCE, by Cherry Adair: Kendal decks the halls, unaware that a serial killer has her name at the top of his list. Of course, being naughty with the sexy good guy sent to protect her would be so nice.

SANTA SLAVE, by Leanne Banks: After her best friend disappears, Hilary takes matters into her own hands and finds herself caught in the throes of danger, while a hunky male operative hopes to mix pleasure with business.

BIG, BAD SANTA, by Pamela Britton: Biologist Kaitlyn Logan's research is leading to a big scientific breakthrough...and mortal peril. When bullets start to fly, so do the sparks between Kaitlyn and her Santa-clad rescuer.

KILLER CHRISTMAS by Kelsey Roberts: When several Santas are murdered at a swanky department store, the new CEO Meghan Beckham, had better watch out, had better not cry—because a serial killer has come to town.


  1. Wow interesting interview. Sorry to hear you lost your parents at the same time they wanted you to stop writing the Nascar stories. I wonder why they wanted you to stop? I didn't even know their were Nascar books until I was at this party and found a couple of other authors wrote them. Going to have to check them out. My 11 year old grandson loves Nascar especially Tony Stewart. His dad watches Nascar and that is how Nathan became interested when he was very young. His dad liked Dale Erhardt and now JR but Nathan fell in love with Tony Stewart and not sure why. At first we thought it was because he was with Home Depot but than when he changed sponsors Nathan still stayed with him. Thanks for sharing your interview. Enjoy your day!

  2. Nice interview. I enjoyed all of your Nascar books, plus your historicals and some of the categories! I'm glad you're feeling better and getting your writing career back on track again.

  3. Honestly, Gail. I think they got tired of dealing with NASCAR. Plus, I'm not sure it was worth the money for them. Harlequin had to pay a licensing fee. Glad you enjoyed the books. That's what it's all about. :)

  4. I'm glad I'm back, too, Laurie. I have missed it. :)