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Miriam Minger Book List


Interview with Miriam Minger
Have you traveled to do research for your books?
Most of the books I’ve written so far are historical romance, so I haven’t traveled specifically for any of the stories—except in my mind and during my research! I did travel to Norway with my grandmother when I was seventeen, though, and fell in love with that amazingly beautiful country. We visited lots of relatives and saw enough fjords, waterfalls, and preserved Viking ships to inspire me for years to come! In honor of that unforgettable trip, two of my historical romances are Viking stories—Twin Passions and The Pagan’s Prize. If you love Viking romance, don’t miss them!

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
I’ve been re-reading my books to prepare them for print publication with Amazon Createspace, and it’s been a wonderful experience. I just finished The O’Byrne Brides series, Wild Angel and Wild Roses, set in medieval Ireland, and I so fell in love again with my two heroes, Ronan “Black” O’Byrne in Wild Angel and Lord Duncan FitzWilliam in Wild Roses. I hope you do, too.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes, I do, which is an amazing experience when what I’m writing is so vivid to me that it leaps off the page and into my heart, making me laugh and cry. Wow, there is nothing like it. The characters come alive and I’m so rooting for their happiness in spite of difficulties they face on the sometimes rocky path to love and happiness. And if I find myself laughing or crying, then I believe my readers will be so engaged by the story unfolding in front of them that they find themselves laughing and crying, too.

What is your go-to snack?
Chocolate, of course! What goes better with romance?

What are you writing now?
I’ve started a series in a new genre for me—erotic romance. My historical romances are all very sensual so I’m simply taking the stories a couple heat levels higher. I’m also planning a contemporary romance series and a paranormal romance series, so it’s going to be a busy year! 
To Love a Billionaire Series
Book 1: The Maiden and the Billionaire (Awakening)
Still a virgin at twenty-three, geeky research assistant Hannah Flom has never done anything exciting in her life…until the billionaire treasure hunter Cain Thorson makes her an astonishing proposal to join him in an intimate game for two unlike anything she’s ever dreamed. Will she throw caution to the wind and accept his offer to make her deepest, most secret fantasies come true?
 Book 2: The Governess and the Billionaire (Discovery)
Awakened to overpowering desire, Hannah Flom yearns to discover so much more about the passion that lovers share. Yet when she sees Cain Thorson again, will she be able to hold her emotions in check and be as wild and free as the devastatingly handsome billionaire as they play their seductive game for two?
Book 3: The Pirate Queen and the Billionaire (Domination)
Realizing she is falling in love with Cain Thorson, Hannah Flom feels herself being drawn deeper into their irresistibly addictive game. That’s all it is to this rolling stone of a billionaire, isn’t it? A game that she vows to play this time as a wicked and dangerous woman that will allow no man to toy with her emotions or steal her heart.
Book 4: The Highland Bride and the Billionaire (Return to Innocence)
Hannah Flom tries to convince herself that she never wants to see the billionaire treasure hunter, Cain Thorson again, but she knows it’s a lie. When he dares her to join him in Scotland, she accepts his challenge but tells herself that this will be their last intimate adventure. One secret fantasy still burns in her heart, but why wish for a dream that can never come true?
Captive Brides Collection
Stand alone books with a captive bride theme
Captive Brides Collection - Boxed Set
 Twin Passions
Twin Passions by Miriam Minger
Godric, the Earl of Cheshire and his wife, Lady Bronwen have twin daughters. Anora is always the proper English lady while Gwendolyn enjoys wearing her trousers and going on the hunts with her father. More like a son. Life was about to change for the young ladies as Anora was about to marry so they agreed to spend one more morning together before the marriage. A morning that turns out quite differently for them. The morning they go from English ladies to Viking slaves.

Hakon was the second son and had left his home to go into trading, and he did quite well at it. When he gets a message that his brother is ill, and he must return to Norge, he goes. When it's discovered that he was disobeyed and two of the men have taken captives while they were stopped in England, he's outraged but cannot return them, and one look at the glorious Anora and he don't want to ever let her go. Her 'brother' Garric is quite the spirited young man and much too pretty for a boy. What he doesn’t know is that Garric is not a young man and that Anora’s twin will stop at nothing to protect her sister and get them home so that she can be reunited with her betrothed.

This was definitely a book that I couldn’t put down until the last page. Full of adventure and some nasty villains who just wouldn’t die. A sister’s love so strong that she would put herself in danger or give completely of herself to protect the other. And of course full of Vikings and their unique ways and lifestyle.
**Sexual situations
 Captive Rose
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A Warrior’s Passion
With the sheer strength of his muscular body, Crusader Guy de Warenne overpowered his captors and fled the hell-hole of the Syrian prison. Yet he couldn’t leave Damascus without rescuing the lovely violet-eyed “slave girl” who had saved his life by tenderly caring for his battle wounds. Never did he imagine that his damsel in distress would become a hot-blooded temptress who would torment his days and nights with every move of her innocent young form.

She is Leila, a raven-haired English beauty kidnapped in infancy, schooled in medicine by the wealthy physician who adopted her…and trained in the sensual delights of the harem. To Leila, the Crusader is a savage barbarian who ravaged her adopted homeland and ruthlessly carried her away to serve his own purposes. Yet, even in her fury, she is drawn to this man of unexpected tenderness and awakened to a raw, sensual power that will carry them both on a tumultuous journey into adventure, danger, and love.
The Pagan's Prize
A Clash of Wills and a Triumph of Desire
Rurik: The bold Viking warrior traveled alone on a mission of conquest. But along the way a golden-haired captive inflamed him with longing. He took up his sword to defend her…then swore to claim her for his own.

Zora: A beautiful Russian princess betrayed by treachery, she spurned the powerful man who held her prisoner—and vowed never to yield.

He had been sent as a spy to pave the way for her people’s surrender. But his furious hunger for her heated touch—and her aching need for his burning caress—led to a fiery passion that was a greater prize than any kingdom.
Dangerous Masquerade Collection
Stand alone books that have masquerades in common
Dangerous Masquerade 
 A Hint of Rapture
Beloved Enemy

When Maddie Fraser’s father was killed fighting for Bonnie Prince Charles, the spirited Scottish lass swore to avenge his death. Hooded and disguised, she led a series of daring raids against the forces of the Crown—vowing to love no man until the English invaders were driven from her native soil.

Captain Garrett Marshall was entrusted with the capture of the mysterious brigand called “Black Jack.” But the sensuous, azure-eyed beauty hidden beneath the bandit’s manly garb tested Garrett’s loyalty to his King. Inflamed by a desire he could not ignore, the handsome officer would wed his bewitching enemy to save her from the gallows. But first he’d have to quell her hatred…and conquer her heart.
 Stolen Splendor
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Kassandra whirled to face the arrogant military man she'd hoped never to see again, remembering all too clearly his kisses that lingered like molten honey on her lips. To admit it was her innocence he'd stolen in a moment of blazing passion would ruin her father's diplomatic career and forever destroy her reputation!

Stefan nearly shouted in triumph. He'd searched throughout Vienna for the beguiling tavern wench who had aroused him past endurance, and here she stood like a shimmering goddess. He must have her, he would have her--if only to safeguard her honor by making her his wife!
 Defiant Impostor
Beloved Deceiver
With a heavy heart, spirited but low-born Susanna Guthrie agrees to honor the deathbed request of the wealthy young woman who rescued her from a life of poverty. Masquerading as her benefactress, Susanna travels to the Virginia colonies to take the dying heiress’ place as head of the sprawling tobacco plantation Briarwood…and to “marry wisely.”

Once, the exquisite impostor would have welcomed the attentions of handsome Adam Thornton. But now, consorting with a “hired hand” is unthinkable—though the raw, sensual power of the rugged plantation manager leaves Susanna breathless. Driven by a long-held desire for vengeance, Adam is ruthlessly determined to win both Briarwood and its beautiful new mistress—only to be undone by a soul inflamed with passion…and a heart ennobled by love.
The Man of My Dreams Series
The Man of My Dreams Series Boxed Set
Book 1: Secrets of Midnight
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If Lord Donovan Trent had his way, he would spend his days carelessly wooing the women of London society. Instead, he found himself banished to the English countryside of Cornwall, forced by the decrees of his father's will to run his family's tin mines and find a country bride. The last thing the handsome lord needed was a local lass sticking her nose into his affairs, but that seemed to be exactly what Corisande Easton had in mind...

Corie had spent her whole life struggling to help those less fortunate than herself. When she heard that Lord Donovan had arrived in Cornwall, she seized the opportunity to confront him about his family's mistreatment of the overworked tinners. Donovan and Corie soon found their tempers flaring while fighting to deny their fiery passions -- until a secret business arrangement forced them into each other's arms...
Book 2: My Runaway Heart
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A Reckless Passion
A sheltered but impetuous young beauty, Lindsay Somerset would risk anything for a succulent taste of wild adventure—and Jared Giles, the dashing Earl of Dovercourt, is the answer to her prayers. A gallant and fearless gentleman, he is rumored to be a spy—and the ideal man to fulfill Lindsay’s most cherished, unspoken desires.

But once aboard ship on a high raging sea, Lindsay realizes the folly of her rash actions—and the truth about the bold hero to whom she has entrusted her love. For Jared is no servant of the Crown, but a lusty scoundrel with a dark secret and passions that know no bounds. And Lindsay is a hostage to his dangerous will—trapped on a sensuous adventure that will imperil her life…and her innocent heart as well.
O'Byrne Brides Series
The O'Byrne Brides Series Boxed Set
 Book 1: Wild Angel
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Epic Adventure and Bold Passion
Ronan was a legend among men…and the last thing he needed was a troublesome woman. Yet this fierce Irish warrior took a deathbed oath to protect a chieftain’s rebellious daughter.

Triona was a hellion of a woman…who would let no man rule her. Raised in the ways of a warrior, she defied Ronan’s every command. So he planned to marry her off, to be rid of the wild lass forever. But in the heat of battle—enflamed by her passionate spirit—Ronan decided he wanted this beautiful, impossible woman for himself.
Book 2: Wild Roses
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Wild Hearts
The gentle sister of Ireland’s most infamous rebel, Maire O’Byrne remains ever loyal to country and clansmen—until a strange twist of fate carries her to Lord Duncan FitzWilliam, the proud Norman master of Longford Castle. And now she must feign amnesia to ensure her brother’s safety—even as her yearning heart seeks the warm shelter of an enemy’s arms.

A man of peace in a land seething with rage, Lord Duncan is touched by this mysterious, afflicted lady whom he believes is a pawn in a dangerous family intrigue. Yet desire is Duncan’s greatest peril, for his need commands him to tear down the wall of secrets that stand between him and beautiful Maire—and to give himself fully and passionately to a love some would call treason.
Ripped Apart
Unspeakable tragedy and cold-blooded murder conspire against Clare Carson when her six-year-old son is kidnapped after a heart transplant and his abductors want her dead. A dying cop’s last words lead her to former Special Ops Jake Wyatt, who helps her discover the horrific truth behind her son’s abduction and offers to help her get Tyler back. With nowhere else to turn, Clare entrusts her life to Jake not knowing he has a deadly agenda of his own that could destroy them.
Written under M.C. Walker 
Blood Son
For readers of Christian fiction who are looking for something different, bestselling author Miriam Minger writing as M.C. Walker brings you edge-of-your-seat suspense in an inspirational thriller unlike any you've seen before . . . 

Tragic real-life stories of mistaken identity have filled the news in recent years, a premise that fuels this chilling tale of an everyday woman forced to fight back against near insurmountable odds. 

Unspeakable tragedy and cold-blooded murder conspire against Clare Carson in an ultimate test of faith when her six-year-old son is kidnapped after a heart transplant and his abductors want her dead. A dying cop’s last words lead her to Jake Wyatt, who helps her discover the horrific truth behind her son’s abduction and offers to help her get Tyler back. With nowhere else to turn, Clare entrusts her life to Jake not knowing he has a deadly agenda of his own that could destroy them both. 

* Author's Note: Blood Son was originally created for the mainstream market, but was edited for the Christian market to give fans of inspirational novels an edge-of-your-seat reading experience with a message of faith at its core. If you would prefer the original "director's cut" mainstream version, Ripped Apart by Miriam Minger is now available on Kindle.
Written under Miriam Aronson
Miriam Aronson is the co-author along with Jeff Aronson of the popular Little Mike and Maddie children’s picture book series about a lovable pair of dogs and their motorcycle adventures. Ride along for lots of fun and laughter with Little Mike and Maddie’s First Motorcycle Ride, Little Mike and Maddie’s Black Hills Adventure, and Little Mike and Maddie’s Christmas Book! Vrumm, vrumm!
 Little Mike and Maddie’s First Motorcycle Ride
Little Mike and Maddie are happy dogs. They have lots of toys, treats, and love from Big Bob and Amy, but what they really want is to go for a motorcycle ride. How will they make their dream come true? Ride along with Little Mike and Maddie on the first of many motorcycle adventures to come. Vrumm, vrumm!
Little Mike and Maddie’s Black Hills Adventure
Little Mike and Maddie are so excited. It’s their first motorcycle rally and there is so much to see and do! Come along as they have lots of fun and a bit of misadventure, too. Why isn’t Little Mike riding in the shiny red sidecar? Find out as he saves the day and gets reunited with Big Bob, Amy, and Maddie after a thrilling chase through the Black Hills. Vrumm, vrumm!
Little Mike and Maddie’s Christmas Book
It’s Christmas time for Little Mike and Maddie! Join in the fun as they bake cookies, wrap gifts, and go on a toy run with Big Bob and Amy. Little Mike and Maddie can’t wait to see Santa Claus in the Christmas parade, but who will pull Santa’s sleigh when his reindeer eat too many Christmas cookies? Ride along on the shiny red motorcycle and meet Sidney, the road captain reindeer! Vrumm, vrumm!

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  1. I have just sent away for the three Children's books! They are Christmas gift for this coming season. They look wonderful. It will be a great gift for Grand-nephew. I have all of your historicals. Thanks for a great interview and for stopping by to help Judy Celebrate.