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Interview with Lisa Scott
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy? 
I love gardening. My writing productivity plummets when summer arrives.  I have a koi pond and spend my writing breaks out there. If I ever hit it big, I'll hire a garden boy.

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?

So many real life situations are in my Flirts! shorts.  I once got locked in the K-Mart outdoor nursery department as the store was closing--and my cell phone was dead. I totally panicked. Luckily, someone saw me jumping and waving for help and got me out before all the employees left.  That story inspired "Holiday Rush" from Holiday Flirts!

When did you start writing?

I knew I wanted to be an author when I got my first creative writing assignment in second grade.  I've done all sorts of writing over the years, but I started writing novels in 2007.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?

Yes! I always take that as a good sign.

Favorite book or character you have written?

Oh, so hard to pick.  From my romances,  I do love Jane in "The Hot Girl's Friend." But I also love Chip from my middle grade novel, "School of Charm." I love her voice.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?

You've probably heard it before, but read a lot (especially in the genre you want to write) and write, write, write. Find a writer's group to join. Writing can be a lonely journey, it's great to have support. 

What is your go-to snack?

I am constantly drinking tea while I write.  I love all different kinds.  I'm a very good Teavana customer. 
The Willowdale Series
**These first three short stories come before the two novels
Volume 1: The Willowdale Romance Collection: Three Short Stories
Story 1: A Fine How De Do
Tonya Garcia needs to make a change, desperately. After living on the same street in New York all of her life she’s going to start over. Now that her Nonna is gone it’s not the same anyways. After using a unique system to choose a new location to move to, she leaves. The chief of police welcomes her to the tiny town of Willowdale, North Carolina before she’s barely entered it. Wasn’t that nice? Not. This story is told from Tonya’s point of view only and is told with much humor.
Story 2: A Little Hanky Panky
Jeanne Clark is in the market for a new chef job after tiring of the seniors complaints where she worked serving their meals. When she applies at Willowdale’s one and only hotspot, The Hideaway, she finds there is competition for the job. Brad Larsen. The handsome hunk she hasn’t spoken to since grade school and now they have to work together while competing for the same job. Jeanne and Brad’s story continues in the full novel; Man of the Month.
Story 3: A Perfect Setup
What is Faye Jenkins, owner of the Be Wright Inn, up to? Whatever it is she’s including Tonya Garcia, Jeanne Clark and Kate Riley into her plans. All three girls are determined to do without men for a while. But who says they can’t date a hunk and not mention it? An extremely humorous short story of a very determined mama.
Novel 1: No Foolin'
Kate Riley, lives in the small town of Willowdale, North Carolina. Her job as the school nurse isn't enough to pay off her debts so when an offer comes to pretend to be a girlfriend for a month, how can she refuse? She just has to keep her heart safe from the handsome hunk.

Teague Reynolds is known as T-Rex in Hollywood. Just like his namesake he stomps and shreds everything in his way. Well in his case it's the hearts of the women he dates and dumps. Now he has a secret in Willowdale and will do anything to keep it from the public eye. Having a girlfriend from the same town can only help his cause.

This story was full of unique characters who came to life on the pages of the book. And plenty of misunderstandings, things just are not always as they seem to be. Definitely a page turner that was hard to put down until the final words. There is a couple side stories happening as well.

I read the previous books from Willowdale; The Willowdale Romance Collection Volume 1. Three short stories that introduce the reader to this small town and some of the characters in this story. I personally enjoy series books and would recommend reading those first to have the whole story. Book two in this series is Man of the Month.
**Sexual situations
**Received through Publisher/NetGalley for review
Novel 2: Man of the Month
Jeanne Clark loved Brad. Two years ago they had dated for a few weeks until he found out she wanted a family. He didn't. They became best friends and business partners in a catering business. When Jeanne confesses to being lonely, Brad offers to set her up with a date. One a month.

Brad Larsen had to find someone for Jeanne so he could move on as well. They could never be together because she wanted the whole thing; kids, dogs, picket fence. His past led him to believe he wouldn't do well with that. Being the good friend he is, he'll find her the right guy. No problem, right?

Loved this story. The characters jumped out of the pages and pulled me in. The emotions of the characters were easy to feel. This reader had trouble putting it down until the end. Brad and Jeanne's story starts in the Willowdale Romance Volume 1 in A Little Hanky Panky. Jeanne is also in the third book The Perfect Setup. If you enjoy series and knowing the back story you'll enjoy reading those three short stories first. Their friend Tonya still needs her happy ending in the third book, it will be coming out sometime in 2014.
**Sexual content
**Received through publisher/NetGalley for review
Novel 3: The Real Thing
Tonya Garcia had met Tommy when she first drove into Willowdale over four years ago. He had given her a speeding ticket. They had started dating until he called out the name of his ex-girlfriend, and Tonya's best friend, one night. In bed. While making love. Now they are exes with benefits, only her heart wants more. The reader first meets Tonya in the short story, A Fine Howdy De Do.

Chief Tommy Larsen has the worst luck with women. And he always does the right thing, even when it seems to end up looking like the wrong thing to do. He had thought he might have a second chance with Tonya and then everything fell apart.

Teague Reynolds from No Foolin' is a movie star who married Kate Riley and moved to Willowdale. He is now hosting a special dating reality show that will take place in their town and Tonya is going to be a contestant. Maybe love will finally come to her.
**Mild sexual situations
Children's Books
School of Charm
Eleven year old Brenda Anderson, better known as Chip, has just had life as she knew it taken away. She's always been Daddy's girl, enjoying the outdoors with him and her best friend Billy. An accident has changed that, taken her dad from her.

Her mom is moving their family from New York to North Carolina, to live with a grandma they don't know. What's worse is when they get there she feels more left out than before. Feeling like she needs to become someone she's not to fit in with her own family. Thank goodness she finds Miss Vernie's School of Charm.

This book is aimed at young girls and yet this old girl thoroughly enjoyed it. It takes place in the seventies. Chip learns about being different in her own life and with her new friends. She finds out that becoming someone she's not doesn't always bring acceptance and the importance of just being who she really is. Excellent story.  
Flirts! Series 
A Bundle of Flirts! Three books in one - 15 stories
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Holiday Flirts!
Wedding Flirts!
More Flirts!
15 Shades of Pink - Three books in one - 15 stories
Beach Flirts!
Fairy Tale Flirts!
Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories
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The Flirt stories are short, full stories. Great for that in between reading where you want a sweet romance story but don’t have a lot time. Each story has a connection to the other stories, even if it's just a name or place. Some contain mild language.
The Hot Girl's Friend
Jane Jameson feels like plain Jane next to her tall, blonde, bombshell friend, Miranda. So why bother trying to get a guys attention when they go out, instead she sends the guys away with unique stories about her friend when they go to the hotties friend to get close to her.
She just can’t believe that Brady, the bartender at McGinty’s Bar, is really is not interested in her friend. And challenges her to spend time with him without Miranda to prove she is just as pretty and desirable.
Wrong Place, Right Guy
Kristen Gold is rescued from an attacker by Tony Malone. He may look like a bad boy himself but something about him makes her feel safe. After a life changing week-end with her rescuer….he leaves her saying their worlds are too different. How can she prove to this roofing hunk that he’s give enough for her?
Not You
Carly is not the one-night stand type of gal but after enough glasses of champagne….she goes for it. She is even clever enough to use a fake name.
She has a fantastic night. He is the womanizing type so she’s fine letting him go knowing she might never see the man and his big ego again. She's surprised to meet up with him again in a very unexpected place,and things get a bit more complicated.
Desperately Seeking Cupid
After another wedding at the singles only table, Brianna Keller is ready to try anything. Even letting one of the elderly ladies she met at the wedding coming to her house to help straighten out her house with feng shui. She isn’t doing so well attracting guys yet, but she is enjoying the shop where she’s buying her new interior designs owned by Zach Johnson. Too bad he’s not her type.
Never Been Dumped
Rachel Miller has done her share of dumping and she hates it. Deciding not to date she turns down every guy who hits on her. And then she meets Drake Johnson. He will be leaving town in two months and promises to dump her. Having him as a boyfriend works perfect. No one else will bug her and she knows he’ll end it and leave town. They just didn’t plan on getting on so well together.
Beach Flirts!
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Once again the author writes five fun filled romantic stories. This book tells of romances while vacationing by the beach. I enjoy the way the author weaves occurrences from the previous story into the next one, usually something unique.
 Ex on the Beach
Heather Parker was on a beach vacation with her family. Single. This should have been her first anniversary as Mrs. Nick Hicks. What could be worse than to be surrounded by your happily married siblings and their children? Having your ex show up on the same beach, that's what!
**Mild language
She's Hot Now
Natalie feels like a new woman...on the outside anyway. Inside she's still the same person who hid from the world. On a beach vacation with a couple of co-workers things change. As one encourages her to move forward and be a new woman, the other one seems to only remind of her of the past.
**Mild language
Girls Just Wanna Have Finn
Anna and her three good friends head out for a beach vacation. Sitting on the beach watching the guys walk by. Then her friends spotted Finn Donahue, a womanizer type of guy. The very kind of guy that Anna wanted nothing to do with. But she could still look without touching, right?
Washed Up
Michael Sullivan was washed up as an actor and his life was on a downhill roll. Then he met Molly Andrews in a rather unconventional way. The press assumed the two were dating and his agent said it would restart his career so a deal was made. He had a pretend girlfriend for the next few weeks. No problem. Wrong. Life is never that easy.
Hot For the Summer
Summer is staying at her friends beach house and working at Scoopy's Diner while she decides what to do with her life. She always enjoyed her summers at the Cape and at Scoopy's. With business slowing down with competition in town, she decides to help revive the diner. And the hottie in town may just help revive her life along the way.
Holiday Flirts!
I really enjoy the Flirt! stories. They are fairly short and quick reads and I enjoy the way the author integrates the characters from one story into another. At times it's something little like one character just popping in on the story and other times it's the friend or relatives story. And there are usually little quirks that add the humor. 
 Spooked By Love
For Marnie James the scariest thing this Halloween for her is considering dating again. When she meets Jeff Williams at a Halloween party her daughter went to, she has to decide if she's willing to date again. Is there a ghost of a chance or will she be too spooked to try?
 Holiday Rush
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Lindy Richards loved her fancy clothes and the chic shop she managed. She also loved Christmas. One night a ripped pair of tights changed her life.

Alexander Whitney was managing one of the Save Land stores for his dad. Bidding his time before he could move on to a different city. When there was an emergency involving his store parking lot life got a lot more interesting.
Missing Christmas
Ginny McDonald had told her family she'd be moving from New York to Florida in the first story, Spooked By Love. She was in love with Ryan and his job had him moving. Now it's a few days before Christmas and she's homesick. She misses her family, decorating and snow. And Florida's sunshine didn't have anything Christmas about it. She wanted to go home and there was nothing that Ryan could say or do to changer her mind. Or was there?

Living in Arizona I could fully relate to this story. Away from family and looking at a cactus with lights and Santa hats is far from a Midwest Christmas.
Tingle All The Way
Jessica Richards didn't have the memory of any great Christmas or her sister Lindy's excitement over the holiday. When she called the police on a would be robber, she just ended up ruining a little girls Christmas. Every thing she tried to make it up to Morgan just ended up in a bigger mess.

Charlie Grant was watching his niece and wanted to give her the best Christmas ever. The nosy neighbor ruined that idea. The more the woman tried to make things right...the more he was intrigued with her. Maybe he would have the best Christmas ever.
Giving Up Guys
Three of Ginny's friends were out celebrating New Years Eve when they decided they would give up guys for a month. Ginny and Ryan seemed happy in Florida, but Lori, Claire and Harper seemed to be finding only duds when it came to men.

Lori takes an upholstery class and her resolve for no guys is on shaky ground when the Tom Murphy, the instructor, turns out to be an uber-hottie.

Harper Reese figures she's safe from men when she takes a belly dancing class. Figures that handsome Patrick Dunn is a student too.

Claire Pennington signs up for scuba diving classes, forgetting how she's not fond of swimming. After class she finds a friend in bartender Nate Johnson.

As always Lisa Scott finds a unique way to end the book with a glimpse at the previous couples who met in the other four stories.
 Fairy Tale Flirts!
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I enjoy the way the author weaves her characters together in these stories. A character from one story will be mentioned in passing in a different one or be at the same place. All interwoven slightly into the stories in some small way.
Cindi Midas life was much different when her parents were alive. She went from having a doting father to being stuck with a hateful stepmother and stepsisters. Cleaning their apartment at Grimm Towers for room and board. She needed a life change. And that changed the day she went to the Jiminy Shoe trunk sale and met Henry Hubbard.
Rose used to be carefree long ago. Before her mother died. Now she ran her struggling bakery of healthy muffins and breads. She only has Grandma Kate but she's not acting herself lately. Like what’s a girl to do when she visits her grandmother and finds her in a disheveled state with a tall, dark and handsome man in her apartment? A man befitting his last name, Wolff.
Belle Foster was off to Grimm Towers to build Prince Maxim’s bookshelves, a job her father was working on before his stroke. The mysterious prince stayed hidden because of an accident. Could Belle prove to the elusive prince that life was worth living more than worrying about what people would think of you?
Shawna White wanted to use her singing and dancing talents, like her mother had done as a ballerina. Her widowed stepmother was after husband number three and talked Shaw into being a nanny of her newest husband target Jeremy James, father of seven. Hi ho, hi ho, off to work she did go.
Goldie Lockston is a bit of a vagabond. She has a home with her parents but would rather not stay there. When she helps a friend with a dog sitting job she decides to stay at the apartment. It's not like Blake Behr, the owner, will know and she's really doing him a favor with round the clock dog sitting, right?
Fairy Tale Flirts 2!
Sweet Talker
Greta and her neighbor, Hans Piper, are off to Neverland Island to look for their parents. They have to find them to finalize the offer to buy Piper's Pickled Produce so that neither family will ever have to work again. It turns into a bigger adventure than Greta and Hans expected.
**Mild language and sexual innuendos
 Let Down Your Hair
Rachel was so tired of playing Rapunzel the Princess. Her mother had been making her play in carnival shows for a long time now and her hair was so long that it took four hours to brush and wash each day. One day during the show she noticed a knight in shining armor standing in the back. Perhaps this princess could finally be rescued from her forlorn life.
Wake Me With a Kiss
Aurora Jackson loved Neverland Island and knew her childhood friend, Jordan Donovan, would have loved it as well. She hadn't seen him since she was eleven, but no man seemed to compare to her first crush. She may never get a second chance with Jordan if the prophesy that took her away from him in the first place ever comes true.
Wet and Wild
Elle has traveled with her father and sisters as they performed as water skiers. She's the mermaid and starting to get tired of it. When she notices a hottie in the audience she decides to play hooky for one day. Who would think one day as a landlubber could land her in such a hot spot?
Say My Name
Colleen is determined to help find the man who conned her older sister. Dressing up as sexy as possible she heads to Neverland Island to find a handsome man going under some odd name her sister couldn't quite remember. She found more than she bargained for.

Once again the author takes the stories and brings the characters together in the last story for one last standing ovation of sorts. And she writes the stories with plenty of humor as well. Great short stories that are fast and easy to read and they aren't just filled with fluff.
 Wedding Flirts!
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Lisa Scott's Flirt! books are full of humor and romance. The fifth story always brings everyone from the first four stories together for a finale, and now and then they even pop in from previous books. Which I personally enjoy when you get to see the people you met come back for a special appearance. Great stories that are also short enough to read when you aren't in the mood for a long novel. They are connected by characters, but standalone so that you can read one and come back for more later.
My Fake fiance
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When Samantha Cooper gets a wedding invitation from her arch frenemy from school she decides she needs to find a way to go with her head held high. So she hires a fake fiance with a fake accent and fake job. Justin Banks was only acting for the money but he found himself wishing he was the kind of guy Sam would really want, because she could sure be the right girl for him.
Bridesmaid Blues
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Micki Keegan was invited to be in so many weddings that she started blogging about it. Of course that just got her invited to be in even more. She wasn't at all blue about being a bridesmaid, no plans to marry, ever. It wasn't in her family genes to have good marriages. And then she met Ben, not the one night stand type. All or nothing.
The One That Got Away
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Miranda, who was first introduced in Flirts! The Hot Girls Friend, just wanted to find a rich Australian to marry. And she found one. Running into someone from her past at a wedding made her realize she had unfinished business. Kevin had never known why Miranda had left him without any explanation. And now they meet when they are both engaged and about to get other people.
Wedding Auditions
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Kelly Warner has no desire to be in a bridezilla wedding. Since the nutty woman was marrying her best friend Bryce, she had no choice but to audition. Yup, the woman had three dozen men and women trying out to be in her wedding. At least bridezilla had a handsome step-brother. Liam Streeter was the one bright spot of all the craziness.
Do Over
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Moira Moore was the most wanted photographer around, especially weddings. She wondered if she'd always be on this side of the camera looking in when it came to love. Then came the wedding where one of the groomsman brought back every humiliating moment she had felt one day at school. A humiliation that had hung on for ten long years. Craig Fitzpatrick.
More Flirts!
These five stories follow the romances of the Carter family. Three brothers and two sisters who had a surprise when their mother passed away, she had money they didn't know about and each of them became millionaires. The problem with that was they never knew if the guys or gals they dated really cared for them or if they were just after the Carter money.
Pickup Lessons
Stone Kinney is an absolutely adorable character. He is so smart in academics, but clueless with women. After reading books on dating he stakes out the perfume counter at the mall and uses cheesy pick-up lines. At the end of the day the gal working the counter, Kyla Carter, offers to give him lessons on picking up women. As it was obvious his books had failed him.
Ex Therapy
Aubrey Carter, sister to Kyla from Pickup Lessons, needs to find out why her relationships never last. Realizing only six guys in her past made it past a few dates she targeted them. Writing up a survey she began contacting them. They didn't seem to be that excited to see her, but she pressed on. What better way to find out how to make her relationships last longer, then by finding out why they failed?
Mr. Wrong
Lisa Scott has outdone herself in this hilarious story. Diana Hart, Aubrey's therapist from Ex Therapy, needs to write a second book. She's decided to write on finding Mr. Wrong. She dresses much different from her usual conservative clothes and hits the bars instead of meeting men at charity balls or her usual outings. She keeps running into Toby Carter, Kyla and Aubrey's brother, but he's too much like her usual type. One blind date outing is enough to give her a lifetime of nightmares.
I Know Who You Kissed Last Night
Emily had been best friends since kindergarten with Eric Carter, first three stories in this book is about his siblings. He had watched over her and helped her when her dad would go on a drunken rampage, and now she watched over him while he drank too much. He would never know how much she cared for him because of his drinking. When he woke up one morning wanting to find the girl he kissed the night before, Emily didn't dare tell him she knew who it was. Surely she would lose his friendship, and that was not something she would ever risk.
The Girl In the Pink Hat
When Zoe's cousin Jenny died, she left a bucket list for her to fulfill. It was hard to get motivated and the list seemed impossible. Then one day she saw a missed connection on Craigslist and contacted the author of it, Nick Carter. He was looking for a girl in a pink hat that had been on the train. She was the wrong girl, but for some reason he wanted to help her with her list. To live some of his life through helping her.
Reunion Flirts! 5 Romantic Short Stories
I enjoy the way Lisa takes the characters from the first story and blends them into each following story. These five stories take place at the ten year reunion of Jefferson High in Bost. Some may contain mild language.
Second Chance
Chelsea Hallman did not want to go to her 10th reunion of Jefferson High. The girl who was most likely to succeed had failed big time. She dumped her boyfriend because she didn’t think he’d go anywhere and she had such big plans. How could she face him at their reunion? Especially since Tripp McCall had made it big and she didn’t.
Class Flirt
It was Martina Klein’s 10 year class reunion of Jefferson High and she wasn’t going to go. She had been a different person back then, or so people thought. Conservative was how she dressed and presented herself. No more flirt. After her roommate convinces her to go and show them all she changed, she needed to find a guy to go with her to complete her plan. Jackson from work seemed to be as uptight as she was, so she’s relieved when he agrees to go as her date.
Cathy Blake is headed to her ten year reunion and the man she’s wanted since freshman year, Peter Schmidt. She has to wait her turn since every other girl is crawling over him but he’s worth it, right?

Danny Patel has had a crush on Cathy just as long as she had one on Peter. He flew in from Seattle to Boston and has thirty-six hours to let her know how he feels about her.
My Best Friend's Girlfriend
Tate Ramsey went to his reunion to be by Alyssa White. She had been married to his best friend but they had divorced. He knew she only saw him as a friend and he wanted to be there for her if her ex showed up. Tate and Alyssa messed up in high school by being too shy to say what they really felt. Maybe they can be brave enough after all these years to speak the truth.
Homecoming Queen
Lucy Jordan was not part of the ‘in group’ in school. In fact, as a joke they made her homecoming queen. She showed everybody though by becoming a country star….until an accident. When she is on the sidelines of the reunion to watch a memorial to an old friend, Joe Latham finds her and everything changes.
Office Flirts!
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The employees of Dunner Advertising have a bit more than work on their minds. Along with having fun and pulling pranks, romance is running through the cubicles as well. Some old and some new romances along with hidden love as well. Lisa Scott's Flirts! books are fun and easy for those times you aren't in a mood for a long story and want a few giggles along the way.
Office Pranks
Amazon    Smashwords
Jenny is a happy go lucky prankster and she enjoys her food. She's content with her body and is sure there must be a guy out there somewhere who would like it too. Like the new guy at work, Nolan. Told from Jenny's point of view only.
Employee Benefits
Amazon    Smashwords
Joy and Joe's secret relationship isn't really so secret. In Office Prank all their co-workers knew about it. They aren't quite the clandestine couple. What will happen when these two career minded people get caught between moving up in the world or their relationship?
The Right Man for the Job
Amazon    Smashwords
Charlotte Michaels made a huge mistake. When her boyfriend broke up with her she ran into the arms of another man. The wrong one. After a short marriage with the cheating scum she wants a second chance with Tristan, the IT guy at work that she never stopped loving. Only he's been dating the boss’s cousin and it makes things a bit sticky.
The Temp
Amazon    Smashwords
Shelby Shanahan is one of those gals without a filter on her mouth. Maybe a gag would do her better. Or in her opinion she's just truthful, says it as it is. When Jarod Smith comes to do some “work” at Dunner, he quickly finds that Shelby's truthfulness is catchy.
Who's the Boss?
Amazon    Smashwords
Lizzy Miller enjoys her job as the receptionist at Dunner Advertising. Now that Jillian, their ex-boss, has left the building...along with goldfish...time to face a new boss. Only the face of the new boss is not what Lizzy expects. She knows that handsome face. Ryan Ferguson.
Magic Flirts!
Hex Addict
Vicky Patterson a magical matchmaker. And Drake Vanderly an enforcer for the Council. A man who thinks witches should stay out of human’s love lives. When he appears off duty at the bar she is “working” a spell goes all wrong. Or does it?
The Ghost Guide to Dating
Julie Lawson has the good fortune of seeing ghosts. Lucky her, not. Grandma and her dead friends all want Julie to play matchmaker for their living relatives. Oh joy. What about her own happiness and love life?
Cupid School Dropout
Valentino just needs to help Jacey Lawson fall in love and then he will be one of Cupid’s agents. Immortality and visits to Earth to heat the good food, surf and enjoy himself. The one rule is he can’t fall in love himself. No problem, right?
Alana Landrey wants a man to love and hold and have a family with. Badly enough that when at an antique store, she buys the love charm an old woman offers. And wished for everything she wants in a man. Just so happens that Doug MacLachlan wants many of the things Alana does. Does she really want what she wished for or could Doug be enough?
Dream Guy
Amazon      Smashwords
Kim has two kinds of dreams. The shiny ones are more like nightmares that come true. Except one shiny dream is about her getting married. She has been dreaming it over and over for years and every guy she tries to date ends up in a bad situation. She needs to be patient and wait for him. Only the day she finally finds him...he runs the other way.
Stand Alone Books
Spouse Hunting
Elizabeth Marshall don't want a man, but she does want a house. She has become immune to those handsome hottie guys that always mess up your life. That is she was immune until she sees the Realtor she chose just happens to be the hottest, hunkiest guy, ever. And what is missing from every perfect house she looks at?

Henry Watson has goals. He's on his way to hit the new sales record, that will happen to be the old record held by his father. When he meets Elizabeth he can't keep her out of his mind. He has to remember that he wants to beat the sales record and start his own business. No time for dating. No time for her. Henry keeps telling her to follow her heart when looking for the perfect house. At one point he realizes he's not doing the same.

Two people traveling a lonely path in life where work consumes them. Going home at night to emptiness. Elizabeth failed at love and just didn't believe she could try again. On the other hand, her sister Julie is planning the wedding of the century. If she's not going to ever get married, the least she can do is help her sister with hers. This is a short novella, approximately 26,000 words and yet a full story. And a very good one as well.
Love & Leftovers
Tate Carson is a celebrity chef with his own show. He needed to get a cookbook together and back on track if he wanted to continue. Staying at his agents beach house should be the perfect relaxation and time away he needs to get back on track. Only he didn't expect to have a beautiful bikini clad neighbor.

Lucy Boyd and her daughter Alexa were staying at her friends beach house. Struggling with guilt for tearing her family apart with her divorce, she needed the time away. Who knew she would end up having a man who could cook so well next door?

When Lucy's ex brings their daughter back after a week he asks to stay in the extra apartment for a few days. At this point the reader chooses where the story will go. There are three storyline endings. Which one will you choose?
**Sensual content
Back in the Game


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