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Carrie Turansky Book List

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Interview with Carrie Turansky

Please tell us a bit about yourself.
I’ve loved reading since I first visited the library as a young child and checked out a stack of picture books. My love for writing began when I hand wrote my first novel at age twelve. But I put writing aside for many years to focus on art and raising my family. I homeschooled my five children, and I found that gave me a great education and was good preparation for writing novels. My husband, Scott, and I have been married for over 35 years. He is a pastor, counselor, and the author of many parenting books. We love our church, Calvary Chapel Living Hope, and we often travel together for ministry and to visit our five adult children and three grandchildren. When I’m not writing I enjoy working in my flower gardens, walking around the lake near our house, and cooking healthy meals for family and friends.

What is the one thing about you that most people don’t know?
Many may not know our family spent a year in Kenya, Africa, where my husband taught at a Bible college and all the kids attended Rift Valley Academy, a mission boarding school, although we all lived on the station. This was a wonderful, life-changing experience for all of us, and I feel like I left part of my heart in Africa.

Do your characters take on a life of their own as you write?
Yes, my characters do take on a life of their own and sometimes they say and do things I hadn't expected! But that is one of the fun parts of writing a story, and one thing that keeps it fresh and interesting to me.

What is your greatest achievement?
I’d say my greatest achievement is building a strong and healthy marriage and raising our five children with my husband Scott. We feel very blessed to see our kids move into adulthood and still maintain a close relationship with us.

What is your goal or mission as a writer?
My goal and mission as a writer is to share God’s love and truth through the power of story, to take readers on a powerful emotional journey, and help them grow closer to God in the process.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?
I feel very blessed to be able to share my books with reading friends! I love to connect through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and my website. I hope readers will stop by, see what’s new, and leave me a message.
Surrendered Hearts
Jennifer Evans has lost her faith. How could a loving God take everything away from her? First her parents and then her home, dog, fiance and she was left disfigured. When she goes to Tipton, Vermont with hopes that her brother will take her in, she sees people living their faith. Can she make room for God in her life once again?
Bill Morgan is taken with his best friends little sister. Jenn is so beautiful and her scars don’t distract from her. But, she is not a believer and so he has to keep his distance. Something that is harder than he ever thought it could be. Will God hear his prayers and bring Jenn back into the fold or will Bill have to abandon his feelings for her?
The book before Surrendered Hearts is Along Came Love. This book tells the story of Wes Evans, Lauren and Toby.
Where Two Hearts Meet
Tea For Two
Allison Bennett, co-owner of a financially strapped teashop in Princeton, New Jersey, receives a large anonymous check that saves her business. But she has no idea who sent it. Could it be from Peter Hillinger, the wealthy businessman who owns the shop next door and wants to win Allison’s heart? Or is it from Tyler Lawrence, Allison’s old boyfriend, who returns to town claiming a renewed faith and a changed life. Allison doesn’t know who she should trust. Should she follow her head or heart, or is there Someone else who can guide her toward the best path for her future?

Wherever Love Takes Us
After twenty-five years of marriage, Matt and Tessa Malone are struggling to recover financially and rebuild trust following a business failure. Then Matt inherits property in Oregon, and he wants to move the family there to make a fresh start. But Tessa can’t imagine giving up the cozy teashop she co-owns with her sister, or leaving her friends and family in Princeton. Whose dream will they follow, and how much will it cost their family? Can they resolve their differences and rebuild a love that seems lost?
*These two revised stories were previously published in Wedded Bliss and Kiss the Bride.
Moonlight Over Manhattan
Edwardian Brides Series
Book 1: The Governess of Highland Hall
Julia Foster has just returned from twelve years as a missionary in India. She worked alongside her parents and they have just returned to England because of her father’s health. They hoped to return to their mission duties once he is well. Until that time she needed to work to help support her parents. She was thankful to get the governess job at Highland Hall, as it is walking distance to her parents.

Sir William Ramsey has found himself with a title and lands. What he didn’t expect was the financial state his late cousin had left behind. He needed to find a way to save Highland Hall as people depended on him. His sister, two children and the two daughters of his late cousin. His late wife had left him embarrassed and untrusting so the idea of marrying for money was the last thing he wanted, but would it be his only choice?

Julia is somewhat like a Christian Mary Poppins. She brings joy to the people she’s around and looks at everything in a positive light. Such as, where people see young Andrew as wild, she sees a nine year old boy. The author has brought the characters to life in such a way that this reader shed more than one tear during this story and also found it hard to set the book down. The story pulled me in and held me all the way to the end. I’m looking forward to the next two books in this series.
**Received through Blogging for Books for review
Book 2: The Daughter of Highland Hall
Katherine Ramsey has a goal in mind. Since her father passed and the estate could not go to a daughter, she would marry well and have her very own estate. And her aunt Louisa was there to make sure that is exactly how things went. The London Season was not all Kate had hoped it to be, though. Especially when a dark cloud descended upon their family name.

Jonathan Foster had some choices to make as he finished the last months of his medical school. He always believed he’d go back to India to continue the work his father started, but now he has seen that the East End of London has needs as well.

In book one, The Governess of Highland Hall, Jon’s sister Julia is the governess so the reader gets to know many of the characters in this book. Society does not look at the Ramsey’s with favor. William Ramsey is engaged to his governess and Sarah Ramsey has married the head gardener. There are many secondary issues happening along with this main story. I enjoyed both of these books and look forward to Refuge at Highland Hall.
**Book received from Blogging for Books for an honest review
Book 3: Refuge at Highland Hall
Shine Like the Dawn
Bayside Treasure Series 
Book 1: Seeking His Love
 Cam McKenna is not the most cheerful man around. His wife and son were killed in a car accident four years ago and he carries the guilt of thinking he could have prevented it. He had no desire to ever love again….he thought. Then Rachel Clark entered into their co-op looking to rent space in their building. No way did he want her in the building or in his thoughts, where she seemed to take residence.

Rachel left her past behind her in Seattle to start over. Taking the position as head of a Christian theater group for youths she needed to find a new home for them….and she did. If only she can convince the man in charge to give her a chance. And as long as her secrets don’t ever come to light to destroy her new life.

There were so many interesting side stories in this book. Learning to forgive others and yourself, the destruction that jealousy can cause, when people react rather than trying to find out the truth and let the mob mind set take hold. There is also the lesson that it’s best to be honest right from the start because the truth always seems to find it’s way to the surface. The next two books connected with this one are, A Man to Trust and Snowflake Sweethearts.
Book 2: A Man To Trust
 Following Her Heart
After years spent helping run her family's Christian bookstore, it's time for Adrie Chandler to give her own dream a chance. But can she really trust the beloved shop to new manager Ross Peterson? The man is too handsome, too charming...too much a reminder of another dream Adrie had to let go of -- marriage.

Yet Ross surprises her by knowing a thing or two about making sacrifices. Suddenly, Adrie's questioning what she really wants. And whether the dreams she once thought unlikely are within reach after all.
Book 3: Snowflake Sweethearts
Annie Romano has made a few errors in judgment during her young life. She regrets never telling an old friend what he meant to her before he left for college. Annie also regrets bad choices in her own college days, although she doesn't regret Emma, her daughter. After seven years of being gone she has now returned to her hometown, Fairhaven, Washington. God blesses her with an unexpected job and a home to live in when her friend needs someone to move in and take care of her, so her grandson can go back to his world of climbing the career ladder without worrying about his grandma.

Alex Jameson took two weeks vacation to come and get things settled with his grandma after she has a heart attack. She’s the only family he has left but his career is in California, not Washington. His old friend Annie is there to take care of his grandma and he can go back to work after Thanksgiving. Or can he? As his life starts unraveling, Alex sees that he’s left much behind to chase his dreams, what will he choose in the end?

The Bayside Treasure friends, a group of four older women live in Fairhaven and do their part as matchmakers. Alex and Annie both struggle with the past invading the future. Losing loved ones or watching them walk away have caused them to falter in their faith at times and make assumptions that the past will only keep repeating itself. Can they put their trust in God and let Him guide their futures?
Stand Alone
Along Came Love
After years of hiding from her past, single mom Lauren Woodman had finally returned to her Vermont hometown with her young son in tow. Reconnecting with her family and friends was Lauren's goal, until a snowstorm brought a mysterious stranger to town—and into her life.

Wes Evans was struggling to find the path to God's love and forgiveness, after his work as a missionary in the Middle East made him question his calling. But his search for redemption threatened to hurt the one person who could heal his heart and soul….
Barbour Novella's 
Wedded Bliss
 As four couples approach their 25th wedding anniversaries, it appears romance has been lost along the way. The Weavers receive news that halts their dreams. The Higginses are separating to re-evaluate their individual lives. The Wrights have a sudden void in their marriage when the last child gets married. And the Malones are playing tug-of-war between his and her dreams. Somewhere along the way these couples missed the lesson that they should pull together during adversity. Is there still time to learn--"for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness or in health, to love and to cherish 'til death do us part?
Kiss The Bride:
 Four young women meet at a restaurant owner's conference -- Angel from Florida, Monica from Missouri, Haley from Oklahoma, and Allison from New Jersey -- and discover they share the same faiths, fears, and hopes, including a lack of a love story in their lives. They vow to keep in touch, pray for one another, and meet again at next year's conference. What happens in between is an absolute smorgasbord of changed lives, challenged faiths, new dedications and directions, and romantic twists that turn next year's conference reunion plans into reservations for eight.
A Big Apple Christmas: Moonlight & Mistletoe
A compilation of four heartwarming novellas that capture the sights and sounds of Christmas in New York City where faith and good will bring love home.
A Blue & Gray Christmas: Shelter in the Storm
Surrender yourself to the forces of love in four engaging Civil War Christmas romances. Join up with Leah Woods as she searches for her missing fiancĂ© in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Stick to your guns with Arabella Lambert as she pledges her allegiance to pacifist Barry Birch, a man labeled a coward. Ride out the storm with Rachel Thornton as she resists her attraction to the wounded artist James Galloway. Saddle up with Confederate-born Hannah McIntosh as she falls for Chris Haley, an embittered Union soldier. Can these couples forge an everlasting union in the tide of civil war? 
Christmas Mail-Order Brides : A Trusting Heart
After Annika Bergstrom's twin sister, Sophie, is asked to marry Annika chooses to be a mail order bride.

A man named Charles in Wyoming sounds wonderful and she leaves Chicago on the train to meet him. She is met by his father, brother and daughter but not him.

After much time he appears at the house but does not seem like the man she had exchanged letters with.

As time goes on she learns to love Mariah and becomes very fond of Daniel, Chase's brother.
Mountain Christmas Brides: A Trusting Heart


  1. Thanks Judy! This is very nice! I appreciate you helping me spread the word about my books. Blessings! Carrie

  2. I've enjoyed all of Carrie's books that I have read so far. Surrendered Hearts sticks with me as I read it while traveling and had to keep wiping tears away. Do not fear, it's a great story, but you know there's always that one part where things get a bit unsure. I'm also looking forward the rest of her Edwardian Series.

  3. I have never read any of your books before but Kiss the Bride seems really interesting. Wdded Bliss and the Big Apple Christmas also sound very good. I am going to have to look for your books.

  4. Ms. Turansky is new to me. Her books sound amazing. I am putting The Governess of Highland Hall and the series on my Want to Read List.

  5. The books sound great! I'm looking forward to reading them.

  6. Loved this post! A Man to Trust sounds very interesting, as do all the books! Snowflake Sweethearts sounds great as well! Thanks for interview to get to know Carrie Turansky and her books better!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  7. Carrie, I don't think I have read any of your books. Although I have spotted them at the local walmart:) Snowflake Sweethearts looks interesting. I also enjoyed the interview! Donna (at) MoreThanaReview dot com.

  8. Carrie, I love your covers almost as much as I love your mission to share God through your books. I'm a real fan of historicals and look forward to reading yours!