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Interview with Renee Roszel
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
This might not shock readers, but it shocked me. It was before I started writing, though my first book, HOSTAGE HEART, was based on that experience. When my husband was in the Army and we were stationed in Germany, I saw a TV documentary about when the Berlin Wall went up. Living in Germany at the time, I thought we must go SEE such an historic, if abhorrent barricade. Therefore, on a leave we flew to West Berlin, located well within East Germany. 
West Berlin would remind you of any large bustling city, Chicago, Paris. People, lights, congested, with bumper to bumper traffic and sightseeing, shopping, laughing and talking. I was able to get on a bus tour into East Berlin, while my husband, an Army officer, could not, due to his security clearance. First Checkpoint Charlie was quite nonthreatening. It was not much more than a booth with a wooden arm that lifted for traffic to pass. It was after passing through the American checkpoint where things got scary. The bus was stopped. We were told to get out. Some female soldier made me take off my sunglasses and my faux fur hat, so that she could check my identity (both going in and coming out). Other soldiers were checking under cars with mirrored devices. There were barriers in the road so that no car or bus could make a straight exit from the East to West, hampering any potential escape attempt. It’s been years, now so memory fades, but trust me, it was not a comfortable situation. Once inside East Berlin, it was as though we had entered a dead city. Empty streets. Hardly a car, no people. Though there were groups of soldiers marching along the sidewalks. It was the ghostly opposite of West Berlin.  It was not run down, a lot of gray buildings and monuments, but few people. It was good to get back to the West. 
The saddest, most shocking part was to see the wreaths propped up against the wall, where people had died trying to escape. There had been platforms built on the Western side, where we could climb up steps and look over the wall, right into the narrow, slitted gun turrets of the towers on the Eastern side. No doubt a gun was pointed at me as I peered over the Wall. 
The impression that experience left on me, inspired my first novel, which came out as a Harlequin American--about a woman held hostage in East Berlin, and the East German scientist wanting to escape the East, who helped her break out. I won’t say more, in case you can find a copy. I’d love it if you read it and enjoyed a peek into an ugly blot on Germany’s history, and the romance that came out of my brief contact with a world that left its haunting impression not only on me, but on the free world. 

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories? 
I don’t know how ‘strange’ this is, but another of my books was based on the fact that my sister, an Air Force Public Information Officer, was one of the first women instructors at the Air Force Academy. Her full length picture was in News Week Magazine, no doubt because she was HOT. 
An idea for a romance came to me out of the information I gleaned from my sister’s experience. There’s one funny incident that happened to her that I put into my book. It concerned a time when she was ‘captured’ in a mock war game and put into a little box where she couldn’t quite stand or sit comfortably, and ‘tortured’ to tell the secret information she knew. She didn’t crack, and received a commendation for her bravery. 
Later she told me it was not so much  because she was brave that she didn’t crack, but because she hadn’t felt well and had not paid attention to the secret info she was given, and therefore didn’t KNOW anything. I loved that story and simply had to incorporate it into the book. By the way, that story WILD FLIGHT, will be coming out in e-book form in February 2014. I’d love it if you look for it, and when you reach the part I’ve just described, I hope I haven’t dampened your ability to get the same kick out of it that I did. 
Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
If you’d asked me this story years ago I’d have said no. Once I finished writing a book, I never wanted to see it again, I’d gone over it SOOOOO many times. But now, with books that came out in the 1980’s, I have gone back and started reading some. Many I have forgotten so much about, that I can read them just like a reader who has never seen the book before. I have found myself thinking, “Oh my heavens! What will happen now!!!?” So weird, and funny, that I wrote a whole book I don’t remember. So, yes, you can say, I have enjoyed going back and reading my own stuff. I guess the old saying is right, “Absence makes the heart grow fonder.” 

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Absolutely, I have laughed and cried. Just as I’ve gotten ‘worked up’ during sex scenes, if you get my drift. Just as, once, I even stopped writing for the day and walked outside and wondered how it could be so HOT in December. Then realized it was July, and only December in my story. I don’t think a story can be truly believable to a reader if it is not REAL to the author as she is writing it. 

Favorite book or character you have written?
Having written over 40, it’s hard to choose. Each book is like one of  your own children. But I did find myself feeling very strange about a particular hero. I discovered I’d developed a crush on him! That was unusual. Something about this hero seemed so real to me, that I actually had romantic feelings for him at times I wasn’t writing. I just thought of him dreamily, as one might think of a real, live boyfriend. I was actually falling in love with him, like no other of my heroes. He was, and is, such a sweetheart, this hero in my book,  MARRIED BY MISTAKE. 
Another book that I’m partial to is VALENTINE’S KNIGHT with a tragic hero who has lost his nerve in an ice climbing fall, and comes back to face his fear. I loved that  about him, and I loved that book. I remember my mother reading it and her comment, “I didn’t know you could write like this.”  That did, and still does, mean a lot to me. 

Do you read the same types of books you write? 
Before I started writing romance, I read a lot of romances. Loved ‘em, mainly Historical. I adored the hearty knights and daring pirates, damsels in distress, castles. Foreign lands. Fairytale stuff.  Loved it all. Oddly I didn’t read contemporary so much, but always preferred writing them. 
However, after starting to write romances, I found it difficult to read them, since I either wanted to rewrite it or found myself scratching my head, muttering, “Now how did she do that?”  It was both a critiquing experience and a learning experience for me.  A little too much like work. A Busman’s Holiday, taking the bus on vacation. So  in my own personal pleasure reading, I’ve veered wildly away, reading true crime, or if not true crime, mystery, suspense. But never fear, I won’t throw the book down if there’s a sexy romance thrown in. Though it needs to take place between discovery of corpses here and there. 

What is your go-to snack?
Anything chocolate works for me! Speaking of that, I’m feeling a little  snacky...
Stand Alone Books
Hostage Heart
With one look he held her hostage heart...
Drew McKenna was on the run. With the threat of her ex-husband returning to their hometown, Drew was glad to have an excuse to flee to Germany to visit with old friends. When she left Los Alamos, New Mexico, however, she never thought that she would almost lose the most precious gift shared by all Americans--her U.S. citizenship.

Rolf Erhardt wanted to escape. He didn't care about anything except freedom. When fate brought Drew to his life, Rolf saw his ticket out.

Neither Drew nor Rolf realized that their need to be free from past bonds could never match their burning desire for one another!
Wild Flight
Captain Ronda Voss enjoys her position in the Air Force. Unexpectedly one day changes everything, and one man. Major Chase Corbett, a pilot, has her job now and she's only his assistant. Worse yet? He's too doggone handsome for his own good, or hers. The thing about pilots is that they never stayed around long. They always left. Ronda feared when this one left he would be taking her heart along with him.

The struggle between the sexes is apparent as Ronda is in a position that many of the older military still think only men should belong, and some younger ones. Ronda also struggles as one of the general's has a niece who enjoys dressing extremely feminine compared to Ronda's own masculine uniform. The story is told almost completely from Ronda's point of view, barring one chapter. It was nicely done to show what was going on inside Chase's mind. Another page turner.
**Sexual situations
Wind Shadow
Silky Overbridge had moved to Alaska with her husband, Rex, where he ended up leaving her for someone else. Divorced, depressed and just down, her friend Annie pushes her to live again. Going on bike rides, getting a job and finishing her education. Now Annie has them going on the Biked Alaska, a four week bike trip across the state. She learns Rex will also be on it and decides to get him back.

The handsome detective Silky met at the hospital one night, under embarrassing circumstances, is also on the ride. Why is it that she keeps noticing his dark eyes and handsome looks when all she wants is to win Rex back?

Ride up and down the road to romance along the beautiful Alaskan countryside with the characters. Cool springs, beautiful mountains and wild animals. Smell the fresh mountain air and the burn of peddling uphill. Along with the burning passions passing between the characters. Will Silky see what she really needs or will pride blur her view?
**Sexual content

Another Man's Treasure
Raine Webber considered herself an old maid schoolteacher, well college professor. When one of her students invites them to her home for a anthropology dig of a different sort, she don’t expect it to at a mansion or that it will change her life. But it is and it does. Her dig goes deeper than the garbage they collect.

Cotter Hunt lives a life of guilt. He may seem like a rich playboy, but there is much more to him than that. A man haunted by the past and striving to give his younger siblings the best future he can. Will the plain professor dig deep enough to find out who he really is?

The study of garbage turns out to be more than a school project. A good story with mystery and intrigue, pranks that don’t always end up so innocent. Good intentions that don’t end up as they are meant to be. Who would think that the study of garbage could be romantic?
**Sexual content and language
Another Heaven
Widowed landscape architect Mandy McRae is a bit anxious about the future. Not for herself but her aging father-in-law. Lydia Danforth has passed away and the new owner of Barren Heath Isle may ask Josh to leave the cottage they live in. After forty years in the same place Mandy didn't know if he'd survive a move. She had to find a way to help him.

Rule Danforth came to the Barren Heath in hopes of gaining the inheritance. He needed the money and home for the endangered animals he cared for. Instead of inheriting the estate his father lived on he had to play the game his step-mother put in place. Several relatives would go in search of the treasure with the clues they were given each day. Not being a trusting man he couldn't believe Mandy offered to help him only in exchange for allowing Josh to stay. But what choice did he have?

A story full of colorful characters. The Danforth's were known for being a brick short of a stack. The retired circus performers, a Las Vegas dance girl and Steppy. As they take their clues and circle the island they find treasures that have nothing to do with the millions they are searching for. Romance, adventure and humor all rolled into one book.
**Sexual content
Legendary Lover
Tessa Jane Mankiller had a rather tough life. Her mother passed away, her father drank and couldn’t hold a job and worst of all she fell in love at sixteen with someone who didn’t love her back. One night of passion and rejection stayed with Tessa. Then thirteen years later, that same person walked into her life for a second time.

Dr. Cordell Redigo was a renown marine biologist finding and capturing two fish that were thought to be long ago extinct. Taking a break from his beloved work he came to Lost Cove Inn in Vermont to help his cousin Mary prove, or in his opinion, disprove the existence of Champ, a mythical creature. The dark haired inn keeper was a pleasant surprise, and something niggled in his mind that she seemed familiar.

What could a famous marine biologist and an inn keeper have in common? More than you would think. The author takes the reader on an adventure from the mind of a sixteen year old who thinks she’s in love to a young woman who just thinks stability is all she needs for happiness. A young man who believes all he needs in life is his work. The mythical Champ brings them together, and they both find out how wrong they were. Another exciting romance by Renee Roszel that is filled with ups and downs on the journey of life and love.
**Sexual content
Valentine's Knight
Quaid Perrault has returned to the place that changed his life four years ago. Valdez, Alaska and Death Scream. The frozen waterfall that he fell from while climbing. The monster had left him scarred inside and out. To start moving forward in his life he had to face and conquer Death Scream. What he didn't expect to find was his temporary landlord and her beast of a protector.

Helicopter pilot Valentine Larrabee remembered Quaid before his accident. A self-assured, arrogant and very handsome man. She also knew what he looked like when she had to fly in for his rescue. Now that he's renting a room from her she is learning that this new Quaid is nothing like the old one. She's also finding how attractive he is whether scarred or not. Only she has some deep scars of her own that prevent her from letting anyone in her life.

Renee Roszel writes a clear picture of these ice monsters, you feel the bitter cold wind and the sound of the ice axes. The strain of muscles as they climb. Definitely all the ice climbing I'd ever want to do was in this story. These two people have bigger things to conquer, such as fear and overcoming guilt. And realizing that love is bigger than proving who you are by climbing up a mountain of ice. I really enjoyed the story. If you are a visual person like me, you can look up Valdez, Alaska's waterfalls, there are also pictures from the ice festivals.
**Sexual content
Unwilling Wife
Gina Baron had been married for ten years. In that time her handsome husband had started to suck her dry. He told her how to dress, how to wear her hair, what charity work to do or not and more. Gina had been left a lighthouse on the beach all the way across the country and she ran there, away from being the Dean’s Wife. To become her own person.

Dr. David Baron had his PH.d but lost his wife. He gave her a month and then went to bring his wife back to Boston. The chore wasn’t as easy as he thought. He was a brilliant scholar but found it difficult to find the best way to win his wife back.

This story was unique and a bit of an emotional roller coaster. It wasn’t about a couple who fell out of love, but a couple deeply in love with a passionate sex life. Only David thought he was helping his wife and missed the fact that he was slowly strangling her. Definitely a great read.
**Sexual content
Prince Of Delights
Angela Meadows is trying to get her new business off the ground and the work she'll be doing for Delila Seaton will definitely help. So why now of all times does her mother have to have one of her 'dreams'? Minny Meadows sees herself as a bit of a fortune teller with the dreams and visions she has. Worse yet is her mother has chosen to spread her dream around and announce that wealthy playboy Tarrant Seaton the Prince of Delights (and not pertaining to the candy delights they create) will be marrying her, Angela Meadows of the very poor side of town.

Tarrant Seaton is used to women throwing themselves at him. What a woman won't do to get hold of his money. This money grabbing, gold digger and her mother have taken it a step further and involved his mother. Somehow this woman snagged his mother into hiring her to redo the storage areas not only at Delila Delights but also their home. Is there nowhere safe for him to go and not run into this woman?

Angela is the reasonable one in her family as her mother almost seems simple minded and will not take no for an answer. Or stop embarrassing her daughter with her marriage talk. From the female workers at Delila Delights to the house maids at Seaton's mansion she faces disdain as they consider her a gold digger. The push and pull carries on through most of the book as Angela will not throw her mom to the wolves by blaming her for this marriage announcement and Tarrant refuses to accept that she isn't in this marriage plan to trap him. I really enjoyed the story, although Minny is one of the characters that you want to put a gag on...which only shows that the author wrote her well as she brings out the readers emotions at wanting to hush the woman up.
Devil To Pay
Aly Bean Fields had two rules she lived by: Don't lose control and don't screw up. She was already responsible for her baby daughter, her mother and her ex-husband's debts. Having landed the biggest estate auction job of her career, she was finally on the verge of getting her life together. Then she screwed it up royally by falling hard for Rourke Rountree. He was devilishly sexy but absolutely out of control...

Rourke knew that he and Aly had two things in common: great sexual chemistry and a rotten opinion of him. He wanted Aly more than he'd ever wanted anything. But there'd be the devil to pay--in order to win her love and respect!
A Bride For Ransom
Sara Eller is frantic by the time she arrives on the small Alaskan island from Kansas. Her sixteen year old sister has run off as a mail-order bride. Lynn is her only family and her responsibility. She's so strung out by the time she meets the handsome Ransom Shepard that she tears him up and spits him out with her words, only to find out he didn't marry Lynn. Time for humble pie. What's worse is she is stuck on the island for a week and has to accept his unhappy offer of hospitality. She's not so thrilled herself as he's quite difficult. By the second week she's trapped on the island, it's more a battle of her heart. And he's a man who has no plans of falling in love again.

This story is from Sara's point of view only. Her fear of dogs actually leads to some humorous situations that have nothing to do with dogs. Poor Sara's emotions run the gamut. From fear and anger over her sister being gone to disgust with what she sees when entering Rance's home and who, or I should say what, he allows to lounge on his couch. A really good and sweet story that keeps pulling the reader in to see what will happen next.
No More Mr. Nice
Lucas Brand's life didn't start out so well, but now he was a self-made multimillionaire. Business was his mistress. Working on a huge project worth millions, he received the letter calling in a favor from years ago. He could ignore anyone in the world but not Norman Victor Roxbury.

Jessica Glen worked as Mr. Roxbury's assistant, helping with the less fortunate kids in the Mr. Niceguy program. Her boss was in the hospital and needed a replacement Mr. Niceguy for this years Thanksgiving Dinner and week long retreat. Jess disagreed that a man Like Lucas would be the best replacement. But it wasn’t up to her.

This was a really good story. Watching the ten kids who were chosen for the retreat as they had fun and enjoyed life for a week without the problems most fourteen year olds should never have to start with. There were also so interesting critters and characters to help make the story complete.
**Sexual content
Sex, Lies And Leprechauns
Sex: Okay, so what if Devlin Rafferty was as handsome as the devil, and sexy and charming to boot! Laura Todd was a woman on a mission--to find a missing heir in Ireland. And if that wasn't reason enough to avoid Devlin, she'd vowed to steer clear of men after having her heart broken...twice.

Lies: A little pleasurable diversion with Devlin couldn't hurt, Laura rationalized. Except it was becoming too darn pleasurable--and threatening to become a lot more than a diversion.

Leprechauns: Faith and begorrah! Dare she believe in Devlin's declaration of everlasting love for her at first sight? Yeah, sure, and soon she'd be believing in leprechauns, too!
Brides For Brazen Gulch
Brazen Gulch is a town with two men for every woman. They are advertising all kinds of jobs for women to fill. Lorna is a plumber and she would like to find a good man as she has a son who needs a father.

The first man she meets is Clint, and she knows she wants to stay away from him. Everything about him screams Wild Bill, her late husband who was a daredevil, and being so had killed him.

None of the men compared to Clint but she knew he was not only a daredevil, but not the settle down kind of guy.

Problem was that Sam and her were living on a house on his property and Sam was getting pretty attached to him, she was too.
There Goes The Bride
Meanwhile, back at the ranch...
Deedee Emerson had escaped the family farm, but in her haste to escape her wealthy, mismatched fiance she dived--wedding dress and all--through the first open window she saw. And that window belonged to Garth Gentry's truck...a pickup truck, to be exact, used to haul stuff to the barn.
Garth was a footloose, carefree cowboy who loved his dog, his horse and his grandparents, in that order. He had women falling all over him every time he said, "Marry me, darlin"'--which was every five minutes.
So when he said it to Deedee, she didn't know whether to laugh or cry...because she wanted to say yes!
Gift-Wrapped Baby
Right Stork, Wrong Address!
Found: One Baby under Christmas Tree
Hallie St. John knew her way around babies--she'd practically raised three stepsisters--but finding one under her Christmas tree had her stumped.
She discovered that the little pink bundle was meant for her neighbor Nate Hawksmoor, who didn't know a thing about babies--except, obviously, how to make them. Which left Hallie the impossible task of getting the studly bachelor started on his journey into fatherhood.
But for Hallie, both man and baby were as deliciously irresistible as Christmas chocolate...
The One-Week Marriage
In love with her boss
Efficient but decidedly drab. Not any longer. Isabel Peabody has repressed her true self for long enough, and her workaholic boss, Gabriel Parish, is about to get the shock of his life.
Reluctantly agreeing to play the part of his "wife" for a week to secure a business deal, Izzy is about to transform herself from top executive assistant to a living, breathing seductive--woman. Could she hope to persuade Gabriel to ease up on work and learn to have a little fun instead?
The Tycoon's Temptation
Mitchell Rath thrives on challenge. Taking over ailing companies has made him a powerful, wealthy man. But one business empire eludes him -- and it belongs to Elaine Stuben.

This determined tycoon has little time for pleasure -- and no time at all for emotional involvement! But when it comes to Elaine's company, Mitchell's hardened heart starts to feel some unwelcome twinges of compassion! And, worse still, in her presence his cool reserve is fast giving way to an all-consuming heat....
A Bride For The Holidays
Trisha August is determined to be independent and will do anything -- well, almost anything -- for enough money to set up her own business. She can't believe her luck when hotshot Lassiter Dragan promises to give her a loan....
But there's a catch -- she has to become his temporary "wife" for the Christmas holidays!
Lassiter has sworn that he'll never make himself vulnerable through love. So a convenient, temporary wife seems the perfect solution to enhance his business image. Only, living as man and wife is harder than either of them expects. Lassiter is appalled to discover he's falling in love with his wife!
Just Friends To...Just Married
Kimberly Norman has always had one sure thing in her life. Her neighbor Jax. As her mom flitted from husband to husband, Jax was always there. After almost a full decade since she last saw her friend, she needs a Jax fix. She wouldn't survive knowing he wasn't in her life. That's why she will never have more than friendship with him. The minute love or sex is involved...someone always leaves.

Jaxon Gideon moved to Chicago go get away from the woman he loved. He was always there to help Kim as she went through relationships with other men. He wanted to be the one for her. After ten years he's finally getting over her, he thought. When she shows up on his doorstep he realizes he needs to get her out of his life completely. Unless he can find a way to get this commitment phobic woman to realize not every relationship ends up like her mothers.

Poor Jax, he has all the money he'll ever need, but money can't buy love. Kim can't let go of her fears that love never works out. When Jax's partner wants Kim to help hostess a party he knows he'll have to hold his feelings in for one more week. And then tell her how he feels and watch as she will surely run away. Great story that takes the readers emotions on a bit of a ride.
Blue Moon Bride
Roth Jerric may be drop-dead gorgeous, but as her ex-boss he's the last person Hannah Hudson wants around. A stay at the Blue Moon Inn seemed like the answer to her prayers, but finding she's sharing close quarters with Roth is hardly her idea of relaxation!
Roth can't understand why his existence disturbs Hannah so much. And can't understand just why he cares. Disillusioned with women, he's not looking for any romantic entanglement. But, try as he might, Hannah's one woman he can't ignore....
Sex, Lies & Cellulite
Sylvia Hunter feels herself flying off in so many directions she can't make sense of it. Forget the fact that her perfect daughter is going through a Goth phase. Or that her overbearing mother-in-law and crazy aunt are going to drive her to murder. Something's up with her husband. And judging from Greg's recent lies... Well, the only thing that's certain is that Syl needs to act fast! Maybe she should dye her hair, lose those extra pounds--anything to get the attention again of the man she loves to distraction.
But what is Greg actually hiding? Possibly for the first time ever in their twenty-six-year relationship, they must be truly open with each other. And who knows what that could do to a marriage!
Enchanted Bride Series
 The Myth:
 The stately D’Amour mansion stands majestically in the countryside, its absentee owner rumored to be living in Europe. Closed for years, this mansion has a charming myth surrounding it. Legend says that the mansion is enchanted and that “an unmarried woman who sleeps within its walls on her birthday, when the moon is full, will marry the first man she sees in the morning."
All Three Books in One
Enchanted Brides--Wanted: three dream husbands for three loving sisters.
Book 1: To Marry A Stranger
Helen Crosby is going to prove that the D'Amour myth works, so on her twenty-first birthday she snuck into the deserted mansion and fell asleep. Only it's not so deserted after all. She wakes up to find some ruffian must be in the house and she escapes. The man she meets on the road later is not her first, or last, choice of a husband, but who can fight destiny and fate? She'll just have to find the good characteristics of Hirk Bogg. Realizing the man in the mansion was Damien Lord, a man who had the world in his hands before a tragic accident, she sets out to help him. Not an easy feat.

This story is told from Helen's point of view. There are some pretty humorous parts along with the serious ones. Helen and Lucy have given their inheritance money to their sister Elissa to help her open an inn. Book 2 is Lucy's story, Married By Mistake, and book 3 is Elissa's tale called, Her Mistletoe Husband. This first book was really good and I'm looking forward to reading these next two in the series.
Book 2: Married By Mistake!
Lucy Crosby wakes up groggy and confused until she remembers what happened. Her sister Lucy had went into labor while walking and they ended up in the old mansion. Suddenly her step-brother Jack is there to get them to the hospital and save the day. It's her birthday but it wasn't very happy. She had been waiting and faithful for two years while her fiancé traveled Europe living his acting dream. And obviously wooing another woman who he was now engaged to. On top of everything else, he's decided he needs to bring the new woman to meet the old one so they can all be friends!

Jack Gallagher has been in love with Lucy for years. The three years his mother was married to their father was the best time in his life. Now that he's made something of himself he hopes to win Lucy. Perfect timing has a plan falling into place, he offered to pretend to be her fiancé while the jerk is visiting. And hopefully she will realize they belong together.

The second book in this series was just as enjoyable as the first, page turners that I didn't want to put down. The author brings Damien and Helen back along with Elissa and the folks at her inn. Characters that come to life with love, humor and loyalty. If you enjoy series you'll want to start with book one, To Marry A Stranger. The final book in the story is Elissa's tale and the mysterious owner of the mansion makes his appearance in Her Mistletoe Husband.
Book 3: Her Mistletoe Husband
When two ex-lawyers come together over a property out cupid, it might not be your arrows that are flying through the air. Or are they?

Elissa Crosby was living her dream. With the help of her sisters they had bought an inn. Sure she was a bit envious of the love her sisters had in their lives, but she wasn't the marrying kind. And then he arrived. The man with the power to ruin her life and take away her dreams. And her betraying heart still found him handsome.

Alex D'Amour had found out he inherited the old mansion and he had big plans. He had been a top lawyer and he would get what he wanted. A man who didn't believe in love and kept his emotions locked up tight. What was only a name before his arrival became a flesh and blood, feisty red-headed woman that was about to turn his world upside down.

What a great series! These three books were all so enjoyable. The first books are To Marry A Stranger and Married By Mistake. They are humorous and serious along with being romantic. Three sisters who put their money together to buy an inn and three men who fell for them, even if an old myth seemed to give them a push. Definitely a series worth reading.
The Merits Of Marriage Series
The Merit brothers: it takes three special women to win their stubborn hearts
Book 1: Honeymoon Hitch
Jake Merit's wife would have his name and affluent lifestyle, but never his love. So why has Susan O'Conner agreed to marry him? Having loved Jake secretly for years, she knows his apparently carefree attitude conceals an inner pain. Her dream is to tempt him to live--and love--again.
Jake has made it clear that he wants children from their marriage of convenience. But without having experienced even a kiss from Jake, the most daunting thing on the horizon isn't their wedding day...but their wedding night!
Book 2: Coming Home To Wed
Eligible women are in short supply
Life is good--if somewhat lonely--now that Marc Merit has returned to his family's island home. There's no eligible woman in sight until Mimi Baptiste literally crashes into him. A dependable doctor, set in his ways, he finds spirited Mimi bothersome ... but oh, so beguiling!
As aggravating as her temporary boss is, Mimi can't deny his devastating good looks. What Marc needs is to loosen up and enjoy life. But valuing her freedom as she does, can Mimi afford to be the one to show him how?

Book 3: Accidental Fiancee
Zachary Merit might have saved a senator's daughter's life -- but he doesn't expect to read in the newspapers that she is his fiancee! That is certainly news to him! Now, much to his irritation, Olivia has followed him to Merit Island -- to apologize....
Olivia still finds Zack reckless and exciting -- everything she isn't. Could she ever be like him, fit in with his wild lifestyle? Probably not. So why is she so determined to make him her fiance -- for real?
Multi-Author Series
Nobody's Fool - Book 5: American Tribute Series
Martin Dante is a wealthy man but lately something seems to be missing from his life. When he meets Cara outside their sports club and gives her a ride to the university, something about her is refreshing. But she does her best to keep him away from her.

Cara Torrence has steeled herself against men. An incident when she was seventeen and a couple fiance's later has shown her that it's not worth her time, or the pain they leave behind. So why of all the men in the world is it Martin that can break through her iron steel sanctuary?

Another page turning book by Renee Roszel. Once I started reading I didn't want to stop. It gives the reader a slightly emotional ride on the hearts roller coaster as these two fight their attraction to each other. Add in a practical joke pulling friend and a handsome, a governors race along with a nine mile marathon, and it all adds up to a great story. Some of other characters in this book have stories in this six book series. Cara's sister and the candidate they support have stories in book 3: Right Behind the Rain by Elaine Camp and book 6: Misty Mornings, Magic Nights by Ada Steward
**Sexual content
Ghost Whispers - Book 17: Dreamscape Series
If she'd had any other choice, Alice Woods would have run from Percival Castle the moment she saw it. But the Gothic monstrosity was her last refuge--she needed somewhere to recover after being dumped by one of the Midwest's most eligible bachelors.
Besides, she could handle Marta, the cranky owner of the castle. And she wasn't afraid of Theora, the resident ghost. Everything would be fine--if she could only ignore Nick, the mysterious stranger who was in her thoughts far more than her ex-fiance.
But ignoring Nick wasn't going to be easy, especially after Theora arranged for Alice to share Nick's bed...

My Review:
Dominic “Nick” Falcon is a disgruntled ex-cop turned PI. His past left him living the life of a loner. A walking dead. When he takes on the job of watching a woman for a rich philanthropist, something changes.

Alice Woods had a dreadful and lonely childhood. Made fun of because of her deaf father. Suddenly she is the finace of a wealthy man. Until one day when everything fell apart. Lucky for her the man who had saved her life knows of a job where she can use her signing skills. And why did she ignore the word resident ghost?

Nick and Alice end up at Zarta’s gloomy castle. A woman who has also given up on life and keeps a nice turnover of employees thanks to Theora Percival...a woman who lived in the castle over a hundred years ago and never left. Can Nick and Alice help Theora find peace or will she help them instead? I really enjoyed this story, a real page turner.
**Sexual content
Make-Believe Marriage - Book 2: Family Ties Series
Little white lies!
Damon DeMorney was the last man on earth Mercy Stewart wanted to marry. He was arrogant, overbearing and, well, just plain grumpy! But her grandpa was determined to see her settled down with a husband, and telling him she had married Damon seemed to put his mind at rest.
As far as Damon was concerned, if Mercy had told everyone she was his wife--then that's what she would be! Mercy was about to find out that it didn't matter how small, or white, the lie was--you always paid for it in the end....
To Lasso A Lady - Book 2: Hitched Series
Amy Vale has just arrived in Wyoming from Chicago. Ira Diablo, an older man she met while working, offered her marriage and help when she needed it most. The handsome man who entered the store is intriguing and very angry, at her. And soon to be her stepson.

Beau Diablo has decided Amy is a beautiful bimbo willing to marry for money. After she gets stuck on his ranch during a snowstorm she has to wonder if that is what she's really about, marrying for money. It sure wasn't love, but the way Beau kisses she could easily fall for him. Too bad he hates her and she's engaged to his father.

This book is told only from Amy's point of view. The author wrote in such a way that the reader can experience the biting cold and picture the hard work of the ranch hands as they care for the cattle. Breaking the ice off the lake, spreading hay and cuddling with a cute newborn calf. Great story.
**The books in this series are standalone
**Re-Released in a 2-1 Book: Cowboy Country - Listed Under Multi-Author Books
Getting Over Harry - Book 2: Simply The Best Series
Emily Stone was left standing at the altar, alone. Harry had wanted her more exciting sister instead. Her best friend Meg shifted them off to Sin Island. A privately owned island by the illusive playboy Lyon Gallant. Meg was making it her mission to make a more worldly woman of Emily and thought Lyon would be the perfect teacher. After all the man was a walking sexual seduction. But could Emily really throw out all her values to be with someone who didn't care about her?

This story is told from Emily's POV only, which is good as it would be tough to read what Mr. Handsome was up to. Emily does learn a thing or two from the man and becomes much more content and stronger in who she is. This story shows how so often we have a strength within ourselves that has been hidden or stifled as we try to be what others expect us to be. Nothing like a tropical island to open those doors and let those hidden characteristics run free.
The Billionaire Daddy - Book 13: Baby Boom Series
Bringing up baby...
Baby Tina needed a mom, and her aunt Lauren wanted to take on the role--as soon as she'd dealt with Tina's so-called "father," playboy Dade Delacourte.
Determined to prove Dade unfit for fatherhood, Lauren was shocked to find herself mistaken for the baby's new nanny! Perhaps she could care for Tina and check out Dade's parenting skills at the same time. But her plan backfired because Dade expected Lauren to teach him about babies--and that involved spending twenty-four hours a day with this irresistible billionaire....
BABY BOOM - When two's company and three's a family!
To Catch A Bride - Book 4: Nearlyweds Series
For her grandfather's sake, Kalli had agreed to an arranged marriage to Nikolos Varos -- a man she'd never even met. But when her grandfather died on her wedding day -- so, too, did her reason for marrying....
Niko was furious he'd been jilted. So he insisted Kalli continue with the original plan that she renovate his home -- not telling her he'd be living there with her. Neither had expected the attraction that sizzled between them, and Niko, for one, was determined to catch the bride who'd got away!
Dare To Kiss A Cowboy - Book 13: Back To The Ranch Series
Anna Andrews needs to fix her brothers mess, again. When she goes to ask the man her brother stole from for a job and a grace period for her brother, she finds a hard, cold and extremely handsome man. A fireworks man, like her dad, a man she promised her mom she'd stay away from.

Bent River Ranch is run by the Dare brothers, top notch cutting-horses. Dusty Dare is a tough man to work for. Proud of his Cherokee roots and his horses. Unsure about letting the petite beauty whose brother stole a prized and irreplaceable possession from him, he gives in and gives her a chance.

What a great story. I started reading and couldn't stop. Anna has trusty Thad, the type of man her mom would want her to have, even if there's no love. Her heart prefers the dark and broody Dusty, but memories of the dad she never knew keep her fearful. I enjoyed the different characters and the horse training as well.
Her Hired Husband - Book 6: Ready For Baby Series
Instant fatherhood!
Wildly good-looking Noah Barrett is a dream of a hired husband. Affectionate, caring, he should easily convince Sally Johnson's visiting family that he's a doting father for Sally's soon-to-be-born baby!
Their "pretend marriage" is supposed to be a temporary arrangement. Only, there's nothing pretend about Noah's very physical response to Sally! And she can't help wishing this was The Real Thing. But how will she react when it turns out that nothing about Noah is as she believes?
Bridegroom On Her Doorstep - Book 4: White Wedding Series
Advertising for a husband!
The ad had appeared. She'd interviewed the candidates. Jennifer Sancroft was close to selecting a husband who would help secure a vital promotion. But when she met Cole Barringer all the potential candidates paled in comparison to this sexy bachelor. The solution was obvious....
Cole was dead against Jen's crazy, half-baked marriage scheme! Marry for convenience rather than for love -- no way! So how come it was Cole walking with her down the aisle...?
Surrender To A Playboy - Book 2: Harlequin's What Women Want! Series
Taggart Lancaster is a successful lawyer and yet here he is about to do something against all he believes. Impersonate his best friend and client, playboy Bonner Wittery. They look close enough alike and it's been too many years since Bonn visited his grandmother. Tag believes he's going for her health and her seventy-fifth birthday party. Miz Witty's caretaker knows the truth and hates Bonn for it. And she hates Tag as Bonn.

Mary O'Mara is furious. For two full years she has been doing all she can to get her employers grandson, and only living relative, to visit. It took a small fib on her end to finally get him here. That fib was the final straw in her hate fest. Bonner Wittery was rotten to the core. Which makes her that much angrier when he don't seem to be the evil person she made him out to be.

Poor Tag can't let Mary know the truth of who he is. And even if he could....ends up the women hates lawyers just as much, if not more, than playboys. Some great secondary characters and situations as well. A lusty cook, an ex who don't take no for an answer, and Mary's little sister Becca who her step-father tries to keep away from her.

**It looks like these are all stand alone books. None of the other characters in this book are mentioned in the other blurbs.
Multi-Author Books
Boardroom Bridegroom
Harlequin is pleased to present the first of four incredible 50th anniversary 2-in-1 collections. In Macomber's "Love by Degree, " Ellen Cunningham, den mother to a trio of male college students, manages to horrify one of the boys' stepbrothers, who misunderstands her role in the household. 
And in Roszel's "Boardroom Bridegroom, " Joshua has one condition to fulfill if he is to realize his dream of owning Maxim Enterprises. He's got to get the current owner's daughter to marry him.
Bride On The Loose
Dana Vanover needs a quick escape from a bad situation, so she jumps overboard from her fiance's yacht and swims for her life. Instead of waking up on a Miami beach, she has managed to swim to a privately owned island where an extremely handsome man comes to her rescue. The island she needs to hide on. The man she needs to stay away from.

The day Sam Taylor finds the beautiful mermaidish looking woman on his great aunt's island, his life changes. Too bad the beauty is claiming to have amnesia when he knows she is hiding something, but what?

Another great story by this author. I loved the characters in the book and the personalities of the many cats that eccentric Aunt Beena owns.
Cowboy Country - Two Novels in One Book
TWO Wyoming Ranchers...
TWO City Gals about to turn life on its ear!

Man From Blue River Judith Bowen
Martha Thomas's job has been "downsized" out of existence, and on a whim, she applied for a job as companion or two girls on a remote Wyoming ranch. Who would think she'd end up married to the rancher from Blue River? Even if it was a marriage of convenience, a marriage for the children's sake. And even if she had to do the proposing herself!

To Lasso A Lady Renee Roszel
Amy Vale was determined to be the best rancher's wife in Wyoming. She'd found herself someone nice to spend her life with. Passion, as far as Amy was concerned, was overrated--But Beau Diablo, Amy's future stepson, was not about to let his father make a fool of himself over some blond bimbo from the big city. He was going to put a stop to this marriage, and he knew just how to do it!


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