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Amy Corwin Book List

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Interview with Amy Corwin
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I love to cook and bake bread—kneading bread is especially soothing and therapeutic for me. In fact, I’m getting a sourdough starter going and will soon be able to make sourdough bread and other items. In addition to cooking, I enjoy gardening, bird watching, and I’ve been doing a lot of kayaking with my Jack Russell Terrier.

What is your favorite genre?
I think mysteries are my favorite genre by far and I love a lot of “variations” in the mystery genre including the old gothics, paranormal, and historical mysteries.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Absolutely. I think you have to “feel” what your characters are feeling to a certain extent in order to portray them accurately.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Write what you read. If you’ve never read a particular genre, you may have difficulties understanding the nuances and fulfilling reader expectations. Of course, you can always create your own genre the way Georgette Heyer created the Regency romance genre. LOL

Do you write about places you have lived?
Yes, although I typically create a fictional city or town that is loosely located in the vicinity. Some of my contemporary stories are set near Morehead, North Carolina, which is an area near us. I’ve also set a few stories near the Great Falls area of Virginia and I lived in that area for a number of years. I think it’s a lot easier to create settings near areas you are very familiar with as you can add authentic details such as wildlife, vegetation, and weather patterns.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
Yes. Most of my books include a mystery and I love to read mysteries, so I definitely read and write the same kind of books.

What is your go-to snack?

Okay, this is going to sound odd, but my favorite snack is pickled herring. When I’m out of that, I move on to smoked herring. If I’m out of that, I generally decide just to wait until my next “real” meal.
The Stainton Sisters Series
Book One: One Last Promise - Martha
Martha Stainton's life is about to change in a way she doesn't want. Along with her two sisters, Dorothy and Grace, they will be leaving all they ever knew, including Martha's childhood friend. With their father's death, the house goes to their uncle and they are being shipped off to their aunt in London. At least she can use her talent in her laboratory one last time to help her friend.

Quinton Huntsman, Baron of Ashbourne, always enjoys a good mystery. When Sir Horace asks him to find out if a guest at his home truly died from natural causes or not, Quinton immediately goes to his friend Martha to ask for her help.

So many of the guests could have a reason to murder the victim and as always, the author doesn't make it an easy crime to solve. I love the way her stories always surprise me in the end when the mystery is solved. As always, a mix of unique characters.
Book Two: A Debt Paid - Dorothy
Dorothy Stainton, the eldest of three sisters, and her youngest sister, Grace, are headed for London to stay with their relatives. After their father died, their home went to a relative and they had to leave. Her sister Martha was blessed to fall in love and stay behind to get married rather than move to Town.

Marcus Chenneour, Earl of Arundell, had lost all of his family recently. Murdered. And the London gossip blamed him. Now he was earl and had to marry and beget an heir to get the money that came with the title. So when offered a deal to pay off a debt...he accepted.

As always, Amy Corwin weaves a mystery into the story that keeps the villain hidden until the end. This was an especially surprise ending and very unusual. And, there is always a romance story on the sidelines. Book one is Martha's story: One Last Promise.
Book 3: Love Lost
Grace Stainton, the youngest sister, had found out her beloved curate was to marry another. Now that she was getting a small inheritance, perhaps he'd change his mind and marry her. Only...she's too late when she sneaks home to Kendle. Mr. Blyth is dead and she is now the suspected murderess.

Daniel Anderson, Lord Glanville, didn't want his sister to marry Blyth...but he didn't wish him dead. Good thing he arrived in time to find the woman who most likely killed the fellow. Although, after further thought, he wonders if he could've been wrong and there is another who killed him.

As always, Amy Corwin spins a wonderful story that keeps you guessing who the murderer is. And the why of it is always surprising too.
Archer Family Series
Book 0.1 Prequel: The Necklace
Chilton Dacy was not the man people thought him to be. From the outside he looked like a drunken womanizer. The drinking did help with war injury, of course, but the rest...he worked uncover for the Foreign Secretary. His latest job had nothing to do with that though. No, his overbearing father has sent him on a mission to recover what his stepmother foolishly lost.

Oriana Archer accepted she was to be a lonely spinster. Trying to keep her younger sister in control and watching over her uncle. A man following in their ancestors steps of gambling...and losing. And now that Helen had retrieved Uncle John once again, her sister not only brought their uncle home to The Orchards, but also a handsome stranger. A man she didn't trust...but was still pulled towards.

Loved this story. Chilton has gone way beyond his duty to follow his father's orders. He befriended this strange family and has begun to like them. And is hating that he has to deceive them. He managed to gain a dog on his journey as well. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of this series. Romance that usually includes a mystery. In this case a necklace that was known to bring a horrible fate to whoever had it.
**A touch of sensual content
Book 1: The Unwanted Heiress
Nathanial Archer, Duke of Peckham, is known as a woman hater. He didn't always despise the fairer sex. No, only since he became a duke and has found the nasty creatures hiding in his carriages, wardrobe, and various other places. So when some of those pesky duke chasers show up dead...all eyes are turned towards him.

Charlotte Haywood is an heiress from America, who isn't too fond of England. Her relatives aren't too fond of her as they pass her along from one to the other. She is has a three years she'll come into her inheritance and go to Egypt to help dig up artifacts. She'd prefer a dead pharaoh to a live duke any day. Only one particular duke has caught her attention. He needs help and she just wants to help the nephew of her latest guardian. That's all this is.

I'm really enjoying the Archer Series. The reader first gets to know John Archer in the prequel; The Necklace. He has a gambling problem and this time he's won himself an American heiress to watch over. These are romances with mysteries. Amy Corwin does an excellent job of taking the reader down the wrong path to who is guilty...or not..
Book 2: A Lady in Hiding
After finding herself orphaned, Sarah Sanderson has recreated herself as Samuel Sanderson for the past thirteen years to survive. She has learned a trade and is quite content in her life. And then the past poked it's head up. After seeing a man murdered and an attempt on her own life, she decides she needs Sam of course.

William Trenchard works for Knighton Gaunt at the Second Sons, Discreet Inquiries. He gave up his social standing to work in a trade. If only Mr. Gaunt would give him more exciting cases. And then the young man walks into his office and William believes there is much more to him than what he seems to be. And he would be right.

I'm really enjoying the Archer Series. John Archer has a way of finding himself in situations whether he's gambled into the debts of bad people, won an heiress in a card game, or now...having a long lost niece building his garden wall. Looking forward to the next books in this series. Romance served with a heaping side of mystery.
**First published as The Bricklayer's Helper
Book 3: The Earl's Masquerade
Miss Helen Archer has discovered she somehow has lost a family heirloom. After begging her sister Oriana to borrow it, she has somehow lost it. She'll have to return the Earl of Monnow's castle to try and find it. Before anyone in her family finds out. They think her irresponsible enough without this happening. The reader can first meet Helen in the prequel of this series; The Necklace.

Hugh Gerard Castle, the Earl of Monnow went out on his boat, Twilight, with his brother Lionel. A storm came up and now he wakes among the wreckage of his boat...and the memories of his brother. Since it will look as if Hugh perished, he might as well stay dead in case this was a murder attempt on his boring life.

Edward Brown-Leigh is going to run away from his two great aunts who just don't understand him. Such as, how it makes sense to keep his frog in a teapot. Now they are threatening to send him to his evil and cruel guardian. He does what any eleven-year-old has to do...runs away to join the Navy.

These three people seem to find themselves thrown together. Not having any idea how they may be connected. Hugh has used a false name and they are all headed to his castle under the guise of being siblings that the earl's lawyer has hired as various servant positions. Another great addition to this series. Romance and mysteries that take you down paths that you never know will lead you.
**Mild language
**First published as Escaping Notice.
Book 4: A Stolen Rose
Harnet Archer, Earl of Wraysbury had been sent to his cousin's home. A cousin whose family has been considered black sheep of the Archer family. Things definitely look as they may not be as they seem. A forty-year-old mystery becomes even more mysterious.

Anemone Comstock is going to be a spinster. She has nothing to entice a man. She is plain, has freckles, and red hair. Not to forget her lack of any title holding relatives and no dowry. So when she meets the handsome earl, she tries to tell herself to keep away. Only it seems her heart isn't listening very well.

I just love this Archer Series. Romance with a serving of mystery on the side. John Archer is first introduced in the prequel; The Necklace. He seems to get himself in the lives of all his younger...single...relatives.

**Mild language
Book 5: Fencing for Ladies OR En Garde, My Love
Lady Olivia Archer is not your usual lady. She enjoys fencing and is going to open a fencing academy just for other ladies to learn to enjoy the sport as well. Only things aren't working out quite like she hoped. A couple dead bodies and Olivia looking like the best suspect kind of puts a crimp in her plans.
Alexander Bron, the Baron Milbourn has a dark past that keeps him from a bright future. He knew Lady Olivia had a childhood crush on him when he was teaching her brothers to fence...and allowed her to join in with the lessons. Even if she still cared for him, he couldn't allow it. That didn't mean he couldn't do all in his power to prove her innocent of the murders.
I loved this story. Amy Corwin always writes a great mystery that has you looking at who could be guilty and finding several suspects.
Book 6: Love Across the Pond
Edward Archer loved the law. That is what had his cousin's wife asking him to do her a favor, the Duchess of Peckham wanted him to go to America. As a young heiress, her holdings had been mismanaged and now there was a dispute over Haywood Mansion. Edward agreed to go—along with his sister who wanted an adventure.

Charity Stonewright only had Oldwood and she didn't know for how long she would even have her home. Some titled aristocrat wanted it—as if she needed another home. And now they were sending some guy from England to evict her. It made it that much more urgent that she find the Stonewright fortune and prove her grandfather never sold Oldwood to the Haywoods.

Great series, great characters. Like Edward's sister, Lady Olivia, who opened a fencing school for ladies in the fifth book, En Garde, My Love. Charlotte Haywood, the Duchess of Peckham's book is the first; The Unwanted Heiress. Romance with a good dose of suspense and surprises.
Book 7: Lady Victoria's Mistake
John Archer has found the woman he is going to marry. Now he just has to convince said lady that he's the right man for her. Even if his parentage isn't quite up to the Society's standards.

Lady Victoria Longmoor's parents have a list of men for her to choose from and it seems they are anxious for her to choose. After meeting Mr. Archer, the men on the list just don't seem up to par.

I love these characters. John is so easy to fall in love with. But when Victoria hears of something he did...things don't look too good for him. Great story. There's a mystery in it, that as always in this author's books, had me guessing which person committed the crime. So many seemed guilty.

Wreck and Ruin
Now that Hannah Cowles has lost all of her family, she decides to start over in her father's homeland...England. Her trip from Boston to Liverpool is almost complete when everything changes. Thankfully Hannah is rescued and everything changes once again.

The Blackrock Manor and its residents are unusual but endearing. They have reservations about who Hannah truly is—as she doesn't completely trust the Hodges men.

Amy Corwin always writes an excellent mystery with a side of romance. I really enjoyed this story.
All She Loves
Elspeth Bramley is content. At six and twenty she's a spinster who lives with her mother and her aunt. Her best friend lives nearby, although since he married ten years earlier, they have less adventures. Until now. First they had a midnight adventure that didn't turn out well, and then Charles and his wife had a house party that turned out quite badly.

Geoffrey Gray, the Earl of Westmarch was at the house party of his childhood friend, Anne. He's quite fascinated with the cheerful Elspeth. When a murder occurs, he finds that Elspeth does not give up. She is determined to find justice.

Amy's books always have such great mysteries and they keep you guessing who could have done it. As always this story has several characters who may have done away with poor Charles. An exciting, page-turning read.
Redemption Series
Book 1: Her Vampire Bodyguard
Gwen Carter is the last of the Viccars. She lives a simple life writing jingles, now. Life hasn’t been easy, her parents and brother were murdered and what happened to her, although she remembers none of it. And now she needs to trust one of her enemies to help her regain her memories. Going back into her family home for the first time since she was thirteen. Can she truly trust him not to bite her? And can she trust herself not to fall for the dark and brooding handsome vampire? She just has to keep remember that he’s not really a living man, no matter how warm he seems to be.

John Wright has been protecting the Viccars for over four hundred years. And now there is only one left, a female. He has failed them many times and he refuses to fail this one. But it’s time to get the special relic before his enemies find it and only Gwen knows where it is. Even if she continually irritates him by saying she don’t know anything about it.

Together the couple faces a master vampire and his followers and Gwen's old home that contains much more than decaying wood and dusty furniture. The author brings out the personalities of the characters and I quickly had a soft heart for John who is carrying four hundred years of guilt on his wide shoulders. This book has plenty of twists and turns all the way to the very last pages. We also get a glimpse of the unique Quicksilver, she is the heroine in book two, A Fall of Silver. 
**Originally published as Vampire Protector
**Sexual content and mild language
Book 2: A Fall of Silver
Allison Bankes is dead and has been for ten years. Quicksilver is alive and well and full of vengeance aimed at one goal, to kill every single vampire. Now somebody has stepped into her path, trying to stop her. The hate and venom within her won’t allow for that. Plus, if she lets go of it she’ll have to face how alone she really is.

Kethan Hilliard made a wrong choice once. For him he was able to have a second chance. Now he wants the vampires to have a second chance to find redemption. If only he can keep the annoyingly beautiful woman out of the way of his negotiations.

A vampire huntress with lethal silver whips and a hate to drive her. An ex-priest wanting to prove no one is beyond redemption. Both have a boat load of secrets they carry with them. The vampires are not sweet or lovable, and they stink. And there are surprise twists and turns around every dark, dank corner. I found this story line to be a unique and refreshing twist of the vampire world. The first book in this series is called Vampire Protector.
**Sexual content and language
Second Sons Inquiry Agency Series
Boxed set of first three books
Book 1: The Vital Principle
Prudence Barnard has nowhere to call home. When her father was alive they were invited to homes so he could investigate hauntings. Now that he's gone, she gets invited to try and speak to the dead. Instead of her scientific studies, she is considered entertainment for the bon ton. As a guest at Rosecrest, her entertainment suddenly puts her in the position of a prime suspect for murder.

Knighton Gaunt is a second son who didn't feel called to the church, but he does like the truth. His older brother, a baron, is displeased to have his brother as an inquiry agent, stirring up the truth among the realm. Too bad, it's what Knighton wants to do with his life. When called to find out if Miss Barnard is a fraud, he finds himself deep into a murder mystery. His client died in the same room as him. Not good on all fronts.

There is a touch of romance in this book and it is a great murder mystery. It seems every guest has a secret and a reason they might want to do away with Lord Crowley. It kept me guessing all the way through the book. Book two in this series is called A Rose Before Dying.
Book 2: A Rose Before Dying
How could his uncle be responsible for the murder of Lady Banks? Charles Vance, Earl of Castlemoor, isn’t convinced Sir Edward could have done it, even when the victim is Sir Edward’s ex-mistress. Unfortunately, before Charles can investigate the rumor, his uncle goes to Mr. Gaunt, the renowned head of the Second Sons Inquiry Agency, for help. After hearing the facts, Mr. Gaunt warns Charles that there may be some truth behind the rumors. Sir Edward was at the scene and it’s entirely possible he did commit the murder and is now trying to cast suspicion elsewhere by hiring Mr. Gaunt and sending roses as “warnings” to future victims.

Charles refuses to accept Gaunt’s conclusion, however, even though he has to admit that his uncle has a motive. Sir Edward was crippled by his mistress’s horse, and his mistress subsequently broke off their relationship because of his injuries, so he certainly might harbor ill-wishes toward her. Nonetheless, others may have equally compelling reasons, and Charles just needs time to dig them out before the hangman practices on Sir Edward’s neck.

When another death is predicted through delivery of fresh roses, Charles enlists the aid of noted rosarian, Ariadne Wellfleet, to decipher the clues and beat the murder at his own game. Unfortunately, the killer catches on quickly, and even Ariadne is threatened when the stakes are raised. A third set of roses arrives, and if she has deciphered the clues correctly, the next victim is a member of her own household.

Charles soon finds himself in a race against time to save both Ariadne and his uncle and prevent the next murder.
Book 3: The Dead Man's View
Prudence Barnard seems to be a magnet for dead people. She finds that she does have some living relations and is invited to stay with him, and he turns up dead. What looks like suicide to others screams murder to Pru. She will not allow her cousin Eric Knibbs to be disgraced in death if she can help it. She writes to the one man who is good at finding the truth and asks for his help.

Knighton Gaunt is more than happy to come as an inquiry agent to help Pru. He has missed her these past few months. He didn't know that he'd be walking into a home that his stuffed shirt brother was also at. Lord Greystone….Alan Gaunt….had disowned Knighton after he refused to join the church or army. Too bad, he had a murder to investigate and a woman to protect.

Prudence and Knighton first meet in the first book, A Vital Principle, where Prudence is at the wrong place at the wrong time once again. Once again in this third book the author keeps the reader guessing who could be the guilty party. Everyone seems to have a reason to do away with the victim, whose reason brings them to the point of murder?
**Mild language
Book 4: Illusion of Desire
Kathryn Whitehorn-Litton is not quite who she seems to be. She has been thrown into the demi-monde because she is a single woman living with a man, or so it seems. No one realizes she is just a lonely young woman wanting to be loved. When her protector is found dead, it seems all the blame is about to fall at her feet. And her one alibi is something she cannot tell anyone about. She is doomed either way.

Captain Nicholas Ainsley has felt a bit out of sorts since the war. His betrothed chose another over him and with his war injuries there isn't much for him to do. Until Mr. Gaunt hires him as an inquiry agent. His first case is a murder and the evidence keeps pointing to a woman his heart wants to believe is innocent. And he can't give into his heart until he can find the murderer.

Another great mystery by Amy Corwin. Plenty of suspects and evidence pointing towards them. An exciting story that has you trying to find the guilty party, so the others can have their romance. Plenty of plot twists and surprises along the way. And unique secondary characters. The author includes some thoughts from a couple of the guys who are rather hopeless. Even though they do what's wrong, I found their circumstances grabbed my heart. It's a bit of real life. As was the fact of how many soldiers came home from war and were forgotten.
Book 5: Honeymoon with Death
Knighton and Prudence Barnard Gaunt have been married just over three months now and are on their honeymoon. Everything was going smoothly as they headed to Rome until the coach they were in broke down.

It seems that even a honeymoon isn't going to stop Knighton from using his skills as an inquiry agent. A murder has him putting on his agent hat to solve the crime. Is it one of their traveling companions or the local bandits? Nothing is ever as it seems, but with Knighton and Pru on the job...the truth shall come to light.

I find the author's Second Sons mysteries excellent reading. So many of the characters have a reason to commit the crime. Just about the time I peg one person as the murderer, something will come up to have me suspecting someone else.
Five Star Mystery Series
Love can make anyone crazy, but Cassie, a stressed-out computer expert, has always chosen logic over that uncomfortable emotion. This is, until in a weak moment, she agrees to house sit for her aunt and uncle. Within minutes of her arrival, she finds a murdered man. And her uncle is inexplicably determined to implicate himself. Cold logic suggests he’s hiding something and Cassie isn’t going to let him get arrested without a fight. Unfortunately, her past history with the sheriff makes him all too happy to accept her uncle’s guilt.

But love is supposed to overcome all obstacles, not create them, and Cassie refuses to let a ridiculous emotion stand in the way of logic.

 Too bad Cassie is about to discover just how far people will go for love.
Deadly Inheritance
Nora James loves being a veterinarian. Unlike all the humans in her life that always let her down, animals were more faithful. When she finds out that an uncle has died and she is one of five who might get an to help her with a no-kill shelter... threats soon follow. She finds herself needing to trust someone again. Will he let her down as well?

Gabriel O'Brien has plenty of jobs waiting for him, he should refuse to help the beautiful woman that was sent to him for help. Something about her had him saying yes. When bad things start happening, he finds he'll do whatever he can to keep her safe.

I love Amy Corwin's mysteries. She has plenty of suspects but throws in just enough curve balls to keep you wondering if they are guilty or not. Add a touch of romance and the story is complete.
Stand-Alone Books
Regency Romances
Smuggled Rose
A cynical earl and a rose smuggler are an unlikely pair, particularly when the smuggler is a supposedly fallen woman the earl owes for saving his feckless brother's life. Nonetheless, Michael, the earl of Ramsgate, is determined to repay his family's debt by presenting Margaret at Court - an action calculated to repair even the worst reputation. But Margaret has been burned before and is suspicious that Michael's intentions aren't entirely honorable...despite the certainty in her heart that she can trust him. As the tension between them flares and Michael's feelings for Margaret strain his self-control, an old enemy bent on revenge returns to challenge Michael's iron determination...and threatens to take Margaret away from him forever. 
Love, The Critic
Elizabeth Tate once dreamed of being a poet—until her first volume of poetry received scathing reviews from someone known only as The Critic.  Now, she simply wants to forget she ever wrote a single word.  And she’s willing to consider an offer of marriage from a man she’s never met, her neighbor, Alexander Jameson, Marquess of Langley if it will let her close the door on her past, forever.  Unfortunately, she soon discovers Alexander has such high standards that no one could possibly be good enough for him.  Therefore, it comes as no surprise to learn he is The Critic who mocked her work. 

But Alexander knows Elizabeth’s true worth, both as a poet and a woman.  And he sets out to prove to her that excellence—and love—are both worth striving for.
Month of Judgment
Regency Gothics
Christmas Spirit
A blizzard envelopes the English countryside five days before Christmas, stranding Eve Tomlin and her mother when their carriage shatters a wheel. The women struggle through the snow, forced onward by a wraith-like figure gliding through the trees. Exhausted, they find an apparently abandoned house and stumble inside. They are confronted by Giles Danby, a guest at Folkestone Manor. Danby ruthlessly tells the women they must go.

Their host has just been murdered. A killer is on the loose. 
Or a vengeful specter, if they believe Danby’s father. A specter Eve may have glimpsed in the woods.

Desperate to solve the mystery and remain alive, they can only hope the Christmas Spirit isn’t searching for another victim.

Christmas Spirit is a witty, engaging gothic-style Regency mystery that is sure to please regardless of season!
Short Stories
Silence is Concurrence: A Southern Ghost Short Story
 Collecting material for a book of ghost stories, Kate travels to North Carolina's beautiful Outer Banks to hear an eyewitness account of a haunting. She has a few difficulties finding the house, but eventually she meets Mrs. Corley and listens in growing dread to her tale of terror. And although she doesn't realize it, Kate may find more material than she knows what to do with.
Outrageous Behavior
As the Season in London comes to a close, Laura finds herself in a predicament. The one man she is attracted to has neglected to make an offer for her, and her family wants her to accept the proposal of a fortune-hunter. Determined no to let propriety stand in the way of her happiness, she resorts to outrageous behavior to escape the damp grasp of the wrong man--and discover true love in the arms of another.
Rose Wars
Mary Landry started with mingled aggravation and excitement at Lord Stafford's back as he strode away. The devil! He demanded she steal from her own father. Nonetheless, a breathless tingle of excitement curled through her at the wicked thought.
A very short story but good.
The Lady and the Cowboy
Christmas Mishaps
If a woman is the first to step over the threshold on Christmas morning, she is a harbinger of misfortune: or so claims the old English superstition.  However, after her sister elopes with Caroline's betrothed, Caroline Bartlett decides to ignore the warning.  After two miserable years, she’s determined to unite the family for the Christmas holidays.

 Unfortunately, her visit coincides with the unexpected birth of her sister's first child, raising the specter of the old Christmas belief.  And Caroline causes more mishaps attempting to make amends.

 Then Lord Edward Masters offers aid, on his terms. She can accept his Christmas gift of love or suffer the consequences.
Hearts of the West: The Lady and the Cowboy
Seasons of Love: The Theif
The Rowley Cookbook

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