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Paranormal E-books by Various Authors

Maggie Le Page

The Trouble with Dying by Maggie Le Page
Faith Carson wakes up to find herself on a ceiling with her dead Gran next to her. She looks down to see a body that looks vaguely familiar. It ends up that body is hers. Faith only has a week, according to Gran, to remember her life, or else. She isn't sure what the or else is, but she wants to live.

During the time she's hanging around on the outside, Faith tries to learn about herself from the people visiting her. She has flashbacks of certain things but can't quite put them together right away.

Did she try to commit suicide? Faith doesn't feel like she's that kind of person. Was it an accident? Maybe. Or...did someone attempt to murder her? And if so, who? Her husband Geoff? Her childhood friend Nate? His mom Sylvia or maybe her best friend Cynthia?

This story is told from Faith's point of view alone. I found the story pulled me in and kept me reading. It was interesting to think of things from the view of someone in a coma and the mystery of what happened to her kept me guessing as well. I really enjoyed this book.
**Sensual content and language
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Volume 1: Larkspur
Pierre Salvador, duc de Piques is the son of a Fae. He was left with the royal family when his father and sister returned to their own plane. He is practicing in the dark magics, and becoming stronger at it. When he returns home after finishing his schooling, a ball is thrown in his honor of his twenty-fourth birthday. Pierre is surprised that an old childhood friend arrives, and he finds the fondness he had for her many years ago, is still there.

Lady Elizabeth Anne, Lizzy as Pierre affectionately calls her, is pleased to see her old friend. When he falls ill at the ball, she stays in Clandestina to help him, rather than returning home with her mother. She knows a thing or two about magic and necrocraeft, although she doesn’t seem to know how deeply Pierre is involved in it.

This book is the first volume in the series and it does end with the reader knowing more will come, maybe a tiny cliffhanger, not too bad. This story is fantasy romance with a bit of a dark side. Pierre is a duc and about to learn to run a duchy, but the magics seems to be his first love. Once the story gets past the first introductions it flowed very easily. This was not my usual type of story and I was surprised to find that I did enjoy it and wasn’t ready for it to end. I’ll be looking forward to Volume 2, Delphinium.
**Received book from author for a fair and honest review
Volume 2: Delphinium
Volume 3: Consolida
Volume 4: Regalis
A Viking Blood Saga
Book 1: Winter Solstice Winter
Ailia lives a fairly peaceful life as a peasant girl. She was told that her parents had died of smallpox and she was brought to a childless couple who raised her. Lately things aren't so good. Because of her mare dreams and the feeling that she has lived before, her friends have deserted her. After she's captured by Vikings and wakes up in an ice cave several months later, her life is and never will be the same simple life. Especially after meeting the princess's fiancé, Soren, whom she feels a connection to. The three of them together are all part of a greater plan to destroy the Empress of Darkness.

Lucia is the heir to the Northlandic Throne. After her mother dies she prepares to take over. Lucia struggles over many things. Such as hatred for the Christian religion her mother had embraced and hatred for her father. When she finds out there is much more she never knew about, she begins to become a bitter young woman. To top everything off Eiess the Empress of Darkness comes in to take over. Lucia is determined to be the Sun Queen and wishes she were not the Great Sentinor...the person Eiess wants to destroy.

This is a long book and the beginning may seem to start out slow but I encourage to stick with it. Once the story took hold it became a page turner, seeing what would happen next. And not always things you wanted to see happen. This is a paranormal but is also based on the on how things were during the time of the Vikings. It takes place in the year 1007. Warning for the faint of heart; there are some gruesome deaths in this book, by the Vikings and others. The story closed one part of their lives but the next part will be continued in the second book,
Summer Solstice Summer.
Book 2: Summer Solstice Summer
The Twilight Swimmer
Brandi Vine has been in her own world since her sister died a year ago. In fact, their whole family has changed in ways. Her dad is the local sheriff, her mom always in high fashion even when she's cooking, and her younger brother Cody keeps buried in his video games. Brandi is thinner than she used to be, and people think it's been long enough that she grieved. When Spider, an extremely tall and kind of an odd character, asks her to a party, she goes. It changes everything for her. It's the night she meets The Swimmer. A merman.

The Swimmer has swam with his own kind but likes to be alone, and over the years he has learned the language of the beings that look so much like his kind and live on land. He knows voices. He knows Brandi's voice and wants to meet her. The book often goes to some of his life experiences over the years.

This book is unusual and has many twists in turns. The main thoughts and point of view are from Brandy, but it can switch to anyone else's at anytime. I didn't find it to be confusing as it was obvious the way the author writes. The characters emotions were obvious most times through the writing. I wouldn't quite call it a romance, although it has some in it. Mostly Brandi's journey without her sister and meeting The Swimmer. 
Ward of the Vampire Series
Boxed Set of 1-5
Book 1: Ward of the Vampire - Prequel
Angelina works for Miss Delilah and enjoys it. As odd as the beautiful woman can be. Sometimes she wonders about it. Miss Delilah tells her to do something and she does. Like the night of Morgan Wards party when Miss Delilah tells her to model dresses for her and she finds herself in a beautiful ball gown and heading to the party of all parties. And the night only gets stranger.
This is the first part of the story. It is continued in The Reluctant Warden. The story is told from Angelina's point of view and definitely pulls you in just enough that you will want to know what happens next. The third book in the series is; Awkward Holidays.
**Sensual situations and mild language
Book 2: My Reluctant Warden
Book 3: Awkward Holidays
Book 4: The Coward's Way Out
Book 5: Homeward
Sotia M.
The Tooth Fairy
Mal, who once was called Malcolm Wright, is a big bad vampire. Just ask and he'll tell you how soulless and evil he is. Well no, he'd probably just suck all of your blood out. This bad guy is in a depression of sorts. His one true love who turned him into what he is….has left him. He’s drinking too much and hasn’t cleaned his crypt up at all. His dear mother would be so saddened by all this.

Jasmine, better known as Jaz, is from a family of field agents and she plans on being one as well. The Head Fairy has finally given her a field job and she's going to do her best, succeed and get to work out there instead of behind a desk keeping tabs on teeth. Oh yes, Jaz is from a line of tooth faeries. When she is sent to retrieve a tooth from a ten year old boy she plans on succeeding, no matter what! How did she know she was being set up to retrieve a tooth that was still in a vampires mouth? And what in the world is a vampire anyways?

Sotia M. has taken vampires and faeries to a new level. This is a unique book full of humor and imagination. From the clothing to Fairyland it will tickle the reader pink. And she even includes some heartbreak within these pages. This is not a very long book but definitely filled to the brim from cover to cover.
**Sexual content and strong language
Brandy Banks
Rose Canter’s life is far from a real life fairytale. Her father, Tom, went off the deep end after her mother died. Got into his cups and gambling. To pay off his huge tax debt, Rose became a slave to King Erick. Not only was she taken from her home because of her fathers foolishness but he went and told the king that she could spin wool into gold! She was going to be a slave forever. A magic man came and helped her out. She quickly found she cared for the handsome mystery man but the king had other plans for her. And what the king chose to do is what was done. So her life was not what she wanted.

This isn’t quite your happily ever after through the usual ways. In fact, you might want to have some tissues handy for some parts, at least this reader did. A unique tale with some real twists and turns.
**Sensual content
KaeJae Fox
Orphans, Wolves & Loving It!
Lauren only has two family members left, her twin nephews Alex and Max. After her sister and her husband died Lauren moved into their home to take care of them. Now someone has come to town not only claiming to be their uncle but also saying he is going to take them away from her. Over her dead body!

Tyler Wolfe is an Alpha and is used to being treated with respect for his position. The stubborn woman caring for the orphan cubs just don’t seem to understand this. And worse yet is that she is driving him wild in other ways. Tyler has to get those boys one way or another and get away from their Aunt Lauren. And the sooner the better.

Lauren has no clue that she is living in a town full of Werfolk. That one of her best friends is an Alpha of the Bear Clan. She also has no idea why she seems so drawn to the very man who is trying to tear her life apart by taking her nephews away. This isn’t a real long book but it is complete. Make sure when downloading this book that you find the one that has all fifteen chapters, about 199 pages.
**Sexual situations and language
Vampire Morgue
Calista's life changed when they moved to a new house. Her mom became quite different and they inherited Quinn. He actually had a different name but Calista renamed him. He was a rather depressed soul who lived in the freezer or the Vampire Morgue as she called it. When Calista befriends Quinn, her life changes once again. And the day she plays Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Quinn there is no turning back. Ever.

Calista also has a unique friend next door. Julie looks like a small child as she had stopped growing quite a long time ago. She has a freaky brother who is also a rock star, Calista does her best to stay away from him. Not to mention the being who is somewhere in the sky.

This is a unique and unusual story. There are vampires but not your normal everyday kind, you know the kind you usually run into while out on the town. It is paranormal with a touch of sci-fi and of course a touch of romance. The story is told completely through Calista’s eyes. It’s a fairly quick read but a complete story.
Faery Merry Christmas
Cheshya is about to celebrate her birthday. At the age of two thousand she will be permanently on the shelf, by law she cannot marry after this birthday. She will then begin her life working for Queen Merci on the Queen's quest. Bringing the stray Fae happiness and having them return from the human realm. She had no idea her first quest would be to see the only man she ever loved, happy. On earth as a baseball player. Not her husband. Will this daughter of Mr & Mrs Claus be having a happy Christmas birthday this year?

This was a fairly quick read but a complete story. Great story line as well.
Here Be Sexist Vampires
Sam has been a vampire for three years now. She has a very special gift and her Sire will never let her go because of it. He is keeping her as his consort as well. When a stranger comes and offers her a chance to tryout for the Grand High Master’s army, Sam finally has some hope of escaping Victor for good. What she didn’t expect was to be treated so poorly for being a female and a Svente.

Jared knew the female deserved to be chosen but he could hardly keep his mind off her just during the tryouts no way was he going to have her in his group as well. When Antonio, the Grand High Master, decides she will be a commander and work along side of him to train the ten new members….well a war of the sexes breaks out big time.

Sam has to fight Jared every step of the way. Especially when it came to the fact that she was not going to join his trio of consorts. She was enjoying her freedom and power way too much to fall under the rule of another man. And she definitely would never have feelings for the man either.

This is a really unique take on vampires. The characters are very unique and they all have their own type of gifts. Some as unique as being able to pass some very bad gas. The author is from England and some phrases were unfamiliar to me but I understood the meanings. I personally did enjoy the story line and the characters.
**Sexual situations and language
Finding Gaia
Jason Truitt, as he’s known at this time, has lived a really long life considering he was born in 1620. Unknown factors have made him immortal. He heals from injuries and has other unique abilities. Immortality may sound great and all but not when you are alone. Getting to know people just to outlive them all. With all his billions there is one thing Jason desires….his Gaia. A woman he saw at a gathering in 1899 and knew she was like him, he has been searching for her ever since.

Anna Vale has kept herself more secluded than Jason. Somehow she had been discovered and captured though. When she is rescued by a handsome man she can’t believe he is anything less than a dream….or another trick by those who have imprisoned her. Kept her away from the sun and plants her body craves to be around. Can she truly believe these rescuers truly only want her to have freedom? Can someone like Anna ever learn to trust?

The author has written a unique story. Don and Trisha live in Jason’s mansion with him. He had rescued Trisha as a teenager. They both work for him at Gaia Global as well. Trisha likes to push Jason to his limits especially when he don’t do things as quickly as she wants him too. And Don mostly stays behind his computer being the scientist he is. They have been searching for Jason’s Gaia as well….knowing one day they would be gone and Jason would go on. Alone. Jason and Anna always have to live with the caution of people finding out what they are, especially those who kidnapped Anna before. This book ends on a note that lets you know there is more to come but yet is complete enough that I didn’t feel that I had been left hanging.
**Sexual situations and Language

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