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Interview with Candice Stauffer
Do you laugh or cry while writing?
Absolutely! I often laugh or cry while writing. Every now and then I just get caught up in the silliness or sadness going in a portion of a story. For the most part it’s the discovery of a mistake that amuses me or reduces me tears. Realizing I’ve spent an entire day writing myself into a corner wreaks havoc on my normally happy-go-lucky personality. It’s truly heartbreaking to delete hours of work. Discovering I’ve given a hero or heroine the wrong anatomy during an intense smokin' hot love scene never fails to give me a good laugh.

What is your favorite genre?
Paranormal Romance! I want it! I need it! No therapy necessary. I’m happily addicted to sexy immortal alpha males. The hotter and naughtier they are the better. Being endowed with fantastically marvelous masculine attributes is important. Ready, willing and able to use what he has to get the job done is critical.

What is your go-to snack?
I would not do well without dark chocolate. I have several secret hiding places to prevent anyone from sneaking off with it. My hubby and kids hate dark chocolate, but they would gobble it down just to force me to cope with the loss of my favorite treat, while listening to them go on and on about how disgusting it tastes. Why? They’re naughty that way.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
Huh? What do you mean? They are real people. They talk to me day and night. I can always count on one or two arriving every so often with hopes of convincing me to tell his or her story. We usually get along real well, but some of the chest-beating alphas have a tendency to become a bit demanding if gentler persuasion fails. Being pushy and annoying always results in making the alpha’s story my most urgent priority. I immediately set out on a hunt for the perfect heroine to give him hell. It’s the best way to keep him in check.

When did you start writing?
That depends. If writing on walls with crayons count I’ve been doing it before I learned to spell my name. :) I’ve played around with writing stories since forever ago and a day. I have several totes filled with notebooks containing hand written stories and poetry. I no longer dabble in poetry. As a matter of fact, I grounded myself from writing it. Mine scares me a little. It always ends up dark and really freaky. I took writing more serious about five years ago when two of kids went off to college. All of a sudden, I realized that I had some extra time so I decided to get serious about writing and sharing my stories with the world. 
Each book builds on the stories
of the characters so if you enjoy
series you will want to read the 
books in the order listed
Book 1: Eternal Breath of Darkness
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Haden Drake has lived a long time. Rescuing his soul mate last year changed him. Instead of the big bad warrior demon he has always been….she is all he desires to protect these days. Where everything in him wants to claim her and make her his, he’s still a gentleman not an animal. Well unless you want to consider the part of him that can become a huge fire breathing dragon….but animal no. Unfortunately his intended only seems to see him as a bossy friend.

Caylee Adams was so tired of Haden’s heavy handedness, they were only friends but he was always telling what she could and couldn’t do. She had enough of men like that. First her father and than her uncle. What she really wanted from him was action not words. Not happening though. And there was always her secret past that made her unworthy of a hunk like Haden. She quickly finds out she should have listened to Haden when she ventures off into the forest without him.

This book never gets boring. Haden and Caylee have a long road ahead of them but we get to meet their friends along the journey….and their enemies. Throughout the book different characters come alive and you see things from their viewpoints as well. There are the dark and brooding, the pure evil and the mischievous one who enjoys facebook. A few other stories start in this book, enough to make the reader look forward to them in a future book but not to where I felt that it left me hanging.

Although the books are not considered a series you may want to read them in order. The second book is Sweet Decadent Fire and the 3rd book, Exquisite Breath of Darkness does continue one of the stories that begins in this book.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 2: Sweet, Decadent Fire
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It all came down to this….Jake Mann was going to tell her good-bye tonight. Take her to dinner and be done. Of course he would continue to watch over her but she would never know it. She wasn't his to have. Never was….never will be. So what does he do? Kisses her. What a fool. How will he let her go now that he has the memory of her lips on his? And being a vampire…. he will live with those memories a long, long time.

Lee Anne Parker has really fallen for this hunk that rescued her from her car accident. Only he seems to prefer friendship. Until that kiss tonight. And wow what a kiss it was! Now she wants even more, much more. Only he don't seem to be moved by it at all. What's a girl to do? Drink too much wine and go find someone who wants her….that’s what. Only her night don’t quite end like she wanted.

This book was on the shorter side but packed full of humor, adventure, romance and much more. Joseph and Mia from Eternal Breath of Darkness join them for some fun and danger along with the rogue demon, Demetri. The next book is Exquisite Breath of Darkness where Candice will take the readers into the world of lycans.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 3: Exquisite Breath of Darkness
Joseph Payne is a two thousand year old warrior. One of his favorite pastimes is facebook. Not his own mind you, he likes messing with profiles of his friends. Six months ago he met Mia Harte. He’s been around her ever since….even though she does all she can to keep him away. He knows she is Lycan and can’t be his mate, but that don’t stop him from loving and protecting her. Not even though she’s dying and not even when Eli Thomas and his pack come to claim her.

Mia knows her time is running out on earth and decides to enjoy what is left with Joseph. Together they have vampires and ghouls to fight and a Lycan who says she belongs to him. She even discovers that there is such a thing as a good vampire, unbelievable!

This is not listed as a series but I highly recommend reading them in order. The first book is Eternal Breath of Darkness and we first meet Joseph and Mia. The author brings him to life with his good natured jokes and humor and Mia with her tough exterior yet she would die protecting those she loves. We get a glimpse of them again in the second book; Sweet, Decadent Fire. In each book other characters are brought to life. Nikolas who refuses to accept his mate, Brianna but also can't let her go. Demetri a ten thousand year old demon gone bad. Dragons, vampires and lycons together; fighting, loving and plotting. At the end of this book you can also read the preview for the fourth book; Hot, Decadent Rising.
**Sexual situations and language
Book 4: Hot, Decadent Rising
Eli Thomas is an alpha wolf that, at the moment, has lost his pack to his second in command. He has every intention of regaining his position as pack leader. After all the years wasted looking for his mate, only to find she wanted someone else, the last thing he wants is a woman. Especially not a human one. Life don't always give you what you want.

Kara Terrick Borden was in big trouble. She had a hit out on her and the unborn child she's carrying. She knows who is after and why, her only hope is to kill them before they can get to her. Kara is tempted to ask for help from the hunky man at the gas station but she can't endanger anyone else. She has to do this herself.

The author pulls the characters from the previous books into this story full of surprises, humor and maybe even a scary spider. Oh, and romance, definitely romance. Some situations are continued throughout the books as well. Demetri and Mary Tate's mysterious relationship, Nikolas and Brianna's struggles and Zack, along with others as well. If you enjoy series you'll want to read the books in this order; Eternal Breath of Darkness, Sweet, Decadent Fire and Exquisite Breath of Darkness.
**Sexual content and language
Book 5: Volatile Breath of Darkness
Nikolas Drake has lived a very long time. He has become bored and hardened in his ten thousand years. And then he found her, his mate. He would watch over her and care for her but only from a distance. He was too old and powerful, not to mention extremely stubborn, to change. And now when maybe he is having a change of might be too late.

Brianna Larkin has loved Nikolas from the start. When she merges with him, she even regains her sight. She had thought he cared all this time, but now she realizes he may have never really cared at all. It's time to move on with her life. Without him, if only she could keep him out of her mind, literally.

This series continues to build with both the old and new characters. The reader even gets to know Haden and Caylee's unique daughter in this book. The story is written from several points of views, not just the main characters. The two excerpts at the end had me wanting to read those two books right now. Unfortunately they probably aren't written yet. If you enjoy series, you will want to start with the first book and read them in order so you can get to know each of the characters.
**Sexual content and language
Nikolas and Brianna's Story
Book 6: Hot-Blooded Breath of Darkness

Book 7: Insatiable Breath of Darkness


  1. Again, thanks for taking the time to read and review my books! :)

  2. Hi Candice. Really enjoying Hunky Haden in 'Eternal Breath of Darkness'. Yummy


  3. Hi Gayle! Happy you're enjoying him! :)

  4. Hi Judy! Just read the review for Sweet, Decadent Fire. Love it! :) Thanks again!

  5. I just finished Eternal Breath of Darkness and am starting on Sweet,Decadent Fire. I know that Exquisite Breath of Darkness is Joseph and Mia's Story, but is there going to be a book to come with Nikolas and Brianna's story? I really look forward to reading more from this author.

    1. I asked Candice about Nikolas and Brianna's story, she said their book is Volatile Breath of Darkness and she hopes to have it out later this year.

    2. Thanks! I am so excited to read more from Candice. She got me hooked in the first page!

  6. Great blog Judy!! Candice is a wonderful author and a great friend! It's nice to see her highlighted here! I have to publish as anon. Jean C.

    1. Thanks, Jean C. I enjoy Candice's books as well. And everyone I have posted on my blog :-)
      Candice does have a unique story with her guys, though.

  7. Love your books. Can't get enough. Addicted.

  8. when is book 6 Hot-Blooded Breath of Darkness coming out

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