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Glenn Langohr Book List

Inspirational Books
Praying God's Promises
Christians are not meant to live in or stay in defeat, below their God-given potential or in any kind of bondage to a physical, mental or emotional issue.

In this book, God's Promises to Stand on from The Bible in Times of Need, you will see Scripture verses outlined for every stage of your life. You will discover truths from the Bible about who you are, what you can have and what you can do as a child of the Most High God. 

Also included are visual illustrations to go with every section. A very inspiring book that motivates, strengthens, enlightens and encourages us to believe that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think, according to His will and His power that works in us!
'Powerful Prayers of Gratitude to Bring You Closer to God: A 30-Day Prayer Guide
Prayer Changes Things

The power of prayer changes me. When I pray deeply and consistently to God something changes within me. My mind becomes transformed to His will and I find joy. Prayer can change you too. At times, it is easy to get lost in the activity of life and not take the time to pray. Powerful Prayers of Gratitude to Bring You Closer to God will help you form a habit of coming to God everyday in prayer.

In this 30 day prayer guide you will find Scriptures that highlight every prayer for the day, for every stage of your life. A very inspiring book that motivates, strengthens, enlightens and encourages us to believe that God is able to do exceedingly abundantly above all we ask or think, according to His will and the power that works in us!

I pray these prayers encourage you to overcome adversity by applying God's word and prayer in your life.
Book 1: Roll Call

This book is based on true events that Glenn lived and is intertwined with fiction to complete the story. It is a long read and very detailed. As I pondered the amount of details I realize that Glenn has written so that we, the readers, are walking in his shoes and the shoes of those he traveled along side with. The scenery may be colorful at times but not always in a good way. We travel with him from a messed up childhood to his first taste of greed, a greed that spiraled out of control with the need for more and more. Having a keen mind may have helped him in his endeavors to make money and move up the food chain but in the end...God's plan intervened and sent him on a different path than what he had chosen for himself.

Glenn has the reader seeing life first through a young boys eyes as life crashes down around him in his family life. Before long he is on his own and looking for ways to make enough money to buy a home for his brother and himself. His opportunity comes when he sees the market for drugs. We travel with this young man on his search for finding product and see through his eyes how quickly more is never enough. The spiral from pot to speed, caution to recklessness, trusting leading to betrayal. Glenn takes the reader inside the minds of Mexican cartels, drug dealers, users and prisoners. Knowing that there is truth mixed into the fiction makes the book that much more intense. And with all that was happening around him, you can see that God was in control, as He always is.

The book does not paint a pretty picture because real life is not always pretty. Greed and power become so strong people even turn on those close to them. Getting to 'know' the character's in the book I suddenly found myself less judgmental. “There but for the grace of God, go I.” Would this be my life if I grew up in that same situation, that area, that home life?
**Language, violence and sensual situations. Considering the background of this book with drugs, gangs and prison, the author has kept all of this at a minimum.
Book 2: Upon Release from Prison - Roll Call Sequel
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In Glenn's first book, Roll Call, we follow B.J. from his childhood being shattered and a path he takes that ends in incarceration. It's a detailed journey that makes you feel you are there through it all. Upon Release picks up where Roll Call left off...B.J. has been released from prison, living in a shelter and reconnected with an old acquaintance Annette. Annette is newly sober and still struggling to leave her past behind as well.
This time our journey with him shows the difficulty he faces...not for the first time...of re acclimating to life as a free man. They have to find jobs to stay at the shelter. Not only are jobs hard to come by, but when you have a record and/or you are a recovering addict, your chances go way down of being hired. B.J. just wants to get his book out there and selling and encourage those in prison with their writing, art, etc. Nothing happens fast enough and the old life is always there calling and teasing with it's 'easy' money. Through a series of misunderstandings--B.J. is soon on the lamb—again!
Many of the characters from Roll Call return. Both friends like Damon and foes such as Detective Pincher. There are some real surprises in this book. It is more fiction than Roll Call. But Glenn continues to add his past 'real life' experiences into his writing. We once again are in Mexico among the cartels, in prison where shots are still called to handle things on the outside, Pincher is still a stinker. The writing is still captivating and keeps you hanging on to the end. Be prepared for a mental work-out as well because still a runner.
**Language, violence and sensual situations. Considering the background of this book with drugs, gangs and prison, the author has kept all of this at a minimum.
 Prison Killers Series
Book 1: Race Riot
The tension is high. Two inmates have just attacked two others of a different race. Now that the two Mexican leaders have been moved out of the building, who will take their place? And when will the retribution come….it always does. This happens as BJ walks toward his cell after just returning from an appeal to the Supreme Court. He freely admits to the drug charges….but not all the other charges they added to it. His appeal is denied.

In Race Riot, the author once again walks us through scenes of prison life through his eyes.
We see the segregation in prison life and how it breeds hate. Feel the claustrophobia of being on lockdown in a small cell, for two. The call that you are to carry out retribution, and you will. Waiting for outside information on other inmates….making sure if the guard says they are molesters, that it’s fact before carrying out punishment against them.

Glenn Langohr writes in such a way that you can feel you are there. I really enjoy his writing and the insight of seeing the inmates humanized, that they are not all murderers and rapists. Yes they are responsible for their actions but he shows the road that led many of them to where they are. In gangs. Into drugs. In prison. Where you best grow some thick skin to survive.

Race Riot is the first of four in the series Prison Killers. These are shorter stories that usually pertain to an incident within prison. Glenn’s books are based on true events in his life with an added touch of fiction that makes them easy to read. The author never actually spent time at Pelican Bay, where these series take place.
**Language and violence. Considering the background of where these books take place, the author does keep these at a minimum.

Race Riot is now available on Audio

Book 2: Lock Up Diaries - Drug Debts
Another adventure of life in prison as we see it through the author's eyes. From entering the extreme heat of the desert prison to cataloging the area as BJ walks through another new prison. Getting the feel of the tensions between the races and the good and bad guards. And even the joy to find you have a good cellie and that you have a friend in the same prison. Lock Up continues to expand on the segregation of the races within and the tension it causes. Once again waiting for the moment they feel coming….when the one race has an opportunity to attack the other in senseless acts of violence. Driven by some unknown pride and forces that are hard to understand.

Sometimes it can be hard to read the truth about how the blood lust takes over these men, driving them blindly to attack someone because of their color or even the same race. Often so many men against one, even when the man is down the others are still driven to attack. How the adrenaline is so high that they continue warring although being pummeled by the block guns and their minds don't seem to clear until the rifle goes off and one of their comrades fall. Glenn writes in an extremely visual way….being he lived through many similar situations.

Lock Up Diaries is the 2nd book book in the Prison Killers Series. The first being Race Riots, the third is Gladiator and the fourth is Underdog. These are all shorter stories that can be bought separately or all four in one in Pelican Bay Riot. His two novels are Roll Call and Upon Release from Prison….following the author’s life that led to prison and the struggles of life afterward.

**Language and violence. Considering the background of this book with drugs, gangs and prison, the author has kept all of this at a minimum.
Book 3: Gladiator Prison Super Max
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Book Blurb:
Mexican Mafia in motion...
The author, Glenn Langohr spent 10 years inside the most violent prisons in California on drug charges. He paints the culture into words and takes you on a journey into the belly of the beast where in this instance, a gun tower guard instigates a gang war and uses his rifle to fire unholy justice.

B.J. struggles to allow his emotions to leave his prison cell in a search for his wife. Then the struggles to survive prison politics begin where races are segregated and violence and gangs are the calling card. Notorious mobster, Bat, has a hit out on him for not paying street taxes...The gun tower guard Hernandez has a hit out on him for staging gladiator wars and B.J. is faced with the problem of a race war in between...
My Review:

Gladiator by Glenn Langohr
In Gladiator we once again find Benny Johnson, AKA – BJ, behind bars….or more like behind a door with honeycomb style holes. He violated parole and was sent to prison, again. Only this time he has left a wife behind, on the outside. We find him with his cellie, Damon, and like a soap opera we watch ‘The Prison Days of Our Lives’ play out. There is the tension between the races, Whites, Blacks, Asians and the different Mexican gangs. A cocky tower guard who enjoys taunting them causes even more waves. Some of the characters from the earlier books join BJ and Damon as well. And interesting new ones, like a young man with an identity crisis.

They wait for the right moments in time to handle business, revenge has a long arm. It’s also patient. Just waiting for the right person and time to carry it out. These books contain situations that are not for the faint of heart. This book may be fiction but the fact is that the violence does happen in the real world.

Glenn writes these stories in such a way that the emotional part grabs the reader and pulls you in. He will tell you the background of a young boy and how he ended up in prison. When his characters are hurt or die….you can almost feel the loss. He writes into the characters how life has hardened some and how others have kept that soft spot in their heart alive, somehow. Every book I have read so far from this author has influenced the way I think of those locked behind bars. Not all are the murderers and rapists. Some are still young and had nowhere to turn….except the streets.
**Language and violence. Considering the background of this book with drugs, gangs and prison, the author has kept all of this at a minimum.
Book 4: Underdog
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From an overcrowded dog shelter where the person in charge don't care about anything but getting some money for the dogs without taking care of them to an overcrowded prison where the some of the overseers of human lives don't act much differently. Glenn takes our minds eye on a tour through prison life. The friendships and enemies. The rules...both spoken and unspoken...that they follow. That no matter what you could say to save yourself or a friend from hardship, the rules stop you from saying anything beyond, “no comment.” A world where you are not looked to as who you are but at what color you are and what gang your with. And even in prison—it looks like a dog eat dog world.

Glenn's books looked really good but I usually read all the different styles of romance books. When I kept feeling pulled to read one and see what it was about, I chose one of his shorter reads. This is one time that I'm really thankful I broke out of the box and tried something new. It really surprised me what it was like looking at the prison world from the inside out. We might hear on the news now and then about prisoner complaints or things going on and it's easy to brush it away without a second thought. When you see through Glenn's eyes what it's like to visit a friend in prison, a fellow brother in Christ, and see him beat to a's a bit harder to look away. Glenn started writing while in prison. These books are written from real life experience. True Crime books.
**Language and violence. Considering the background of this book with drugs, gangs and prison, the author has kept all of this at a minimum.
Underdog is now available on Audio 

All four of these books are also
available in one book...
Pelican Bay Riot - Hell on Earth
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Four Books in one: Race Riots, Lock-Up Diaries, Gladiator & Underdog
Pelican Bay Riot by Glenn Langohr is a compilation of four true prison stories that he lived to write about. This book is well written and fraught with details of violence, drug debts, prison guard brutality, race riots, segregation and demoralization. It's hard to phantom what these inmates go through day in and day out just to survive.

The 33 California maximum prisons have been in the media a lot lately, and with the recent hunger strikes, and guards instigating prison riots to justify overtime, more so. The author and former inmate for 10 years, will share his stories that will leave you shocked and angry.
Book 5: Prison Riot
Another one of Glenn Langohr's stunning memoirs--a brave, unflinching account of life in prison

Ever wonder what a prison riot is like? B.J, a white inmate, serving time on drug charges, gets caught up in a Mexican gang war. The northern California Mexicans demand that the southern California Mexicans keep their shirts on to cover up their gangland tattoos. The prison explodes into chaos as each building erupts in deadly violence. For B.J, the war isn't over when he and over a hundred inmates get housed in solitary confinement, it's just beginning. For getting involved, he's labeled a southern Mexican gangster. The hardcore action unfolds like a movie in this bare bones thriller of true crime.


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