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Interview with Winnie Griggs
Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
I reread them several times while I'm working on them but never after they are published.   Because every time I read one of my books I see things that I wish I'd done just a little differently.  But I do enjoy remembering their stories.  And I often continue them in my head, imagining what they are doing and how their story is progressing.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Absolutely.  The stories are very real to me and I really get into what is going on in the story.  If I don't cry at least once while I'm writing the story I don't feel I've gone deep enough into what is going on with my characters.

Favorite book or character you have written?
Oh, that's much too hard a question to answer - sort of like which of my children is my favorite.  I fall in love with each of my characters as I write their story and as I mentioned above, they often live on with me past what you see on the page.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Write.  Every day.  That's the only way to improve your craft.  Just like when learning to play a new instrument you need to go at it every day until it becomes second nature to you.  And still there are new things to learn, new approaches to try.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
Not really.  But they do have a live of sorts in my imagination.  I can see them and hear them and know the expressions they wear in different situations - in that sense they are real to me.

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
Yes, but sadder for the readers who have grown to love them than for me.  Because, again, I can revisit them and their ongoing 'lives' in my mind.

Do you write about places you have lived?
All of my settings are fictional, but I do draw on places I've been when creating the towns and landscapes.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
Yes, and many more types of stories as well.  I'm an eclectic reader - in additional to historic romance, I read many other kinds of romance, mysteries, fantasy, sci-fi, YA and women's fiction, among others.

What is your go-to snack?
Warm, fresh-from-the-oven brownies - and a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top makes it even better!
Journeys of the Heart: The Road Home
Anisha's life is just beginning, and Wyatt feels like his is over. How can a displaced, exotic beauty and former surgeon help two grieving orphans find a forever home? 
Love Inspired Books...

The Hand-Me-Down Family
Callie Gray always assumed she would never marry, until she took a leap and became a mail-order bride. But when she arrives in Sweetgum, Texas, she gets the shock of her life. Her husband is dead, and his brother proposes she marry him, for the sake of his orphaned nephew and nieces. Jack Tyler warns her not to hope for a love match—theirs is strictly a convenient marriage. But Callie yearns for a true partnership with the man who has unexpectedly captured her heart. Now she must convince him what he truly needs is a lifetime of love, faith and family—with Callie by his side.
The Heart's Song
Widower Graham Lockwood hasn't stepped foot n church since he lost his family. So he can't possibly say yes to his new neighbor's request that he lead the hand bell choir. But widowed mother Reeny Landry is so hopeful—and her fatherless children so in need—that Graham agrees to help. Suddenly, the man who closed himself off is coming out of his shell. And he finds himself acting the father figure to Reeny's sweet mute daughter and loner son. But going from neighbor to husband is anther matter altogether. Until a loving family teaches Graham to hear the heart's song.

Book 1: The Christmas Journey
Philadelphia lawyer Ryland Lassiter is everything Josephine Wylie wants—for a brother-in-law! As the sole supporter of her family, Josie's plans for herself have always had to wait. But Ryland will be ideal as the new head of the Wylie clan...once he finally realizes he is perfect for Josie's sister.
Ry knows it's time to settle down. The newly appointed guardian to a friend's daughter, he's ready for a home and family. All he needs is a bride...and Josie's sister is not the Wylie who has caught his eye. If only Josie would see the truth—that the only Christmas present he needs is her love.
 Book 2: The Proper Wife
Eli Reynolds has his life pretty well planned out. He is rich enough but still bought a bank in the town of Knotty Pine, Texas. He wanted to start over with his little sister, Penny, and forget about the tragedies of the past. He bought a house that would soon be finished and now he was looking for the perfect and proper wife. Definitely not someone like the hoyden, Sadie Lassiter. When circumstances cause a situation that could ruin their reputations...Eli sees no way out but to marry Sadie.

Sadie was helping her sister-in-laws sister, Cora Beth, after she hurt her arm. Cora Beth had a boardinghouse to run. Sadie was not so good at cooking but she enjoyed helping with the children. Especially young Penny who was there with her brother Eli. When Eli tells her they must marry, it sends her hackles up. He's handsome enough but stodgy and he don't love her. Marriage vows are too important to marry someone to prove innocence. When Eli points out his reputation and Penny's are endangered as well...Sadie has to rethink her decision. She dreamed of a marrying someone who loved her and preferably a rancher, not a City man like Eli. What would Sadie give up to help rescue Eli and Penny?

Although not listed as a series, The Christmas Journey is the story of Sadie's oldest brother, Ryland. After The Proper Wife is Second Chance Family which is the story of Cora Beth Collins and Once Upon a Thanksgiving: Home for Thanksgiving is the story of Sadie's other brother, Griff.
Book 3: Second Chance Family
Mitch Hammond is a man of his word. And as far as Cora Beth Collins is concerned, that's a problem. The stubborn sheriff has vowed never to love again, for fear of wounding someone else. The most he can offer Cora Beth is marriage in name only. And with no other way to adopt two runaway orphans and keep her patchwork family together, she accepts.

Mitch is doing the honorable thing. So why does if feel so wrong? Despite his intentions, Mitch is starting to want more from Cora Beth...and from himself. For in her trusting eyes he sees everything he hopes to be—as a lawman, a father and a husband.
Once Upon a Thanksgiving: 
 Book 4: Home for Thanksgiving by Winnie Griggs
All that stands between Ruby Anne Tuggle and a fresh start is an escort to Tyler, Texas. Rancher Griff Lassiter is too kind to refuse, but too wary of being hurt again to offer anything but friendship. Then a fever forces an unexpected detour and a chance to find the place they both belong...
Season of Bounty by Linda Ford
At first glance, privileged Kathleen Sanderson and cowboy Buck Donahue couldn't be more different. Yet the bond between Buck and his adopted son awakens a wish in Kathleen for a family of her own—and a future they can build together.  
Texas Grooms Series
Book 1: Handpicked Husband
Adam Barr wants to find who set him up and clear his name. He had been an up and coming lawyer and ended up falsely accused and spent the past six years in prison, losing everything. The one person who stood by him the whole time was Judge Madison. So when the Judge asked Adam to take three men from Philadelphia to Turnabout, Texas so his granddaughter could choose one to marry….he did. Of course nothing in his life was ever easy and this hoyden surely wouldn’t make it any easier.

Regina “Reggie” Nash was happy. At twenty-three years of age she had decided to be a spinster aunt to young Jack. She has been taking care of him since Patricia, her step-sister passed away. Since the passing of her brother-in-law four months ago...Reggie has taken of full responsibility for the six year old. Telling her grandfather that she wanted to adopt Jack seemed like a non-issue until he sent the handsome Adam to Texas with an ultimatum. Marry one of the three men Adam had with him or lose Jack.

I enjoy all of this author’s books, this one included. It made me laugh and even brought a few tears. She brings her characters to life. Three men who really don’t want to get married but have been offered a deal too good to refuse. A young woman who has her own secrets and reasons not to marry. And a man carrying a chip on his shoulder with revenge on his mind. Some of the towns people come to life as well. The gossip and snooty woman who thinks no man can refuse her. Looking forward to the rest of this historical series.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 2: The Bride Next Door 
Love Thy Neighbor? 
After years of wandering, Daisy Johnson hopes to settle in Turnabout, Texas, open a restaurant, perhaps find a husband. Of course, she'd envisioned a man who actually likes her. Not someone who offers a marriage of convenience to avoid scandal. 

Turnabout is just a temporary stop for newspaper reporter Everett Fulton. Thanks to one pesky connecting door and a local gossip, he's suddenly married, but his dreams of leaving haven't changed. What Daisy wants-home, family, tenderness-he can't provide. Yet big-city plans are starting to pale beside small-town warmth....
Book 3: A Family For Christmas
Eve Pickering knows what it's like to be judged for your past. So she's not about to leave the orphaned boy she's befriended alone in this unfamiliar Texas town. Since Chance Dawson's offer of shelter is the only way to look after Leo, Eve is determined they'll have a warm, welcoming home for the holidays. 

Chance came from the big city to make it on his own despite a painful secret. But Eve's strength is giving him a confidence he never expected -- and a new direction for his dream. With a little Christmas blessing, he'll dare to win her heart -- and make their family one for a lifetime.
Book 4: Lone Star Heiress
Rescuer Turned Husband? 

Plucky Ivy Feagan is headed to Turnabout, Texas, to claim an inheritance, not a widower's heart. That all changes when strapping schoolteacher Mitch Parker rescues her in the wilderness. Straightlaced Mitch has never met a woman like Ivy—beautiful, adventurous and good-hearted—but he already lost love once and doesn't dare try again. 

When Turnabout's gossips target Mitch and Ivy's friendship, he proposes to save her reputation. But Ivy doesn't want to marry for honor, and she doesn't need to marry for money. Ivy will only agree to a proposal made for love's sake—but will Mitch make his heart part of the marriage offer?
Book 5: Her Holiday Family
Book 6: Second Chance Hero
Multi-Author Series...
 Irish Brides Book 3: A Baby Between Them
For two months, Nora Murphy has cared for the abandoned infant she found on their Boston-bound ship. Settled now in Faith Glen, Nora tells herself she's happy. She has little Grace and a good job a housekeeper to Sheriff Cameron Long. She doesn't need anything more—not the big family she always wanted, or Cam's love...

A traumatic childhood closed Cam off to any dreams of family life. Yet somehow his lovely housekeeper and her child have opened his heart again. When the unthinkable occurs, it will take all their faith to reach a new future together. 
Leisure Books...
What Matters Most
What Matters Most by Winnie Griggs
Reed Wilder is heading for Far Enough, Texas. Leaving his usual habit of having his head stuck in the ledgers back home in Delaware. He was finally going to make his father proud of him. He would find the fallen woman who stole the Dragon's Heart ring from his brother's widow and also bring home Jon's son to his father. He hated this Lucy Ames who was was a thief. Cheating Iris, Jon's widow of both the ring and her husbands faithfulness. On the way he is attacked by two men but rescued by a pint size sprite. While recovering at this Athena's home, Reed finds out that this angel who saved the devil he had come to confront.

Lucy Ames and her son Toby lived quietly outside of town. With her mother's death only a few weeks ago and the town shunning her, they were alone. Oh there was her childhood friend, Lowell Crowder who wanted to marry her just to make her acceptable again but she wanted true love, like what her parents wanted. Getting to know Reed while he recovered at her home almost had her forgetting her tarnished reputation.

When the truth comes to light, can forgiveness come with it? Reed's pride does not allow him to truly see the person Lucy is and Lucy's pride will not settle for anything less than love and trust.

This seems to be Winnie's first book, written in 2001. And her excellent stories have continued. I'm looking forward to reading more of her books. She brought out the emotions of the characters and of the reader...I went through a few tissues myself. The anger at the town and how quickly they judged Lucy. And the truth of how often we see someone as we think we know them to be instead of really getting to know who they are.
Something More
Elthia Sinclaire travels to Texas to become a governess. She arrives to find six children, not two; a man who had ordered a bride, not a teacher, and a household that needs someone to cook and clean, not read Latin. But worse than marrying Caleb Tanner is returning home in defeat, so the former socialite says I do and goes to work—burning meals, flooding the kitchen—loving the children. And butting heads with her new spouse. Until Elthia realizes she has learned how to stand on her own two feet and fallen head over heels for her handsome husband. Now, her biggest challenge is to convince the stubborn rancher their arrangement is something more than just a temporary marriage. It is a union of two soul mates.
Whatever It Takes
To adopt the little girl she'd come to love, Maddy Potter needed a fiance, not a husband. Luckily, she'd found the ideal beau for her purpoose: Clayton Kincaid had agreed to court her, propose marriage, and then leave her at the altar. But when he arrived on her doorstep she knew their charade would never work. Clay was too handsome, too smooth..too potent. Who would believe such a charming, good-looking man wanted to woo her?

Clay had accepted Maddy's proposal to repay a family debt of honor. He traveled to Missouri expecting to find a reserved widow, not a beautiful young woman—a woman who suggested that he comb his hair differently, mess up his clothes a little, and walk with a limp. She even had the temerity to instruct him how to woo her! Clay knew he could be the perfect suitor. He didn't know he's soon long to be the perfect husband.
A Will of Her Own
Will Trevaron had made a life of his own, the way he wanted it. He didn't want to return to his stuffy judgmental family—to a past he'd rather forget. But when he inherited the title Marquess, his grandfather demanded he leave his beloved America and sail back to England. Chafing at the hold of him imperious grandfather and his decree that his grandson put himself on the marriage mart, Will balked. Then he hit on the perfect solution: a marriage of convenience to Maggie Carter. A union with a “nobody from the colonies” would shock and horrify his family and rescue from poverty the woman who had once saved his life.

Will didn't count on getting three spirited children and a mischievous cat in the bargain, though. He didn't expect to fall for his wife. But as Maggie set his household straight about what exactly an independent lady from a savage country would and would not accept, the new marquess say that—her loving husband aside—his marchioness had... A will of her own!
Lady's Choice
Her preference? What a joke! She didn't want any of them. Regina Nash's grandfather had sent a trio of men to Texas, along with a contract; and if she didn't sign, agreeing to marry one of them, she risked losing custody of her nephew. To escape the trap, Reggie devised a plan. To be the worst prospective bride ever, to be so unpleasant as to send any would-be groom high-tailing it back to Philadelphia.

One man wouldn't be tricked. Adam Barr, ex-lawyer, ex-con, one-time crush of Reggie's. He wasn't one of her three suitors, but he had delivered the contract for her grandfather and was charged with seeing it carried out. He knew Reggie's true self, which he swore to show her suitors. Using his charming wit he had her acting smart, compassionate, and funny—and feeling beautiful. Trouble was, he'd outsmarted himself. He wasn't in the running—couldn't be—and yet he wanted Reggie for himself. Only one question remained: How could he become the ...Lady's Choice?


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