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Suzy Stewart Dubot Book List


Is there something quirky about your life?
You might think so. At thirty-nine I reached a turning point in my life.
Until then I had lived thirteen years in Lima, Ohio, where I was born, thirteen in London, England and thirteen in Paris, France.
With an English mother and an American father who divorced, I got to travel! Some might say that my HEA (happily ever after) stories are also a result of divorced parents. I often slip into my stories the words that good can come from bad, and I believe it.
Since those first thirty-nine years, the majority of my life has been in France.

Are you a responsible writer who plans a story outline?
A writer is only half responsible for what he writes. I promise you.

Once I have given my characters their names, they begin to take over. Their personalities emerge and have very little to do with what I had originally planned for them. The hardened hero often takes on a schoolboy vulnerability and my heroines have the colour of their hair changing several times before the end of the tale. Not one of your modern hair colour products either, because the majority of my people are ensconced in the Regency period with only the occasional time shift when I combine fantasy.

How did you begin?
It was a very bad Regency paperback that convinced me that I could do better.

Why so late in life?
I admit that any urge I had to write earlier was stifled by the mystery of dialogue. How did an author create credible dialogue? Fool that I was, I never attempted it until that modern 'penny dreadful' pushed me to try. I know now. The answer is quite simple for me - I take dictation. My characters say what they like and often do as they like. I sometimes find them kissing or moving on to more serious acts, and there is little I can do without stepping away, without taking my fingers off the keyboard. I wonder if they knew we were reading about them, they might be a little more discreet but somehow I doubt that in a moment of passion they would give a damn!

What do your fans mean to you?
Any artist needs fans to exist. They are the people who approve of what you do and who encourage you to continue.

What inspires you to get out of bed each day?

Believe it or not, I don't need inspiration. Daylight is enough for me to want to get up and take advantage of the time that is left to me...
Capturing Constance
The Trubridge family had a fairly contented life. Yes Thomas had lost his wife some years ago but he had his daughter and son, Constance and Tobias. Constance was content even as she was a twenty-eight year old spinster who just never found that right guy and Tobias was happily working with his father in their businesses. And suddenly everything changed. Twenty-three year old Tobias chose to join the war against Napoleon. He felt his life was blessed and he needed to do his part.

Through a series of events, Thomas becomes ill and doesn't want to fight to live at first. Constance becomes a bit despondent as well until her life changes once again. Thomas does start living again and Constance finds a peace in using her extensive wealth by helping some of the unfortunate soldiers in the streets of York. Young William is the first. Only sixteen with no home or hope. Constance begins to spend more time with the “family” downstairs. Mr. & Mrs. Grey the butler and cook/housekeeper, Jules the groom, Walter the Gardner and Betty her maid. Soon they add the wounded soldiers that she has taken in. Victor Vidall, with two ll's, becomes their greatest challenge. A man they found along the streets of York, after losing his leg he also lost all hope. And helping all of them gives Constance the hope that someone will watch over her brother as well, where ever he is.

Suzy's writing is different than what I mostly read. Most books have one person speaking and than another. In this book you hear from different people through out the book whether they are speaking or thinking but not in a confusing way. It had a good mix as well. Whether it was fretting over Tobias in the war or struggling with Victor over the loss of his leg. The true life heartache of knowing many did die in the war and that the soldiers did come home to beg on the streets in some cases. Knowing this is a romance it became a mystery. Suzy would lead the reader on with different men she brought in. I kept thinking, “this one or that one?” You'll have to read the book to solve this mystery.
**Contains sensual situations.
The Baron & The Clock-Maker's Daughter
Jealousy is a nasty sentiment when it gnaws away at you...Quentin Wolfe, Baron Isleworth, is rich and not bad looking but he lacks imagination. One drunken kiss will set him on a tortuous path to win the clock-maker's daughter for himself.
The Viscount's Midsummer Mistress
Circumstances have made Gideon Drummond, Viscount Osborne, a solitaire. Never would he have imagined that the eleven-year-old girl who presents him with his winner's cup will, years later, become his Midsummer Mistress...
The Timely Gift
This is a fairly short story but a complete story no less. When at James Myers, Esquire's home for a charity, the 4th Viscount Palmer, Ivan, gets up to use the water closet, opens the wrong door and ends up in Elizabeth Denby's bedroom. Known as Libby by her friends. She was dressed like a strumpet with such a short dressing gown and her shoulders showing as well. After a bit they finally realize all is not right. Somehow he passed from 1818 to 2009. The home is now a museum and Libby overseas it. And Libby is not a strumpet after all.

There are other little tidbits to the story but I don't want to give it away. There is some humor and definitely attraction. This ebook can be downloaded for free off of Suzy's website:
This link shows the home that inspired this short book:
The Repentant Viscount
Claire de Lormes has just become the governess for young Katherine. As Claire gets to know the widowed viscount she sees past his thinness and imperfect face to find a man she enjoys being around. She is just happy to have a home for her and young Celestine to keep their secret safe. Claire knows she is still just an upper servant….not someone that could have more with a wealthy aristocrat.

Timothy Cardan, 6th Viscount of Asterley, is impressed from the moment he meets Claire. She is intelligent and enjoyable to speak with. In a moment where his brain must have stepped out he finds himself in a bad situation. Can he repent and have a second chance or will this ray of sunshine be gone from his life?

Suzy has way of putting a full size story into a quick read, which I appreciate when I want to read something in between full size books. She did a good job of bringing out the emotions and personalities of the characters as well.
**Sexual situations

Involving Innocence
Nathaniel Bourne has a plan for revenge and his plan includes marrying into an aristocratic family. He found his target and went after her. Soon he would be able to rescue his mother and destroy his tormentor.

Innocence Manners knew that they were in financial trouble. They had sold many things and now her father was considering selling their Berkley Square home in London. When a handsome young man came calling without an appointment they were curious to what he could want. The reason angered her, he knew of their financial difficulties and he basically wanted to buy her to pay off her father's debts. The nerve. After some thought, she agreed. He was a handsome young man and not elderly, she could do much worse. And it may prolong her father's life. He had not been looking well lately.

Nathaniel thought he messed up. He did something before leaving their home that caused Innocence to smile at his error. Would he ever be able to act Aristocratic? No matter, he had his own revenge as well as for his valet, Benson. They both wanted justice and Nathaniel had the means and hopefully he would soon have the bride to act upon it. And than all will be well, right?

This was not an overly long story, which I enjoy having shorter books to read at times. Suzy shows Nathaniel's character as someone you quickly take to and feel for. He is a twenty-six year old man in body and yet a hurt and scared young boy on the inside. I have enjoyed the different books and styles of this author and look forward to reading more from her.
**Mild sensual situations
Never Love Another
Never Love Another by Suzy Stewart Dubot
If you are looking for shorter, quick read stories….this is definitely a great choice!
Louise fell in love at age six. Felix, being the older man, was ten. They met on "their" log for the next ten years. Sharing and their lives. Felix had been sent off to school and would return to their log so they could once again catch up. By sixteen years old….he had no doubts about being in love with the lovely Louise.

So he waits for her to age a few years and they get married and live happily ever after….eeerrrrrttt. Nope. You see Felix is an aristocrat and Louise is a farmer's daughter. There can not be a happy ending and his parents make sure of it. Just when he comes home with skills to work and support her as his wife….he founds out his father has bought him a commission in the King’s army.

The story begins six years later. Louise has assumed Felix dead but has never loved another. And Felix does return home, somewhat. This is a story of true love breaking down boundaries both physically and mentally. It’s only about 22 pages, but has the impact of a full blown story. You might even want to keep your tissues handy.
**Mild sensual situations.
Bed Times
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After being a doormat to Nicky for 6 years, Rose makes a decision to leave. She keeps her job as a librarian and a year after leaving she buys a home and starts furnishing it. The day comes when she finds a beautiful oak bed. The roses carved on each side are the deal closer for her. What she didn't expect was to find a man in her new bed.

Oliver is from 1810. Somehow when he is in his bed and Rose, in 2010, is in her bed...they find themselves in a place where time stops. In this place they also find love.
How can two people who are from the past and the future find happiness outside of the mystical bed that's in a time warp? You'll have to read this short and sweet book to find out.
**Sensual situations.
Hope in the Winter
'Disfigured veteran from the Napoleonic Wars. Big, fierce, Scot shunning contact with women' was Duncan MacGregor. Also estate manager for absentee owner, except owner and family weren't going to be absentee any longer. Christmas was coming and so were they...

Little does anyone guess the far-reaching effects that this whim of a visit will have on them all!
The Insignificance of Being a Spy       Was:  Oh! What a Tangled Web We Weave
Marcus Beaumont is the 5th Viscount of Driscoll. He is also a spy for England. He recently barely made it out of a situation and will be glad when he can be done with all of this. He would really love to have a home and family but not while he has to disappear for months at a time. When his friend Conrad Winston tells him about a beautiful widow who shot him down...quite a turn of events as women never turned Conrad down...Marcus decides he will meet her and once he does he can’t get Arabelle Wentworth out of his lusty thoughts.

Widowed Caroline Winston Edwards had an unusual marriage. One that left her knowledgeable about politics since Jason had talked with her as an equal. After his death she was recreated. First she sought out to find her husbands murderer and then she ended up being a spy for England. Most in life though Caroline desired for a certain man to notice her in more than a passing way.

Conrad Winston was not quite who everyone thought him to be. They thought him to be a gambler and a rake. Yet he was much more. In the upper ranks of being a spy he knew both his sister and friend were spies as well but neither of them knew of each other or Conrad. He couldn’t wait until they could all retire and laugh about it.

Another interesting story from Suzy with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Her writing lets you in the minds of most of the characters not just the main two. There are also little stories going on along with the main one which is much to do with the spy ring and those involved. But no fear there is plenty of romance and more.
**Sexual situations
The Builder's Report
Cleo Kingsley was once known as Mary Murphy. But she changed her name and her life. She was considered a bit of a cold fish, but climbing her way up into the business world there was no room for relationships. She now owned a very successful business and she bought a beautiful home outside of London in Enfield Town. She just needed to find a builder to add a home office to her new house.

Jason Dooley of Dooley’s Brick Builder’s, was a well traveled man. He enjoyed the town he now lived in, getting to know the people around him. He never lacked for the attention from women either. The day that Cleo came by his business changed his life in many ways.

A shorter story about two very different people who weren’t so different after all. One teased because of her parents and the other because of his learning skills. Both overcome their pasts to create successful futures. This is a nice quick read for when you want a full story, but don’t want to read a full book.
**Sensual content
Perfectly Plain
This 'Flash' romance story, 'Perfectly Plain' offers hope to those women who have something other than beauty to offer. As with previous short stories written with a group of 'indie authors', this one was on a theme. It was to use the words 'Why me?' Hope you enjoy it. This is FREE.
Garnet Monroe had been living in her uncle's home since her parents passed away. Her aunt had managed to use Garnet as a lady's maid for her own daughters and then more like a slave. An unusual thing happened to Garnet after her parents passing. At night while she slept she would visit other bedrooms. They changed from children's rooms to adults as she aged. It was her own private secret. Then one night while traveling she did something as she had never done before...she opened the bedroom door during her visit. Garnet's life was never again the same.

This was a unique read and had me turning the pages to find what would happen next. This book is around 23,000 words so it is a fairly short read as well.
**Sensual content

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