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Kim Watters Book List

          Home At Last             Healing Hearts Ebook 
Sarah Churchill has lived in Greer for three months now, it's actually beginning to feel like home. If her past don’t' catch up to her, she can stay. After hitting a pup and rushing him to the local Veterinarian, Grant Morrison, her life begins to change. Going from foster home to foster home she learned to put up walls and not trust anyone but Grant talks her into keeping the pup, and having a dog cracks those walls open a bit. Being around Grant opens them even further. Sarah can't abandon Rocky, the dog, no matter what he does because she relates it to the many times she herself felt abandoned.

Grant quickly realizes that Sarah needs this pup as much as it needs a home. She is as skittish as the wild cat outside he's trying to catch. Being the softy he is, not does he only have a house full of dogs, cats, rabbits and a pregnant ferret but now he wants to rescue Sarah too, if only he can get her to open up about what has hurt her so badly.

This is such a touching story in so many ways. Definitely a 'might need those Kleenex nearby' story. Healing Hearts is in ebook only. Previously published as Home at Last.   
Stake Your Claim
Eden Delgado holds Charles Kipling personally responsible for her father's death in a mining accident twenty years ago. There's no way she'll allow his smooth-talking, good-looking grandson, Jake, to resume operations. Jake Kipling has his own agenda and wants to restore the family mining tradition in Arizona. As a Kipling, he wants to prove he can provide jobs and services as his ancestors once had. As a man, he wants to connect with his past and discover the life of a father he never knew. His father was also one of the men killed. Eden, this passionate, loyal woman—a woman, who weaves her way into his heart and his soul—fascinates Jake. But when it comes to love, can Jake walk away from his obligations and his heritage? Can Eden, who is attracted to his strength and protectiveness, betray the cherished memories of her father by falling for him?
Web of Deceit
Faith Callahan’s husband is dead...isn't he? So why is someone breaking into her home and work and making phantom phone calls in the night?

Sheriff's deputy Adam Quinn wants to find that out. The only problem is he needs to get close to Faith again—the only woman he's ever loved. Will Faith allow Adam back into her life after her disastrous first marriage? Will Adam risk his career to win woman he loves?

Finally, can Faith and Adam put their trust in God, and let Him guide them through these perilous times?
On Wings of Love
On Wings of Love is a romance but so much more. It gives a view of a complicated subject from both sides. Ruth Fontaine's job is to coordinate between organ donor's and the recipients. As one family is losing a loved one another family is seeing their hopes and prayers answered. Ruth had a personal reason for her work and it keeps her going, even during the times of loss.

Noah Barton is furious to find out that his partner, Brad, signed a contract to where they would be flying medical teams to retrieve and deliver donor organs. After losing his son and wife he believed the people working in that area to be vultures and he wanted no part in flying them anywhere. The beautiful curvy blond caught his attention but he kept reminding himself that she was one of the vultures, only Ruth did not seem like one.

As they get to know each other Ruth hopes she can help Noah understand her work and more important that he will return to God. This book brought out so many emotions. The joyful and sad. Kim added a cute little dog named Houston and a pesky neighbor cat that wouldn't stay on it's own yard. 
Home Sweet Home
Somewhere to belong...
Finally ready to settle down, Abby Bancroft has just inherited a place to put down roots. But her hopes for a successful bed-and-breakfast are placed on hold when she learns that her grandparents run-down inn is in a serious need of TLC.

So is Cole Preston, the handsome contractor who offers to help make her dream a reality. His past mistakes won't let him consider settling in the close knit town. Yet as he and Abby work together to repair the house, they also begin to mend each other's hearts. And they just may find that consulting their hearts is what creating a home is all about.
And Father Makes Three
Dr. Elizabeth Randall receives an unexpected visitor at the hospital….a man who says he is the father of her adopted daughter, and he has proof.. As if she don’t have enough on her plate with Jordan having leukemia and getting weaker each day while waiting for a bone marrow transplant. And yet the handsome fireman is determined to work himself into their lives. She also carries a secret from the past that brings more guilt as she gets to know Blake.

Blake Crawford can’t believe he’s a father and hasn’t been told about it for almost ten years. And to find his daughter only to face losing her. His own father had failed him but he was determined to learn to be a good one for his daughter and to do all he could to help her recover. He also fights the past as the hospital reminds him of his father who had disowned him.

Blake and Elizabeth learn to work together for Jordan even while they each harbor their own fears. I couldn’t stop reading as I was pulled into the story. More than the romance, Kim also brings out real life issues such as the struggles of parents wanting to help their children who are sick but it’s out of their control and in God’s hands. A portion of the proceeds for this book will go to organizations to help defray the costs associated with the testing to be a donor.
A Season Of Love
The Soldier's Gift 
Just in time for Christmas, a tall, dark and handsome Scrooge visits Holly Stanwyck's holiday shop, threatening eviction. But once landlord Ethan Pelligrino sees the single mom's plight, the former soldier becomes her protector instead. Suddenly he's helping her with her struggling business and bonding with her troubled son. A wounded veteran come home to heal, Ethan is no stranger to sorrow. But something about the pretty widow fills him with hope. Will Holly be able to let go of her own painful past to see her future by his side?
Short Stories...

All the books Below in one book!
Dog Days of Summer Anthology A Compilation of:
Dog Days of Summer
Discovering Jenna
Scales of Love
When Johnny Comes Home
     Dog Days of Summer      Bonus Story: Wallflower
An introvert at heart, newly divorced Emily Bryant will do anything to bring a smile back to her son's lips—even adopt a complete stranger’s dog from a want-ad. But once she meets the owner, Daniel Gibbs, and the big-eared, furry mutt, Sir Isaac Newton, the smile she so desperately wants for Jeremy might just grace her lips as well.
Bonus Story:
In her high school yearbook, Megan Dougherty was voted most likely to eat the last box of Twinkies. Ten years later, the now sleek and sophisticated business woman attends her class reunion. She discovers her former classmates haven't changed until Kyle Green arrives. Apparently some things have changed...for the better?

Discovering Jenna
Reclusive children’s author Jenna Winslow hides behind her books to keep life from disappointing her. She'd rather spend her time in museums with the dinosaurs she writes about, until she meets a man who makes her want to live again.

Matt McCutcheon is confined to a wheelchair but doesn't let life confine him. He's determined to unearth the mysteries of a woman whose physical scars camouflage wounds that go far deeper. But are his efforts to unlock the warmth and beauty inside Jenna enough to draw her back into the land of the living?
When Johnny Comes Home
Audrey Robert's masquerade is about to end in disaster. For years, she's written love letters to Johnny and signed them with her sister's name. Now, the man she adores is coming home to marry his pen pal and Audrey is left to face the consequences of her deception.

Injured during D-Day, Johnny Davenport is shipped home. His only plan: to find the woman whose love letters kept him sane and hopeful throughout the destruction of war. Nothing will stop him from drawing out the beautiful, shy girl he left behind and making her his wife.

But once the true writer is revealed which sister will he claim?
Scales of Love
All Rachel Haskin wants is one good man who will accept her and her menagerie of unusual and cold-blooded pets. When her cousin sets her up on a blind date, will her ideal for perfect husband material be fulfilled by Seth Armstrong, or will he just be another one date catastrophe in the making?
It's 1944 and Olivia Patterson's husband has been missing in action and presumed dead for over a year. She cherishes her memories of their time together and believes he will return to her, even though friends and family urge her to let him go and move on. When the soldiers return to American soil, will Jack be among them or will she spend a lifetime nurturing the evergreen tree planted in his honor?

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