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Dorothy Clark Book List

Stand Alone Books...
Hosea's Bride
Forced into prostitution by her stepfather, Angela Warren found salvation one terrifying night in Crossroads Church. The words of a handsome visiting preacher and the strength she found in the Lord led her to a new life in Harmony, Colorado.

But Angela's hard-won happiness was threatened when her church appointed an new pastor, Hosea Stevens—the very preacher who'd saved her years ago. Angela tried to avoid him, lest he recognize her, but Hosea persisted in knowing her better. Panicked by his romantic interest—and her own feelings—Angela fled, but Hosea pursued her. Could he bring her back to his his bride?
Lessons From the Heart
When ambitious reporter David Carlson was assigned a story on her fledgling literacy center, Erin Kelly was nearly swept off her feet by his keen intelligence and incisive remarks. But the story uncovered agonizing memories Erin thought long buried and feelings she she struggled to hide.

Then a deadly shooting placed David's life in danger, and everything changed. While Erin's courage and spirit rocked David's natural cynicism to its core, they each needed to overcome the past if they were to have a future together. Teaching David to open his heart to God's love just might be Erin's most important lesson yet.

The Baby Surprise 
After an adorable toddler arrives on her boss's doorstep, Clarice Gordon's job offer transforms from full-time journalist to part-time nanny. Clarice agrees to care for Charles Thornberg's little brother as long as she can continue writing. But soon Charles stirs emotions in Clarice that are far from professional… 

Charles never dreamed he had a long-lost brother, but he'll do everything to ensure the little one is loved. And Clarice amazes him with the warmth and care she shows the boy—so different from the career women he's known. Charles doesn't like surprises in his neatly ordered life, though thanks to this one, he may have stumbled upon the family he's always wanted…
Series Books
Book 1: Beauty For Ashes
In the prim-and-proper Philadelphia of 1820, a shocking marriage...

It was the perfect contract for a marriage of convenience to a woman he didn't even know. Didn't want to know. Justin Randolph, a wealthy Philadelphia widower responsible for two small children, is convinced that love is a myth. The only reason for marriage is to find a mother for the children under his care.

Mistaken for Justin's intended bride, Elizabeth Frazier seizes the opportunity to escape a forced marriage to wealthy, abusive Reginald Burton-Smythe. In contrast to Reginald's unwelcome attentions, Justin's aloof indifference is appealing, and the plight of his motherless little girls pierces her heart. Like Justin, Elizabeth enters into the marriage seeking not love, but safety. God, however, has a different plan...
Book 2: Joy for Mourning
1822 Philadelphia...
In a move that shocks nineteenth-century Philadelphia society, wealthy widow Laina Brighton turns her grand house into an orphanage for homeless children. Staid and stuffy teas quickly give way to peals of happy laughter echoing through the stately halls. With the support of handsome doctor, Thaddeus Allen, Laina is determined to give these waifs a better life, despite the malicious gossip that surrounds them. As these two crusaders, bound by honor and courage, create a future for the forgotten, they change the course of their own futures in ways they never imagined. Along the way, they make the felicitous discovery: that sometimes people become a family in their hearts.
Book 3: Family of the Heart
In her silk finery, Sarah Randolph knew she was no more a nanny than the haughty widower before her. She'd made a profound error in judgment. How long would it be before Clayton Bainbridge cast her out? She vowed to pack up her trunks and return to Philadelphia at once. But that city held memories of her lost fiance, and sweet little Nora Bainbridge desperately needed some mothering. Sarah might not be an expert in child rearing, but she knew a few things about grief. The pain Clayton's stormy blue eyes told her that her journey here must be part of God's larger plan for them all...
Book 4: The Law and Miss Mary
It's disgraceful how St. Louis's orphans are treated and Mary Randolph plans to do something about it. She's lost her faith, but she still has compassion and a drive to help innocents in need. If she has to battle with by-the-book police captain Samuel Benton to protect them...well, she'll give him a challenge he'll never forget.

A poverty-stricken childhood left Sam hungry for the social acceptance now within his reach. All he has to do is follow through with the city father's plans. But Miss Randolph's feisty perseverance gives him second thoughts, reigniting his faith—and showing him hot true love can fulfill all their dreams...
Book 5: Prairie Courtship
An unexpected Romance...
No one could love a female doctor—Emma Allen knows that well. But her spinsterhood bothers her less than the lack of opportunity to use her medical training. In Missouri, no one trusts a female doctor either. Then the opportunity arises to join a wagon train headed to the Oregon Trail. A new frontier offers a new hope for the life she wants to lead. But first she must deal with the hazards of the journey—including infuriating wagon master Zachary Thatcher. Zach riles Emma's temper until she's convinced no man could be more wrong for her. Yet when the treacherous trail challenges them, it takes his experience and her skill together to bring them safely home.
Book 6: Frontier Father
Mitchel Banning has been sent as a missionary to the Indians. It's been tough. First his wife died and a few weeks later the man who came with him to start the mission. It's been two years since then and now his beloved two year old daughter, Hope, has been ill and he fears losing her as well. He is awaiting his friend William Allen to come and teach the Indian children in the mission school. Only the widow Anne Sims shows up on his doorstep as the new teacher rather than her brother William.

Anne has stayed disconnected from people since her husband Philip and their daughter Grace died. She believes if she keeps herself closed off she can never be hurt again. She is aggrieved to find that there is a toddler at the mission, a girl who is around the age Grace would be. She struggles to stay away from the child and her father. Could it be that God has different plans for her life? A God she know longer acknowledges since he took her loved ones from her.

I enjoyed this story. The interaction between the Indians and the Mission were not all prettied up but showed a real struggle and the differences in the cultures. It has romance but also adventure and suspense.

These books are not listed as a series but they follow the same families and are connected. This is the 6th book. Book 1 is Beauty for Ashes, book 2 is Joy for Mourning, book 3 is Family of the Heart and book 4 is The Law and Miss Mary and book 5 is Prairie Courtship. If you enjoy reading books within series you may want to start with book 1.
Pinewood Weddings Series
Book 1: Wooing the Schoolmarm
Willa Wright faced the fact that she would live her life as a teacher and when her mother could no longer handle the work load of being the laundress for the bachelor loggers...she would take over that. It was the only way they could keep their home. She knew she would never marry as she no longer trusted men. Her father left her. Her fiance left her. So when the new pastor comes to town she see’s malice in all he does, after all he was a man too. And men were no good.

Matthew Calvert found himself the caretaker of his niece and nephew after a sudden death of his brother and his wife. And now he has taken a new pastorate in Pinewood. He hoped the children would adjust easier. He wanted a wife but never had found the right woman, not that he didn’t have choices at his old church and he quickly found plenty of eager mothers and daughters here as well. Only one woman had ever tugged at him in a unique way. The prim and proper Ms. Wright. She also seemed to give him the cold shoulder. But oh how she warmed up to young Joshua and Sally.

I enjoy Dorothy's writing and this book continues her writing talents. A woman not wanting a man, a man only wanting that particular woman, a very egotistical young woman who has trouble pulling herself away from a mirror….and only does to flirt with the new pastor. Add a stray dog and young kitten along with a sad dose of illness run wild and you have a story that will hold your attention from beginning to end.
**Received through NetGalley for review.
Book 2: Courting Miss Callie
Callie Conner was born with something that causes her Her parents are using it to gain wealth, choosing her suitors by who has the most money. She run away to her aunt in Pinewood, she'd rather be a cook for the hotel then eye candy for any man.

Ezra Ryder had been looking forward visiting his cousin Pinewood, a place where he was unknown. Where people would like him, or hate him, for he who was, not for what he had. After being robbed on the way, he really was a poor man needing to work for room and board.

These two people both lack in the trust department, big time. They are used to people wanting them for their beauty or wealth. Both Ezra and Callie just want to find someone to love them for who they are. Will their lack of trust, and a secret, have love passing them by?

Four childhood friends have all gone their own ways, in the end...they all return to Pinewood. The first book is Wooing the Schoolmarm, book three is Falling for the Teacher and book four is A Season of the Heart.
Book 3: Falling For The Teacher
Sadie Spencer has no choice but to return home to Pinewood and help her grandparents. Four years ago she left and hid away, too afraid to face the real world. Things are much worst then she suspected when she arrives. Especially seeing the man who has wormed his way into her grandparents hearts and home.

Cole Aylward has finally gained some respect after four years in this town. It was a long and hard journey to get out of his brother's evil shadow. With Sadie's return, all of his efforts could be wiped away.

These two people carry fear from the past and fear of the future. Sadie struggles to trust Cole's motives. Cole fears of who he could become...afraid to trust himself. If they don't break down their own walls, their futures will only hold loneliness.

Four childhood friends have all gone their own ways, in the end...they all return to Pinewood. The first book is Wooing the Schoolmarm, book two is Courting Miss Callie and book four is A Season of the Heart.
Book 4: A Season of the Heart
Daniel Braynard fell in love when he was young. Since then, he has found that the dreams of the young don't always come true. He's a man now and thought he was over that childish crush, until he sees her again. The beautiful woman who is too far above him for him to ever hope for her returned affections.

Ellen Hall has been enjoying stared at and envied by Buffalo's finest of society. She has her choice of wealthy suitors to choose from and will never lack for anything. Unless she listens to her old childhood friends, she might be lacking love. But what can love buy?

At first Ellen comes off as a careless, snooty young woman, unlikeable. And then you meet her parents and their expectations for her. It seems there is no bridge sturdy enough for Ellen and Daniel to meet on. Their lives just are so opposite. Once again though we find...with love, anything is possible.

Four childhood friends have all gone their own ways, in the end...they all return to Pinewood. The first book is Wooing the Schoolmarm, book two is Courting Miss Callie and book three is Falling for the Teacher. I really enjoyed this series.
Multi-Author Series
Book 3: Gold Rush Baby
Gold Rush Baby is the final book in the Alaskan Brides Trilogy. Have a box of Kleenex handy. 
We met Viola Goddard in the other two books. She is a quiet seamstress who give no hint of where she was from or anything of her past. Others had noticed she seemed to shy away from men. In the first book, Yukon Wedding, she finds a baby on her doorstep with some gold and a note to take care of her until her father returns.
Many of have attempted to either claim Goldie (as she named the baby girl) as their own or a relative. They want the gold they heard came with the child. Rather then the original two nuggets the rumors have grown to a mass amount of gold. We find Goldie being kidnapped and the ransom is for her gold.
As Viola searches for Mack Tanner, who has held the gold for her, she runs into the Thomas Stone. Thomas is the missionary to the men on the trail and the Indians. As an ordained pastor he had been asked to take the pulpit in Treasure Creek but he refuses. Guilt over the death of his wife and child has pushed Thomas to stay in a small hut and continue on as he had.
When he meets Viola searching for Mack, Thomas takes charge and brings her to Ed Parker, the Sheriff. They agree to bring the gold in exchange for the baby. While Thomas goes to rescue Goldie he is shot. He ends up in Viola's home for care giving and finds himself needing to get to the mountains and away from this beautiful woman.
Even though they start caring for one another Thomas has sworn off marrying again and keeping his commitment to ministering and Viola has a great fear of men due to her past.
Again there are the other stories happening. Frankie is the last Tucker girl unmarried. Goldie's father still has not returned and fear for her past returning to harm her keeps Viola closed up from those around here.

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