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Cody Young Book List

American Smile
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Book Blurb:
American Smile is the story of Emma Rowland, a young woman searching for the truth about her ancestry with Tyler Robinson, a handsome young aircraft mechanic who knows a lot more about planes than he does women. It soon becomes clear that he knows more about the mystery than he is willing to say and together they uncover a secret hidden since the boys left the beaches of Normandy in 1944.

My Review:
Emma Rowland goes to a dance with her friend, Helen. While there she meets a shy young man, Tyler Robinson from Idaho. Tyler is in the Air Force and a mechanic...not a pilot and has been stationed here in England. Their lives become entwined more and more when Emma's grandmother dies and leaves a mystery behind. There was something Tyler recognized in Emma from the get go and it could help solve the mystery of the past.

Is their relationship just like most...American soldier far away from home seeks the comfort of a beautiful English gal? Or could it be more? Enjoy the adventure and heart break these two young people find on their journey to discovering the past and the future.

Cody's unique writing brings history alive in a new way. The reality of her writing will want you to have tissues handy but no fear because the humor is there as well. My favorite was when the American soldiers were staying in an English church overnight, one of the church women asked a soldier closest to the door, “What time should I knock you up, dearie?” A statement any Englishman would have understood but totally different meaning for the Americans! 
Scandal at the Farmhouse
Book Blurb:
A seductive romantic adventure. A headstrong Victorian virgin plans to rid herself of all men, only to find that she's fallen for a charming but completely unsuitable one. Nineteen-year-old Clara never meant to try to ensnare Ned, but she's fallen into a trap of her own making. The dangerous kiss that was meant to set her free now holds her tight. Should she try to escape?
My Review:

Ned Allendale was a pariah in the aristocratic world he just joined. He has just inherited land in a world opposite of what he had been living. When he meets young Clara Fraser-Hughes he is reminded of his lowly status compared to her place as a nobleman's daughter.

Clara is glad to have Ned as a friend. She was able to share the news of her sister's troubled marriage. Olivia is in Ireland but trying to find a way to escape her cruel husband, at a time when women had no right to do so. And most of all she has asked Clara not to make the same mistake and marry someone she don't love. And thus comes Clara's plan to have the Major she is uncomfortable marrying break the engagement. And she is going to have her new friend Ned help her out. In a world where a common man like Ned was looked down upon, it was refreshing to see Clara be kind to him. Only in her young age she don't realize that he has feelings and she's toying with them.

This is a shorter story but it's really good. It has adventure and mischief. Clandestine plans in the dark of night, and a friendship blossoming in the light of day. Hang on to your emotions though as there is a bit of a roller coaster ride for them as well.
**Sexual situations within marriage
The Lady and the Locksmith
Carl Janssen's life changes on the day he goes to a fancy home on a locksmith call. They young gal who answers the door is a real beauty and he assumes she's a maid but it ends up she is Susannah Fortescue, the daughter of a wealthy politician.

Susannah knows the rumors about her, that she's unstable. No one knows he has kept her locked up in the house for four years though. And Carl is an answer to her prayers. When he takes her away from her prison they hope to start a new life together, only things are never that easy. Can love win out for a simple locksmith and a wealthy lady?

This was a free book. It's not very long but really is a cute story. You find yourself wishing the best for these two who are trying to find the bridge for their two--very different--worlds to come together.
*Sensual situations
Vampire of the Towers Series
Book 1: Johnny Doesn't Drink Champagne
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I'm seventeen and he's twenty-one. That's okay...isn't it? He drives a Lamborghini. So what? He was born in 1462. Uh-oh. He seeks revenge, but there is one person standing in his way. Me.”

On a high school trip to London, Madison Lambourne starts out on the wrong foot and things go from bad to worse. She forgets her jacket on the plane and ends up losing her group. While waiting for her luggage she meets a handsome young man who mistakes her for someone else named Madeline. After Mrs. Bertorelli finds her and they get her luggage...thanks to the handsome man...she retrieves a note he dropped. An old note written in her own handwriting.

As her class tours London, Maddie is caught into a deeper mystery. She meets Johnny De Vere, the airport hunk, at the Tower of London. He takes her different places and seems to think she should feel as if she had been there before. She starts finding Johnny a bit scary, although still hunky. Suddenly Maddie finds herself time traveling to 1483 London. A time where two young boys are going to be murdered because they are a threat to the new king. She also learns that vampires do exist and she seems to be falling for one.

This is a hard-to-put-down type book. Full of adventure, romance and rich history. Johnny and the other Patrons may be vampires but it is not focused on that alone. You travel back and “see” the styles and looks of London. In Lake Havasu, Arizona you can see the London Bridge. I recently did see it and read the history of some of the be-headings. When running through 1483 London with Maddie and Johnny it was neat to “see” the bridge and unfortunately even a few of those heads. I personally enjoyed this book and look forward to the next books in this series.
**London Bridge is a small part in the book
Since I just saw it though, I wanted to add the visual.

Book 2: Johnny and the Vampires of Versailles
Meet Johnny and the Vampires of Versailles. In this fast-paced time-travel adventure, Madison Lambourne goes back to 1789 and sees the outbreak of the French Revolution. She’s on a mission to help Johnny protect the River of Time. She knows she’s in love and she knows she can do this. But what she doesn't know is that she and Johnny have been framed. Can Maddie fight her way out of this one?
Book 3: Johnny's Bride

Katie's Hero
London, 1940
Katie Rafferty leaves Ireland to go to London during war time. Choices she made didn’t leave her many options. She was blessed to find a position out of London with a wealthy lord who was taking in some orphans and needed a caretaker for the children. She was ready to leave London and it’s memories behind her. Even if it meant putting up with a surly lord, a handsome surly lord at that.

Lord Michael Farrenden was once a zealous man but now he confined to a wheelchair, looking up to people of lower stations than his own. He would do anything to walk again and go back to flying his Hurricane in the war. Now that the beautiful Miss Rafferty is in his home the desire to have what he lost is even stronger. And how did he get talked into taking four mischievous urchins into his home?

Cody once again writes a story that grips the readers heart. Bringing to life four young children who each have a unique personality. A man who cannot feel whole without the use of his legs….a woman who was not good enough for one man and now finds herself in a position of being a servant to another one. The grief of wartime and yet finding joy in the tough times by giving security to those who have less.
**Sexual situations

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