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Interview with Cecelia Dowdy
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I love baking and I also love watching movies! Titanic is my all-time favorite movie!

When did you start writing?
I started writing about twenty years ago.

What is your favorite genre?
I love romance novels – I mostly read Christian fiction.

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
A little bit. I went to a dairy farm when I did Milk Money, but, it was only a few hours from my home. First Mates was partially based upon my experiences from traveling on cruise ships.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
No, I don’t. After they’re published, I don’t read them again. At that point, I’ve read the book so many times that I’m tired of seeing it.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes, I do.

Favorite book or character you have written?
My favorite book is Milk Money. I’m not sure why it’s my favorite.

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Join a professional writers organization like American Christian Fiction Writers or Romance Writers of America. Attend a writers’ conference and socialize with other others, editors, and agents.

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?

Are you sad to end a series and leave the characters behind?
No, not really.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
Yes, I do.

What is your go-to snack?
I love sweets. I especially love homemade cookies and cakes. I love chocolate chip cookies and lemon pound cake.
The Bakery Romance Series
 Book 1: Raspberry Kisses
Book 2: Shades of Chocolate
Boxed Sets
Cookies & Kisses: Loving Luke
Loving Luke
First Mates
This relationship started on a cruise ship on the rolling seas and continued on shaky ground. Two steps forward and one back for this couple.

Winston Michaels and Rainy Jackson both head out from their homes in Miami to board a seven day cruise. Both going in hopes of healing their hearts. Rainy's friends convinced her to take this trip to get over her ex-fiance's breaking her heart and Winston's brother bought him the trip for his birthday. A birthday that his twin sister wouldn't be celebrating with him that year. In the loneliness of the crowded ship these two souls find each other.

After enjoying the cruise they decide to stay in touch. Did they deal with their pasts and have clear sailing for the future or would their pasts keep haunting them?

Cecelia keeps this relationship touch and go while bringing other interesting characters along for the ride. Rainy's best friends Sarah and Rachel and their struggles. Linda the flirty office assistant who don't quite do her job. She brings in struggles in marriages, addictions and much more. And lots and lots of flowers.
John's Quest
Monica Crawford was recently promoted in her job, happy with her best friends from church and accepting her singleness. It’s still a sore spot seeing the man she loved with his wife and child at church, but she was over him, right? Then everything changed. Her sister who had disappeared with her blind son two years ago knocked on her door, left Scotty with her and heads off to see the world. The first man she meets in two years that grabs her attention isn’t a Christian. How can life change so quickly?

John French teaches at the University but on the side he enjoys teaching blind students their math and braille. He wasn’t able to help his younger brother so this is his way of giving back. When he takes on tutoring Scotty he would love to take on dating Scotty’s aunt. Only his religious beliefs and hers stand between them.

A story about accepting changes and believing that God is big enough to change others. Also how someone with a disability may need some special attention but it’s important to treat them as you would anyone else. 
Milk Money
Emily can't keep running her dairy farm all alone...
When her dad dies, Emily Cooper must work hard to save the family farm. She manages—until the day a CPA pulls in her driveway and announces he's there to do an audit.

Franklin Reese is appalled at the lack of interest the Cooper women have in the financial aspect of their livelihood, but he dives in, determined to help them learn. The further he looks into Mr. Cooper's dealings, however, the more uncomfortable he becomes. Can he uncover the truth of the situation and still earn the love of the amazing Emily Cooper? Or will issues in Franklin's own life keep them apart, even after the farm is taken care of?
Bittersweet Memories
Karen Brown's fiance treated her well, had a good job, and was the treasurer of their large church. And then he embezzled thousands of dollars and disappeared with his lovely assistant.

Reeling from shock, Karen moves back in with her mom. But when she arrives, she instead finds a strange man in her mom's home. He's the blunt next-door neighbor, who knows way too much about Karen's past.

Keith Baxter—plumber and future preacher—is enamored with Karen. Only problem is, every word out of his mouth sends her into a tailspin. Can Keith convince Karen that not all men are dishonorable?
Chesapeake Weddings: Three books in one!
Get John's Quest, Milk Money & Bittersweet Memories all in one book.
Relax along Maryland's Chesapeake Bay as you read about three strong African American women who suddenly face upheaval in life. Monica is caring for her abandoned nephew and trying to pick the proper tutor for him. Emily is struggling to save the family farm when a CPA turns up to do an audit. Karen has been deceived by her fiance, and now she's expected to trust a neighbor who knows too much of her business. Can God rebuild their tattered lives with new loves? 
Multi-Author Book...
Promises to Keep: Someone for Tory 
Toni, a young unsaved woman, owns and runs her own bakery. When she hires Jason, a Christian, to work for her, she learns the value of placing God first in her life. Her bakery is burned to the ground and she receives numerous threats from her disheartened ex-fiance and her bitter cousin Eva throughout the story. Since she no longer has her bakery, she finds herself with a lot of time to kill. She reads her Bible, finding comfort in the scriptures. After a long and tortured road full of hardships, she does eventually learn to lean on Jesus.

**Other stories in this book are: 
A Change of Script by Aisha Ford & The Joy of Business by Lillian Meredith


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