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This story is told from the single point of view of James Holt. A rancher who has traveled to the American Zone of the Panama Canal. It's 1909 and not everyone is happy about the Americans being in Panama. The class difference is quite obvious and not many care about the young mulatto girl.

Well, some people care. Her mother has supposedly left the country to marry an American but Saffire does not believe her mother would leave her. She goes weekly to state her case to the man in charge. The man in charge wants the girl appeased so she leaves him alone. And James Holt finds he cares as well. He just didn't realize how much danger that caring would get him into.

This story is a mix of fiction and historical facts. Real historical figures are weaved within this tale of intrigue, danger, and a touch of romance. I like the way the author weaves humor and sarcasm into James' character. This is a real page turner and even though it's not the usual type of romance I read, it was very enjoyable.
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The Bride Wore Blue by Mona Hodgson
The Sinclair Sisters of Cripple Creek Book 3
Vivian Sinclair is the youngest sister and the last to make the trip to Cripple Creek, Colorado. Her three older sisters have all found love and happiness but Vivian hoped she could just hone her skill of a designer so she could move on to New York or perhaps Paris. She made a huge error in judgment that she knew cost her the love of a good man. And unfortunately even after the move her poor judgment continued in her choice of work. Decisions of her past kept her from any future, especially with the handsome deputy.

Carter Alwyn liked the spunky newcomer the minute she stood up to him on the train when he came to ask questions about the robbery. Too bad he would never take a wife as long as he was a lawman. A beauty like Vivian Sinclair had him second guessing his career choice. Could two people let go of their pasts and have a new future?

I really enjoyed this book. The author wrote a moving story on how God can forgive our sins and give us freedom from the past….even if others don’t. The story also shows how Vivian’s pride leads her down an even darker road than what she was on. How when we compare ourselves to others, we most likely won’t live up to it. A well rounded story of love, forgiveness, adventure and prayers answered in unexpected ways. The first books in this series are: Two Brides Too Many, Too Rich for a Bride and the fourth book will be Twice a Bride.
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Annie Jones
Double Heart Diner by Annie Jones
Route 66 Trilogy Book 1
When recluse CEO Padgett “Jett” Murphy meets Georgia Darling it is like watching Lucy Ricardo in action. Jett had run his business from his ivory tower without ever really being involved. Now some nameless/faceless employee has resigned and threatened to go to the press if he would not change his mind about knocking down so old greasy spoon he planned on buying to resell for a profit, it's what he does. Suddenly she's not nameless or faceless but she is a redheaded loaded cannon. From the moment he tries to intercept her at the restaurant she's meeting a reporter his life is no longer the quiet unattached place it has been.

Georgia always asked herself two questions when facing a dilemma. What would God want me to do? And if no clear answer came she would wonder what Lucy Ricardo would do. And just like Lucy it seemed she would end up in a mess. That's how Mr. Murphy finds her while she is trying to escape the restaurant. Dressed as a bus boy and heading towards the front door until calamity strikes.

Georgia and Jett end up heading to the Double Heart down Route 66 with her trying to convince him to save the diner. They have to outrun the reporter, Rod Campbell, who wants any dirt on the Jett who has a way of staying out of the public eye. They are in her old truck that she has named Truvie. Truvie is not in very good shape, uncomfortable to ride in and needs much coaxing to keep going. Join Jett and Georgia on their adventure from Chicago to the Double Heart Diner in Texas. The first book in what looks to be a fun series.
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