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The Sea Glass Sisters - Prequel to The Prayer Box
The Prayer Box
Tandi Jo Reese’s life is pretty much a mess. The most stable people in her life had been her grandparents, but her parents eventually kept them out of her life. She has allowed her children to take care of themselves as she barely can help herself. Until she moves to Hatteras Island, one place with a good childhood memory. She lives in fear of her past and future until the day her she finds her elderly landlord dead and the woman seems to speak to Tandi through letters she had written to God.

This book has as many treasures in it as Iola Anne Poole's letters. A look into the past and it's prejudices. Watching Tandi’s daughter Zoey follow in her mom’s footsteps with bad choices. The struggle of falling into old habits when pushed by guilt, and so much more. It had some mystery to it along with the strength of a small community needing to pull together after a disaster. An ebook called The Sea Glass Sisters is the prequel to this story.
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Stealing Jake by Pam Hillman
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More then just a romance. This book is set in a historical setting in Illinois. The once quiet town is growing daily now that the railroad has come. And not all the new occupants are welcome. Livy was once a street orphan in Chicago but that is her secret. Jake Russell is a deputy who is pressured by the townspeople to arrest the street kids that they are sure have been stealing from them. This book has a romance story but also we meet some interesting characters. Young Luke is searching for his brother Mark, Gus and Little Bit, Emma the cafe owner, Mrs Brooks the woman who saved Livy from the streets and now runs an orphanage with Livy's help. Your heart strings will be tugged on knowing there are kids today who face these same trials.
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Attracted to Fire by DiAnn Mills
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I enjoy reading DiAnn Mills books. They have a romance story but the occupations of her characters stand out more than anything. Attracted to Fire gives you an inside to the life of a Secret Agent but also how much happens with those in power in DC.
Agent Meghan Connors is assigned to Lindsey Hall. Lindsey has been causing grief for her father, the Vice President. Now that her life has been threatened they have removed her to the Dancin' Dust Ranch in Texas.
Agent Ash Zinders does all he can to discourage a woman agent on his team. But the order for her to be there was from the VP and Lindsey had saved his life last year.
Lindsey is only twenty but has a drug and alcohol addiction. Jackson Hall knew Meghan's sister struggled with addiction as well and thought having her on the team could help her.
As the story moves on Meghan and Ash learn they can only trust each other. Lindsey finally sees that she can trust Meghan. Ash has to forgive himself and others for past situations. Between bombings, scorpions, murders, suspicion, a cook who likes to use a lot of jalapenos and many other events we see the two agents become more like their nemesis the FBI as they search for the truth and how to prove it.
Excellent book and you will come away with more then a love story.
It amazes me to think that a Secret Service Agent will lay his life on the line for the protected one. Not the same by far but it reminds me how Jesus stood in the line of fire for us, even as undeserving as we are.
*Received book from NetGalley for review
Randy Alcorn
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Courageous : a novelization by Randy Alcorn; based on the screenplay by Alex Kendrick and Stephen Kendrick
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Randy, Alex & Stephen are calling men to be courageous in this book. To be the Godly husband and father in their households. They bring to light the problems of absent fathers. A father can be in the same home and be as uninvolved in his families life as the man who don't live under the same roof. The main characters are police officers and they are seeing the results of absentee fathers in the streets. Each man has his own struggles and together they help each other.
Adam Mitchell is a casual Christian, and that is fine with him. He finds it easy to love his daughter Emily but struggles with his son, Dylan. A tragedy in his life changes everything for him and all the people around him.
Nathan Hayes just moved to Albany from Atlanta. He never met his father but is doing all he can to be the best husband and father in his family. He would risk his life to save his family, and he did.
David Thomson finds it easiest to hide in a bottle of cheap wine. His birth was a unique case that left him empty. When the men he works with start deciding to be more committed to their families and God then David has some choices to make as well.
Javier Martinez is a hard worker but work is not always easy to find. He finds himself working on a shed for Adam Mitchell through a case of mistaken identity.
Derrick Freeman lives with his grandma. He needs men in his life and is drawn to the Gangster Nation and T.J. He is an honor student, but it no longer matters when he enters the gang.
*Book received for review from NetGalley

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  1. There are amazing themes in "Courageous". Some are gang violence, drug and alcohol use, relationships, restoring relationships and accountability for men. It is an exciting story as these men come against the Gangster Nation and their lives are in danger. I do not recommend starting this book late at night because it will cost you sleep as you will not want to put it down. Mr. Alcorn is an excellent writer and knows how to twist your nerve endings as he tightens the suspense.