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Virginia Smith Book List

Just As I Am Series
Book 1: Just As I Am
Sometimes God's call comes when we least expect it, and to the most unlikely people! When purple-haired Mayla Strong slumps into the back pew of Mama's little country church she has only one goal--to get Mama off her back. But Pastor Paul's message pierces her soul, and almost before she knows what's happening she's in front of the congregation, lip stud and all, praying the prayer that changes her life forever. She is baptized on the spot, wearing Mama's slip under her white baptism robe to hide her hot pink panties from eyes of the curious congregation. Coming out of the water, Mayla knows life will never be the same. 
Book 2: Sincerely, Mayla
The purple hair is gone, but Mayla Strong's spunk and her nostril stud remain. She has set her cap for Pastor Paul--if only he would give in and accept the inevitable. When he stubbornly resists her charms, she goes off to sulk at her grandmother's. Soon the house fills up with strays: a sullen teenage runaway and an angry ex-friend. As Grandmother serves up huge portions of guilt along with her famous fried chicken, Mayla realizes being a control freak is an inherited trait. She knows God has all the answers--the trick is letting go long enough to let Him prove it.
Sister to Sister Series
Book 1 : Stuck in the Middle
Joan Sanderson's life is stuck. Her older sister, Allie, is starting a family and her younger sister, Tori, has a budding career. Meanwhile, Joan is living at home with Mom and looking after her aging grandmother. Not exactly a recipe for excitement. That is, until a hunky young doctor moves in next door. Suddenly Joan has a goal--to get a date. But it won't be easy. Pretty Tori flirts relentlessly with him and Joan is sure that she can't compete. But with a little help from God, Allie, and an enormous mutt with bad manners, maybe Joan can find her way out of this rut. Stuck in the Middle combines budding romance, spiritual searching, and a healthy dose of sibling rivalry.
Book 2: Age Before Beauty
Desperate to stay at home with her baby, Allie Harrod launches a new career. Sure, she dropped out of Girl Scouts because she was lousy at cookie sales, but make-up is different, right? She'll do anything to make enough money to cover her share of the household bills, but how can she focus on her business when her list of problems is growing? None of her pre-baby clothes fit, her checking account is dwindling, and her mother-in-law has decided to move in! to top it off, her husband's attractive coworker suddenly needs his help every weekend. Middle sister insists that God has the answers to all her problems, but Allie isn't so sure. Can she really trust him? A lighthearted contemporary tale of family, faith, and fun. 
Book 3: Third Time's a Charm
Tori Sanderson has the professional opportunity of a lifetime. If she can prove she's executive material, she's in line for a big promotion. But there's only room for one new account executive, and her co-worker has his eye on the job--and on Tori. Her matchmaking sisters have a handsome handyman in mind for her. But how can she consider romance when she couldn't hold on to the one man who was supposed to lover her forever--her own father? The time has come for answers, and Tori decides to search out the father who deserted her twelve years ago. While Tori may find the answers she craves, will she ever be able to love again? A heartwarming story of sisters, retail therapy, and love that endures.
The Classical Trio Series 
Three friends play their instruments for weddings. In these three stories
the weddings include a murder and a man for each girl.
Book 1: A Taste of Murder
Who murdered a small-town beauty-pageant judge--in a very strange way? Jasmine Delaney must find out. Because she's taken the victim's place. She came to Kentucky Bar-B-Q Festival for a wedding, eager to meet the bride's handsome brother, Derrick Rogers. Yet she's suddenly surrounded by pint-size contestants whose competitive parents will do anything to ensure the crown. Even kill?
Derrick fears she's the killer's next target and promises to keep a close eye on her. Yet someone is already watching Jazzy's every move. Someone who's had a taste of murder. And is hungry for more. 
Book 2: Murder at Eagle Summit
The classical trio head west, to play at a wedding in Park City, Utah. A romantic ski resort seems the perfect place for a wedding. Until a murder on the slopes turns everyone on Eagle Summit into suspects. Liz Carmichael, the bride's cousin, saw a shadowy figure on a chair lift in the middle of the night. But was it the victim or the killer? Liz goes to the police--and finds herself giving her report to her ex-fiance, Deputy Tim Richards. After a three-year estrangement, she could finally make things right with Tim. Unless the killer finds her first.
Book 3: Scent of Murder
The classical trio is hired to play at one final wedding, this time in an artist colony in the Indiana countryside. When Caitlin meets the handsome owner of a scented candle factory, she is drawn into the consequences of a haunting crime from his past--and a deadly killer from the present. Caitlin has promised herself she would not date for one year, just hours before meeting Chase. Talk about bad timing!
Falsely Accused Series
Book 1: Dangerous Impostor
On a business trip to Las Vegas, Lauren Bradley discovers her coworker's dead body in the hotel room next door. With a shaky alibi and evidence mounting against her, Lauren becomes the number one suspect. No one believes she's being framed. Except her new boss, Brent Emerson. But the secret she's keeping from her handsome protector threatens to destroy everything. In a city full of dangerous impostors, deception and murder, Brent and Lauren have to ferret out the real killer before Lauren is arrested – or becomes the next victim.
Book 2: Bullseye
Found cowering and covered in blood, Karina Guerrero's fourteen-year-old brother is accused of a crime that she's certain he didn't commit. Only one man can help Karina prove the boy's innocence. Private Investigator Mason Sinclair knows firsthand what it's like to be framed. But the former cop, now committed to helping the falsely accused, is clearly uneasy being back in Albuquerque-and working with his former flame. Still, Karina can't help falling for the handsome P.I. As they hunt the real killer: a cold-blooded murderer with dangerous ties to them both.
Book 3: Prime Suspect

Discovering a dead body on her first day of work throws Darcie Wiley's "fresh start" into a tailspin. Things get worse when the police make Darcie their prime suspect. She's surrounded by distrust and suspicion-and the eerie sense that someone's been in her apartment, going through her things. Terrified and alone, she turns to Caleb Buchanan, who promises to help her find the truth. But their digging leads to more danger-and another suspicious death-as a ruthless killer fights to keep secrets buried. 

Stand Alone Books
Murder by Mushroom
Serving up murderous munchies at a church potluck social wouldn't win any popularity contests, as Jackie Hoffner discovered. Someone had laced the casserole she brought with poisonous mushrooms...and the deadly dish had fellow churchgoer and town fussbudget Alice Farmer pushing up daisies. Now the gossip-hungry townsfolk suspected Jackie of foul play. To prove her innocence, she decided to conduct her own murder investigation, and Trooper Dennis Walsh's helpful efforts and boy-next-door charm were welcome. Meanwhile, the town's mysterious poisoner seemed to have more victims in mind...
Bluegrass Peril
Bluegrass Peril is packed full. Two twin boys who keep everyone on their toes, a murder or two, a unique story of retired horses, mysterious women, a tough decision for one woman over two men, and much more.
Becky Dennison is a single mom of twin boys. Their father took off when they were six months old. Later Becky became a Christian. The last two months she has been working at Out to Pasture, a retirement farm for race horses. One day when she came into work she found her boss, dead. And she becomes the number one suspect.
Scott Lewis works at the farm that leases the land for Out to Pasture. He receives the phone call from Becky to let his boss know that Neal is dead. He comes over to help her and soon the two of them become amateur detectives who were hot on the trail of the murderer...and hot on the trail to falling for each other as well.
A Daughter's Legacy
To receive her inheritance and make peace with her late mother, Kelli Jackson must abide by the woman's will. Even though it means working as a zookeeper for six months--with animals that terrify her. How can she possibly explain her fears--and her past--to her handsome boss, Jason Andover? The glimpses of kindness--and painful secrets--she sees in his eyes slowly have her sharing everything. But then she makes a startling discovery--one that may tear them apart forever. Unless she can return the gift of love he's given her.
Into the Deep
When Ben Dearinger got hold of a flash drive carrying deadly secrets, the scuba diver did the only thing he could. He buried it--fathoms deep. Now a drug cartel wants the evidence back, and they're willing to threaten Ben's ex-girlfriend Nikki Hoffman to get it. Although Nikki caused him no end of heartache, forgetting her has been impossible, and Ben would risk anything to protect her. But what will he do when he discovers her secret--that he's the father of her child?
A Deadly Game
Susanna Trent had lost everything, her dad, mom and sister died in a fire. Before that she had a fiance who turned out to be a spoiled rich kid that she could not trust and she lost her faith along the way as well.
When sent to an auto auction to get her boss a Corvette that was there, she beat out Jack Townsend on the bid, but he still offered to take the vehicle back for her. And than the trouble began.
As they arrived at her boss's business they find him dead and it all goes downhill from there. After his death she receives an unusual package from him filled with strange metal tokens and odd clues.
It ends up the only person she can trust to help her is another rich mans son, but it turns out that Jack is much different than the other man. As they work together to solve the mysterious puzzle, Jack and Susanna are led into a dangerous game neither knows how to play. But they do know the stakes--life or death.
Co-Authored with Lori Copeland
Lost Melody
The beautiful piano sitting in the corner of Jill King's apartment begs to be played. For over a year, it has sat untouched, ever since a terrible accident shattered Jill's ambition of becoming a concert pianist. The ragged scar on her left hand is a cruel and constant reminder of the death of her dream.
But another dream is about to come to life--an unexpected, horrifying dream that will present Jill with a responsibility she never wanted. And choices she never wanted to make.
Hundreds of lives depend on Jill's willingness to warn her small, ocean side town in Nova Scotia of a nameless, looming disaster. but doing so could cost Jill her reputation, jeopardize the political career of the man she loves, and ruin their plans for a future together.
The fate of an entire community hangs in the balance as Jill wrestles with the cost of heeding one still, small voice.
The Heart's Frontier
An exciting new Amish-meets-Wild West adventure from bestselling authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith weaves an entertaining and romantic tale for devoted fans and new readers.
Kansas, 1881--On a trip to visit relatives, Emma Switzer's Amish family is robbed of all their possessions, leaving them destitute and stranded on the prairie. Walking into the nearest trading settlement, they pray to the Lord for someone to help. When a man lands in the dust at her feet, Emma looks down at him and things, The Lord might have cleaned him up first.
Curtis Carson, heading up his first cattle drive, is not planning on being the answer to any one's prayers, but it looks as though God has something else in mind for this kind and gentle man. Plain and rugged--do the two mix? And what happens when a dedicated Amish woman and a stubborn trail boss prove to be each other's match?
A Plain & Simple Heart
A Plain and Simple Heart, an exciting new Amish-meets-Wild West adventure from bestselling authors Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith, weaves an entertaining and romantic tale for devoted fans and new readers.

1884—Several years earlier, young Rebecca Switzer lost her heart to Jesse Montgomery, a rugged but dissolute cowboy on a dusty cattle trail near the Amish settlement of Apple Grove. Now she is grown up, and when she hears one day that he has been spotted nearby, her desire is plain and simple: She must see him.

Sheriff Colin Maddox is counting the days until he can leave law enforcement and follow his dream of starting a church. When a lovely woman, new to town and looking travel weary and a bit lost, gets caught up in the middle of a temperance riot, she is arrested along with the leaders. He can hardly believe she is what she claims—a Plain and simple woman. Nor can he believe how quickly he loses his heart to her. Can Colin convince her to forget Jesse and give him a chance?

Children's Books
The Last Christmas Cookie
When Mama awakes in the middle of the night with a hankering for a chocolate chip cookie, she sneaks downstairs to help herself to one of the treats left for Santa. But she discovers that Santa is already there, and there's only one cookie left! 
Non-fiction Books & Devotionals
The Dog Next Door - A selection from Virginia Smith
Dogs are truly one of God's finest creatures, a marvelous gift for us humans. In the perfect follow-up to A Prince Among Dogs, Callie Smith Grant compiles a delightful collection of true stories that celebrate the dogs in our lives. These stories will touch our hearts, renew our spirits, and show us how God made these wonderful creatures for unique purposes.
Readers will love these uplifting glimpses into the lives of ordinary and extraordinary dogs and the people who love them. The stories are warm, captivating, and ideal for a good curl-up-and-read or a perfect gift for any dog lover.
A Novel Idea
Best-selling Christian fiction writers have teamed together to contribute articles on the craft of writing. A Novel Idea contains tips on brainstorming ideas and crafting and marketing a novel. It explains what makes a Christian novel "Christian" and offers tips on how to approach tough topics.
Contributors include: Jerry B. Jenkins, Karen Kingsbury, Francine Rivers, and many other beloved authors. All proceeds will benefit MAI, an organization that teaches writing internationally to help provide literature that is culturally relevant. 
Faith & Finances: In God We Trust
Jesus spoke about money and material possessions more than he talked about heaven, hell, or prayer. He noted the relationship between a man's heart and his wallet, warning, "Where your treasure is, there your heart will be." This contemporary retelling of the Rich Young Ruler brings a fresh look at the relationship between a person's faith and their finances. Within the pages of Faith & Finances: In God We Trust you'll find spiritual insight and practical advice from Christy award-winning writer Ann Tatlock, plus best-selling authors, Loree Lough, Yvonne Lehman, Virginia Smith, Irene Brand, DiAnn Mills, Miralee Ferrell, Shelby Rawson and many more. Great faith calls us to trust God, not our wealth. Read how others have cast off the golden handcuffs and learned to live the abundant life Jesus promised. A Journey to Financial Dependence-turning the hearts of a nation back toward God one paycheck at a time. 
Spirit & Heart
What is a devotional journey? It is the Bible. Today we enjoy the benefit of the prayers, wisdom, praise and sorrow of people who, during their lifetime, chose to remember the times God worked in their lives. That is devotion to God and dedications to recording "His Story." The daily devotions included in this book are heartfelt stories, lessons, and advice from others who have traveled the devotional journey. This book is a primer, a tool to get you started on the path toward spending your best moments with the Father. Christ says, where your heart is there your treasure will be. Treasure His words and whispers as you walk in the footsteps of award-winning authors Ann Tatlock, Loree Lough, Yvonne Lehman, Virginia Smith, Irene Brand, Shelby Rawson, Eddie Jones, Cindy Sproles, Ariel Allison, plus many more.
A Wife's Duty
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Mary Sue knows a wife’s duty is to tidy up after her husband, no matter how messy the task. But does that include cleaning up a murder scene?
Healing Stone
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A dying prince, constrained abed;
A king, with grief he cannot shed;
A crone, with healing stone and dread;
A land rejoices. Death has fled.

In response to an ancient prophecy, an old woman reluctantly agrees to her king’s request to heal his son with a magic stone. But will the boy survive his healing, or will history repeat itself?
Symbols and Keys
Captain Curtis Thorndike has been sent to the planet of Utlend to witness a momentous event – the end of an alien world. Because he has no use for religion, he’s skeptical of his Christian first officer’s claim that the Utlenders’ long-anticipated Final Journey will impact the entire universe, even all the way back to Earth. But what if Thorndike is wrong?


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