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Interview with Debra Ullrick
Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
Depends. After editing them and editing them, I have to admit I need a break from them. However, a few months ago I went back and read, The Bride Wore Coveralls, and thoroughly enjoyed it. Is that bad? To love your own story? *smiling* It had been a couple of years since I’d read it, so it was almost like I was reading it for the first time.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Yes! I do both. There are times that I’m so heartbroken that I cry like a baby. I want to hug my characters and tell them that everything will be okay. The two stories I cried the most while writing and reading were, The Unexpected Bride and Déjà vu Bride. The stories I laughed at the most were, The Unlikely Wife. Selina was such a hoot, and she wasn’t even trying to be. And I loved Kitty from, The Unexpected Bride. Who’s Kitty, you may be wondering. Well, she’s not what you think she is. You’ll have to read the story to find out who and what she is. *smiling*

Favorite book or character you have written?
There are two actually. Selina Bowen in my story, The Unlikely Wife, was the most fun, most likeable, and most memorable character of them all—a cross between Ellie May Clampett and Calamity Jane. The other was Camara Cole from, The Bride Wore Coveralls. She’s the epitome of the type of woman I would love to be.

Do you write about places you have lived?
Yes. I used to live in beautiful Grand County, Colorado, and I loved it there. So, each time I write about it, I revisit it and find I am less lonely for Grand County, the town of Kremmling, and the ranch I used to live on.

Do you read the same types of books you write?
I read a huge variety of Christian books. I love suspense, historical, and contemporary. Hmmm, seeing my response the answer is a big fat yes. *hehe*
Bowen Family Series
Book 1: The Unexpected Bride
Hayden Bowen was married once, and that was more than enough. His wife passed away, and his brother thought he was doing Hayden a favor by answering an add a woman put out for a groom. Jess was wrong! Hayden picked the woman up at the stagecoach, after having to fight off a drunk who was trying to force himself upon her. He chose to let Jess tell her about what he did. Only Jess was too hurt from Hayden's horse, Rebel, kicking him because of Hayden's anger. Now what was he to do with this beautiful doe eyed gal? He reminded himself of his failure to Melanie constantly so that he would keep his heart protected. If he opened up at all, this gal would surely slip right under his shield.

Rainelle Victoria Devonwood, known as Rainee, was running from a dangerous situation into another unknown. From the letters Hayden has sounded like a wonderful Christian man. And he had protected her from that man by the stagecoach. He was a rather handsome man and well muscled. Her mother would turn over in her grave to know how improper Rainee was being by looking at a mans muscles. Her father was from England and her mother from the South. Her father liked all the proprieties he grew up with and mother went along with it. So Rainee had learned how to become a lady, but she was still rebellious on the inside. They had both died two years ago and for some reason her brother hated her. If she did not leave her home she would have either died at his hand or by the old man her brother had sold her too. Only she has arrived at Idaho and it seems Hayden does not want her either.

This book was so full of lovable characters. Hayden's family lives on their farm in the three house built by close together. Hayden has a home, Jesse and his wife, Hannah and than the big home is his mother, Katherine, brother Michael and sisters Leah and Abby. Five year old Abby is so sweet and endearing as well as Miss Kitty the big pig who thinks she's a dog. Only problem is Rainee's great fear of pigs.
Book 2: The Unlikely Wife
In the first book Michael Bowen is a teenager. Now he is twenty-seven and wants a wife, just like his brother's wife Rainee. To say he is shocked by the woman he meets at the train station is an understatement. Man’s trousers, cowboy boots, a cowboy hat and a rifle about as big as her. Sure she's got a pretty face and nice hair but this is not the woman in the letters or his dreams. He had married her by proxy sight unseen and will hold to his vows, even if it means not having a real marriage.

Selina Farleigh Bowen fell in love with Michael through his letters. Being she cannot read or write she depended on her friend Aimee to write to Michael and read her his letters. What she did not find out until arriving was that Aimee forgot to mention a few things, like most of all who Selina is. She realizes her husband had fallen in love with Aimee not her. They butt heads as Michael tries to get her to change, and she refuses to ever let a man tell her what to do. Can Michael ever learn to love this backwoods wonder?

I found that Debra did a wonderful job of getting the emotions through in this book. I was teary eyed through much of it as they struggled. And she had plenty of humor as well. Her characters even struggled with the difference with words or phrases and different foods between Michael's Idaho and Selina's Kentucky. 
Book 3: Groom Wanted
It's a perfect plan -- best friends Leah Bowen and Jake Lure will each advertise for mail-order spouses in the papers, and then Jake will help select Leah's future husband, while Leah picks Jake's bride-to-be! Surely the ads will find them what they seek: a wife who'll appreciate Jake's shy charm and a groom who'll take Leah away from the Idaho Territory she detests. When the responses to the postings pour in, it seems all Leah's and Jake's dreams will soon come true. But the closer they each get to the altar, the less appealing marrying a stranger becomes. Is it too late to turn back -- or to turn around and find the happiness they truly seek together, at last?
The Unintended Groom
A Perfect Partnership 
When Abby Bowen's dream of love is dashed, she pursues a new dream: opening a dinner theater in Hot Mineral Springs, Colorado. There's just one hitch; she needs a male business partner. The handsome father of twins who answers Abby's ad is perfect...perhaps too perfect. Working with someone like Harrison Kingsley-without losing her heart-will be harder than Abby anticipated. 

It's a good thing Harrison's arrangement with Abby is strictly business. Because with her kind soul, smiling blue eyes and gentle way with his boys, he could easily fall for her. But the longer he works with Abby, the more Harrison realizes that the Lord might have an entirely different partnership planned for them.
Racing Series

Book 1: The Bride Wore Overalls
From the rural swampland, to a charming small town, to a corporate high-rise; romance is brewing a passel of trouble for three women. When Lydia Boswick appears to be a vulnerable widow, three men take notice of her need and potential wealth. As Leslie Christopher rises on the corporate ladder, the threat of danger increases, attracting the attention of two men. When Camara Cole challenges her fellow racers, she could lose her vehicle and her heart to her greatest competitor. Enjoy the ride as you follow these Alabama women along the rocky road to love.
Other Authors: Andrea Boeshaar & Kay Cornelius.
**The Bride Wore Overalls:
Can bitter rivals come to love each other? Fighting deep prejudice against her femininity, her choice of vehicle, and even her heritage, Camara Cole is determined to win the mud-bog racing championship this year. Her biggest competition seems also to be her worst enemy. 
Chase Lamar has been racing mud-boggers as long as Camara, and he grudgingly admits she's the best driver-mechanic he knows. Their rivalry has been long and bitter. But Chase is a new Christian. As he begins to change, he finds his relationship with Camara changing too. When Camara's vehicle is sabotaged, she naturally blames Chase, despite a growing attraction. Chase must prove his innocence, but evidence points his way. When the smoke clears and the truth is known, will each be able to extend forgiveness, maybe even love?
Book 2: Deja vu Bride
Furious with God, Olivia Roseman vows to never trust Him again. Why should she? Once again her prayers have gone unanswered, and once again another loved one has been ripped from her. With no job and only a few dollars, Olivia makes a choice to start over again. Without God and without love. However, her handsome new boss isn't going make forgetting God or keeping her vow to never love again very easy.
Erik Cole questions the sanity of his moving from Swamper City, Alabama to Charity, West Virginia. That is, until he hires airbrush designer Olivia Roseman to paint his monster truck. When he senses that she's a gal who is down on her luck, he vows to do whatever he can to help her. Only problem is, the little beauty creates more challenges than one. As his feelings toward her deepen, all Erik can do is hope and pray that one day Olivia will open up her heart to Christ--and to him.
Book 3: Catch Me if You Can
The Rancher's Daughters Series
Book 1: A Cowboy for Christmas
Book 2: The Dreamer and the Cowboy
After a near fatal accident in the Colorado wilderness, Jasmine Moore can no longer endure the harsh Steamboat Springs winters. Unable to get out much because of pain, she goes online in hopes of finding some new friends to fill the void the long, lonely winters bring. A budding friendship develops, and soon, Jasmine finds herself in danger. 

Jack Warren is in love with Jasmine and has been for years. When he discovers she’s talking to strangers on the Internet, a pit fills his stomach, signaling something’s not right about one particular person. Can he convince her to give up her budding friendship before it’s too late? Will she ever come to love him as more than just a friend?
Reunited at Christmas
Search and rescue dog handler Shelby Davis is living the dream. Not only does she train search and rescue dogs, but she’s a bestselling suspense author who has waterfront property in the beautiful mountain town of Grand Lake, Colorado. All is well until she receives a call to bring her dog Max and her snowmobile to help rescue a man who is lost in a blizzard up on Gravel Mountain. That man is the one person she never wants to see again—Ryker Anderson—the man who broke her heart the day he called three months before their wedding to say goodbye with no explanation as to why.

After being gone for eighteen months, Ryker Anderson is back in Grand Lake where he hopes to win back the woman he loves. He only hopes Shelby understands why he left. Will he be able to convince Shelby that she can trust him with her heart again even though he broke it before?
Multi-Author Books
Colorado Courtship 
Winter of Dreams by Cheryl St.John
 If  Violet Kristofferson had known that her new employer was the town undertaker, she might never have come to Carson Springs as his cook. Yet she needs a fresh start away from scandal. And Ben Charles's unflinching faith could be her path to something truly precious—a new family.

The Rancher's Sweetheart by Debra Ullrick
The cowboys on her uncle's ranch show Sunny Weston no respect—except for foreman Jed Cooper. A riding and roping contest is Sunny's chance to prove herself. But now that she's falling for Jed, will she find courage to take the biggest risk of all, and trust her heart?
Book 1: A Dozen Apologies: Heart Seekers Series)
Recipe for Romance:

Coming Home: Deja vu Bride

Barbour Multi-Author Books
A Grand County Christmas by Debra Ullrick
You may want to keep a box of Kleenex handy for this one. What a great story. Awnya is about to shoot a deer, she is starving. Her father died 7 weeks ago, all their meat was taken by supposedly a wild animal although she did not believe that. She was not sure her father's death was natural either. Before she can shoot a hand covers hers and stops her.
Amadeus takes Awnya to his home with his mother and three children. He prays to God that this woman could be his Christmas gift. The boys take to her, but his daughter is mean to her and clearly dislikes her. Because of the snow storm she ends up in his home longer then expected. She can't help but notice the gun above the fireplace that is so much like her fathers that had gone missing. When she sees his initials in it she has to wonder if this man murdered her father.
A wonderful story of losing everything and trying to hang on to faith anyways.
Christmas Belles of Georgia
They were sisters once--identical quadruplets--given up for adoption at birth. Now each receives a letter advising her to claim her inheritance and the family she never Christmas. Holly feels betrayed when she learns she's adopted, while Carol prays for a loving family. Starr thinks it's all a hoax, and Noelle needs a break from a hopeless situation. There are more surprises in store as each young woman gets just he gift she wants--and needs. You'll be warmed by love in these interwoven tales of the ultimate Christmas gift...
Other Authors: Jeanie Smith Cash, Rose Allen McCauley & Jeri O'dell
Dixie Hearts: The Bride Wore Overalls


  1. Judy, this has been so fun. Debra is another new author for me. I loved the interview. I wanted to read The Unlikely Wife just from the cover alone, then after reading the interview I really wanted to read it!
    Debra, thanks for taking the time to interview. We love getting to know the authors.
    Donna (at) MoreThanaReview dot com

    1. Hi Donna. Nice to "meet" you. I love getting to know my readers, too. *smiling* I hope if you read The Unlikely Wife that you enjoy it. I had so much fun with that story. It's probably my favorite one of them all.
      Blessings to you and yours.

  2. I am enjoying getting to know these different authors and their books! Debra, all of these books sound wonderful. I'll be adding them to my wish list! Thanks for sharing!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

    1. I'm so glad, Sally, that they sound wonderful. I hope you get a chance to read them. I love getting to "meet" other readers like myself. I may be an author, but I'm an avid reader as well. I loved it when I got to literally meet some of my favorite authors whose books I'd read for years. And now, a lot of them are my friends. No one pinch me. It really is a dream.

  3. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceJanuary 11, 2014 at 8:59 PM

    This blog party has been a blast! I am enjoying getting to know all the authors better. Thanks so much for sharing.


  4. Hi Debra! I admit haven't read any of your stories YET! but after finding Judy's Blog and discovering so many- you are one on my list and in the Kindle que.. Groom wanted and the Unintended Groom are on the list. I also love the fact you do go back and read your own stories. Do you ever think...boy I wish I had said this instead of that once you to re-read them? Just curious. Looking forward to your stories and future one too!