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The Jane Austen Series
Eddi Boswick is a lawyer in the small town of London, Texas. Most of the people are friendly and easy to get along with. And then there is Dave Davidson. A man who only cares for himself and supposedly lives off of his aunt's generosity.

Dave Davidson started over three years ago in London, along with his aunt. He wants who he used to be left in the past. Of course, some things never stay put. Like all the women who want him for his money. He does his best to stay away from them or in the case of Eddi...come off as a jerk so he's not tempted to think she's different.

This is one of many books in this series where the author takes a Jane Austen book and brings it to modern day. Just as in the play they are going to act out...Dave is a modern day Darcy and Eddi an Elizabeth. And just as in the real story, misunderstandings abound and tear people apart. A page-turning story from beginning to end.
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Hearts Entwined
The Love Knot by Karen Witemeyer – A Ladies of Harper's Station Novella
Clair Nevin was a runner. She ran away from a bad situation in New York instead of facing it and ran into a bad situation in Seymour. But landing in Harper's Station had been good for her. And now, her sister needed her help. Only the person her sister sent to deliver the package had Clair ready to put her running shoes on once again. Harper's Station is a wonderful series about a town for woman to escape to. Only now, a few men have been allowed in too. Very good series.

The Tangled Ties That Bind by Mary Connealy – A Kincaid Brides Novella
Connor Kincaid, Seth's son, had his dad's wild eyes when things got out of control. Like now. After being gone for five years, he came home to claim the only woman he'd ever love...only to find out she had other plans that included leaving Rawhide...and him. Love Mary Connealy's humor in her writing and her lovable characters.

Bound and Determined by Regina Jennings – A Fort Reno Novella
The reader can meet Private Bradley Willis in the first book, Holding the Fort, where his sister's story is told. He's a reckless, fun-loving guy. When he's sent on a mission to help a retired captain, it's more than he expects. And he finds he can be serious and protective when a beautiful lady needs him to do so. I love the author's writing and humor.

Tied and True by Melissa Jagears – A Teaville Moral Society Novella
Marianne Lister and Calvin Hochstetler may be worlds apart to some people, but Marianne doesn't care about being from a wealthy family. She cares about finding a good man to love...the kind of man Calvin is. Because of his past though, it's tougher to convince Calvin that he could ever be good enough to care for her. Great story and characters.
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With This Ring?
A Novella Collection of Proposals Gone Awry
Four well-written stories about love coming in the most unlikely of times. Each author has their own unique style to create this page turning book.

The Husband Maneuver by Karen Witemeyer
Marietta Hawkins has fallen in love with Daniel Barrett. The foreman on her father's ranch. When she unintentionally overhears a conversation she knows she has to make her move to get Daniel to propose to her. Loved this story. 

Her Dearly Unintended by Regina Jennings
Josiah Huckabee and Katie Ellen Watson were neighbors and had been best friends at one time. Lately, they seemed to avoid each other. Until the day the rain washed the bridge out to Katie's house and Josiah was trapped there as well. And then a stranger appeared and for their safety, they needed to pretend to be married and in love.

Runaway Bride by Mary Connealy
Carrie Halsey finds out how important it is to know people. To escape an unwanted wedding to a cruel man, Carrie asks her sister for help. Her sister asks a sister-in-law who asks her brother who asks Big John Conroy, a Texas Ranger. This short stories brings together several characters from her previous books.

Engaging the Competition by Melissa Jagears
Harrison Gray might be nearly blind without his glasses, but it takes getting them broken for both Harrison and Charlotte Andrews to see clearly. Competitive in their early years, Harrison backs away from Charlie after she embarrasses him. If only they'd known the truth and seen more clearly all those years ago...maybe it's not too late.
Regina Jennings
The Fort Reno Series
Book 1: Holding the Fort
Louisa Bell has just lost her job to a younger woman—with loser morals. With her brother as her only living family—and hearing he's in trouble...again—she heads out to Fort Reno to straighten Bradley out and hopefully find a job. Troops always are in need of entertainment, right?

Major Daniel Adams has to do something to make sure his mother-in-law doesn't take his girls to live with her. Getting a governess to teach them seems like the right thing to do. An old, unattractive governess. Only...the woman who shows up is anything but old and ugly. At least she's a lady.

Lies never turn out well as the truth always comes through. This story is funny, serious, and romantic all bundled together. One part had me laughing out loud...with tears streaming down as I read it and every time I thought of it after that.
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Bound and Determined 

The reader can meet Private Bradley Willis in the first book, Holding the Fort, where his sister's story is told. He's a reckless, fun-loving guy. When he's sent on a mission to help a retired captain, it's more than he expects. And he finds he can be serious and protective when a beautiful lady needs him to do so. I love the author's writing and humor.
Ozark Mountain Romance
Book 1: A Most Inconvenient Marriage
Book 2: At Love's Bidding
Book 3: For the Record 
Betsy Huckabee wants to write. She lives with her uncle who owns the local...very small-town...newspaper. The big city has rejected her reports on the local unrest. Then the new—quite handsome—deputy comes to town and influences her writing in a whole new way.

Deputy Joel Puckett isn't sure what to do about this woman. Every time he turns around she just appears. After what happened in Texas he doesn't trust the fairer sex. But he does need at least one ally in this town that doesn't want him there.

A fun, fast-moving story that keeps you guessing who the mischief maker is. I haven't read the previous books in the series and still enjoyed this one.
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Her Dearly Unintended - Novella
Josiah Huckabee and Katie Ellen Watson were neighbors and had been best friends at one time. Lately, they seemed to avoid each other. Until the day the rain washed the bridge out to Katie's house and Josiah was trapped there as well. And then a stranger appeared and for their safety, they needed to pretend to be married and in love.
Hawthorne House Series
Book 0.5: A Lady of Esteem
Amelia was raised by servants after going to live with a distant relative. She was more familiar with how the gentry treated their servants than how to be the one in charge of the household and servants.

Anthony Pendleton, Marquis of Raebourne is a reformed rake. After two years of being in the country, he returns to London. All his old vices...gaming, drinking and womanizing...are much harder to fight and Town tests his new faith. Especially when a beautiful woman falls into his arms.

This is the prequel to A Noble Masquerade. Anthony's country estate is next to the Hawthorne's. I really enjoyed both of these books and look forward to more from this author. 
Book 1: A Noble Masquerade
Lady Miranda Hawthorne is in her fourth London Season. It's not that she's a wallflower, more that she wants a man who loves her...not what her brother's title offers them. The woes of being the daughter and sister of a duke. Suddenly, there are two men in Miranda's life. One of them would be against the rules of society to love. The other one, she may be too embarrassed to actually meet.

Ryland Montgomery, the Duke of Marshington, has an unusual life. A path he chose nine years ago has kept him out of society. The time has come for him to return. The problem is that his past keeps getting in the way of the future he wants.

I was pulled into this book and it wouldn't let me go. Loved the story and the characters. Romance that is surrounded by intrigue. The first novella in this series is A Lady of Esteem, Amelia's story.
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Book 2: An Elegant Facade
Lady Georgina Hawthorne is a beauty and expected to make the best match of the Season. She has everything well plotted out as well. She needs a husband with such a hefty title that it will cover any and all of her flaws. A title such as a duke carries. Yes, a duke would be just what she needs.

Colin McCrae is wealthy in his own right, but he'll always be just a gentleman. Ignored and invisible to the aristocracy unless they need him to help with their investments. He has worked with the Duke of Riverton for some years but never the younger sister. And now that he has met her, she keeps entangling him into her schemes.

The first book is Miranda Hawthorne's story; A Noble Masquerade. This story adds to that book by adding Georgina's view of some of the events, as well as Colin's view where the Duke of Marshington is involved. I have thoroughly enjoyed all of these books and look forward to more in this series. The Prequel is A Lady of Esteem.
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Book 3: An Uncommon Courtship
Trent Hawthorne loves his family and life. He lives a clean life, not one of a rogue, but he's not ready to grow up and be responsible. None of that has changed since unique circumstances have him now married to a stranger.

Adelaide Bell has been ignored most of her life. Her mother was all about preparing her sister for the perfect match. And now she finds herself married to the brother of a duke, which makes her mother actually notice her. Sadly, her new husband ignores her the same as her family always had. At least she is in a house with very unusual servants who do notice her.

The author wrote Trent in such a way that you can't help but fall in love with him. Young and energetic. And no idea how to be a husband. He does such endearing things. I can't wait for Griffith's, the eldest brother and a duke, book as we get to see his character better in this book. Love this series.
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Book 4: An Inconvenient Beauty
Griffith, Duke of Riverton, has finally married off his siblings. His mother is happily remarried and he—is alone. It never mattered before now. He wasn't ready. He has painstakingly gone through the women who might suit him and has come up with one name. And now he just needed to court her, then marry her. And ignore her cousin.

Isabella Breckenridge is truly disliking herself. How could she be doing what she's doing? Her parents would be disappointed, but at least they'd be okay. Soon, she could go home and be herself. Until then, she needs to keep her word and avoid the handsome duke.

Griffith is finding that you can't always plan things out. Not through using his head—or, in his case—using his heart. Who knew being a duke wouldn't help him breeze through this as easily as most things in life? Loved the story. The Hawthorne's are an awesome family and every book had great characters and story-lines.
 Ladies of Harper's Station Series
Book 1: No Other Will Do
Book 2: Worth the Wait
Book 2: Heart of the Line
Grace Mallory has been on the run for over a year. She has to finish the job her father started, but she hasn't found the evidence yet. She's found sanctuary in Harper's Station for the past year...but her enemy has finally caught up to her.

Amos Bledsoe is waiting for the right woman to come into his life. The women in his town haven't even given him a chance. He's not that handsome, brawny, cowboy type the women go for. When he becomes friends with a fellow telegraph operator, he considers meeting her in person. Hoping she isn't a fifty-something grandmother.

I fell in love with Amos' character. He's not the usual type hero. He finds himself in Harper's Station around men like Marshal Shaw and Ben Porter...big men who are able to protect their women with their bodies and guns. But Amos has something more...his affection for Grace gives him strength beyond what he even knew he had in him. Loved it.
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The Bradford Sisters Series
Book 0.5: Then Came You
This novella is written through letters, journals, and phone calls. Very uniquely done.

Garner Bradford starts a journal after his girlfriend leaves him...and their weeks-old baby behind. He's strayed from the ways he was raised as a Christian and is now a single father. Through his journal, you see his struggles over several years. Raising his daughter and other paths his life takes.

Kathleen Burke wants her freedom from an overprotective mother. She hasn't received her dream job as of yet...but she hasn't stopped sending letters and applications to try and get it. While waiting, she takes a job at Bradford Shipping instead of the one at her granfather's business—the job her mother wants her to take and so she can live at home again. We learn everything about Kathleen through letters and phone calls between Kathleen to and from her mother, friend Rose, her boss, and to her dream job.

This is the prequel to the series which are about Garner's children.
Book 1: True To You
Nora Bradford is the middle sister...the smart one. She loves history and helping others. When the most handsome man ever asks to help find his birth mother...she's all over it. She'd love to be all over him, but he has a girlfriend. At least the search gets her out of her house and away from her fiction world for a while. John's journey to find answers is filled with ambivalence of what he'll find...or not the end of the search.

John Lawson...former Seal Team Six member has run into something that all his SEAL training can't help him conquer. He needs to find out his medical history and that means finding the woman who gave birth to him thirty-three years ago. At least one good thing is he found Nora to help him.

Be sure to read the first novella in this series; Then Came You, to get the full picture of these three sisters. I loved these first two books and can't wait for the Willow and Britt's stories.
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Porter Family Series
Book 1: Undeniably Yours
Book 2: Meant to Be Mine
Book 3: A Love Like Ours
Book 3.5: The Proposal
Book 4: Her One and Only
Dru Porter may be the only daughter in the family—but girly is the last word to describe her. A former Marine, like her three older brothers, Dru is an executive protection agent and after a year and a half of being in the office, she gets a new chance to go in the field. She has a lot to prove after her last case.

Gray Fowler has been running from his past for a long time—as a superstar on the NFL Mustangs team, he thinks the past is behind him. Only, the past has its ways of sticking with you. Gaining a stalker, he finds himself with twenty-four/seven bodyguards. How is a woman half his size going to physically protect him? Or maybe it's his hard heart that will need protecting.

This is the first book I've read from this author and I really enjoyed it. The suspense part of who is stalking Gray is great, the pool of suspects is wide, leaving the guilty party a surprise. The first books are her brother's stories and if you enjoy series, you'll want to get to know Bo, Ty, and Jake in their own books.
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The Tutor's Daughter
Emma Smallwood had a nemesis. Now that her mother has passed and her father’s boarding school hit hard times, they were going to the home of that very student. Her father would tutor his younger brother’s at their manor. As much as she feared the older brother, she enjoyed the younger one. Perhaps neither would be home.

Henry Weston was no longer into pranks. He had responsibilities and family secrets to keep. The Smallwood’s could not have arrived at their home during a worse time. Yet, he knew that Mr. Smallwood would be a good teacher for his younger step-brothers, Julian and Rowan.

This book was definitely a page turner and a book that was hard to put down. The Smallwood’s arrival is not welcome, there are strange noises at night, odd occurrences, and Emma knows some of the family members are definitely hiding something.

The author keeps the reader guessing who is up to what and who can be trusted. And the characters personalities just come to life. The story takes place in Cornwall, giving insight to the dangers of ships along the rocky shores.
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Unending Devotion
1883 Michigan
Lily Young is only eighteen but she has been taking care of her younger sister for years. While Lily takes a job and tries to make a life for them, Daisy takes things in her own hands and runs away from the home she is in. Lily will not rest until she finds her sister and pulls her out of a life she knows her sister truly wouldn’t want to live. Rescuing other young girls along her journey. Lily has lost sight of one thing though, that God is in control and not her. Can the young woman learn to let go and trust God to handle things?

Connell McCormick works hard and lives a clean life. He tries to please his dad by building their lumber empire larger. When he meets Lily she challenges everything he believes. Can he take the chance to stand up for what’s right if it would hurt his father’s business? Will evil men be able to continue in their ways because not one good man will challenge them?

This was an excellent read. Very emotional because many of the facts are based on true history. It was a time in the lumber business when men became richer but morals were poor. Where an evil man truly did falsely advertise for young girls to work in his hotel when it was actually a brothel. Very intense but so good.
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Prize of My Heart
Captain Brogan Talvis has been searching for his son. Three years ago his late wife had taken their two year old boy and brought him away. Brogan has been searching for the boy he loves and has finally found a small that pans out. A rich shipbuilder has his son. So he has Nathaniel Huntley build him a ship, the very man who has Ben, and when it's finished he will take Ben and sail away. Although plans of man and plans of God are often very different. Brogan was told he was too bad for God to care for him, a base-born orphan, but he was told wrong and perhaps a beautiful woman and his son can show him God's love.

Lorena Huntley will only marry for love and her childhood friend, George Louder, just don't want understand that she won't marry for less. He has turned into a man who just wants money and power...he wants to possess Lorena but he don't love her or she him. Now the new Captain in town catches her eye and perhaps her heart. A giant of a man who has a gentle heart when it comes to young Drew.

Adventure on land and the high seas are in this story of two people with dark secrets. Secrets that will have them holding back on love until they are revealed, and once revealed...will they still be able to hang on to their love? When a perfect chance comes for Brogan to take his son, who they call Drew rather than Ben, can he take his new ship and head home...or will he rescue the woman who has a piece of his heart as well and give up his son?

An enjoyable book set in 1815. There are secrets being kept, kidnappings being planned, a young boy who's hero is David the King and he has learned to wield a sling shot just as well! We have our devious villain and more. I really enjoyed this book and the author kept you wondering and wanting to almost the very end. Which made it a book that I couldn't put down until the last page was read.
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A Wedding Invitation
This story is told from the perspective of the main character, Samantha Bravencourt. In the beginning she goes from her present time, 1993, to her past when she worked at a refugee camp in the Philippines in the 1980's. So we get the background of her story. She fell in love with a young man named Carson Brylie but he had a girlfriend back home. Seven years later she still has a flame that burns for him even though they no longer have contact.

Samantha receives a wedding invitation for one her old college friends. She goes but does not recognize anyone, including the bride or groom! She does meet Taylor the PI though and so she stays for the reception. While in North Carolina she sees one of her students from the camp, Huy, and he invites her to their restaurant. His sister, Lien, who was quite a nuisance to Sam. Through meeting them she is reconnected to Carson but also she goes on a few dates with Taylor when she gets back home to Falls Church, VA. When Lien wants to find her mother, ends up she was living with her Uncle's family, Carson and Sam join together to find her and Taylor being a PI helps as well.

Samantha struggles to keep her heart from falling further for Carson as he already broke it once but the more they are together the harder it is. She stays with her Aunt Dovie when she goes to N.C. Aunt Dovie takes in all kinds of human strays with unique personalities. Cute story.
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Wonderland Creek
What an excellent book! The first chapters I could not help but laugh out loud and towards the end the tears came. Between than there was mystery and suspense as well. The story is told from the view of Alice Grace Ripley, a twenty-two year old woman who is lost in her world of books. Her boyfriend of one year, Gordon, breaks up after he catches her reading during a funeral at his parents funeral parlor. He tells her she lives more in her world of fiction than the real world. And the next day she loses her job at the beloved town library because of the depression. After moping around she has the choice of going with her Pastor father to help the poor or with her mom to see her somewhat deranged Aunt Lydia. She chooses to visit her aunt, and that opens the door to where God leads her next.

Alice has been collecting books to send to Kentucky. When her aunt mentions going to a spa in Kentucky, she asks to go along. So they pack up and go. Alice is sure Uncle Cecil is running from gangsters and it makes quite a funny story from Blue Island, Illinois to Acorn Kentucky. They drop her off at the library where she plans on staying with the librarian Leslie MacDougal. A scruffy bear of a man helps unload her books and Uncle Cecil takes off immediately. Problem one: Leslie is a he not a she. Problem 2: Acorn has no motel let alone anything else. And those are only the start of her problems.

Alice has not choice but to stay at the house/library even though Mack is not happy about it. After he is shot the next day she meets the house other inhabitant, Lillie the 100 year old woman. She ends up staging Mack's funeral, learning to ride a horse to deliver books so she can help bring things to Mack while he hides out until they find his murderer, tries to help end a sixty year feud and those are just some of the things that happen on Alice's adventure. She finds herself in town with no electricity or inside water so her work load is heavy. She has no time for reading but quickly finds out real life can be quite different than the books.

This is just a well rounded book, humorous at times and sad a others, there are mysteries and adventures. All in one.

**Received from Bethany House for review

A Whisper of Peace
Clay Selby and his stepsister, Vivian, are heading to Alaska to become missionaries among the Athabascans Indians. Clay is trying to be the man is father is and Vivian is trying to earn forgiveness as she blames herself for her father's death. Clay becomes so focused on getting the mission building built so they can begin the school and so that he can stand behind a pulpit and preach that he loses sight of just ministering to people. A bit of pride in the building comes into play as well. Vivian surprises herself by enjoying the people and getting to know some of the children. Most of all she feels useful when she becomes friends with a village outcast by the name of Lizzie Dawson.

Lizzie was never bothered living outside the village when she had her parents with her but now she only has herself and her dogs. She hunts, cooks and tans the hides of what she catches. Lizzie does not realize the extent of her loneliness until she meets Clay and Vivian. Lizzie's father left them when she was twelve. He went back to San Francisco but said her mother would not fit in there. When her mother became ill, Lizzie promised her she would make peace with her grandmother and than go and live with her father. Vivian and Lizzie become friends as she teaches Vivian to cook and Viv teaches Lizzie how to behave like a white woman for when she leaves.

When her grandparents find out that Vivian and Clay have befriended Lizzie, who had been excommunicated by her tribe, they must make a choice; never speak to Lizzie again or leave their village. They could not disappoint the church that sent them to the mission field but they also struggled with giving Lizzie up.

I enjoyed this book and felt the story line was unique. Kim wrote to where you it was like you were cleaning the moose pelt with Lizzie or petting her dogs. I could imagine the dogs with their tongues hanging out looking as if they were smiling at you. Clear and descriptive writing and at parts it could draw tears.

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