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Valerie Hansen's Interview....
Name one thing about yourself that would shock readers if they knew.
Don't hate me. I was born a Yankee! It was obviously an error because I fit perfectly in the rural south. There's a sign on my front porch that says, "We weren't born in the south but we got here as quick as we could."

When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
I love to garden, mostly flowers, with the exception of tomatoes in the summer.  Have to have those, the more the better. My hubby built raised beds because there are so many rocks and so much clay in the Ozarks. Those beds are perfect - and easy to weed!

What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
Anybody who has followed me on Facebook for long will recognize my adventures in the kitchen. I don't have to make up these funny stories. They really happen to me. Consequently, very few of my heroines can cook!

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
We toured all of the lower 48, plus Alaska, over the years. Because many of my recent books have been set in this part of the Ozarks I haven't had to add many trips but we did return to Kansas a few years back when I was asked to write both contemporary and historical continuities set there. I have a new one coming up in 2014 set in Montana and another to write for 2015 set in Washington, DC. The last trip we took was to DC so I'm ready to write that one next. I have 6 releases in 2014; one a reprint, one a digital only from LI, and four other new titles. Yes, I'm tired!  

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Actually, I tend to surprise myself. There are times when I'll read a passage that stuns me and makes me wonder if elves have been at my computer while I slept! When I'm in the "zone" the words just fly off my fingers. Then there are other times....

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
You mean when they start to "talk" to me? Sure. And they can be really stubborn sometimes!

Do you write about places you have lived?
My favorite setting is the Ozarks. All my "Serenity" books are set here, as are some others such as "The Defenders" suspense series that deals with CASA volunteers and children. So far there have been 3 of those, with 2 more set to release in 2014. All I have to do is finish writing the last one on time!
Ebooks by Valerie
Fearless and Faithful; Women Who Dare
Wages of Sin
"Ruby McKay has no time to grieve her sister Louise's passing if she hopes to save the poor girl's newborn son. With Louise's cruel husband on her trail and a cadre of detectives pressed into service to track her down, Ruby begins an odyssey that will take her and the innocent babe from Kansas all the way to southern New Mexico - and drop them right in the middle of the Lincoln County War. Along the way, Ruby is assisted by several kind souls, among them, Brax Rutledge. He begins by pursuing her as he would a criminal, yet ends up realizing she is innocent of any wrongdoing in spite of the terrible false charges arrayed against her."

Author's note: This story is true to life and the era in which it takes place, including some gritty language that fits the story perfectly. These were harsh times. Not every man was a gentleman and not every woman was a lady.
Dangerous Devotion
Jessica was just 18 when she married the love of her life: handsome, strong, independent, Greg Dixon, who promised to always be there for her. What he didn't tell Jessica was that he was an undercover agent, sworn to bring down a dangerous drug cartel.
In too deep, Greg had no choice but to fake his own death – the only way he could protect her – leaving Jessica alone to raise their son. Seven long years have passed since Jessica was told she was a widow…and now Greg is back, more magnetic than before, but with shocking news: someone high up in the CIA is dirty – and Jessica and their son are in terrible danger!
From the majestic Ozarks to exotic jungles, from hometown to the unknown, Jessica and Greg are running against the clock. Their love and faith put to the test, just how far must they go? And is Jess's devotion to Greg more dangerous than the relentless enemy at their heels? 
The following books take place in the 
fictional town of Serenity, Arkansas. 
They  are all stand alone books but 
have the town of Serenity  in common. 
The Wedding Arbor
He gave her shelter...
With a heart full of hope, Sara Stone took refuge in the serenity of the Ozarks. But she never counted on getting stranded in the middle of a raging storm. Like a godsend, brooding ex-cop, Adam Callahan, gallantly offered her shelter in his mountainside cabin. And although she knew that her trusting nature had gotten her into trouble before, a smitten Sara vowed to bring joy back into Adam's lonely life.
She gave him her heart...
Adam had cut himself off from the faith and love a long time ago--with good reason. But despite his self-imposed isolation, his adorable house guest touched his world-weary soul. He'd thought his chance for peace and happiness was gone, but now he wondered what the future would hold if he conquered the shadows of the past-and married the woman of his dreams....
The Troublesome Angel
She longed for Graydon Payne to be her daddy, and Stacy Lucas to be her mommy. and there was only way to bring them together--by running away....Stacy would do anything to find the lost child-even face the one man she never wanted to see again. She had managed to avoid Gray all these years. Now it was time to put their differences aside and join forces on a heart-wrenching mission. Since Gray had last seen Stacy, he had discovered something more powerful than his wealthy family. But it would take more than steadfast faith to locate the missing cherub in the vast Ozark wilderness-and to convince Stacy to give him another chance. I t might eve take a miracle.
The Perfect Couple
Despite their differences, Tyler Corbett assumed Kara Shepherd was a fine woman...for somebody else. He had no intentions of falling for her, despite a vast local conspiracy. But how could the strapping cowboy avoid Kara when she popped up everywhere he went-even in church?
Widowed Kara figured there was only one way to get her family-and Tyler's- to stop matchmaking. They'd simply pretend to fall in love, then break up. Step One of the charade was surprisingly easy. But when a few fake kisses unexpectedly led to the real thing. Step Two was in serious jeopardy!
Second Chances
The Preacher's daughter...
Paul Randall wasn't right for Belinda Carnes when they were teens. He'd skipped town when he realized that like everyone else, she blamed him for something he hadn't done.
After 10 years, Paul, now a successful lawyer, was back--for business only. But one glance at Belinda and gone was his plan to have nothing to do with her. She was so beautiful he couldn't think straight.
Yet Belinda's life didn't have room for a long-lost love--especially one she had never really trusted. And Paul knew it would take God's love for him to prove his innocence. And show that her rightful place was by his side.
Love One Another
Neighborly Love....
Single dad Zac Frazier arrived in the close-knit town of Serenity expecting little more than a fresh start. But he never counted on having his wounded heart rejuvenated by his son's bubbly preschool teacher, who lives a few houses away and had an extraordinary gift for understanding small children. In record time, pretty and petite Tina Braddock brought laughter back into his lonely little boys life--and encouraged the disillusioned widower to rejoice again in God's love...
Why, if romance-resistant Zac didn't know better, he'd allow himself to fall head over heels for his green-eyed neighbor! But beneath the sunny surface that Tina presented to the world, he sensed uneasiness, foreboding, even fear. What was she afraid of? And would loving one another be enough to make all their dreams come true?
Blessings of the Heart
It happened one night...
Writer Brianna Walker had moved to the Arkansas hills for a little peace and quiet. But the stormy night a handsome man, two bedraggled boys and a scruffy dog washed up in her front yard, Bree's peaceful and quiet life became a thing of the past.
Homeless after their cabin floated away in the rain , single dad Mitch Fowler and his two young sons had no choice but to seek shelter at their closest neighbor's home. And it didn't take the boys long to find their way into Bree's warm and caring heart. But could Mitch ever convince Bree to take a chance on a ready-made family and make the fateful storm the answer to every one's prayers?
This was a great story. She is a recluse writer with all kinds of fancy and breakable things in her house, definitely not the type of home that is kid friendly. With the road washed out there is not much she can do but offer this family a place to stay.
Samantha's Gift
Though the gossips had them pegged as an item, teacher Rachel Woodward was merely helping Sean Bates, the new guidance counselor, learn small-town ways. But his looks and charm were almost irresistible. And it was a good thing Rachel no longer fell prey to romantic insanity.
Yet she couldn't ignore Sean, or how wonderfully he cared for the sweet, rambunctious five-year-old who'd landed in their school--and both their hearts. Little Samantha needed a father, and Sean would be the perfect man for the job. But she needed a mother, too...and suddenly Rachel wondered if God had a family in store for her after all.
Everlasting Love
Hi Mom,
Camp is going well. (I feel like a child writing home instead of the animal therapist to work here with troubled kids!) Since James Harris has seen the success of the program,
the skeptical camp director is much more charming--we've been having some late-night talks...and a surprising good-night kiss! He didn't even complain when I brought Roxy along--you remember how my sister didn't want to join me. And there was a scare--Roxy and another teen disappeared--but James and I found them.
You know, Mom, I think James needs some healing of his own--his soul seems...wounded. I think my strong faith might even help him regain his...if he'll let me.
Love, Megan
Her Brother's Keeper
Church secretary Becky Tate couldn't deny that Serenity's new preacher was charming.. and gorgeous. But what would make Logan Malloy grow pale at the thought of giving a sermon?
How about if he'd never preached before? Logan was ordained, but had lost his faith long ago. He was in town on an undercover assignment, investigating whether Becky had been kidnapped as an infant. Raised by her beloved aunt, she knew nothing about her real parents. Logan's mission was to uncover the truth. 
Now if he could just figure out how to do that without ruining the family Becky had--and hurting the only woman he'd ever loved...
Out of the Depths
Love wasn't on Trudy Lynn Brown's to-do-list, though she certainly needed someone to help her get rid of the vandals threatening her campground. And her best friend's brother fit the bill. Injured in a white-water rafting accident, Cody Keringhoven had come to Serenity, Arkansas, to recuperate and rebuild his broken faith and shattered dreams. Watching over the campground kept him in constant contact with the ever-surprising--and delightful--Trudy Lynn, whose sunny nature soothed his battered spirit. Yet the criminals would stop at nothing to drive her off her property.
Shadows of Turning
The little town in the Ozarks had always been a safe haven for Chancy Boyd. But now a disturbing series of crimes was moving ever closer to her, threatening everything she held dear. And a man unlike any she'd ever known was unsettling her in other ways....
Now a deadly tornado--her worst nightmare, ever since a twister killed her parents--was racing toward the town. With the help of storm chase Nate Collins, she'd have to face her deepest fears, both the storm gathering outside, and the storm this man unleashed in her heart.
A Treasure of the Heart
When Lillie Delaney's life in the big city didn't work out, she headed home to Gumption, Arkansas, longing for the peaceful predictability of the tiny town. Not to mention the proximity of the grandmother who'd raised her. Yet Lillie was in for a shock: her grandfather had taken off with a younger woman and her grandmother--running around in a pink shower cap--wasn't handling it very well. So Lillie turned to the towns pastor, James Warner, only to find a very handsome motorcycle-riding rebel in a black leather jacket! But she was beginning to learn that the Lord did indeed work in very mysterious ways...
Nowhere to Run
Run and don't stop!..
Those were her former boyfriend's last words. Before the thugs he associated with murdered him in cold blood. Now they're after Marie Parnell. She flees with her five-year-old daughter--until care trouble strands her in Serenity, Arkansas. The handsome mechanic who promises to get her back on the road is suspicious--and purposely slow. With nowhere to turn and nowhere left to run, Marie tells Seth Whitfield everything. About her past, about finding faith, about how safe she feels with him. He vows to protect her and her child. But Seth isn't exactly who he says he is....
No Alibi
Juror Julie Ann Jones simply didn't expect the life on the line to be her own. Courtroom tension is running high during a scandal-packed murder case. AS the trial heats up, a series of "accidents" begins targeting the jurors--especially Julie Ann. There are gunshots at her beauty salon. A prowler is spotted at her home. Through it all, fellow juror Smith Burnett gives her the courage to continue. But will she find the courage to give Smith her heart?
My Deadly Valentine: Dangerous Admirer
Someone's stalking Rachel Hollister. With suspects at every turn, it's deputy Jase Morgan's job to halt the menace shadowing her steps. As the most romantic holiday of the year approaches, can she trust this charming officer with her life.. and her heart?

Dark Obsession by Lynette Eason
Hang-up calls, graffiti, break-ins at her shop right before Valentine's Day..Someone wants to scare Holly Maddox--and it's working. Her high school sweetheart, Eli Brody, comes to the rescue, but surely the handsome detective doesn't really plan to stay. There's nowhere for Holly to turn as danger--and heartbreak--start closing in.
The Defenders:
Protecting children in need
**Also in Serenity, Arkansas
Book 1:Nightwatch
When widow Jill Kirkpatrick volunteers to foster three children who were recently orphaned in a suspicious fire, she has no idea that the person who set that fatal blaze is still at large, still bent on revenge. Firefighter Mitch Andrews, who was a close family friend of the victims, intervenes on behalf of the surviving children and finds a staunch ally in Jill. Can they find justice together or will they have to pay the ultimate price for defending the innocent children?
Book 2:Threat of Darkness
Samantha Rochard worked as a nurse. She was alone in the world except for her dog, Brutus. She had rescued him as a pup 10 years ago. She worked with CASA helping kids in abuse situations, something Sam was personally aware of from her own childhood. Life was good until one night everything changed. An emergency at the hospital with a sick child and an addict with a gun, topped off by a man who broke her heart six years ago when he left town. If that wasn’t enough she was attacked in the parking lot and her house and car were violated….the worse was yet to come.

John Waltham had left town six years ago for his dream of working in law enforcement but not in this small town. He couldn’t convince Sam to marry and go with him. Her welcome back for him was not as he hoped. But she did need him when one thing after another started happening in her life. Could love be reunited after he had unknowingly shattered her heart?

Valerie is an extremely talented author. I have enjoyed many of her books, mostly the ones in multi-author series. She keeps the facts and stories flowing well, even within those books.
Bonus Novella: Small-Town Romance by Arlene James
Becca Inman was extremely shy, single at thirty-three and had been carrying for her invalid grandmother since she was eighteen. Life changed for her when she was practicing to play the piano in place of her sister. She began to sing along as she played….not knowing she had an audience. And that one was young, handsome and single.

Davis Latimer had never heard such a voice. He was instantly enthralled. And when he saw the pretty woman, he knew that she was special. He would get her to be play piano for his fledgling church, he wanted to keep her nearby.

This was just a short but packed full of romance. Davis sees Becca past all her insecurities and encourages her at every turn. 
**Book received from NetGalley for review.
Book 3: Standing Guard
A scared widow and her defenseless son have former marine Thad Pearson on red alert. Someone is systematically wrecking Lindy Southerland's life. First her house. Then her bank account. And unless the thug gets what he wants, her child will be targeted next. The woman jumps at every shadow, but refuses to go to the police. Why? With Thad's every protective instinct in overdrive, he guards Lindy and her son as if they're his own family. But keeping his scarred heart safe proves his toughest assignment yet. And leads him straight into a mastermind's deadly trap.
Book 4: A Trace of Memory
Emma Landers has amnesia. Problem is, she can't remember how she got it, why she's injured or why someone wants to hurt her. When she lands on the doorstep of former love Travis Wright, she can barely remember their past history. But she knows she can trust him to protect her. The handsome farmer was heartbroken when Emma left him for the big city. But there's no way he can send her away when gunshots start flying. Now Travis must keep Emma safe while helping her piece together her memories—before it's too late.
Big Sky Centennial:
A small town rich in history...and love
Book 1: Her Montana Cowboy
The Man of Her Dreams 
Julie Shaw is up to her ears in parade preparations...and cowboys As the mayor's daughter, she needs to make sure the centennial celebrations for her beloved hometown of Jasper Gulch, Montana, go off without a hitch. Surely that's why she's feeling so flustered. It couldn't have anything to do with the handsome Ryan Travers. Of course she'd noticed the visiting rodeo star with the sparkle in his eye. But Julie is way too sensible to fall for his obvious appeal. As the town gossips about a century-old mystery, Julie's thoughts keep drifting to the charming cowboy. Despite her father's objections, she may soon find herself roped in...by love. 
Big Sky Centennial: A small town rich in history...and love. 
The Man of Her Dreams 
Julie Shaw is up to her ears in parade preparations...and cowboys As the mayor's daughter, she needs to make sure the centennial celebrations for her beloved hometown of Jasper Gulch, Montana, go off without a hitch. Surely that's why she's feeling so flustered. It couldn't have anything to do with the handsome Ryan Travers. Of course she'd noticed the visiting rodeo star with the sparkle in his eye. But Julie is way too sensible to fall for his obvious appeal. As the town gossips about a century-old mystery, Julie's thoughts keep drifting to the charming cowboy. Despite her father's objections, she may soon find herself roped in...by love. 

Big Sky Centennial: A small town rich in history...and love.
Book 2: Montana Reunion
The tiny town of Jasper Gulch, Montana, is celebrating their hundredth anniversary, and you're invited! Get lost in Big Sky Centennial, a land of ranches and romances and memorable characters you can't help but root for. In this short prequel from Valerie Hansen, a small-town beautician with a big heart reunites with the high school beau she could never forget….

Word travels fast in a small town, and it spreads like wildfire that Tony Valdez is back in Jasper Gulch. The former bad boy is now a respected veterinarian, but he's still got that sparkle in his eye. And that's what has Annette Lakey worried. She vows to avoid the man who once stole her heart—until a stray dog and her impending puppies bring Annette and Tony face-to-face. Seeing him again makes her feel all warm and fuzzy…and afraid she might fall all over again!
Frontier Courtship
She had made a solemn promise to see her younger sister safely in California. But the endless journey across the frontier was proving a heartbreaking test of courage and endurance for Faith Beal. All she had to sustain her was her steadfast belief in a loving God--and the guiding hand of a stranger who truly seemed heaven-sent. Connell McClain was her selfless guardian as their wagon train slowly made its way west. And as they shared the dangers of the trail--and the closeness of a covered wagon--Faith felt the first tender stirrings of love for  this roughhewn yet caring man. But would the secrets that seemed to haunt him threaten their growing feelings for one another?
Wilderness Courtship
After surviving an unhappy marriage, Charity Beal avoids men. But compassion gets the better of her when she encounters Thorne Blackwell, a rugged shipping magnate in the midst of a crisis. His brother has vanished, and hired guns are after his brother's wife and son. To save them, Thorn faces a grueling journey through the wild Oregon Territory. In order to succeed, he needs Charity's help. Through roiling rivers and lush mountain passes, Charity's kindness and faith awakens Thorne to a strength he never knew. But before he can heal her wounded heart and win her love, he has to save their party from the sharpshooter stalking their every step.
he Doctor's Newfound Family
He found his calling ministering to the downtrodden in San Francisco. But in Sara Beth Reese, Dr. Cole Hayward finds something more. The beautiful young woman's spirit and kindness warm Cole's heart, but it's her fearless determinations that drives him to action. Sara Beth has vowed to clear the name of her murdered father, and she'll face any obstacle to achieve her goal. Orphaned, alone int he world--except for the three younger brothers in her care--she needs Cole's protection, whether she'll admit it or not. As danger escalates, Cole will risk everything for the right to make this newfound family his to love and protect for a lifetime.
Rescuing the Heiress
As a San Francisco firefighter, Michael Mahoney has never seen anything burn more brightly than the determination in socialite Tess Clark's eyes. Her fiery green gaze and the persuasive curve of her smile convince him to support her involvement in the women's suffrage movement. His unspoken, forbidden love for the privileged young woman drives him to be her only protector as the earth begins to quake and the city catches fire. Now, in the midst of panic, corruption and disaster, Michael's survival is uncertain, yet his faith in God and love for Tess are stronger than ever. Will he have the chance to show Tess that love can't be contained by social binds?
Bonus story 

Valerie has a bonus story in the back of Linda Ford's book The Cowboy Father.
Faith at the Crossroads Series: Book 2 - The Danger Within
As always Valerie is great at keeping details accurate with the other books within the series.
We met Michael Vance in the previous series when his sister, Holly, came to the ranch with Jake Montgomery to hide out from someone stalking her until they were able to put the case together. 
Michael is needing a vet and his Aunt Fiona introduces him to Layla Dixon. A flower child who just happened to be mention she was a vet while waiting in his Aunt's Cafe. She helps on his ranch as both a vet and housekeeper. Although being a vegetarian, she does not do well with cooking and she don't seem to be much of a housekeeper either.
The Davis Landing Series: Book 4 - The Hamilton Heir
The Davis Landing Observer Page 5: The Gossip Guru
....hears tough tycoon Tim Hamilton--the legitimate son currently running Hamilton Media for his ailing father--was seen squiring his assistant, Dawn Leroux, around town last week. Inside information is that Tim wrecked Dawn's car and offered to lend her a replacement, but her concern was with the people on her meal-delivery route. Only time will tell if the lovely Ms. Leroux's sweet nature can tame Tim's all-business beast and turn him into a human being.
Secrets of Stoneley Series: Book 5 - Deadly Payoff
When Delia was seventeen she married her true love, Shaun Murphy. After a few hours he was gone. Delia had believed he took a payoff to leave her and Shaun thought she went to Hawaii without a backwards glance. In Deadly Payoff they are reunited.

Shaun helps Delia as she goes after a blackmailer who worked for her dead Aunt Genie. He too her to Chicago to check out the medical facility that they know their mother was once held captive in. Shaun is there for her this time. They are still separated by their pride as neither of them will bring up what had happened twelve years earlier

As part of a series, this book is full of side stories: Unknown grandparents join the story, Ronald gets arrested for murder and the plotter is still up to all kinds of evil tricks.
Reunion Revelations Series: Book 1 - Hidden in the Wall
A young woman's skeleton was found buried on the campus grounds. Contractor Trevor Whittaker couldn't get the cold-case murder out of his mind. Who was this woman? Why was she killed? And did his lovely boss's father, a wealthy, secretive benefactor of the college, have anything to do with it?
 Family and friends warned Alumni Director Stephanie Kessler to stay away from her new employee. They said Trevor was still the same bad boy he'd been ten years ago, but Stephanie wasn't the same mousy girl. So, this time, they both had something to prove.
After the Storm Series: Book 1 - Healing the Boss's Heart
Maya Logan is working for Greg Garrison in High Plains, Kansas.
There is some type of past issues between the Garrison's and Logan's but we don't know what that is yet.
Maya thinks that all Greg cares about is money and business so she is surprised how he treats young Tommy after rescuing her from the storm that has just hit the town.
After the Storm - The Founding Years: Book 1 - High Plains Bride
The Founding years take us back to 1860, to the founders of High Plains, Kansas, Will Logan and Zeb Garrison. This is Will's story.
Emmeline Carter is traveling with her family to Oregon from Missouri. They are in the middle of the Kansas plains when a tornado hits.
Will Logan had met the pretty girl in the Mercantile before the storm. After the tornado he finds he cannot rest until he knows the young lady is safe and sound.
Texas Ranger Justice Series: Book 3 - Face of Danger
Paige Bryant is the forensic artist for the Rangers. She resides and works in Austin. After her sister was kidnapped and never found at age three she grew up to want to help others find the closure that her family never had. Her life is busy but safe, until Cade Jarvis comes to town bearing a skull. Then her quiet world explodes. Not only is someone terrorizing Paige and destroying her work space...Cade has invaded her heart as well!

Cade Jarvis is run off the road on his way to Austin by a drunk driver, or so he thinks until one thing after another starts happening while with Paige. Now they realize someone does not want Paige to do her job and identify the person found on Jennifer Rodgers property.
Cade had met Paige before but not taken much notice, now however she was hard to ignore. She had her hair down and no longer had glasses, what a beauty. Cade had to keep his mind on the job which at the moment was protecting this gorgeous woman and her big dog, Max. Could he protect his heart as well?
Fitzgerald Bay book 2: The Rookie's Assignment
Keira Fitzgerald is the youngest of the Fitzgerald clan. And a rookie on the police force. She wants to be the best she can but it’s tough when your dad and brothers on the force still see you as a little girl. When a newcomer joins in to help solve Olivia Henry’s murder case Keira gets to partner with him, someone who isn’t family and teaches her to be better at her job. Now if she could just remember to focus on her job instead of her handsome partner.

Detective Nick Delfino is good at his job. He knows that when people find out why he is really there that they immediately dislike him but that’s okay. He’s a loner and don’t need anyone. Well he didn’t think he did until he finds himself struggling with wanting to tell his beautiful new partner who he really is, even though she’ll hate him for it afterward.

This second book takes us on another adventure as trouble follows Nick to Fiztgerald Bay. They don’t seem to get any closer to solving the murder or clearing Charles Fitzgerald of the crime but it seems they have a new crime to solve. We get a better glimpse into some of the other characters lives as well and their stories are going to be told in the next books. The third book in this Love Inspired series is The Detective’s Daughter by Rachelle McCalla. You’ll want to read these in order to get all the ground work down and maybe even become a sleuth yourself and figure out why Olivia was murdered and by who.

Texas K-9 Series - Book 4: Explosive Secrets by Valerie Hansen
Implicated by her criminal cousin, Nicki Johnson is now the target of a murderous gang. Dark-haired policeman Jackson Worth thinks she is hiding something, but his remarkable bomb-sniffing dog has no such reservations. He's there to protect her-no judgments, no questions. And Jackson is a man of honor. He'll stand by this beauty and her unborn child. Because it is the right thing to do. And because guarding her has left his battle-scarred heart open to the possibility of love. Which changes everything...

Heart of Main Street Series - Cozy Christmas by Valerie Hansen 
Season Of Cheer 
For the first time in years, Christmas brings hope to Bygones, Kansas. But for Josh Barton, Main Street's coffee shop owner, it brings back sad memories he'd rather forget. He's a new man, with a new life and faith now. Still, he hides a huge part of himself from his neighbors--and from one very inquisitive reporter. Whitney Leigh seems determined to uncover the mystery of the town's recent windfall, and Josh could help her. But that would mean opening up his guarded heart. Can a man who thought family and Christmas were only for others find a forever home where he least expects?
Capital K-9 Unit Series: Book 5 - Detecting Danger
Witness Protection: Hiding in Plain Sight - Book 5: Family in Hiding - Valerie Hansen

When her estranged husband Dylan's inadvertent dealings with a crime ring bring danger to her doorstep, Grace McIntyre has no choice but to follow him into the witness protection program. To safeguard her children, they must all go into hiding as one big happy family. Grace doesn't know what's worse—having to pretend she's in love with the man who betrayed her trust or keeping ahead of the killers. In hiding, Dylan is all that stands between their safety and certain death. Now more than ever, he wants to be the man that Grace once loved. Keeping his family alive is his only hope—to be a hero and a husband.
Chicken Soup for the Soul Books
Count Your Blessings: 101 Stories of Gratitude, Fortitude & Silver Linings
Chicken Soup for the Soul - Family Matters


  1. Valerie, I live in Northwest AR. That is awesome that one of your series is set in this area. Do you live here now?

  2. I loved your book in the Fitzgerald Bay series. That was a really great series. I have read several of your books in the past and they were always good. I hope to move down south one day too after my husband retires in another year or two. I didn't know you had stories in the Chicken Soup books. I will have to check that out. Thanks for all of the great books.

  3. Valerie, I love the sign in front of your door! How awesome is that! As for researching the Ozarks, as a lady who has lived in or near the Ozarks the majority of her life, I love that you came to see them. They are such a neat place with so many "pockets" of old-style living.

  4. No Alibi sounds like an awesome book! I haven't read any by this author, but would love to win a copy! Thanks for the chance to win!
    tscmshupe [at] pemtel [dot] net

  5. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceJanuary 10, 2014 at 3:43 PM

    Thanks for sharing with us Valerie. I too was born a Yankee and moved to the South almost 8 years ago. So I still have some Yankee traits. I think I have read No Alibi so if you pick me I would love Threat of Darkness. All of you books for the continuities have been great and I am looking forward to the ones coming up this year.

  6. Thanks for visiting! Loved your interview. I visited the Ozarks for a long weekend during my freshman year of college, it was beautiful. Your historicals look interesting and are on my TBR list now.