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Shirlee McCoy Book List


Interview with Shirlee McCoy
What is the strangest real life situation that is in one of your stories?
I can’t think of a situation as much as the entire plot of one of my books. EVEN IN THE DARKNESS is about a woman who is visiting her birth-daughter in Thailand. She buys a gift for the young girl but doesn’t realize that there is information inscribed on the back that is invisible to the naked eye. Sound implausible? Technology actually does allow for such writing. As a matter of fact, a company in Israel inscribed the Jewish Bible on a surface that is .01 inches square!

When did you start writing?
After my third son was born. I was very sick after his birth and thought a lot about what I would regret not doing if I died. Writing and being published was at the top of my list.

Do you enjoy reading your own stories?
No! I hate reading my own stories. I can always find a dozen things to improve on.

Do you laugh and cry while writing your books?
Not often, but there are times when I do. For example, I cried when I wrote LAKEVIEW PROTECTOR. I cried during every stage of editing it, too. I wrote it from a very deep place, because the woman was facing my worst nightmare – the loss of everyone she loved. Recently, I have also laughed at a few things I’ve written. I’d like to say that is because I am a witty clever writer, but it more likely that I am sleep deprived and slap-happy!

Any advice for those who are just starting out?
Don’t give up. Success only happens for those who don’t quit. Also, be open to revision and to critique. Don’t be too enamored of your work. It is good to be confident and bad to be cocky. The publishing world is much smaller than most people think. Always keep that in mind when you are dealing with editors and agents.

Do you write about places you have lived?
Almost every place I’ve written about is somewhere that I have been or lived. I lived in Thailand for a few years. Two of my books are set there. I spent a lot of time in the Smith Mountain Lake area of Virginia which explains why my first series was set there. Many of my books are set in Washington, because I transplanted to the Inland Northwest several years ago. I am currently working on a series that is set in Maryland. I find it much easier to write about places I’ve been. Plus, there are regional and cultural differences that can only be understood if you’ve actually lived in a place.
Apple Valley Series
In Apple Valley, Washington, friends are always near, neighbors have no secrets----even if they’d like to ---and long-held wishes have a way of coming true….
Book 1: The House on Main Street
Interior designer Tessa McKenzie has built a good life far from her Washington hometown. She intends to get back to it---as soon as she sells the cluttered Victorian house and antiques shop she inherited from her sister, Emily. But leaving Apple Valley a second time won't be so easy. There's her grieving nephew, Alex, to consider. And there’s Sheriff Cade Cunningham, the adolescent crush who could easily break her heart again if she let him.

To Cade, Tessa was simply his high school sweetheart's kid sister. But now there's no denying she's a beautiful and caring grown woman, one he'd like to get to know. Except that Tessa is determined to leave again. If Cade wants to changer her mind, he'll have to show her that small-town life has it's lovable side---and that he does too. Most of all, he’ll have to convince Tess they’re good together, and that every step has led her right where she was always meant to be….
Book 2: The Cottage on the Corner
Lakeview Series
Book 1: Still Waters
A town in jeopardy...A window smashed. A local teenager assaulted. The close-knit community of Lakeview is panicked when a gang of unruly teens wreaks havoc in this sleepy Virginia hamlet. But Sheriff Jake Reed, a former D.C. cop, seems just the man to put a stop to the vandalism.
A woman in danger...Tiffany Anderson thought the so-called "crime wave" was nothing but a bunch of summer boys with too much money and time on their hands. But when she suddenly becomes the gang's target, Tiffany must cling to her faith that God will send a protector her way.
A man of secrets...Keeping an eye on Tiffany in the line of duty, Jake finds himself drawn to the feisty redhead who reached out to the needy. But haunted by his troubled past, he's leery of spending time with a woman who evokes feelings he'd thought long buried. Then Tiffany vanishes, and Jake can only pray he'll find her in time. Because suddenly he understands that God didn't mean for him to be alone, but to share his life with the woman who shares his faith.
Book 2: Die Before Nightfall
Even out here in the country, bad things happen....
Raven Stevenson was in Lakeview barely twenty-four hours when she heard those ominous words. She'd come to the small Virginia town to reconcile with her brother and forget the haunting memories of her past. She didn't expect to find friends, community--or a thirty-five-year-old mystery of tragic love. Nor did she expect to meet Shane Montgomery, whose love for his ailing aunt Abby breaks through Raven's carefully  built defenses. When Abby unwittingly shares some of the secrets behind that long-buried mystery, she and Raven are targeted by someone who wants those secrets silenced--and who's willing to kill both of them to do it.
Book 3: Even in the Darkness
Alone in a country she didn't know well, chased by men who were willing to kill to get what they wanted, Lakeview veterinarian Tori Riley would do anything to keep the daughter she gave up for adoption safe--even depend on a man who might not be telling her the truth.
Called out of early retirement for one final job, former DEA agent Noah Stoe didn't trust Tori's motives--what kind of vet gets herself tangled up with drug lords? But there was no time for questions, for every second brought an unscrupulous enemy closer to Tori's daughter...
Book 4: When Silence Falls
Life was buys and organized, just the way Lakeview music history professor Piper Sinclair liked it. Some recent family research even meant a new book to write. Until she witnessed an attempted kidnapping--and became a target herself. Someone wanted her out of the way permanently. Someone who seemed to know her all too well...
His expertise as a former crime scene photographer left Cade Macalister with memories he couldn't shake. Encountering Piper at the crime scene brought a different set to mind--his friend's little sister had certainly grown up well, and she couldn't take on this mysterious assailant alone. Of course, convincing Piper of that would be the only way to solve this dangerous riddle..and keep her alive.
Book 5: Valley of Shadows
Working deep undercover was dangerous. Mercenary turned DEA agent Hawke Morran found out just how dangerous when his cover was suddenly blown. His life hung in the balance--until a mysterious woman saved him from certain death.
Hawke was a lone wolf--used to bringing down the bad guys by himself. Without a partner. Yet now he and Miranda Shelton were running for their lives, desperate to uncover the identity of Hawke's betrayer. Journeying from the mountains of Lakeview, Virginia, to the valleys of Thailand, Hawke vowed to protect the lovely Christian woman in his care.
Book 6: Stranger in the Shadows
Someone was watching Chloe Davidson.
She had the unsettling feeling the stalker was waiting to strike. But who could it be? After a heartbreaking tragedy, Chloe had relocated to sleepy, safe Lakeview, Virginia, where she'd spent idyllic summers as a child. Where handsome minister Ben Avery had welcomed her and helped her believe in more than she'd ever though possible. Yet her fear had followed her. Chloe kept seeing a stranger lurking in the shadows. And her things were going missing. Was it just her fragile imagination? OR was a sinister somebody much closer than she ever expected?
Book 7: Lakeview Protector
Ex-military man Eli Jennings owed his commander his life and vowed to repay him by finding his missing sister. His search led to Jasmine Hart's mountain cabin in Lakeview, Virginia, where another woman had disappeared. A strong-willed widow, Jasmine didn't think the two were related. Until a major clue to both mysteries was found in her house. And her own mother-in-law was a witness. Scared for the only family she had left, Jasmine turned to Eli for help. But someone powerful wanted to ensure she never felt safe, never learned the whole truth. And that meant making one more woman disappear.
The Sinclair Brothers Series
The Guardians Mission & The Protector's Promise 2 in 1
Book 1: The Guardian's Mission
Martha Gabler is in her isolated mountain cabin when Tristan Sinclair enters her world. Tristan tells her he is one of the good guys, an ATF agent undercover and that if she don't pretend to be his girlfriend they could both end up dead. She agrees and soon wishes it was not pretend. This was a really good series about three brothers. It has been awhile since I read them and did not write a full review then.
Book 2: The Protector's Promise
Grayson Sinclair has vowed to find out who is after his widowed neighbor and her adorable little girl, without getting emotionally involved. He has no interest in family life but won't let some deranged person destroy the home Honor Milone has made for her daughter. From strange “gifts” to attempted murder, someone means deadly business. Grayson promises to protect Honor and the little girl who sneakily stole his heart. Just in time. For the threat is closer to home than anyone realizes.
Book 3: The Defender's Duty
Jude Sinclair is a New York city cop and he's been injured. He is back in Virginia until he gets back on feet and he is not in a good mood. Health aide Lacy Carmichael refuses to run away. Lacey is sweet, optimistic and beautiful, she's everything Jude wont' allow himself to need. The danger has followed Jude from New York and puts everyone around him at risk. Jude will do whatever he can to keep Lacey safe.
Heroes for Hire Series
Book 1: Running for Cover
Jackson Sharo is in Lakeview, Virginia for the wedding of his friend, Jude Sinclair. At one time he was New York Detective with Jude now he works for Kane Dougherty at Information Unlimited as a PI. He forgot his wedding gift back in New York and notices the light on at a local gallery. The woman who answers the door looks in bad shape, she tells him she is closed and to come back tomorrow. After she closes the door he checks around the building and is heading back to check on her again when she runs into his arms.

Morgan Alexandria was going to die. The brutes who broke in and beat her would not leave her alive. Her ex-husband, Cody, had told these men she had a disk she did not have. When the doorbell rang and there was a handsome stranger on the other side she hoped he would see something was wrong, but she would not endanger him. She had a gun on her and knew the men would kill both of them. When she found another chance to escape she ran outside and right into the strangers arms.

Jude & Lacey would be married in twelve hours and then on their way to Paris for a honeymoon. When they came to the hospital and seen Morgan they were going to postpone the trip until she was safe again. Jackson promised he would stay and look after her, Morgan knew that was another empty promise from a handsome man. She had learned her lesson well from Cody, the man who was now in prison for killing his own business partner in cold blood. After the wedding when Morgan headed to the airport to go visit her parents in Spokane, Washington she could not believe that Jackson stayed by her side, he actually was keeping his word.

Trouble follows the pair to Chicago and Washington. Morgan thought she would be safe in her Aunt Helen's out of the way cabin in Washington but no where was safe from these men. And being with Jackson seemed to be the most dangerous of all. Morgan had fought long and hard to be independent again and yet she found it so easy to lean on Jackson and let someone help with her burden.

A secondary story is that Morgan was abandoned at age nine in Latvia. Her younger sister was adopted out several months before her and her older brother had still been at the orphanage. She has been searching for them for at least a decade. She also never allowed herself to be a part of the Alexandria Family, she always felt a part of her was missing. Jackson's sister had died a few years earlier and he carried the guilt of not being able to save her. Looking forward to the rest of the series!
Book 2: Running Scared
Maggie Tennyson knows what Grace and Mercy are. God brought her from the trenches of evil she lived in while in Miami, Florida to a peaceful life in Deer Park, Washington. She did not choose her childhood and the lifestyle her mother chose but she did choose how she lived as a teen and her early twenties. After the death of her grandmother and the final trip to the hospital with her mother for another drug overdose where she could not be revived, Maggie chose to change. She saw how her life would end on the road she was on, so she left. The abusive drug dealing guy she left would not let go easily of what he thought was his. So she changed her name and her life.

Three years later Maggie was still safe. She just bought a huge house that needed tender loving care and she was about to get her teachering degree. And than she did the right thing and it turned her life around. Maggie was working as a teacher's aid when a new boy came to the school. He reminded her of how she felt in school and worked with him and listened to the story of how he had a father and lived in another state at one time. She brought the information to the Sheriff and asked to stay anonymous.

Kane Dougherty had lost his wife and than some years later his four year old son, Eli, was kidnapped. Kane gave up being a lawyer and opened Information Unlimited, a PI firm. That was five years ago. And now he had Eli back and he wanted to personally thank the person who stepped out and give them the reward money. The sheriff finally gave him her name but the woman wanted nothing for it but anonymity. Kane has decided to stay in Washington until the end of the school year to help Eli adjust without moving him again.

Maggie had been so careful and now the town was crowded with cameras and reporters and she avoided them all. Unfortunately she had relaxed at one point and a picture of Maggie and Eli had been taken and now was on the news. Her life was over. Kane wants to help protect her but Maggie fears that Eli will lose the father he has just been reunited with. She don't get her way, Kane is the protective sort.

A well written story of grace and forgiveness for Maggie's past, patience and trials for Kane as he has to become the father Eli no longer remembers, Kane's sister Jenna is staying with him to help with Eli but she has been fighting cancer the past few years and Kane's concern for her health adds to everything else. And then there is Edith the landlady where Maggie lives... what can I say but read the book and get to know her!
Book 3: Running Blind
Out of all the books so far this was the most intense. Jenna Dougherty,her brother Kane's story was in Running Scared, has survived her battle with leukemia. It has been two years and so she has traveled with her friend to Mexico on a medical mission to help others. Men break into their motel room and take Magdalena and when Jenna tries to fight them, they take her as well. She is held captive in a dark place when someone comes to rescue her. She refuses to leave until they find her friend in the darkness, only it's not dark...she's blind and Magdalena is not there.

Nikolai Jansen, Morgan Alexandria's lost brother from Running for Cover has been found. He is out of the marines and now works for Kane Dougherty. Kane asked him to check on his sister in Mexico. Nikolai finds her in a compound of the Mexican Panthers, a dangerous group. Nik is able to get her out and heads towards the border. They are chased and shot at even at the border, but they make it to safely with the help of the  border patrol agents.

Jenna tries to leave the hospital even before her sight is completely recovered, she wants to find her friend. Then the news comes that not only is Magdalena murdered but they finds drugs in her suitcase. Jenna knows her friend would never do that, she was a Godly woman and a stickler for all rules.

Nikolai agrees to help Jenna prove that her friend was not a drug smuggler. While in Houston there are more attempts to kill Jenna as well, and she is suspected of being a smuggler as well, why else is she a target?
Jenna is finding herself attracted to Nikolai but reminds herself of her last love, when she needed Ryan the most during her illness he wasn't there. She won't depend on another man, although Nikolai is not giving her a choice.
Book 4: Lone Defender
Deserted in the Desert to Die, Why? That is what Skylar Grady is asking herself after being in the desert for six days. She had been on assignment for Information Unlimited to find a dead beat dad. She flew out from New York to Cave Creek, Arizona and had been going in circles for a week trying to connect with Daniel Redmond. It should have been a simple case. Instead she was accosted in her motel room, drugged and parked in the middle of the desert to die. She was stronger than that. She had survived gun shot wounds and she would survive the desert, because someone would pay for trying to kill her, she would have justice.

Jonas Sampson was doing is friend, Kane Dougherty, a favor by searching for his lost employee. Six days in a desert that would scorch you in the daytime and freeze you at night was too much. He believed he was searching for a body to give Kane closure. Instead he finds the stubborn spitfire alive, barely. He also finds she has a posse of men after her and that she was not lost but left out here. Thus starts their adventure. First to get her out of the desert alive and than he was going to send her New York, she had other plans.

No matter what happened to Skylar or who told her to go home, she was not leaving without her answers. She had been drugged and left in the desert, shot at and more but it was beginning to look like she had a new danger in Jonas and the danger was to her heart. She always dreamed of a happy family but after a betrayal by her fiance and then by her partner she lost her dream.

Shirlee likes to pair up stubborn woman who won't stay down with alpha males who want to protect them. Jonas fights even harder to protect Skylar as he was not able to protect his wife and unborn son four years ago. And than he gave up a job he loved as Border Patrol but helping Skylar shows him that maybe he is not using his God given talents as he was meant to. He is also seeing that maybe he could love again and begin to look towards the future. Another great book in the Heroes for Hire series.
**Book received through NetGalley for review
Book 5: Private Eye Protector
Rayne Sampson, sister to Jonas from book 4, wakes up in the hospital confused. Last she knew of she had lived in Phoenix and now she was in Spokane. When Chance Richardson comes in her room she thinks his eyes are familiar but that is all. Ends up she was in a car accident and it wiped out the memories of the past seven weeks. The woman who was now watching her daughter, Emma, was a stranger to her, even if Lila was Chance's mom. She also felt someone watching her in the doorway of her hospital room. All she wants is to get out of there and have Emma in her arms. Her ex-fiance, Michael, had told her she was not mother material but she would not allow his hateful words to take root. Because of Michael, Rayne had made herself keep to 3 rules, no one was to help her, no more men, and never ever fall in love again. What was it about Chance's eyes that made her feel her rules did not have a chance against him?

Chance had been through what he thought was love and did not want to go through that ever again, yet with Rayne and Emma the idea of family did not seem so bad. Now it seemed that someone was out to hurt and maybe even kill Rayne. Every protective male instinct came to life in Chance. He would not fail them and maybe he could redeem himself from his past.

Rayne and Chance both work for Kane, although Rayne don't remember much of that. As Chance takes Rayne on as his case for work, to find out what is happening and who is after her, they have to spend much time together. Each moment with Chance has her rules coming apart a bit more. Although running from the danger that followed her keeps interrupting their romance that neither wants.
Another great addition to the Heroes for Hire Series.

Book 6: Undercover Bodyguard
Shelby Simons is done with men. She had two strike-out relationships behind her and wasn’t going for the third. She happily worked at her bakery, Just Desserts with the special people she helped out by hiring them. And then trouble began when she was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Along with a stalker she gained an unwanted bodyguard, an unwanted handsome bodyguard. She really did not want the feelings the man stirred to life in her. She was not going to open herself up to hurt again. Only her heart didn’t seem to be listening to her head when it came to her self-appointed protector.

Ryder Malone always wanted family, he dreamed of a home with a wife and children. After his last romance he realized that maybe a family was not in God’s plans for him. Although he was finding that going to his favorite bakery held more interest for him than just the donuts and coffee. The owner’s smile was as addictive as her baked goods. When his baker girl ran into trouble he found himself wanting to protect her….whether she wanted him to or not. This tough ex-Navy SEAL and owner of a security company isn’t tough enough to protect his heart when it comes to the beautiful baker.

I have enjoyed all the books in the Heroes for Hire series. Shirlee McCoy writes her stories so they bring the characters and situations to life so prepared to dodge bullets, avoid explosions and visit the hospital often. And of course hoping the couple will stop being so stubborn so they can see the love being offered them as well. You meet both Catherine Miller and Darius Osborne in this book and their story will be told in Book 7; Navy SEAL Rescuer.
Book 7: Navy SEAL Rescuer
Catherine Miller had been in prison for four years and free only a few months now. She just wants to keep to herself and be with her grandmother, Eileen, who is quite ill. Even though she was innocent of the crimes that put her away….people won’t leave it be. Someone has been vandalizing their home and vehicle. And now it’s getting up close and physical. Why can’t she just be left alone? To finally have freedom only to lose it to the prison of fear. On top of that her handsome neighbor is way too good to be true and much too close for her comfort.

Darius Osborne has moved into the farmhouse next to Catherine, well as close as a neighbor can be in the country. He returned from Afghanistan after he was injured and now works for his friend, Ryder Malone, at Personal Securities Incorporated. He’s been alone too long and was looking forward to putting down roots and making friends. He was on his first day of a two week vacation with his to-do list in hand when a few loud screams from outside changed his plans and his life.

We meet both Catherine and Darius in the previous book, Undercover Bodyguard. I'm glad that I read that book first as it lays the ground work for why Catherine was in prison and who the real culprit was in the murders she was accused of. If you enjoy series books and like reading about men and women who will put their own life on the line to protect those around them….then you may want to start from book 1. The characters in these stories aren’t perfect and they face plenty of danger and in some cases, grief but there is always the belief that God is still in control and the beauty of a romance manages to bloom and grow through the dark times.
**Received through NetGalley for review

Book 8: Fugitive
Deputy Sheriff Logan Randal has been set up and is heading for prison. It could be anyone with a vendetta against him. When almost killed on the way to prison he escapes and is determined to clear his name. Green Bluff is his home and family, everything to him and he’s determined to return to his old life. He never thought his rescuer would come in the form of an old friend.

Laney Jefferson was her own woman these days. After escaping an abusive childhood she graduates college and works successfully as an interior decorator. She has promised never to have to depend on anyone, not even her late husband. When Laney returns to the childhood home she has just inherited, she’s determined to put the past behind her. Only she didn’t expect Logan to enter her future.

Another exciting addition to the Heroes for Hire Series. We see some past friends that we met in previous books along with new ones. Plenty of adventure, suspense, running for their life and of course….romance.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Book 9: Defender for Hire
Tessa Camry has been on the run for five years. Five years, five different towns. And yet every year on the same day a black rose appears. A reminder of what happened five years ago. The day she lost everything. This year her mysterious rose giver wants more, her life.

Seth Sinclair went to a physical therapist and his life changed. He couldn’t leave a damsel in distress and this woman fit that bill. He might be on leave from being a bodyguard because of a bum shoulder, but it didn’t stop him from protecting Tessa.

Another great story from the Heroes for Hire series. Full of danger, suspense and of course, romance. A handsome protector and a not so weak protectee. These two people had each found the love of their lives once before and never planned on it happening a second time.
**Received through NetGalley for review

Books from Multi-Author series
List of Love Inspired Series
 Secrets of Stoneley Series: Book 2- Little Girl Lost
Portia Blanchard owns a store in New York but her heart is still in Stoneley. If not for her Father she would not think twice of moving back. He wants her to work for Blanchard Fabrics but she knows it is just another way for him to be in total control of her life.

Mick Campbell is a widower with a 6 year old daughter. He is investigating the murder of his ex-partner Garrett who was a PI in Stoneley. All leads seemed to end up with the Blanchard's. Garrett was doing some work for one of the daughters.

Portia stays close to Mick to see where his leads end up, seeming to show her father as the guilty party. She had just had her heart broken from Tad and his daughter Jasmine and she was careful to not get too attached to Mick and Katie, it did not work well.

Many things besides Mick and Portia's relationship is going on. Grandfather Howard goes missing and is becoming more paranoid, no word on the missing mother, Trudy, and much more. 
Another action packed book in The Secret of Stoneley series. 
 Reunion Revelations Series: Book 2 - Missing Persons
Someone is trying to scare Lauren Owen by vandalizing her home and business.

She was not about to leave the Magnolia College campus though. Seth Cartland, the man who broke her heart years ago, has just come back into her life and she was not giving up on a second chance with him. 
Without a Trace series: Book 3- Cold Case Murder
Jodie Gilmore is an FBI agent who booked out of Loomis, Louisiana as soon as she was 18 to make a new life for herself. She never fit in even though it was her home. She is called in for a missing persons case and she cannot refuse. They think the locals might open up more to Jodie since it is her hometown. They don't know that Jodie has some buried secrets of her own.

Harrison Cahill is called in after they find two more bodies, two very old bodies from a few decades ago. As a forensic anthropologist he is considered one of the best. 

More mayhem and threats and still no Leah Farley.
Protecting the Witnesses Series: Book 4 - Deadly Vows
This has been an exciting series to read. It opened my world to see what some people risk by doing the right thing and reporting a crime even though they know the result could be losing their life, physically or by being pulled away from all they know for their own protection.

Olivia Jensen found out she was pregnant after being put into the program.
She had been separated from her husband of 10 years for the past year. He had come to her four months ago but when she thought he would change from his ways of putting work first, she found she was wrong.

Ford Jensen almost lost his life and it showed him that he had lost the most important thing to him, Olivia. He spent the past months searching for her. When he finds her, so does her enemies.

They are on the run most of this book. I enjoy Shirlee McCoy's writing skills and the way she gives equal viewpoint between both of the main characters. 

Texas Ranger Justice Series: Book 6 - Out Of Time
Reunited for a deadly mission:
Another excellent series by Love Inspired and by six different authors. To follow the entire story line from beginning to end I suggest reading the books in the order they are written.
I have the order on my blog at Just Judy's Jumbles. In the first book we find the captain of the the Company D Texas Rangers, Gregory Pike has been murdered in his own home and there is another man shot in the room but he still lives. The coma man is finally identified and even when he comes out of his coma he cannot speak, and they all know he holds the answers. Through the other books there are murders and mysteries that get solved or add more questions. Shirlee pulls it all together in this book.

Susannah Jorgenson has been an Alamo Ranger for the past four years. A few months back she had been brutally attacked by Aaron, who seemed to be a descent guy but had a dark side. He had been shot after attempting to kill her and even though he's dead, Susannah is fighting her fears. And than her fears become real once again. Someone wants to get her removed from the head of security for the 175th celebration of the Alamo and they are having her relive Aaron's stalking tactics to scare her into it. When the Texas Rangers are sent into help, she gets a blast from her past. The one man she loved and who took her heart with her when he went off to college, Levi McDonall.

Levi cannot believe the the red haired, green eyed girl he fell for when he was ten years old is now a beautiful woman. The little five year old sprite looking out her curtains as they moved in had caught his heart and now he realizes she maybe never gave it back. But right now he has to save her life before he can let his feelings for Susie take over, and she won't go easy on him. He wants her behind a locked door until all this over. Seeing the scars where someone almost killed her is bad enough, knowing someone is still out there makes it worse. He understands when Susie tells him she needs to face her fears or she'll lose her battle to them. So he just stays close to her. Very close.
Fitzgerald Bay book 1: The Lawman's Legacy
Captain Douglas Fitzgerald has found the woman he believes is his soul mate, obviously she don’t. When a nanny is found dead and that very woman is at the scene they are thrown together. She is holding something back from Douglas and the man who keeps shooting at her is proof of that. How can he get the woman of his dreams to trust him?

Merry O’leary has a secret life. If she didn’t have to protect four year old Tyler above all else she could see herself settling down for good in Fitzgerald Bay. Maybe even settling down with a handsome police captain. Police. Even more reason to stay away from him unless she wants to lose everything she cares about, Tyler. Time to leave town again and start over if only she can get away from the eyes of the lawman. If only she could learn to really trust and allow him to share her burden.

What a great start to this exciting Love Inspired series. Book one starts with the murder of a nanny. A nanny who worked for a Fitzgerald no less. This quiet town is buzzing with unrest and whispers that maybe it was a Fitzgerald who committed the crime. This family puts God first and family second so they will do all they can to quiet the whispers and prove the rumor mongers wrong. The Rookie’s Assignment is book two in this series. You will definitely want to read them in order as each key to the murder slowly unfolds in each book.
Texas K-9 Unit - Book 1: Tracking Justice

Police Detective Austin Black and his long eared partner, Justice, have a job to do. Sometimes it ends happy but not always. They work in search and rescue and just received another call, a boy gone missing. Austin could only pray it would turn out to be one of the happy endings.

Eva Billows was taught not to trust anyone but God and herself. When her son Brady goes missing, she isn’t going to trust anyone to find him without her. Especially considering the police already failed her by never finding who murdered her parents. And she definitely was not going to let her heart believe that some men were good, was she?

The first book in this new Love Inspired Suspense series definitely has me wanting to read the next five books. As in all series some of the mystery is solved in the first book and love is found but there are still some more bad guys out there to be caught. Looking forward to the next book in this series; Detection Mission by Margaret Daley.
**Received through NetGalley for review

Texas K-9 Unit: These lawmen solve the toughest cases with the help of their brave canine partners
Texas K-9 Unit Christmas
Holiday Hero - Shirlee McCoy
Emma Fairchild has returned to Sagebrush, Texas. Aunt Bea needs her help, the woman who was more to her than her own parents. As she gets ready to open a diner, one that has some bad history behind it, she's attacked. And her help and protector comes in her old childhood friend. Reminding her of some of the good memories from her past in this town.

Police Lt. Lucas Harwood returned to his small town after grieving for his wife. Lucas and his K-9 Henry has an important case. Catching and putting away the man who has attacked his friend. And just maybe after the case she'll reconsider taking a chance on men again. On him.

Rescuing Christmas - Terri Reed
Lily Anderson is a dog trainer for the K-9 Unit in Sagebrush and someone is out to hurt her. She's escaped a kidnapping but someone wants her dead. Her rescuer seems to be sent from God to watch over her. She feels safe with him, but can she trust him with her heart?
Jarrod Evans and his canine Maxine drove from Dallas to have Max trained. Imagine his surprise when the woman he almost runs over is the very one he came to see. When asked to be her bodyguard while she's in danger he gladly agrees to stay close to her.

These two stories are from the previous Texas K-9 Unit series that was released earlier in the year. There are six books in that series and you'll meet most of the characters and their dogs in those books. Murder, mayhem, romance and uniquely trained dogs are contained in the pages of these books.
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Witness Protection: Hiding in Plain Sight Book 1: Safe by the Marshal's Side 
For a year, US Marshal Hunter Davis has protected witness Annie Delacorte and her toddler daughter. But now, someone is determined to stop Annie from testifying against the men who killed her husband. To guard Annie, by-the-book Hunter will have to break a promise to himself: to not get emotionally involved. After all, he already cares more deeply than he ever imagined for the sweet family of two...a family he'll do anything to keep safe and sound by his side.
Mission: Rescue - Protective Instincts

After losing her family, and then nearly her life when she was held hostage in Africa, grieving widow Raina Lowery only wants to put the past behind her. Instead, she's finding her son's toys in the woods and dodging a gunman's bullets. Raina is trapped in a real-life nightmare—until Jackson Miller reappears. Months ago, saving Raina was Jackson's job as a member of HEART, a private rescue team. But now it's personal. The hardened protector wants to give Raina—and himself—a second chance at love. But first he has to save her…again. 

Mission: Rescue—No job is too dangerous for these fearless heroes
Capital K-9 Unit Series:  Book 1: Protection Detail by Shirlee McCoy
Capital K-9 Unit Series: Book 7: Capital K-9 Unit Christmas:
Protecting Virginia by Shirlee McCoy
Guarding Abigail by Lenora Worth


  1. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 4, 2014 at 6:51 AM

    I have enjoyed a bunch of your LIS stories! I am looking forward to this year's continuity although I won't read it till about August so that I have all the books together. Thanks so much for sharing!


  2. Thanks for sharing Shirley. I really enjoyed your interview. I have read several of your books before and I have enjoyed everyone of them. especially the Fitzgerald Bay one. The House on Main street sounds really good.

  3. I have found a new author! Thank you so much. I had no idea some of your books were located in Virginia. I've added several of your books to my tbr pile. Thank you so much! Safe by the Marshall's Side sounds like a great book!
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