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Marcia Gruver Book List

Backwoods Brides Series:
Book 1: Raiders Heart
Two bandit brothers, one woman, and a mysterious family secret.
Tow brothers join forces with a band of outlaws and vie for one woman's hand. Duncan McRae can hardly stomach the raids made by his family of bandits. Hooper McRae knows what he wants and takes it by force. When their paths cross that of Dawsey Wilkes, the competition is fierce. How far will the brothers go to win her love? Dawsey is burdened by a mysterious family secret, confusing memories of a long-departed mother, a papa unable to cope with his loss, and her repulsion to the McRae brothers. Is her faith strong enough to see her through?
Book 2: Bandit's Hope
Reddick “Tiller” McRae left his uncles home ten years ago with Nathan Carter. Tiller and Nathan rode with two other fellows in the gang. Tiller's boyish and innocent looks were used to get travelers trust and when their defenses were down, the others would jump in and rob them. On this particular day, with this particular old fellow, Tiller felt a change. It no longer felt right. He tried to get the man to leave but it was too late. The others rode in. And as always Tiller took off like an innocent, only he realized this day that he was as guilty as the rest, maybe more so.

Mariah Coffee Bell just buried her father, only she did not tell anyone he passed. She needed to marry first so she could hold the land. She promised her Choctaw mother that she would hold onto the land, right before her mother died two years ago. She would keep Bell's Inn running. She would marry. She had Miss Vee, Dicey & Rainy to help her continue on. Most people accepted Mariah, others considered her a half breed squaw.

Tiller came to stay at Bell's Inn. While there some men brought in Otis Gooch, the man the gang had attacked. Mariah and Miss Vee had asked him to stay on and fix things up and in return he had free room and board, when he seen Otis he felt his time there was short. Otis was hit hard on the head though and did not remember. So instead Tiller helped care for the older man.

As time passes Tiller starts to care for Mariah and knows he must one day tell of his past. Mariah hurts whenever her father is mentioned. She knows Miss Vee cared for her father and deserves to grieve for him rather than believe he was somewhere else being cared for. They survive a tornado, lack of funds, a kidnapping and even her Uncle Joe who is determined to take her back with him and have her marry the chiefs son, Uncle Joe had been trying to bring her back to the tribe since her mother's death. This book is full of love and adventure.
**Received through NetGalley for review
Hunter's Prize by Marcia Gruver
I found this to be a really well written book and excellent story. It mostly centers on treasure and a young autistic boy, Cedric Whitfield. While in South Africa Ceddy's parents die. As his aunt comes to bring him to London he finds a rock...he collects all types of rocks and gems. The men guiding them, Denny Currie and Charlie Pickering, realize it was a valuable rock and they plan to head to Ceddy's final destination, Marshall, Texas, where Ceddy will live with his great aunt Priscilla.

Addie McRae has parents that love her but have been overprotective. When she has an opportunity to leave Canton, Mississippi and move to Marshall, Texas to be a governess for a young lad, she decides to go for it. After seeing Ceddy in action she don't know that this was the right choice for her. She has always been able to do well with children and even taming feral animals so her mother suggests to give it a chance.

Pearson Foster and Theo Bernardi head out from Galveston to Marshall after hearing of a sunken steamer, the Mittie Stephens, that went down with a load of gold. Pearson had been searching for the Jean Lafitte treasure for years to no avail. They meet Addie and their mother and carry their luggage for them and they are invited to lunch with the ladies. Later they end up hiring Denny and Charlie to help them.

I enjoyed how circumstances brought all these different people to Marshall. What is really unique is that Ceddy can't communicate with words but Marcia lets us see into his head. That he is highly intelligent and knows what is going on around him...he just cannot verbally tell people. Also it seems that Pearson gets misunderstood several times in the book. You hurt for him as people he has befriended think the worst of him. Adventure, romance and much more.

Bandit's Hope is the story of Addie's parents, Tiller & Mariah McRae.
**Book received through NetGalley for review
Texan Fortunes Series:
Book 1: Diamond Duo
1877 Jefferson, Texas.
Bertha Biddie's in love. The fellow seems interested, but somethings holding him back. When a charismatic stranger rolls in on the northbound train offering to teach Bertha the art of wooing her man she leaps at the chance. But when the woman is found cruelly murdered, Bertha realizes their meeting held eternal significance.
Thaddeus Bloom is way past smitten with Bertha. but his father's determined Thad will be the family's first college graduate. Thad's bound to military school and must leave his feelings for little Bertha behind. Trouble is it's time to leave, and he can't muster the starch to say goodbye.
Book 2: Chasing Charity
1905 Humble, Texas.
Charity Bloom's fiance jilted her for her best friend in full view of the whole town. Despite her friend's betrayal, Charity is surprised to find she longs to reconcile their friendship. More offenses by the girl soon change her mind though not her heart. To further complicate matters, a larger-than-life oilman plagues Charity's thoughts more than her fickle ex-fiance who has decided he wants her back.
Buddy Pierce arrives in Humble hired to scout for oil. A chance encounter with Charity lands him in her backyard wading through an oil-rich blog. Buddy knows his discovery will free Charity and her mother from poverty, but in his zeal, he forgets to ask Charity if she wants freedom. Troubled by her dakr, brooding eyes, he tries to understand her. What he discovers proves that whle chasing riches for others, he has found in Charity a priceless treasure of his own. 
Book 3: Emmy's Equal
1906 Humble, Texas.
Emmy is from Humble, Texas. She always seem to be in some trouble or another as if it finds her. Her parents are going to South Texas so her Aunt Bertha can buy some cattle. Emmy is hoping to go to St. Louis to visit with Charity, Aunt Bertha's daughter, who is like a sister to her. Charity married and now has a son. Her parents decide she will come with. Emmy dreads this as her father has been distant with her for many years. He traveled often and she grew close to their ranch hand, Nash, who was more like a father to her. They are going to be staying at the Rawson Ranch, a friend of her fathers from England that he has not seen for many a year.

Diego has spent many years searching for who he is. His father was a Spaniard and his mother Choctaw. After his fathers death they moved back with the Choctaw people until Diego grew restless and went in search of any relations of his father. When he ended up working on the Rawson Ranch and became foreman he built a small home for his mother and moved her with him. Mr. Rawson treated him as his son, if only he would have treated his own son as well. Cutty was always trying to please his father but ranching was not his desire.

We see how important it is to wait upon God for the right person to spend our life with. Diego feels that Greta Rawson is the most beautiful woman and that he should court her. His mother disagrees. When Emily Dane arrives at the ranch with her family Diego is smitten. Suddenly Greta pales next to Emmy.

Diego's mother sees the fire in Emmy and rejects her immediately. Before Emmy had accepted the Lord she was more like the girl others assumed she was. Because of her beauty all havoc breaks out. Greta is jealous, Diego and Cutty's relationship changes, Rosita the cook don't like her because she feels she is bewitching the men and causing trouble.
**Received book from NetGalley for review
Barbour Novella's
A Pioneer Christmas Collection: A Badlands Christmas
Journey along with American settlers who learn that despite where the trail takes them or how primitive their lodgings may be Christmas is all about the heart. Determined to honor Christ's birth, these pioneers find a way to make Christmas happen in places like a cave, a tipi, and a dugout. Modern readers will enjoy a peek into life before commercialism took over the sacred day, distracting us from the true blessings of faith, hope, and love. Enjoy nine original novellas of Christmas romance as penned from many of today's leading Christian authors, including Lauraine Snelling, Margaret Brownley, Kathleen Fuller, and Vickie McDonough.

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