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Louise M. Gouge Book List

Escape From Kikwit
Abandoned in the Heart of Darkness during a deadly rebellion in the western African nation of Zaire, missionary school teacher Jenna Grant misses the only plane to safety and finds herself left behind in the company of a French Foreign Legionnaire. The only thing more dangerous to Jenna than the rampaging rebels out to take her life is the handsome young soldier who attempts to steal her heart.

At last Legionnaire Jean-Richard Chanson has found the fulfillment of his quest for happiness: a beautiful missionary teacher he must rescue from violent rebels. But how can he win her heart when she has already given it to an invisible rival, a God whom Jean-Richard has long ago rejected?
Book 1: Love Thine Enemy
I enjoy these historical's where I learn as well as enjoy a story.

I never thought much about the war with the British.

Frederick is overlooking a plantation for his father in East Florida.

Rachel Folger wanted to be back in Boston helping the Patriots in some way but her father brought her to East Florida to work in his mercantile.

Frederick and Rachel fall in love but his plantation has slaves and he is a Tory.

This story is exciting and includes spies and who could they be, falling in love with someone considered an enemy, fires, a ball, snobs. I am looking forward to reading the next book in this series called The Captain's Lady.
Book 2: The Captain's Lady
Jamie's cousin has married Fredrick Moberly. Fredrick runs his father's plantation in East Florida. Jamie's family is part of the Revolution and he is partnering with Fredrick's father in England. Using his ship to deliver the produce and such from the plantation but also to spy. Lord Bennington is close with the King and any information Jamie can get from him unknowingly will help the Cause.

Jamie fell in love with Marianne Moberly last year but he realizes now there is not hope for their love. She is a Lady in the way the English have their titles, he is considered below her.

Marianne is surprised by the cold shoulder James Templeton is giving her after they had parted last year by declaring their undying love for one another.

Lord B. is very demeaning of his own four sons. He gives all his love and attention to Marianne and he likes Jamie (not enough for him to marry his daughter, not that James would dare ask it of him).

Robert Moberly mostly drinks and carouses his life away. Jamie feels God's leading him to find the right time to share the gospel with Robert.

Another great book in the series. I can't wait to get started on At The Captain's Command. The 3rd book.

I enjoy reading books where I also see the history of our country from a new viewpoint as well.
Book 3: At The Captain's Command
Thomas Moberly is a Captain in the English Navy and he is stationed at St Augustine, Florida when he finally meets the sister and cousin to his brother in law and sister in law, Dinah Templeton.

Even though there are 10 years between them and Dinah has sworn never to marry a seaman, there is an immediate attraction.

They are both in the mind set that England is right and they have no idea that their other family members support the rebels.

Very enjoyable and at times adventurous and stressful tales within these books.
Book 4: The Gentleman Takes a Bride
Much Ado About Nuptials by Deborah Hale 
Sebastian has come to break up the marriage plans his brother Claude has made, as he has always done. Sebastian sees all women after money and uncaring. He is pleased when the woman in the garden promises she will never marry her brother. When telling his brother he discovers it was not his betrothed but her companion.

Rebecca and Sebastian try to convince the other to see the marriage from their side of it. After Sebastian shares his story with her, Rebecca realizes that he is comparing all women to the one who betrayed him.
Great story!

The Gentleman Takes a Bride Louise M. Gouge 
Captain Thomas Mobley's children are grown and his daughter Elizabeth has her eyes set on someone of the peer. When Philip Lindsey burst into the church and stops her cousins wedding she has trouble keeping her eyes off him and constantly tells herself he is not a peer.

Her father invites the young man to stay with them until the matter of her cousins betrothed can be settled. Being already in a marriage contract to Lucy Lindsey he has taken her dowry early.

This book is about the different stages people are at in the English aristocracy, love and forgiveness. Of those who want power and those who want nothing to do with it. I enjoyed all the books in Louise's series.
Ladies In Waiting Series
Book 1: A Proper Companion
With her father's death, Anna Newfield loses everything -- her home, her inheritance and her future. Her only piece of good fortune is a job offer from wounded major Edmond Grenville, whose mother requires a companion. The Dowager Lady Greystone is controlling and unwelcoming, but Anna can enjoy Edmond's company, even if she knows the aristocratic war hero could never return her love.

Even amid the glittering ballrooms of London, nothing glows brighter for Edmond than Anna's gentle courage. Loving her means going against his family's rigid command. Yet how can he walk away, when his heart may have found its true companion?

Book 2: A Suitable Wife
Lady Beatrice Gregory has beauty, brains—and a wastrel brother. With her family fortune squandered, her only chance of a Season is as a lowly companion. London's glittering balls and parties are bittersweet when Beatrice has no hope of a match. Still, helping Lord Greystone with his charitable work brings her genuine pleasure…perhaps more than she dares to admit.

Even when every marriageable miss in London is paraded before him, the only woman to capture Lord Greystone's attention is the one he shouldn't pursue. Attaching himself to a ruined family would jeopardize his ambitions. Yet Lady Beatrice may be the only wife to suit his lord's heart.
A Lady of Quality
Miss Catherine Hart may be merely a paid companion, but she's the loveliest creature baron Lord Winston has ever encountered. The only obstacle is determining the mysterious Miss Hart's social pedigree before the handsome diplomat can court her in earnest.  

Revenge, not romance, led Catherine Du Coeur to hide her aristocratic name and seek out the man who accused her father of treason. She expected a cold-hearted cad, but Winston appears honorable and compassionate. Against all odds, Catherine is drawn to the very adversary she intended to ruin. And soon both will face a choice-one involving pride, old loyalties and forgiveness.
Four Stones Ranch:
Love finds a home out West
Book 1: Cowboy to the Rescue
Captivated by the cowboy 

Though Georgia belle Susanna Anders agrees to accompany her father on a silver prospecting trip to Colorado, her heart belongs to the South. Then charming cowboy Nate Northam saves her father's life and gives them shelter at his ranch. Feeling gratitude is only natural, but falling for a Yankee? Both of their families would be outraged. 

While Susanna's father recovers at the Northams' home, Nate can't help being drawn to the sweet Southern beauty…and wishing he were free to think of courtship. That is until shocking revelations compel both Nate and Susanna to choose where their loyalties lie—fettered to the past or to the promise of a bold new love….  
More Books by Louise

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Civil War Era Novels
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Then Came Faith
Contemporary Novels
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Multi-Author Series
 Book 2: A Family for the Rancher

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