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Jillian Hart Harlequin Book List

You can go to Jillian's home page and read excerpts from some of the books and get order info. I have read every book she wrote so far and enjoyed them all.
**The following books may contain sexual situations.
Harlequin Anthology
Countdown to First Night
This Harlequin Anthology takes place in Snow Falls, Colorado. As the town prepares for First Night, the countdown to New Years, we find our characters in and about town for different reasons. The three authors have done a fantastic job with each story as they take the reader through the snow filled beauty of the mountains during this celebration. You may even catch glimpses of the characters before meeting them in their own stories.

Winter’s Heart By Jillian Hart
Shelby Craig’s life couldn’t get much worse, she hoped. A widow, a mother, no home, no job and her old car was definitely on it’s last days….maybe minutes. At least they made it to Snow Falls where they’d be staying with her granny until she could find a new job. And at least through the First Night Celebration. When she sees her childhood friend, Ronan Winters, it’s like all the years between have vanished. Can these two bruised hearts beat again and find love?

Snowbound At New Year By Margaret Daley
Ellie Summers writes a children’s series. She has come to Snow Falls during the First Night celebrations to meet with her new illustrator and as guest celebrity for the First Night countdown. She ends up gaining much more than she ever expected from her time in the snowy town.

Brody Kincaid is content living on top of the mountain, away from people, and raising his twin girls. He had his one true love and lost her and closed her heart and mind to ever finding love again. He didn’t expect Ellie. Her beautiful attitude and kind heart along with the way she immediately took to the girls. Maybe a second chance is possible after all.

A Kiss At Midnight by Brenda Minton
Jolie Godwin has never felt like she fit in with the other towns people. She always felt that they viewed her as the daughter of Mac Godwin….the man who stole from his wealthy employer and was fired for it. She just couldn’t let the past go and accept that she was making her own way as an artist. If only she could fight her attraction to Jake, the same man her father had stolen from.

Jake Wild was more than just the wealthy owner of the Wildwood Lodge and one of the most sought after bachelor’s. Most women only cared about those things though. Not Jolie. She seemed to do her best not to get close to him. Can these two put their rocky pasts behind them and make a new start on this First Night celebration?
**Received through NetGalley for review

Bluebonnet County Series
Book 1: Bluebonnet Bride
Linnea didn't dare dream of her future. Though she happily cared for her elderly mother, she secretly yearned for more. But no man, especially not one as fine as Seth Gatlin, could ever love a woman with a life as tainted as her own...!

Seth's heart was heavy with the past. Still, he busied himself with helping his stepsister and her son, but he ached with emptiness -- until he shocked the townspeople by courting Linnea Holmstrom. Though they whispered about her behind he back, she possessed a grace and courage that drew him to her -- and broke the leaden prison around his heart...!
Book 2: Montana Legend
'Happily ever after' wasn't much to wish for.
Young widow Sarah Redding swore that if Providence sent her another man to love, he would definitely have to love her back. Then into her life rode Gage Gatlin, a rugged jewel of a man who could offer everything - except his heart!
Gage Gaitlin knew love was a fairy tale but devotion & desire - those were things he knew he could build a life around. One he could share with Sarah Redding, a woman practical yet passionate, caring to both of their daughters, a woman he wanted forever. If only she didn't want love...
Book 3: High Plains Wife
Rancher Nick Gray, once Mariah's girlhood crush, wanted a mother to tend his children, not a wife to warm his bed. Still, she'd made that bed; now Mariah had to lie in it. Yet could she bear to lie in it alone?
Nick Gray just needed someone to manage his life. So who better than avowed spinster Mariah Scott? Surely she'd appreciate an uncomplicated marriage of convenience. But now that they were married, could he? Because his new wife was turning out to be much more than he had ever bargained for...
Book 4: The Horseman
19th Century American West. Dillon Hennessey was a man like no other...
Strong yet caring, determined yet kind. But he was still a man, Katelyn Green reminded herself, and therefore not to be trusted. Hadn't her own husband abandoned her in her hour of need? And yet the whispers in her soul promised happiness with this man who'd gentled horses... and her heart!
Katelyn Green had lost a child, and Dillon knew it ate away at her very core. He would help her if he could, if he had the words and ways. But would his tenderness be enough to win a woman who'd been robbed of her faith in love?
Book 5: Montana Wife
Man and wife -- facing the rigors of high country ranching. That was the simple, solid ideal that Daniel Lindsay willingly offered Rayna Ludgrin. But she'd lived a grand passion, he knew, and he could promise only a quiet, steady brand of love...!
Her soul raw with a new widow's grief, Rayna Ludgrin vowed she'd never feel love again. Still, life under the wide Montana sky was hard for a woman alone -- and she pledged herself to Daniel Lindsay out of a desperate need to save her sons and her ranch. But though she'd taken him into her home as husband, could she ever welcome him into her heart?
Book 6: Rocky Mountain Man
It has been awhile since I read this but it is a book that sticks with you. He is bitter after serving ten years in prison even though he was innocent.

Who was Duncan Hennessey? A big and burly mountain man, a half-breed some said, he seemed not unlike the bears he'd saved Betsy Hunter from -- wild, powerful, a force of nature. But as she tended the wounds this loner had suffered because of her, Betsy could see that he was gentle, too, with an artist's soul. And though he'd professed to like the lonely existence he'd carved for himself in the wilds of Montana, Betsy knew otherwise. There was no doubt that in Duncan Hennessey, she'd found her true mate for life. But could she pierce the dark cloud of his past -- and show him a brighter future in her arms?
Sheltered, innocent Betsy couldn't have been more different from Duncan. Her sweet nature and sunny smiles made him wild with irritation - and maybe something more! But a man as tough as the mountain granite wouldn't let a slip of a girl get to him - surely?
Book 7: Rocky Mountain Widow
Disillusioned by marriage, Claire Hamilton's heart is as cold as the Montana snow. She resolved to stand alone - against a blizzard of murder accusations, violent attempts to seize her land, and the hungry wolves of winter.
Until Joshua Gable saved her life. Standing warrior-strong beside her, Joshua offered to keep Claire safe from harm. And as his closeness ignited the flames of passion within her, Claire knew he could be the one to prove that it was possible to love again.
Not all books have common characters
they just all take place in Moose
Book1: Rocky Mountain Christmas
Mac McKaslin lives in Moose, Montana Territory. His folks run McKaslin Bakery that has been in the family before them. Mac is the sheriff and this cold stormy night he is awaken from the nightmare of losing his wife. The gunshots of the dream turn into someone knocking on his door.
He has to go and handle more stowaways on the train. It saddens him to see these older men with no hope. Only this time it is a young woman and her child. He can't put her in jail even though the man working for the railroad, Bose, is demanding justice.
Mac brings the woman, Carrie Montgomery, to his parents home. Carrie believes he is leaving her daughter there while he puts her in jail so she is relieved to find she can stay there as well, for tonight anyways.
Carrie is not put in jail. She ends up helping at the bakery later that day and all the town people and his parents assume Mac is courting her.
Mac cannot handle the memories assailing him when he is around Carrie so he decides to buy her train ticket. As soon as the snow if off the tracks she will be out of his life and he can go back to not feeling anything. Or has he found his heart can love again after all?
I cried both times I read this. It is such a touching story.
**There is a subtle sexual situation.
Book 2: Western Weddings: Rocky Mountain Bride
Savannah Knowles arrives in Montana expecting to marry Nate Brooks, but he has never heard of her! Can this quiet man find room in his heart for lonely Savannah?
Book 3: Stetsons, Spring & Wedding Rings: Rocky Mountain Courtship
Joseph had seen how it worked out for brother Nate getting the woman his folks sent for and he don't mind it. Problem is Clare really did come for a housekeeping job not for Joseph. Joseph Brooks suspects his mother of bringing a pretty young lady to town--as a mail-order bride. But Clara Woodrow is not that lady! Enchanted by her and determined to have no other, Joseph must use the magical last few days of spring to make Clara admit the desire they share for one another. 
Book 4: Mail-Order Marriages: Rocky Mountain Marriage
The bride meant for Joseph Brooks arrives but he already found happiness with Clara. That leaves older brother Gabe to help smooth things over with Melody.
Melody Pennington fled to Montana for a new start as a mail-order bride. Gabe Brooks, handsome older brother to the man she was supposed to marry, helps her settle in. But what Melody doesn't expect is to fall for the rugged, closed-off lawman who swears he doesn't believe in love!

Book 4.5: The Cowboy's Christmas Miracle
 Another Moose, Montana Territory Story
Caleb McGraw has just been released from the Territory prison. He served seven years for a crime he did not commit. He was shunned by the town's people and found out his fiance has died and that he has a son. This new information brings Caleb to Moose, Montana and to Caroline Dreyer's home. And face to face with his six year old son, Thomas.

A man was stealing Kringle, her horse. Caroline runs outside with her gun but don't have the courage to shoot and the snow is coming down too heavy to see. Out of nowhere comes a new voice and before she knows it the horse thief is tied up. Her handsome hero comes into view and everything changes.

Caroline figures out Caleb is Thomas's father and she wants him to stay, at least for Christmas. The sullen boy is cheerful and the season is the best since losing her husband and son four years ago. When Caroline finds out the Caleb's past, will she see the man he is accused of being or what her heart knows is the truth?

I was so excited to see the McKaslin's again. Mac is the sheriff of Moose and his folks own the bakery, where Caroline works. We met these folks in A Season of the Heart: Rocky Mountain Christmas. Another excellent story!

Christmas at Cahill Crossing by Carol Finch
Lucas Burnett is an outcast in society. His mixed blood was good enough to help settle the area and to be a Texas Ranger but he is not accepted socially. And it's fine by him to stay on his ranch and raise his special breed of horses. He has his appaloosa, Drizzle and his dog, Dog. And then an angel appears in his life.

Rosalie Greer is known in town as a dressmaker. No one knows she is an heiress from the East. She goes out to get her special gifts for Christmas and on the way home a Texas blizzard hits and when the horses get skittish the wagon ends up in the ditch. Rosa is not dressed for the cold.

Lucas and Dog hear some odd noises and skittish horses. He wants to ignore it but when the wolves get louder and horses more upset he sets out to help. He finds Rosa near death and brings her to his cabin.

After leaving Lucas, Rosa is determined to get him involved in town. She invites him to the Christmas festivities and he comes. He even enjoys meeting his neighbor, Quin Cahill.

In November The Lone Rancher will be released. This is Quin's story and Rosa's cousin from the East, Adrianna.
**Sexual situations

A Magical Gift At Christmas by Cheryl St. John
U.S. Marshal Jonah Cavanaugh is on the train to Denver. Three other Marshal's are in other cars. Jonah has his eyes on the man who will be trying to steal the gold shipment. He has to do something before they reach the rest of Bloom's gang. Jonah decides he'll disconnect the mail car from the train. Little does he know what that decision will cost him when all is said and done.

Meredith Abbott is riding in her father's Pullman car. Hayden & Jillian are stowed away in the baggage car. Jonah now has three more lives in his hands. He's surprised to find that Ms. Abbott does all she is told without a case of the vapors. She is tough, brave and beautiful. For a socialite she truly surprises him.

Meredith has always done what others expected. She was heading to Denver to marry a man her father wanted her to marry. Jonah actually asked her what she wanted to do and let her make up her own mind. She loved the freedom she had while they were waiting for help to come. Although a snow storm would delay rescue and the thieves. The four of them made the best of the situation. They were together over Christmas and Meredith was able to see what little it took to make the children happy. She always had everything she needed and more. It was a great Christmas, stuck in the middle of nowhere in the train car.

By the time they get into Denver, Meredith is a new woman. Will she be strong enough to choose love over duty, if Jonah even wants her?
Book 5: Montana Bride
Willa Conner would never willingly marry again but after finding herself widowed, penniless, pregnant and homeless she had no choice but to advertise for a husband. From her lonely years of having a mother and grandmother that resented her to the past two years married to Jed, who was a mean drunk, she no longer trusted nor did she believe in the fairy tales that real love existed in this world.

Austin Dermot finally had a bride of his own. She was a beauty as well. All his dreams were coming true after his long wait for a woman to love and be loved. His dreams were quickly shattered when he found his Willa was as skittish as the abused mare in his barn and she didn’t believe in love. His bright future suddenly looked pretty gloomy.

Jillian really brings out Austin’s character and emotions. Teardrops fell early on as Austin’s heart was shown in his thoughts and dreams and seeing how much he wanted to be loved. It’s easy to understand Willa as well, eighteen years of being treated like she was nobody wasn’t going to change overnight. There is a lovable bovine, an extremely spoiled gelding and a shy mare who’s life reflects Willa’s as far as needing to be gently loved to gain trust. Another excellent book by Jillian Hart.
Jillian's Other Books
** These are her first five books by Harlequin 
Last Chance Bride- March 1998
Last chance at love...

The lonely bearer of a shameful secret, Libby Hodges needed to make a new start in Montana Territory as Jacob Stone's mail-order bride and mother to his little girl. Hoping to meet a loving husband, she found instead a man shattered by loss and wary of affection. Libby could read I his gentle gray eyes a desperate plea for tenderness they both craved. But how could she claim the heart of a man who'd vowed never to give it away again or tell her prospective groom that she carried another man's child?
Cooper's Wife - November 1999
Sheriff Braddock's proposal seemed to good to be true.
A new life dawned for Anna Bauer and her daughter under the wide Montana sky. The past was finally behind them, and the future meant a home and the welcoming arms of a loving father in search of a bride. Or so Anna thought….
Cooper Braddock had too many females in his life already. He hadn't arranged this marriage—his two determined little girls had. And though half the town thought that he and Anna would make the perfect couple, Cooper wasn't convinced. How convenient would it be to be married to the most beautiful woman in town! 
Malcolm's Honor - July 2000
If you enjoy medieval tales be sure and read this book. Even the tough Malcolm cannot resist love.
Malcolm le Farouche had a dark reputation as the greatest knight. His epithet was “The Fierce.” He was bringing Elinore of Evenbough to the king for judgment.

On the way to the king, Elenore put certain herbs into the men's food that gave them stomach issues and she made her escape but she was not able to our run Malcolm, even with the illness upon him. When they arrive and face the king, Malcolm is told he is to take Elinore as his wife and her father's lands go to him as well. Needless to say he is not a happy knight. A wonderful medieval book about love and treachery.
**This book contains sexual situations within marriage.
Montana Man - November 2000
Miranda Mitchell wasn't looking for a hero. In fact, this eastern miss was well ahead of the bounty hunters until she saw handsome Dr. Trey Gatlin coaxing his reluctant niece onto the departing train. The man's tenderness tugged at her heart like a thousand midnight dreams and Miranda knew that she had to help.

Trey's warmth and caring made her wish for the impossible and for the first time since leaving Philadelphia Miranda found herself telling him her secrets. When Trey promised to protect her would Miranda finally have the courage to face her family and risk the man she loved?
Night Hawk's Bride - April 2001
The Forbidden Love of Marie Lafayette..

In a land ravaged by war and prejudice, Marie Lafayette met a man who became her destiny. Nigh Hawk was tender and courageous and never asked her to defy the unspoken laws of her people. But as darkness fell and their passions grew, Marie could only follow the demands of her body and soul!

Would she brave her father's wrath and fight for her love for Night Hawk?

When Marie's angry father confronted the lovers, Marie fled believing it was Night Hawk's wish. But Marie carried the secret child of a man she couldn't forget, a man whose heart beckoned her return. Marie has traveled to the Fort to be with her father and that is where she met Night Hawk.
No One But You
We all have the power to effect change--we just need to find the strength to harness it. With every good deed done, and helping hand offered, we are making the world a better place. The dedicated women selected as this year's recipients of Harlequin's More Than Words award have changed many lives for the better, through their compassionate hearts and unshakable commitment. To celebrate their accomplishments, bestselling authors have written stories inspired by these real-life heroines.

In this book, Jillian Hart honors the work of Mary Byberg, a committed volunteer for Nellie's Shelter for Women and Children in Toronto, Ontario.

My Review:
No One But You by Jillian Hart
This is a fictional story but contains the truth of spousal abuse. Mariah Duncan had left her husband when her son Jake was still just a toddler. She realized the danger he not only posed to her but their son. Fifteen years later she has opened her own shelter, Mary's Place. She is independent and distrustful of men. When a man from her past enters back into her life she finds her heart trying to open once again and the fear of that happening.

Wyatt Royce is a broken man. After a tragedy in his life, the battle to repair is marriage was lost. He is trying to start over and live again but it's hard to do. When he sees his first love after eighteen years his dead heart tries to come back to life.

This is a shorter story but glimpses into lives that were damaged. Women who were abused by those who say they love them. Hearts that fear opening up again...not trusting that not all men are alike. And hopefully it will help someone out there realize they are in an abusive situation and they need help.

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