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The House of Rohan Series by Anne Stuart

The House of Rohan Series
 Prequel to the House of Rohan: The Wicked House of Rohan
A group of bored aristocrats led by Alistair Rohan call themselves the Heavenly Hosts. They are anything but heavenly in their nefarious deeds. They agree that everything is acceptable as long as all parties agree. 

Kathleen Strong has hit hard times. She is not quite making it as a governess any longer and when she is invited to sell herself for one night she accepts. She is starving and does not see another way out. When she arrives to accept the offer she notices Alistair. She has long admired him as he was a friend of her brothers years ago, before bad times hit her family. 

Will she face this debauched group at midnight or will she be rescued?

**Language & sexual Situations
Book 1: Ruthless
Francis Rohan heads up the Heavenly Hosts, a group of aristocrats who meet for any type of sinful indulgence they please. He is thirty-nine and somewhat bored with life. They are meeting in his Chateau outside of Paris when a girl in rags is brought in. He becomes intrigued with her immediately.

Elinor Harriman just found out her mother has escaped. She is so sick and yet she was off to indulge in her sinful antics. Elinor had heard of The King of Hell and she was going into his lair but her mother had taken what little money they had and a diamond broach. Their father had not provided for them and her mother spent what they had on gambling. Elinor had Lydia, her younger sister, to think of and would do anything to help her. Elinor was considered plain but every man who met Lydia fell in love with her.

Rohan stays intrigued with Elinor and decides he wants her, what he wants he gets. A secondary story continues with Charles Reading and Lydia. Charles is Rohan's best friend and involved with the Heavenly Hosts group. He needs to marry a rich heiress  though and Lydia is far from that.
**Language & sexual situations
Book 2: Reckless
Adrian Rohan, son of Francis and Elinor has followed in his fathers footsteps, although his father preferred he would not. Cousin Etienne had finally been given the title he and home he wanted in France and then the government took it away and he was exiled to England. He was doing all in his power to corrupt Adrian. They were both members of the Heavenly Host.

Charlotte Spencer was thirty years old and a spinster. She moved in with her cousin Lina after her husband died. Charlotte felt mousy next to her beautiful cousin and being six foot tall was not the thing men looked for in a woman either. Her cousin kept talking about bedding Rohan, as a widow Lina had more freedoms than her virgin cousin. 

Charlotte wanted to go with to the Heavenly Host Revel with Lina. Lina figured it would turn her cousin away from men and since Lina actually hated men that was fine for her. Charlotte was disguised in a monks robe but Rohan still recognized her.

Lina ended up at the house with Monty, the head of the H.H. He was ill and as her good friend she chose to stay with him. His vicar was there as well, Simon. There is an underlying story between Lina and Simon in the book as well.
**Language & sexual situations
Book 3: Breathless
Miranda Rohan is the daughter of Adrian and Charlotte (Reckless) and her best friend Jane is the daughter of Lina and Simon Pagett (Reckless). When Miranda is seventeen she sneaks out to meet Christopher St. John to go to Vaux Hall. Jane tries to talk her out of it but fails. Christopher steals her off to a cottage and ruins her. She refuses to marry him and ends up shunned by the Ton.

Lucien de Malheur also known as The Scorpion has a vendetta against Benedick Rohan. His first attempt at getting even has failed so he is going to handle things himself. He will destroy the Rohan's by using their sister as his sister was destroyed by them. He begins by befriending the outcast Miranda who is more than happy to make a new friend.

Jacob Donnelly has been friends with Lucien for over twenty years. He is known as King Donnelly as he is a thief and runs the underworld in the area. Jacob runs into Jane in the midst of a theft and ends up kissing her. Jane is marrying someone she don't love because she is twenty-three and don't see many other marriage chances. After the kiss she has second thoughts.

Blackmail, thieving, vendetta's, Heavenly Hosts and all sorts of adventures follow Miranda and Jane.
**Language & sexual situations
Book 4: Shameless
Heavenly Hosts- secret society of bored aristocrats who pleased themselves in every evil way they desired. Never condemning each other and never forcing those they chose. It had been disbanded ten years earlier but rumor was they had come back together. 

Benedick Rohan, Sixth Viscount of Rohan was looking for a wife, again. He lost two wives on the child bed and a fiance died. He would pick a wife, get an heir and back up and be done with her. He came to town and was going to spend the next few weeks in pleasing all his desires. He thought of one particular woman here in London and sent a note to Violet. 

Meanwhile he finds his brother in his townhouse. Brandon had been sorely scarred in the war. The youth Benedick remembered was long gone in his brother. 

Benedick finds out quickly that Lady Melisande Carstairs has opened her home to all these former soiled doves. She removes Violet from his home not soon after she arrived but leaves her face and memory with him. As he does with her. 

When Melisande comes to Benedick for help they are thrown together. She found out the Heavenly Hosts were back together only they were taking women against their will and they were going to murder someone for a pagan ceremony. Worst of all Brandon was supposedly involved. 

They worked together to find members and try to get invited into the society. Melisande heard mention of a Kersley Hall in Kent. As time winds down to the full moon ceremony all manner of things happen. 

Betsey, the young girl who lives at Carstair is kidnapped for the ceremony, Benedick and Melisande are no longer speaking and she goes to Kersey Hall to save Betsey. Benedick's hated brother in law an his beloved sister come to help find Brandon. And now he has to rescue Melisande. With many things in between. There is a secondary story of Brandon and Emma Cadbury as well. 

**Language & sexual situations 

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