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Stephanie Newton Book List

Emerald Coast 911 Series
Book 1: Perfect Target
Cruse Conyers is a cop who takes protecting people seriously, too seriously. He let his sister down when they were young and he would not let anyone down again. 

Bayley Foster wants nothing worse then independence. Since she was almost kidnapped at four she has been surrounded by bodyguards, who always left at some point and forgot about her. After she had a stalker after her she allowed fear in her life. Now she was going to make it on her own. 

When Bayley pulls a dead body of the ocean she is greeted by Cruse. They are both relationship shy. Once Bayley is threatened again their lives are thrown together. 
A great suspense and romance in one.

Book 2: Moving Target
Sailor Conyers and Gabe Sloan met under an oak tree when they were around ten years old after she had rescued two small kittens from the neighborhood bullies.  Sailor lived with her brother, Cruse, and her drug addict mother. After being attacked by one of her mother's boyfriends Gabe offers to marry her.
They are only seventeen. While waiting for Gabe as he talks with his father she overhears his dad tell him they rescue girls like her, not marry them. His parents ran a mission in her neighborhood. Sailor realizes that Gabe has more of a life ahead of him without her and she leaves.  She did not know that Gabe left his father's house that night as well. He searched for her until he had to report for duty since he had joined the army.

Eight years passed and know Gabe has returned. He received a large inheritance from his grandparents and he is building secure low income housing in their old neighborhoods, he is doing it under a company name, not his own. He has also joined the police force and his first meeting with Sailor is tonight, because she heard gun shots. Sailor runs the Sip This coffee shop and they find her partner, Charlie Banks, murdered in an upstairs room. And now they are after Sailor as well. Gabe steps up to protect her. He left eight years ago and he will not walk away again when she needs him.
Charlie was like a father to Sailor. He took her in and gave her a job and taught her well how to do it. He also shared the gospel with her. Gabe had been in Africa and rather then he parents who ran a mission and told others of Christ, it was a man in Africa who brought understanding of Christ to Gabe.

They need to find the murderer and put their past behind them so they can have a future.

Book 3: Smoke Screen
 Stephanie Newton keeps you in suspense. She gives you a whole line of people to suspect along with twists and turns. 

Jake Rollins was introduced in the first book, Perfect Target. He was a firefighter who was injured trying to save his fiance from a fire. Now he is the chaplain for the fire department. He is also a Pastor. Women who are associated with him are being attacked, a second woman has died in a fire. 

Chloe Davis is FBI. She was undercover as a homeless waif in Moving Target and Sailor was her suspect in a drug ring. She got to know Gabe Sloan during the investigation. Gabe & Sailor were now married. When Gabe seen the fire deaths were connected he called Chloe in as she was now on a team that looked into serial murders. 

Jake and Chloe both had backgrounds that shaped them. Jake had a grandmother that helped him become a Godly man. Chloe did not have anyone like that. As Jake and Chloe work together and grow closer, she becomes a target as well. Stephanie Newton does an excellent job of keeping you in suspense and having plenty of could be guilty characters. I also appreciate the way she brings people from the previous books back onto the scene to make it one long continued story even though each book is a new suspense and romance. 

Book 4: Flashpoint
Matt Clark and Lara Hughes are both firefighters and partners. Matt had asked Lara out about six months before and it almost ruined their partnership. Now he holds his desire inside and does his best to settle for friendship. Lara wants to keep her past hidden so she earns respect on her own, not pity Her mom is bi-polar and her sister is a drug addict.

One fire turns their life around. It was a meth lab, they almost did not escape in time. After finding guns and cash in the walls it became more then what it seemed. When Lara waved at the CSU guy in the back yard, who ended up not being CSU she became a target to be disposed of.
Book 5: The Christmas Target
Maria Fuentes is CSI. Serious, hard working and not very emotional. When the guys surprise her with a date with Ben Storm the Weather24 star she is not happy. He beat her out in a science project that would have helped her through college and she was embarrassed she lost. Now they had her spending Weds- Saturday with the very same man.

Ben Storm was not happy about this date thing but it was going to help him get out of a contract so he could have time with family and to relax. When his stalker started their date out by almost killing him Maria quickly became a bodyguard rather then a date. 

You can't help but fall in love with these characters. And Stephanie always brings in some of the people from previous books so you know what is happening in their lives as well. Great series.
Book 6: Point Blank Protector
Stephanie continues to hold the readers attention in this series with the sixth book in the Emerald Coast 911 series. There is plenty of suspense and surprises around each corner. We get to enjoy uniting with friends from the previous books. Her characters come alive each with their own personalities and quirks.

We met Tyler Clark in Flashpoint. Matt's older brother had been gone for three years as he had been undercover as a DEA agent. His cover was blown with the drug bust and now he has to find who he is. He had been living his life undercover on and off the last five years. 

Gracie VanDoren was the police psychologist. Tyler was not happy to visit her. He did not want to talk about what he thought or felt. And he felt drawn to the spunky Doc, a Doc who did not date at all.

When Gracie gets threatening notes and her home broke into Tyler finds he needs to protect her. The book goes through twists and turns and through the drama Tyler also starts finding who he is meant to be.
Book 7: The Baby's Bodyguard
Stephanie has continues with the suspense and danger that the other books held. In this book she brings to light the issues of human trafficking and baby selling. And the sensitive issue of finding a baby that was stolen and adopted out.

Flashpoint was Matt Clark's story. Point Blank Protector was Tyler Clark's story and we also met Ethan Clark. This is Ethan's story. When he was undercover FBI his wife and child were killed. He has been living the last two years as if he were dead also. He has pushed away from family and friends. Policing the waters working with Florida's Fish and Wildlife service. When he is called to an empty boat and finds a toddler his life begins again.

Kelsey Rogers works with the Child Protection Agency and she meets Ethan at the dock to take custody of the child. They are quickly pulled into a whirlwind. Janie, the little girl, has a heart problem and needs surgery in a week, someone is trying to kill her and Ethan's past becomes the present.

As they stay at Tyler & Gracie's B&B, the Restoration Cove, many things come to light and Ethan finds he is living again for the first time in two years.

This is such a good series. I would suggest reading the series from the beginning as Stephanie brings some of the people from the books back in. Although they can be read as stand alone books as well.

Book received from NetGalley for review
Multi-Author Series
Fitzgerald Bay Book 4: The Widow's Protector

Fiona Fitzgerald Cobb has faith and family to help her through the tough times. Through the past two years after her husband Jimmy was killed in an arsonists fire. Helping her to heal while being a mom to Sean and running her store, The Reading Nook. And then there was always her best friend, Hunter Reece. He was always there for her too, when tough times hit Fiona realizes how much she has depended on Hunter.

Hunter has always cared for Fiona. After Jimmy died he promised to always watch over her and protect her. Always telling himself they were only good friends and that’s all they’d ever be, maybe someday he’d believe it. When the arson attacks start up again and they seem to be aimed at Fiona, Hunter is more determined than ever to find the culprit.

The series continues with more excitement, suspense and romance. And suspects. Always plenty of suspects. Olivia’s murder still isn’t solved and with all these side incidents going on they aren’t making much progress towards finding the person. One point that really stood out to me while reading this book is that it’s so easy for us to accuse and hang someone from a little bit of information and yet without knowing the whole story. We do that too often in real life as well. An excellent addition to the series. Book five is The Black Sheep’s Redemption by Lynette Eason.

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