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Carla Capshaw Book List


Interview with Carla Capshaw
When not writing, what hobbies do you enjoy?
When I'm not writing, I love to garden, travel and decorate.  I'm also
a huge Pinterest fan and lately I've been enjoying creating boards for my
different books. My latest book, Second Chance Cinderella, is out in July
and I've been having a ball posting pictures of Victorian-era clothing and

Have you traveled to do research for your books?
Yes, for me writing and traveling go hand in hand.  I love to travel
and I find I actually need to go to the place I'm writing about to feel
like I'm giving the story a truly authentic feel.  You pick up so many
details you can't know about if you don't visit the location and you learn
tidbits of information you won't find in books or by doing Internet

Do you ever forget that the characters are not real?
All the time.  When I'm writing them, my characters are like friends
I'm carrying around in my head.  I worry about them.  I hear their
conversations and I really feel for their plight, hopes and dreams.  Once
I'm finished with a book, I still think about them and imagine how they
lived out the rest of their lives.  Of course, they've all lived happily
ever after.

What is your go-to snack?
Green M&Ms (they taste the best) and Coca-Cola.  I try to eat healthy. 
Book 1: The Gladiator
This was a romance and so much more. Carla brings us to 81 AD when to be a Christian was a lot more than just a phrase. It was life and death. It was unique to visit this Roman era.

Pelonia is traveling to her cousins wedding when her life takes turn. Their camp is attacked. Her father and all their servants are murdered. Only two survive, Pelonia and her Uncle Marcus. Then her uncle sells her to a slave traitor and she awakes as the slave of a retired Gladiator.Caros is pulled towards this woman, his new slave. He feels a peace when he is around her. She says she has relatives but he does not want to give her up. He is even intrigued with this God of hers. With his past years in the ring though he does not believe her God would want him.We see a love between these two but so much more. There is Cat the pet tiger. His past, her future. Jealousy, forgiveness, faith and tough decisions.Carla gives us a visual of Christians in the arena with wolves. Knowing that was real back then and even today the persecution in some countries for Christians is something we would most like stay ignorant to but need to face. What would you do if you knew you would face death by claiming Christ?
Carla Capshaw brings the readers to early A.D. It is a time of gladiators and persecution for Christians.
Book 2: The Protector
If you have not read Carla's first book in this series, The Gladiator, I would suggest doing so. She has started Quintus & Adiona's story in that book and she has wound the beloved characters from that book into The Protector.

Quintus Ambustus was turned in as a Christian and sold into slavery. Caros, a former champion gladiator, had bought him. Quintus was a quick learner in the training school Caros has.

Adiona Leonia is a wealthy widow. Those who want to be known in Rome's social circles want to be in her circle. She is known as a hard woman and a man hater, except for Caros whom many suspect she had been in an affair with.

From the moment Adiona seen Quintus she was drawn into his unique green eyes. Quintus struggled against his attraction for her as she was not a Christian and he had assumed she lived as many in her circle did.

Both of them were hiding deep hurts. When Adiona's life was threatened Quintus was assigned as her body guard. He soon sees that Adiona is not what she portrays to be.

This book is captivating and holds your attention. There is danger to Adiona as they travel as they do not know who her assailant is. Quintus must return to his hometown as well not knowing who had turned him as a Christian eight months ago. It will keep you hanging on to the end.

Book 3: The Champion
Carla's Roman trilogy is exceptional. I recommend reading all three books. The Gladiator, The Protector and The Champion. They will bring you to a world where blood lust rules, becoming a Christian is like signing your death warrant and where being a woman left you with little power to protect yourself. And that is where we find Tibi, a woman in need of Christ and a champion.

Alexius of Iolcos was the reigning hero of gladiators. His dark good looks and charming personality were as popular outside the ring as in. Entertainments were starting to bore him. He thought of his friends, Caros & Pelonia and Quintus & Adiona and their faith. It had changed them but he had too much anger for their God of peace and love to forgive him. He failed his family and the anger needed to be fought even though he now owned the gladiator school.

Tibi, Pelonia's cousin, was a disappointment to her father. She could never please him and now she has a fourth broken betrothal and he has threatened to send her be a Priestess at one of the temples. She did not even believe in those gods. Her sister had married a Senator so her father accepted her. She escaped to go find Pelonia but she and Caros had not arrived. Alexius insisted she stay until their arrival.

Alexius knew he could never have Tibi. His lower status would not allow it. She needed a champion though and he would be that for her. She had been beaten down to where she could not see her beauty or worth. Alexius could be her physical champion but they were both in need of Christ for the spiritual champion.
*Received book from NetGalley for review
The Duke's Redemption
Carla Capshaw will capture you and bring you into a different era. Whether it be Rome or Regency it will be an experience in history. This book takes place around 1780. You will experience the tenseness of being caught a traitor to the crown or to be a slave with no rights. Living a clandestine lifestyle for the hope of freedom.

Drake Amberly is the the Duke of Hawk Haven. When he finds his brother Anthony has been murdered his anger turns to vengeance and he travels to South Carolina to find The Fox and he won't return until he sees the villain hung for his brothers death.

Elise Cooper is full of secrets. Her half sister, Princess, has been sold as a slave and Elise must do what Zechariah Sayer bids her to do if she wants her sisters freedom.

Elise clings to her faith and trust in God that he will make a way for them to have their freedom again. Drake has lost his faith along the way but when he comes in search of The Fox he finds Elise and through her he finds his faith once again.

It is a tense time between the rebels and the red coats. Everything must be clandestine and there is always the chance of being sold out. There is also the reminders of slavery and the lack of rights. To think if you had a child it could be taken from you, that it was only considered property.

Second Chance Cinderella
Samuel Blackstone and Rose Smith grew up together in orphanage. The were able to get enough of an education that Samuel learned to cypher and was offered a job in London. He would return for Rose in a few weeks. Only the weeks passed by and months. Rose had to make choices that would change her life forever. Samuel turned bitter and grew richer.

When they run into each other eight years later life tilts once again. Samuel thinks he knows things about Rose and she only sees a cruel man in place of the young man she once loved. Secrets, misunderstandings and a world of difference in their place in the world causes a giant chasm between them. Is there any way that this couple who once were the other half to each other can cross it and find their lost happiness?

I couldn’t put this book down once I started reading it. I have enjoyed every previous book that Carla Capshaw has written and this one did not disappoint at all. It was written so you could clearly see a man who could buy anything he wanted verses a woman who had nothing as far as money and no say in her life as a servant. 


  1. Loved the interview. Thanks for sharing. Some interesting books you have listed. I like your way of healthy eating except mine would be the blue M&M.s, When I read series I feel like the characters are real and I become part of the town. It is a way for me to travel to places I probably will never have a chance to go too. Have a great day Carla!

  2. Hi Gail. I agree. I like at least a few stories with shared characters so I've settled on writing trilogies. I like the idea of getting to know a group of people and really getting a feel for an era. Hugs!

  3. Laura AKA Loves 2 Read RomanceFebruary 4, 2014 at 7:58 PM

    I have loved all your books and can't wait to read this one!